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    zorbs- I took a yoga class for a month once through our parks and rec dept, and it was a rude awakening. I thought I was in shape from running, but I'm pretty weak and I felt like a doof since all the 60  year old ladies were doing rock solid warrior poses and I had trouble staying upright. Maybe you can start playing "Red light, Green light" with B?


    rg- I can do 5 miles in 45 minutes at full on race pace LOL. I ate so much oatmeal while BF that I basically hadn't eaten it in over 6 mos until this week.


    Ernie- My DH works rotating day and night shifts on a 5 week rotation, its nice in most aspects but its really hard to plan around sometimes! He gets called in on OT a lot too, which he very rarely turns down because its doubletime. Blech, overripe bananas- I never have liked banana bread because I like my bananas green and very firm.


    Bermy- I don't think I have ever witnessed take a bath (I take that back- this one time in college we thought it would be romantic to take a bath, but it was a standard tub in DH's studio apartment and well DH was a good 290 lbs and I wasn't as thin either- didn't work out so well), and I take maybe 1-2 baths a year. I use my bathtub so little that we aren't putting one in our master bath in the new house- going to do a nice big tiled walk in shower instead.  Dang! I wish houses in my town sold like that- we've been sitting on our listing for 9 mos.


    runningeh- have a fantastic getaway!


    Jen- have you tried propping up one end of the mattress to help his drainage? That beef sounds delish. I love pepperoncini.


    mer- I love tuna salad/tuna melts.  Sorry you didn't get to have much time with DH or J. Has it been really snowy and keeping your DH busy, too?

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    Honorary Old

      mzm- glad you found some jeans in your holy grail quest!  Wind is one of the only things I will wimp out over- gives me earaches.


      armama- I hate nap strikes. Have fun going out tonight!


      Becky- where are you going that you need a passport? I got mine when I went to Alaska in 2008- when they took the picture for some reason the camera had really saturated reds, so my barely tinted chapstick looks like bright ass pink lipstick like my grandma used to wear in the photo :S


      Shelby- Ugh, why aren't babies born with teeth. R teethed in batches too which was nice because then he was just extra miserable for shorter times rather than a constant state of agony teething one at a time. Are you staying with your mom, or did you get your own place?


      Bermy- I love feeding ducks. I used to have pet ducks when I was in HS. In college there was a duck pond along the shortcut to campus and I used to feed them Smile


      CA- why did it take so long to get to the dr? I have to drive about 25 miles to mine. I bought some of my Early Morning RP's beef before I decided to eat vegetarian LOL


      rocky- LAME. I'm on the net too much at work, but I still get my daily tasks done. I mostly just post in the am then check back for a minute or two here and there.

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        Wow late for the party, so many posts!


        RR - nothing today


        BR - slept more than 11 hours straight after her weird meltdown day yesterday.

        Still a little concerned about her appetite.. she mostly wants bread, yogurt and baby cereal... most other stuff she turns away from.


        NRR - DH was supposed to be home part of the day since Ontario elementary school teachers had a strike day planned.. that got vetoed.  I posted about it on FB and I'm sure I'll lose a few "friends" over what I said... oh well...


        FR - taking DH's step grandma out for dinner tonight... she's a nice woman... she has 17 grand children!  Can't even factor in her step grand children...


        bermy - yea, DH sometimes takes super long showers... and super hot too..


        becky - dh has lost and found his birth certificate so many times it's stupid... he once tried to cross over the border without a passport, which was also stupid... i knew we wouldn't get by but he still tried and of course we got pulled in and held for 3 hours...


        rocky - i used to get accused of being online too much too.... part of my job involves looking up stuff online so how was I supposed to avoid it?!!


        Gotta go.. C is awake and fussing... hope you ladies have a great weekend!


          spike - Kind of a combo.  I got my own place which I am sharing with my parents.  They rented out their house (which is about 3 hours away) and decided to move to Denver while I was here to help out.  So we were able to pool our money and get a little bigger place.

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            Good morning!


            RR: Ahhh, I really need some exercise today!  I was planning to run at lunch but my parents "called in sick" so I am working half day this morning then going home to be with ds this afternoon.  Not sure when I can get a run in.  He is 100% over sitting in the bob.


            NRR: See above.  Of course my parents cant help it that they are sick but I am frustrated because my sisters kids got them sick when they were babysitting for them, now they cant sit for us.  This happens like once a month.  And I had a big work day planned that now I have to miss half of.


            TR: Ever since he learned that he can get out of bed on his own, he seems to be running to our room the SECOND the clock hits 6:30.  I think I need to re-set his "ok to wake" clock a few minutes later.


            Zorbs: Oooh hot yoga sounds nice right now.  I've never done it.  enjoy!


            Runnergirl: My dh takes way longer showers than me too!  I can't figure out what on earth is going on in there.


            Bermy: Have fun house hunting!!  I love house hunting.  But then again I live in a relatively small town where there were never more than 3 or 4 houses to see in our price range in any given week.  25 in one day would be a lot!  But fun.  You should be on House Hunters : )


            brb for more!


              Arm – Great job for getting in your run (or part of it) this morning before DH left.  Sorry about L not napping well yesterday…I hope today is better.  Have fun on your date with DH…I hope you guys find something fun to do.  I really hope this is just part of the last illness and not a new one…you give me hope!


              Becky – I like your enthusiasm for Friday…I am with you!!  Sorry C is cranky today.  Enjoy your run.


              Bermy – I would rather watch TV than talk to DH.  He always wants to talk when I am watching my shows and asks me to turn the tv off. Then I get even more upset and don’t want to talk.  I swear I am the man in our relationship and he is the woman.  I don’t like touchy feely stuff and he  NEEDS it.  LOL.


              Shelby – J got his 4 molars all at once and he was miserable.  I hope H hangs in there and you do too.  It will pass!  Did H have a flu shot.  They say the flu outbreak strain matches the shot perfectly so if he does get it hopefully it won’t be too bad.  If you’re talking about the stomach virus then yeah…no luck with that.  Daycare illnesses are very frequent especially when they first start.  Yay for DH coming next Friday and you not having classes!


              CA – Enjoy your kidless runs while MIL is there.  Glad M was so good despite the diasterous day.


              Jm – What a fun day you have planned tomorrow. I  love football parties…I would have one if I had some friends to inviteWink  Glad the kids slept in for you despite a noisey DH.  Enjoy your run.


              Rocky – Some people are ridiculous.  At lest your manger realized that you do  great work so it isn’t a big deal.  It is the people who do crap work that tattle.  I got in trouble yesterday…apparently I called someone stupid in class…not a kid…and not anyone in the school…just someone and a girl didn’t like it.  My very sarcastic mouth got me in trouble again.  Luckily my principal didn’t seem to bothered by it.


              Spike – Is this banquet the one that requires the slutty top?  Hope you find something appropriateWink  I hope R checks out great at his 18 month apt.  Yum on  your food.  You are always whipping up something that would take me hours to plan and prep…lol.  Yes, we put a wedge in J’s crib when he is sick…I didn’t have it in last night but tonight we will use that and his humidifier.


              Ctimes – J is a carb hoarder…lol.  He passes on most things but  will always accept crackers, bread, etc.  At this point…I want the kid to eat.  He also likes those fruit and veggie squeeze packets.  So at least he gets some healthy stuff that way.  Glad she slept well last night.


              Uphill – Sorry about having to cut your workday short.  That stinks that your parents got sick from your sisters kids.  I hope you can figure out a way to get some exercise in.


                Ugh...all this flu and sickness talk is making me feel like a hypocondriac.  Runny nose, "sore throat"...debating whether or not I need a flu shot.


                On an unrelated note, I just had to call a former classmate to tell her that her son, who is my student, said FU to another student.  The joys of teaching in the community you grew up in!  I am still shaking!

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                  NRR2- My house is filthy. MUST CLEAN!  Oh yeah, remember how I posted about my sister's annoying political FB posts? A mutual acquaintance of ours made a post that must have been intended for a private group talking smack about my sister's political posts mixed with her posts promoting her business. It got ugly and now my sister made a separate FB profile for politics- WINNING! I told her I was only going to friend her "Sunshine & rainbows" profile Smile


                  Mer- That would suck about the phone call. I always get nervous when I have to call my old schoolmates for work!


                  Jen- yup! Slutty top banquet it is. I have a couple haltertops, a sparkly tank top, and a cleavage shirt that I wore to the banquet a few years ago that are in the running.  The tofu and stirfry was so easy- seriously!  I did the rice in the rice cooker- so it was totally hands off. Tofu took about 5 minutes prep and 10 minutes of cooking, stirfry was probably 15-20 minutes total for chopping and cooking. I started cooking around 7:20 and we ate at 8:50, so not too bad. The tofu I pressed while R was eating dinner, so I just seasoned it (soy sauce, sriracha, maggi seasoning)- breaded with cornstarch, then egg whites, then press into panko- shallow fry in canola oil for 3 mins or so each side then drain on papertowels and keep warm in the oven.

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                  running eh

                    Thanks for the push ladies - I went to the gym and did 5.5 miles on the TM - it was terrible, but it is done.  I even tried a yoga class after.  It was more like a stretching class - it was lovely.


                    mjen - we are going to a basketball game - the Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Bobcats.  I don't follow basketball, but it will be fun.  As far as your date night goes, we recently went to a movie on a date night, and I really liked it.  We went our after, and it was nice to have something to talk about other that our usual discussions - kids, finances, worries etc...


                    mer - How long are you planning for tomorrow?  I love tuna, but I haven't had it for a long time, thanks for the idea.


                    I was hoping to get through some more personals, so  I snuck into my room.  DS just found me and is pestering  -sorry ladies!!!


                      ugh...just got a call from daycare...J has a fever, rash, and a cough that is terrible and starting to sound like croupSad  DH is home so went to pick him up.  We have an appt at 4:15 to get him checked AGAIN! Grrrr....Seriously, it has only been DAYS since he recovered from the first round.


                      Honorary Old

                        Jen- that blows! THat sounds like how November was for our house.

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                          Jen - UGH.  So sorry to hear about that.  J (you and DH as well) deserve a break from that.  On the plus side, DH gets some bonus time with J today! Smile

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                            Do we cancel date night tomorrow?  Or do we see if our sitter is ok babysitting a sick baby?


                              Well, S made a liar out of me - she laughed her head off the whole time we were swimming rather than doing the serious, concentrating face I said she would!




                              Bermy - I have to say, I have never heard of this man shower of which you speak. However, I will tell you that my DH loves to take bubble baths. He loves it so much he set up an entertainment system in our bathroom. He sometimes takes a 2-hour bath, while watching a movie and drinking wine. For real.


                              Running eh - Have fun on your date night! To answer you question, I usually run on roads but I do any stroller runs and parts of my long run on a bike trail. Glad you got your run in, even if it had to be on the treadmill!


                              Jen - That Italian beef sounds really good. I am going to try it. Thanks for the recipe! I am hoping your DS just has the same cough S had earlier this week and it is not croup. She had about 2 days of bad coughing and now just has a tiny cough and a bit of a runny nose.


                              Mer - Sorry you had such a late night yesterday. My DH does get paid overtime, so the money is good and I don't mind him working the OT, but I can't stand not being able to make any plans when I don't know his schedule.


                              Mrszm - Yay for success in the jeans hunt! Good job on your run in the rain. I was lucky enough that the rain had slowed to a slight drizzle when I went out. Mini banana bread loafs are a great idea!


                              Arm - I hope your ds is not dropping his nap! How old is he, again?


                              Beckykay - Ooh, I like your pizza idea. I think that's what we'll be having here, too.


                              Shelby - Four teeth at once! Yikes! On the other hand, at least it will be over with in one shot?


                              CAR - Shovelling snow absolutely counts as exercise! Was the snow the reason your drive was so long yesterday? S was a shrimpy 15th percentile baby, too, until she was 6 mos old. Then she had a big growth spurt and jumped up to 50th for both height and weight.


                              Jmmiller - Boo on all the Monday deadlines. It would be so much nicer if they were on a Wednesday or something.


                              Rocky - How nice that someone felt the need to tattle on you about using the internet. Maybe they should be concentrating on their own work and not monitoring how you spend your time.


                              Spike - Your FR sounds great. I love panko! Yeah, it's not so much fun going out drinking when you have a small child to tend to bright and early in the morning.


                              Cx2 - I thought of you as soon as I heard about the teachers' planned illegal strike as I remembered you saying you weren't a fan of the union despite family connections. I think a lot of people are getting fed up as I've seen quite a few critical posts on my fb feed today.


                              Uphill - When did DS decide he was done with sitting in the bob? I hope you get to do something fun since you had to take the afternoon off!

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                                DATE  NIGHT!


                                Do we cancel date night tomorrow?  Or do we see if our sitter is ok babysitting a sick baby?

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                                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46