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      Morning all! Congrats to Tay on the arrival of her baby!


      RR - I ran 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Doesn't seem like much but that last half mile was an effort. There is a 5k on the 20th I'd like to participate in and while I know I won't be able to run the whole thing, I think it might help my morale. Will see what the m/w suggests since I would hate to overdo and stress myself/the baby. I know at this time last year I was just starting C25K and I've done a lot in that time, but I see people out running now and see people running 5 mile stretches at one time and I wish I could do that. /whine


      PGR - 16 weeks today. Called the hospital to get the cash rate for the birth (we don't have maternity coverage) and it's 2,000 more for this hospital than the last one so that was a bit of a surprise. Plus the m/w fee, so I'm trying to take it in stride. But it's seriously making me consider homebirth more and more for the next one. We'll see.

      PGR2 - Someone was asking about carriers yesterday. The Moby is good for this time of year but there is a somewhat steep learning curve (watch youtube) and it's really best for newborn/small babies. Once they get to be about 4 months or so I recommend switching to an Ergo, and you'll find that your husbands will like the Ergo too. Pretty simple to use and you can use it into toddlerhood.


      NPGR - Speaking of toddlers, this one is making his opinion known. Be back for personals later.

      MA runner girl

        Congrats Tay!!!


        Schmetterling - With the mileage, it's all relative. Pre-pregnancy I was running 40-50 mpw, up to 18 miles at once. Now I celebrate 6 miles. You are still getting out there and that's awesome! Way more than most people can say... and your pregnant too!


        RR: Walked yesterday for 30 min on my lunch. Skipped the gym last night and probably nothing today...


        PGR: 29w2d. (Ha, I just wrong 3... it's really only Tuesday!?) This darn cold sucks. It's zapping all my energy! I was SO exhausted after 8 hours of work yesterday. You'd think I ran a marathon or something. Last night DH picked up another humidifyer, benedryl and vick's vaporub. I think all of that helped me get a great night's sleep, so thank you all for the suggestions! I was in bed at 9:15, slept until 3:30 when I think the benedryl wore off. So I took another one, chugged some water and slept again until 8. Feeling rested but still congested and yucky. Hopefully another night like last night and I'll be better.


        NPGR: Just work. It's crazy.. but at least I'm at home today!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

        Laura G in Idaho

          I missed the update that Tay had her baby, but congratulations all the same!


          Schmett:  2 miles is good!  You may be lucky and get a burst of energy coming into your 2nd trimester, so take advantage of it if that's the case.  And what MA says is right... it's all relative when you are pregnant.


          MA:  Get well soon!



          PGR:  24w4d Lots of restless leg syndrome last night.  It took me a while to finally fall asleep, there were so many interruptions.  My husband came to bed after me, then the dog whined to be let out, then my legs wouldn't settle, then I heard the cow mooing because the assigned child hadn't fed her yet.  This morning came really early.


          RR:  No run planned today.


          ER:  Planning to bike for 30 minutes, and swim for 15 min.  I'm not really keeping track of my distances on those two activities, but just trying to re-establish my base, since I stopped biking and swimming a while back.  I have a sprint triathlon planned for early April, and I'll be 37 weeks, so I'm hoping to complete the tri, and then go right into labor, ha ha!


          NPGR:  I was hoping for the forecasted high of 36*F today, but alas, the inversion that plagues this valley every winter is sticking around, and so we'll only get up to 31*F.  I have to make a long drive (110 miles, round trip) to another town to buy grain for my animals today, and I really hope the roads will be good.  Yesterday it snowed a few inches.  They are saying that we'll get some wind and that'll wash out the inversion, so tomorrow will be 39*F.  I hope they are right!


          I'll try and get back later for personals.  Smile

          MA runner girl

            Laura - We have a group on FB, that's where Tay posted. PM Monk and she'll get you added! Bummer about the sleep. I can't imagine having one child and being pregnant, let alone your whole clan!! Must be tough to take care of yourself. I totally plan on "running" a 10k (if it's feasible, but I'm sure it will be more like walking!) when I'm 39 weeks if I'm still pregnant and hoping that it brings on labor! It's a St Patrick's race that I always run!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Congrats Tay! Can't wait to see pics!


              schmett- As MA said, it's all relative - I'm jealous of your 2 miles, since I have run zero miles this pg.  I'm really looking forward to getting started again once babies arrive.  There is a 10k in October that I have my eye on...although I'm so slow and it takes me forever to build up mileage, and I'm sure it will be worse after pregnancy.


              MA - I hope you feel better soon, but I'm glad you got some good sleep in - I'm glad your DH was such a good nurse for you. Keep getting good rest and kick that cold's butt!


              Laura G- I hope it warms up for you! We are warmer than average right now, and I am enjoying the January thaw - it was probably only 30 degrees here yesterday for a high, but with the sun shining it felt great!


              PGR: 21 weeks. Dr. appt this morning . I think babies are duking it out in there this morning. After two really crappy nights of sleep, I slept HARD last night - it was awesome.  DH said I was snoring loud all night, probably because I still have this crappy congestion - oh well, I move to the couch when he snores, if he doesn't like it, he can move to the couch. Smile


              RR: Not sure yet - bball practice starts up tonight again, maybe a walk after work?


              NPGR: Started doing some clean-up of the office/storage room last night - I'm a bit of a pack rat, so it's good to have a reason to purge some stuff. Also started crocheting one of the babies blankets - I expanded it a bit because the original pattern seemed a bit small, but now it seems huge! Oh well - we're going to have tall babies anyway. I'll post some pics once I make some headway.  I'm still not 100% decided on the other pattern - but since I can only work on one at a time, I guess that's okay.


                Hi all-


                Congrats Tay! Can't wait to see pics.


                Really quickly, thanks everyone for all your thoughts on the pelvic floor question yesterday. I think I will continue running and just play by ear.


                Sorry, you all are so good at getting back on personals, but I have a hard time keeping up and finding time w/ work. Hope to do so tonight if possible.


                ER - ran 4.5 miles this AM. Was kind of rough and ended up having to walk a bit. Afterwards, felt a lot of continue bladder pressure even once home...ugh.

                PGR - 28wks3days. Childbirth class was really good last night. It is a pain in the neck to get to the instructors house, so a bit worried about that, but liked her and the other couples in the class. It is an 8 week birthworks class.

                PGR - now trying to coordinate dates for family visits after the baby is born. Everyone has to fly in and both dh and i have divorced parents, so that's four different visits. The whole thing is stressing me out already. For those who are STMs, how long, if any time, did you take by yourselves (with dh) before visitors? I think we want at least a week. I'm not crazy about the idea of one visitor after another for a month or so afterwards...

                NPGR - must work!




                  Morning and congrats Tay!!


                  And FB related... anyone not in the group just PM me with your name and I'll friend you and then add you once you approve my request.


                  32w4d. This is kind of a hodge podge whiny post. Was up for an hour coughing and eating a bowl of cereal from 3:45 to about 4:45, slept in a little bit this morning and ran late to work. I'm exhausted and feeling cranky. I really wish this cold would go away so I could stop coughing and get a full night's sleep again. My back is more stiff this morning than it was yesterday and my legs hurt. I'm going to the chiro tonight, so hopefully that will get me more relief. I'm so tired of this. Other than that, DH and I are making plans for getting the house ready for P. We have to do a bunch of rearranging upstairs to make room! Its definitely going to be harder if I don't get more mobile soon, but at least DH is home so he can get some work done. We need to fit another bed and dresser in the kids room (so weird to call it that instead of just A's room!) and we need to make room in our room because he'll sleep with us for at least a little while until sleep patterns are established. There's so much to do and I have the feeling (or at least I'm hoping!) I may go early, so I'm definitely starting to feel the time crunch. Today DH is going to start cleaning out our closet and filing cabinet and stuff to get rid of a bunch of junk. DH cashed out his retirement last week and is expecting the first of two checks today so that will be exciting! Oh, and we're making some good progress on potty training with A, so that makes me happy maybe I won't have two kids in diapers after all!


                    Yay Tay! Eeep. Guess I'm next (unless Ozzy goes early).


                    Schmett: Whoa, that maternity cost isn't pretty. I'm in Canada so couldn't imagine the expense of it all. I hope it works out for you. For $2,000 more, they should offer $2K more in services, like spa treatments, etc. No? Smile I'm 100% with you on seeing people out and running this time of year. I miss it!  The fact you're doing two miles is amazing, though. I'm jealous!


                    MA: Sorry this cold is still bringing you down. Happy to hear the benedryl helped. You probably had some deep sleeps last night, so while you still woke up in the middle of the night, it was probably a good rest to fight that cold.


                    Laura: I LOVE the idea that you will do a tri and go right into labour. Ha!


                    TN: Yay for a HARD sleep!


                    Liz: good question about the visitors. I'm a FTM so I'm looking forward to hearing the responses.


                    monk: Fingers crossed your cold goes away soon. Happy to hear the potty training is going well!




                    PGR: 38w2d. Had a minor panic attack last night that lasted about 2 hours (maybe not so minor). First time I've had one since I was in the mid-20s weeks-wise. When I couldn't close my eyes without feeling anxious, I went to the couch to eat some cereal, add this note about "panic attacks" to my birth plan and eventually sleep. I'm hoping that's the end of these attacks - I've only had them during pregnancy and I dislike LOTS. I can't imagine living with these day-to-day. Our doula comes by today for a final meeting before the big day. Oh, and I had another preggo dream - this time the doc was giving me LO's measurements in utero and they said her nose and her chin were "off the charts" large. So weird.


                    ER: Will do the DVD in a bit to stretch out the body after sleeping on the couch.  Hips are angry, (and they don't lie... bad joke).


                    NPGR: Ha hahahahaha.


                      Congratulations Tayraes, i saw the announcement on  FB!!


                      Really sorry but no time for personals today (I don't think)...


                      PGR - 37w1d. Well, it turns out I have Group B Strep. I'm pretty damn devastated because now I have a dilemma of taking antibiotics or not. If I DON'T take  the a/b baby has a 1 in 200 chance of getting infected with it, if I do that chance drops to 1 in 2000 ish. Sounds simple BUT there are now antibiotic resistant strains of GBS out there and last year 2 women at our local hospital had the antibiotics and their babies STILL got GBS. I am strongly opposed to antibiotics normally because of the damage they do to the gut and immune system (having had enough issues myself in my 20s) with long term effects and there are some stats showing babies with the anitibiotics are less protected from those antibiotic resistant infections in general. Also, what if I react poorly to penicillin? I've never had it before. I can still get my homebirth but if I take the antibiotics have to go to the hospital before getting into active labor. Sasha had mentioned she is on an anti-GBS diet from 32 weeks...I have done some research and spoken to the m/w and will adopt a super strict no sugar in any form, garlic, echinacea, Vit C and probiotics diet for the next week or so then get re-tested for GBS. Which means I need LO to hang in there (meaning YJPM will likely go next!!) Anyways, this is weighing heavily on me. DH has done a lot of reading and respects my feelings but at the end of the day feels "safest" going with the a/b. The stats show that in the long run laboring with antibiotics save just 3 in 10 000 babies....anyways my tastebuds have yet to cotton on to the fact they are not getting their daily chocolate anymore...UGH.


                      ER - Elliptical and weights yesterday, just 40mins on elliptical today as I'm short on time.


                      NPGR - Spending today training someone at work...


                        PG: Thanks for the recommendations on the carrier.  I think I’ll add the Ergo to the registry.  I’ve read lots of positive reviews for both the moby and ergo. I really want to see DH wrapped in a Moby Big grin


                        RR: hoping for 3miles tonight.  A local running store is hosting a new years resolution run, so it should be a motivating run.  You write your running goals for 2013 and they’ll mail it to you in 6 months.  My goals are so much different than last year….lol


                        Tay: CONGRATS! Cant wait to hear your story.


                        Sorry short on time today.

                        Laura G in Idaho

                          Just a quick note to Ozzy about GBS+


                          There are other options besides antibiotics for the treatment of GBS.  I am also GBS+ as tested in an earlier pregnancy (once positive, you need to always consider yourself positive, according to ACOG).  I use the chlorhexidine douche in labor, because my labor is too short for 2 doses of abx anyway, and sometimes I'm not where I can get abx, when I do an unassisted birth at home.  Here is a link explaining how to do it.  http://www.drmomma.org/2009/09/chlorhexidine-hibiclens-protocol-for.html  It has links at the bottom of the article for more research.  From what I've read about the Hibiclens vs. antibiotics, the results in effectively preventing neonatal infection with GBS are virtually the same.  Hibiclens is used by many rural midwives outside of this country (think African bush), because there isn't as easy access to the antibiotics.  So far, using Hibiclens has worked fine for me and my babies.  Just wanted you to know that you have options.  Good luck!


                            Liz - I'm a FTM, and I don't have to have anyone fly in to visit, but I'd think at least a week is perfectly reasonable to allow you and DH to bond with your babe and get a bit accustomed to the whole newborn thing.   I think it depends on who is visiting, and whether it will end up being work for you to entertain them, or if they'll be a huge help and assist with other non-baby things like meals and cleaning - because I think everyone has plenty of time for baby-holding, it's that other stuff that gets in the way in the beginning Smile


                            monk - I hope you get some more rest and that your back and legs loosen up a bit.


                            YJPM - ugh on the panic attack - I hope they go away after pg for you.  Glad you were able to eventually sleep.


                            Ozzy - sorry to hear about the GBS+ - I hope you're able to reach a decision you are comfortable with - that's a tough call.


                            Mann - Enjoy the new years run!


                            My dr. appt went well, uneventful, which is good! Babies look good, sizes are good, and baby A's placenta has moved enough that I'm off pelvic rest!  DH should be happy about that...


                              LauraG - thanks for that, good to know someone else has gone through it, I bought some Hibiclens yesterday in the hope that it can be my fallback rather than antibiotics!


                                Liz - DH and I had about a week at home before people came and I just wish people would've left.  Seriously with BFing every few hours and taking you and the baby out of the room or covering up or whatever and you're hungry but they want to talk.  I just wanted everyone to leave.  Or at least stay in a hotel (we have a guest bedroom so everyone stayed with us).  I would never do that to anyone with a new baby.  Bring a meal, stay for a few hours and get the eff out!  We had our first during cold and flu season so we didn't take baby out until after her 6-8 week shots - so when people visited us we didn't even want to go out to dinner and that pissed them off because they "came all that way" just to sit in our house.  Whatever, I told them to go eat and then come back.  But they wanted to see the baby.  Everyone feels entitled to time with your baby.  It's a PITA.


                                Sorry to be so negative - stave off the visitors as long as possible, especially out of towners.  At least two weeks if I had to do it over again.