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    mer- good luck with the meeting today! would your job change mean you'd have to quit coaching? i'm still doing the planks daily too Smile  sounds like dinner out tonight for you guys. are you training for another race now? i've got to pick my spring races and register. sorry about J being so whiny, it's tough to come home to that when all you want to do is play with a happy toddler!

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      runnergirl - Thanks.  You know, when I applied for the job last year, quitting coaching was something I did think about.  I love coaching cross country!  I really don't know.  I would have to talk with the Superintendent about that if the opportunity did present itself.  Glad I'm not the only one planking at night.  (Although, last night I skipped it for the first time in a LONG time.)  I have a half scheduled for May, but need to decide if I am going to do one early April or not.  Depends on if DH wants to drive to MI with me on a Friday!

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        holy busy thread this morning!


        rr: ran 4 solo miles in the rain this morning. i was worried about losing some of my speed by running with rp, but i've still got it. rp wimped out with the rain.


        nrr: big, breaking news! i found a pair of jeans! well, sort of. i ended up going to a resale shop with my mom and c yesterday and they have a good amount of name brand clothes. i found a pair of skinny jeans. they are likely a size too small but will be "good enough" for awhile. woot!


        nrr2: really really hoping all the kiddos are healthier tomorrow so dh and i don't have to cancel our date. still haven't decided where we are going.


        tr: dd2 now has a fever. ugh!


        br: was also battling a fever yesterday. i was thinking it was teeth, so we'll see how he's doing this morning when he wakes up.


        fr: ham sandwiches last night. probably the same tonight to use up the rest of the ham.


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          mer - Sorry about your long night last night and no time with J this morning.  Hopefully you can get some hugs and kisses this weekend.  Good luck with your meeting today...I know how much you love the manSmile  Oh...I am excited for DH to come home so he can help out a bit...not because I want his big snoring body next to me...lol!


          mrszm - Great job on getting out ALONE in the RAIN this morning...you are my hero.  I would most likely wimp out and hit the TM.  Glad you got to go alone and run at your pace!  Sorry that the fever hit all three kids.  I hope C is better today and M doesn't take too long to get over it. I hope you and DH don't get sick too.


            zorbs: ha, my girls always say green means go! i guess i may have said/yelled that a time or two. Smile good luck with the hot yoga!


            rg: your speed is ridiculous. there is no way i could squeeze in 6 miles and a shower in 45 minutes. have fun at the grandparents this weekend.


            ernie: have fun swimming! mmmm banana bread. i make banana bread pretty regularly and was talking to my neighbor about it. she said she only uses mini loaf tins. genious! because we can never eat the big loaf fast enough before we are either sick of it or it gets mushy.


            bermy: have fun house hunting! and don't feel bad leaving a house after an initial reaction. dh and i did that several times when we bought our new house.


            eh! have so much fun tonight away with your dh! you most definitely deserve it. and yes, i would say lots of walking replaces an early morning run.


            jen: too funny about sitting at home not talking compared to a theater! love it! dh would totally be into lincoln; me not so much. poor j with his cough. i can hear c coughing in his bed right now. and now now a has a cough too. geez i need to disinfect my entire house! thanks for the recipe!


            mer: ugh to the late night! hopefully the pay was worth it. are you feeling one way or another towards the different position?


              Gonna try for personals, but page 2 already! And DS is awake, early for him.


              RR - planned on 6 today but had 40 minutes after girls left for school and before DH was leaving for work so ran 4.  May go do another couple miles later this morning.


              BR - fought his nap yesterday and barely slept.  Hope this is not a trend, I live for naptime!  We hung out at home yesterday so today I am taking him to the gym childcare for a little while.  Hoping it wears him out more than I can at home.


              KR - DD1 is going to a friend's house after school and DD3 is bringing a friend home.  Even trade I guess.


              NRR/FR - we have parents night out at a church tonight so dropping kids off but not sure what we will do.  I want to go see a movie but not sure we will have enough time, but I also don't want to just go out to eat.  Maybe walk around the local outdoor mall, but I also don't want to spend money.  So who knows.


              NRR2 - got most of my Christmas decorations down!  Still have a few things up but made nice progress yesterday.


              zorbs - I haven't done yoga in years, and never tried hot yoga!  I feel like the heat would make me sick to my stomach.


              rg - you are so speedy.  If I only had 45 minutes I might be able to squeeze in 5 if I ran as fast as I could, but no way would I also have time to shower!  So glad it's the weekend!


              ernie - yuck on the cold rain.  I don't like running in any kind of rain!  Have fun swimming!


              bermy - Is that park huge or what?  I guess I do like long runs, it's relaxing to me to be able to run at an easy pace.  I don't know why the thought of 18-20 mile runs scares me, it's really only another hour than a 12-13 mile run which I find totally doable time-wise.  DH seems to have gotten his mom on board to come at the end of April so we are getting closer to signing up for a race!  Good luck house hunting!!


              eh - go for a run, you'll feel so much better afterwards!  Have fun this weekend, sounds nice!!


              jen - My kids seem to recover from a sickness and then have one last bout of it before they are completely over it.  I hope his cough is nothing!  That italian beef sounds yummy.  I used to have my mom make me something similar when she'd come to visit so then I could freeze leftovers for later.  We topped it with some sauce we called "Ross Sauce" because their friends with the last name Ross made it.  No idea what was in it though.


              mer - I'm sorry you are missing your baby.  At least the weekend is nearly here!


                Hooray for friday!!!!!


                RR: 3 or 4 today.  Depends on how I feel, legs are pretty tired today.


                TR:  Cranky pants today, was glad to send him out the door with DH this morning.  He also slept with us most of the night, hand across my face.


                NRR:  Found my birth certificate, need to get the passport rolling....


                FR:  Pizza.



                Zorbs:  I am too chicken to try hot yoga.


                Runnergrl:  Wow, I am jealous that you can do 7 miles in an hour Smile  C is all about is pop pop's, even though he loves his grandma's....he seems to only ask for pops.


                Ernie: Ugh, DH does that to me all the time.  He knows the schedule, but conveniently forgets when he has a meeting and needs me to take over - that is until the last second.  I had to bring C to the office once this week and I found out that C was hanging out at the police department yesterday with DH.   Ooooh, banana bread....I need to make some.


                Bermy:  Good luck house hunting!


                Eh!:  I chose sleep too.  I've been super tired here lately and can't motivate myself to get out of bed in the a.m.    Have fun tonight!


                Jen:  Hooray for date night.  Hope lo feels better!


                  mrszm - thanks for the house hunting tips. It's really hard to know what you want for the rest of your life - it's like having to choose one pair of shoes that you have to wear everyday forever - will it be the Jimmy Choo strappy heels or the winter boots? Mine would be the running sneakers every time right?


                  arm - sounds good. totally agree on the time for LRs just being a bit more eeked out each week. And if you have a programme with a step back you will recover too. You sound experienced - have you got your eye on the programme you want to follow? what is your fm PR? and time goal?


                  becky - hope DS is less cranky and ok. what are you getting your passport for?


                  mer - I have not been planking, but I am going to start just cos you brought it up.


                  jen - my DH loves to watch movies so that would be his choice too. He watched The Paperboy when I did my hm on Sun and he said it was disturbing. My DH and I talk about serious stuff best in the car. I read that guys prefer it. and when watching TV on the sofa. it's true for my DH.


                  Right, off to see the world. We went outside to feed the ducks in the pond opposite the hotel but it was more like our bread floating on top of the oil slick in there. I had to come back and put 2 more layers on (tank, long sleeved t-shirt, hoodie, north face vest). Don't worry I still have lots more layers to put on as well as my hat and gloves. I think it's high 50s, low 60s. Yes, you can all chuckle.

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                    mrszm - Awesome that you got out there sans RP.  One thing to be said about being the "faster" person is that when I would run with Jen, it would push me and motivate me to become faster.  I felt the same with the RP I was running with this year.  Maybe it is good for your RP to have some motivation and that you can help her with that.  However, I definitely wouldn't want all of my runs to be with someone slower than me as you need to run at your own pace sometimes.  Feeling one way or the other?  My biggest concern is the longevity of the position.  And I would miss being with the kids.


                    armmama - Whatever you decide to do tonight, have a blast!


                    beckykay - Sadly, there are some mornings when I am happy to leave because J is cranky!  Where are you headed that you need a passport?


                    bermy - Yay for planking.  DH and I were cuddling this am before bed and he touched my abs and said "oohh...mama abs" and I flexed.  I was proud! Smile

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                      Busy morning!


                      RR:  5 recover miles today.  Ended up running 4 yesterday to make up for my shortage the day before, plus a little.  Felt good to just get out of the house.


                      BR:  Slept terrible again.  Felt in his mouth and he has not 1, not 2, but 4 teeth coming.  poor baby!  I have a feeling I won't be getting sleep in a while.  He woke up really early this morning but brother and SIL were sleeping downstairs so I just had to attempt to entertain him in my and his room.


                      NRR:  Getting afraid to start H in daycare next week with this terrible flu outbreak.  School schedule next week is long and will be a rough way to start my end to being a SAHM...8-5 everyday.  Luckily after that my days are a little shorter.


                      DHR:  DH comes to visit in one week.  I found out I don't have to go to school next Friday which means I can pick DH up at the airport.  I told him my mom would be coming to get him but now DS and I can suprise him.  He hasn't seen DS walk yet so that will be fun.


                      zorbs - I love hot yoga.  I haven't done it in forever though, enjoy!


                      RG - Great job on the mileage.  Did you decide to do the 2013 challenge?


                      ernie - Ugh rain.  I used to live in Portland, OR and was so happy to get away from the rain.  I love the Colorado sun.


                      bermy  - How big is this park?  Good luck with the houses.  Are you guys only looking to buy?  Or possibly rent?


                      eh - Have fun on your overnight date!  I can't wait for one of those.  Too bad DS still doesn't STTN.


                      jen - Have fun on your date.  Mayybe you can do dinner first to get some talking in.  Or a wine bar or something.


                      mer - Sorry your time wirh DS has been so limited.  I love morning snuggles.


                      mrszm - Yay for jeans!  And for running in the rain.  You go girl.


                      arm - I live for nap time too.  My whole day seems to get rocked when he doesn't take one.


                      becky - Are you guys traveling somewhere international soon?


                      spike - I forgot to answer this the other day, but my school schedule won't be too bad.  M 8-3, T 8-5, W 8-12, TH 8-5, and F off.  Starting June I will be probably doung 40-60 h per week.


                      jmiller - I loved your videos of DS pulling up and climbing.  He is so darn cute!

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                        RR - rest day.  I have been trying to do 30 minutes of something but I'm taking advantage of MIL being back and going out sans kids during naptime.  I may count last nights late night shovelling session as todays exercise.


                        TR - was such a good girl yesterday during the fiasco that was O's dr's appt.  Took us over 1.5 hrs to get there and then we had to wait for an hour because our appt had past.


                        BR - still about 15% on the growth curve and 3% for height... she is a shrimp!  She has shots next week so I'm curious if that'll change over the next week w/ this growth spurt she's going through.


                        FR - eating my yummy oats, mmmm.  Tonight MIL is staying for dinner, I'm making spaghetti and meat sauce.


                        NRR//FR - spliting a side of beef w/ RP, I'm picking it up this afternoon.

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                          TGIF! Warning- phone post


                          RR: 6 at lunch


                          BR&TR: slept in!! 6:20 and 7am.  I was shocked bc DH was up and out at 5:30 and he was a bull in a China shop.


                          NRR: Tomorrow is a full family day then the Niner game at 5. We are making dinner and having some people for It. Sunday we are both working. Another deadline Monday.

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                            Passport - Niagara Women's half is on tap for June!  I've never left the country so I am super excited!


                            MrsZM:  Hope your kiddos stay healthy!  I can't rave enough about Madewell jeans, Love them!


                            Mer:  Good luck today!  I am also planking but after I did the floor I skipped a few days because my arms were so sore.  Ditto on running with a faster RP.  Profesora is way faster than me, but I push myself to stay with her for at least a few minutes so we can talk Smile


                            ARm:  I came home from work yesterday and all the lights are off in my house.  C was wide awake and DH was sleeping in the recliner.  Apparently DH still misses nap time Smile


                            Shelby:  Awe, hooray for being able to surprise DH!!!!!


                            Trying to talk myself out of buying the lulu full stride skirt....must get back to work or else I will buy it!


                              got called out in my manager meeting for too much internet, said he got told by "someone else" that I was on the internet.  He could give a crap about what I do as long as the work is done.  so then I simultaneously got praised for quality of work, attention to detail and meeting or being early for all deadlines?  So i said I would keep up the good work and work on the appearance of internet usage.  oh and it was all over Christmas holiday that he got report of me on the internet - um, I totally asked every morning for work before getting on the internet!  How is it my fault there was nothing to do?  Oh well, I guess I'll just have excel up 24/7 now, ya know, for appearances.


                              TR - She is so good at doing the "touchdown" arms for football.  This morning she added "ta-da" when she was doing it!  So awesome.  We don't say "ta-da" for anything else so she definitely is trying to say touchdown.  Way to go, baby girl.  She's wearing her 49ers onesie to school today to support daddy's team - even though we live in Bronco country.


                              Ok - guess I have to get off the internet now...for appearances.


                              Honorary Old

                                RR: Supposed to be 4 miles, but not sure if its gonna happen between weather (crazy wind gusts, snow, bitter cold) and BR.


                                BR: 18 mo checkup today. Actually he already kind of got one when I established care, but the clinic told me they couldn't do a well check at the first appt but the doctor did it anyways. When we were there a couple weeks ago the dr took FOREVER and R was flipping out and starving so I didn't want to do shots. So  we are doing shots and probably the free oral health checkup they offer.


                                FR: Made panko crusted tofu and veggie stirfry over brown rice- one of the best things I've cooked in a long time, so good. Not sure about tonight- maybe a frozen cheese pizza and a salad if I'm feeling truly lazy. Don't really want to grocery shop other than the essentials with our trip.


                                NRR: Dog going to the groomer today, she needs it badly. DH is getting another section of his ginormous shoulder tattoo done today and the fire banquet is tomorrow. Still haven't picked out an outfit- just shopping from my closet. I already know what jeans and shoes I want to wear- will just have to do the parade of tops tomorrow. Speaking of the banquet, R's godmother was going to take him over night, but she can't now because of an unexpected house guest. She is still going to watch him, but at our house now- so that means getting home at a reasonable hour and not being hammered. I volunteered to be the sober parent to drive us home (in normal instances we'd have a friend drive us) that way he can blow off steam. I figure if I want to drink too much, I can do it in Vegas where I don't have to be responsible for a small child.

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