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FUNKY FRIDAY DIVAs! (Read 215 times)


    Hi girls, post!


      RR- kickboxing this morning. It's going to be warmer this weekend so I'll switch my miles to then. It's a nice perk of a 4 day per week pla, more flexibility.


      NRR- just working. We met our revenue goal, thankfully. I have a really tough genealogical case I'm working on where the individual died in south Africa! So I'm actually speaking to the embassy down there! Crazy. I've been working on it awhile so I hope this month has some good progress for me.


      Have a good Friday!

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies! I'm sitting at the lab waiting my hour before I get my blood drawn for the glucose test...


        RR: 3 miles last night outside. It was in the 20s at least so not too bad. Today is supposed to be in the mid 30s so I'm gonna head out for 2 or 3 miles after work.


        NRR: so I was told to fast for this blood draw, but come to find out the person scheduling put me down for the 3 hour test even though I told her it was the one hour... Ugh! I'm so hungry!!! I can eat at 8:40ish... Other than that I'm just happy for the weekend! Last night DH and I did some clearing out of the nursery (was my office) and now I just have to figure  out what to do with my bookshelf this weekend and we will be ready to start getting ready for paint! So excited to have it all set up Smile


        jewel - I'm glad you met your revenue goal! That much be a relief! Enjoy running in the "warmer" temps Smile

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Whoa, is it cold.  Whoa, is that a generic opener or what?  I do what I can, I guess.


          MA:  Fasting anything is death.  OK, no, but I can empathize.  I have my second colonoscopy Monday.  Two-day prep, holler.  Tomorrow at least I get to eat two eggs, tuna, fiber-free yogurt, and they are even allowing me a quarter of a slice of bread (the hell?).  Hope you are otherwise feeling shipshape.


          Jewel:  Your job sounds awesome.  Don't tell me not to be impressed; it's too late.


          RLTW:  I've been thinking about you and hoping your recovery continues to progress nicely.


          Cara:  I'm very much where you are with my medical issues lately.  Know that I understand and hope you're OK!



          RR:  Yesterday was 7 miles and 30 min. on the stationary bike.  Ran 8 miles this morning and will likely bike and read on my break.


          NRR:  Just eight days until I leave for vacation!  Work is intense, and I shouldn't take a vacation then, but . . . ha, too late, Work!


            hi ladies!


            RR: 4.2 miles this morning. feeling some discomfort in my left groin/ hip, so might be taking it easy this weekend... maybe some yoga is in order.


            NRR: woo yesterday was nuts! left work at 4, got my hair done, went to store, picked up groceries for myself and my parents who are returning from Nigeria tomorrow, went home dropped off my stuff, went to their place dropped off their stuff, then went to music practice. whew! just glad I got it all done. Got home around 9pm. Today it's a normal work day, then our office holiday dinner tonight. almost wish it wasn't happening. I'll go, and hope to use the night as a relaxing evening... I'll get home and do some dusting. the place is a mess. Blush

            Tomorrow, M and I have an appointment with the caterer we're planning to use for the wedding. fun times!


            OJ: that's a cool case you're working on! yay for meeting your revenue goal!


            MA: boo to not being able to eat yet! you must be starving! way to clean out nursery!


            pumpkin: love your workouts! maybe I should incorporate some variety right now. good luck with work!


              Morning Ladies!


              I think I've hit the turning point in my recovery from surgery! I can finally sit up/stand for extended periods of time without a headache and nausea. Dr. Hottie warned me that it may take a few days to a week for my body to adjust to the pressure changes within my head and for the first few days standing/sitting up might cause nausea and headache that is relieved as soon as I lay down. It's something to do with the fluid draining too quickly. But it certainly has seemed to level itself out! YAY! I feel really good again!


              I'm hoping that when I go to get my stitches out next week, he'll clear me for some sort of working out. (beyond the walk I take with my mom and Rufus at lunch time). I'm definitely not ready for running yet (and I can't lift for 8 weeks....no lifting anything heavier than my laptop)--but maybe I can go to the gym and ride the stationary bike or something. We'll see. Smile


                Hi girls! Yay, I got ready quick enough that I can check in this morning, but won't have time for personals, boo. Sad


                How are all of my favorite ladies today!? Hope everyone is having a fabulous day so far!


                RR. Went on a beautiful 5.2 mile run on the trails by my house. Continuing to feel so blessed to live somewhere so beautiful! SmileI had planned on a flat run because my legs are a wee bit tired from Tuesday's holy hill run, but couldn't resist the single tracks, so ended up with 1600 feet elevation gain, ouch. But I AM training for a hella hilly 30K and marathon, so hills are good! Wink Today is rest day, but will get my 30 min of activity in, either dog walk or weights this afternoon.


                NRR. So it's my work's holiday dinner tonight, but I am thinking of not going. I'm really just upset at my bosses and some of their questionable ethics and not sure I want to spend my free time with them. Plus it's a staff-only dinner, no spouses, which I think is tacky and cheap of them! Anyways, if my other co-workers that I like are going, I might change my mind... It's at a reallllllly fancy place, but I know I'll get stuck eating salad. Sad

                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                Half: 1:48

                Full: 4:34



                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: 7. I thought it was colder this morning, and it turns out it's a balmy 5* out right now! No wonder I was hauling ass that first mile - only way to warm up!  Last night, after ST, I sat in the sauna for a while. Felt so good!


                  NRR: Hoping to get some work projects finished today, and then making dinner tonight with DBF. He got a popcorn maker for Christmas and we'd like to try it out.


                  Jewel - That sounds like an interesting case. DBF is into genealogy for a hobby, and has turned up some interesting things about his family.


                  MA - What's the theme for your nursery?  I agree, fasting sucks. When I did my fasting blood draw last summer, I almost killed people for making me wait. I didn't get to eat breakfast until 11:00!!


                  PFace - I hope you get some answers for your health issues.


                  lizo - Dang, girl! That's a lot of running around!  Days like that are good because you get everything taken care of at once, but they are exhausting.


                  RLTW - Glad you're feeling better!!


                  NC - Wow ,that is totally cheap - no spouses? How would you get to know your coworkers better anyway?


                    Good morning!


                    ER: Next.


                    NER: Ummm, I don't know WTF happened to me yesterday but I am experiencing the worst SI joint flare up I've ever had. This is even worse than it was before I started seeing the chiropractor for it almost three years ago. I'm not sure if it was building for a couple days/weeks or if I did something yesterday to aggravate it or maybe baby P is laying on something that brought it on but OMG I couldn't stand up, sit down, walk or do much of anything without awful pain yesterday. My upper thighs hurt really bad too, which is making me think this is all having to do with how P is laying. Its slowly improving after a visit to the chiro, ice, rest, etc. I'm going back to the chiro tomorrow and avoiding anything that makes it hurt (which really at this point is pretty much everything) and wearing my support belt all the time now. DH has been so good taking care of me and A since I basically can't. I'm 32 weeks today and I really really really hope this isn't what its going to be like for the next eight weeks.


                    Glad its Friday! Tomorrow is my nephew Baby T's birthday party. I still have this cold hanging on, but I feel like its on the way out... but I hate how when colds are on their way out they get even more annoying. My voice is still yucky too. None of us in our house is completely healthy, but we're OK enough to go to the birthday party tomorrow. Then we're looking forward to playoff football, hoping at least one of our three teams we're rooting for win! Oh and I'll also be returning my new purse this weekend, whenever I can walk and stand up straight. It will be nice to get into a normal week next week.


                      Hiya, ladies!


                      Jewel-Very cool about your job. That sounds really cool. And, yay that your company met it's goals for the year!


                      MA-Hope the blood draw was okay this AM and you're eating now. Smile


                      Pumpkin-Fantastic job on the runs. I love that you are not letting your current work environment pull you away from a much needed and probably well-deserved vacation. I love countdowns.


                      liz-Sounds like yesterday was very productive and not just hectic.


                      Norcal-Your new home sounds amazing! Glad you can get that kind of trail run in near by.  Stinks that your work doesn't allow spouses, but I'm glad you're taking the positive route.


                      outwest-Have fun testing out the popcorn maker. Sounds like a delicious task.


                      monk-Hope you feel better with regards to the SI pain and the cold. Your weekend plans sound fun!


                      RR-Planned for speedwork on the TM, but I came down with a terrible sore throat and cough yesterday. This Floridian is still adjusting to having a winter. Going to try for easy 2 miles and we'll see if I can turn it into something more. My PF feels better though, so I'm glad I took a rest day yesterday


                      NRR-It's the last weekend before classes start up again. Hopefully, my cough and sore throat will go away very soon. I'm feeling lazy about work, but I blame the culture. If my boss says "it's no big rush" then I will take my sweet time. I personally need some deadlines. Laundry is also on task. There is a rush for that according to my other boss, which is me. Big grin


                      Hope your Fridays are funky and fantastic, friends!


                        Howdy, DIVAs!  What a whirlwind Friday it’s been already!


                        Jewel, great job on getting in the kickboxing so much!  Have you noticed a change in your arms?  The trainer we worked with on Wednesday said that she figured out if she squeezed in all of her punches (she teaches BodyCombat), it’s total arm toning…and she has some amaze-balls arms!  And South Africa…sounds so interesting!


                        MA, so glad that test is over because by now, you’ve eaten!  I always hated those…never more than when I was pg with N, because I had gestational diabetes!  ACK!  But..it was what got me to kick my “regular soda all day every day” habit, so overall it was a positive.  Yay for painting the nursery!!


                        PF, good luck with the colonoscopy and the working out and crazy work demands to boot, superwoman!


                        Lizo, hurray for random distances again!  And an appointment with the caterer…hopefully some yummy tastings will be involved!  What a thoughtful daughter you are, btw…that must be a huge relief!


                        RLTW, woot woot for continued improvement!!  And so exciting, the stationary bike!


                        Norcal, I think you shouldn’t feel as if you have to go tonight…especially if you aren’t on the clock, AND it’s without spouses!  The runs sound amazing!


                        Outwest, I had to LOL…I never run my first mile fast unless I’m freezing, for exactly the same reason!  And hurray for a popcorn maker – what kind?  I had an air popper growing up, and I LOVED that.  We make it on the stove now, DP thinks that’s healthier….either way, it’s cheaper than buying microwave popcorn for me!


                        Monk, oh, no! Hoping for some relief for you, and soon!


                        Blu, oh, no!  Feel better and enjoy those miles!!


                        Nothing but a 30 minute ride on the trainer last night after finally getting home…I did some simple arm strength stuff during that, but I was exhausted so happy to have gotten that in.  Hoping for 4 miles plus a class tonight, either BodyFlow or Body ATTACK…and 15 miles on the schedule for tomorrow morning, woot woot!


                        Happy Friday, ladies!!


                          Hey girls - Happy FRIDAY!


                          RR: 40-minute tempo run after work. MUCH needed.


                          NRR: Doggie training last night was SO challenging. Gus was NOT happy. Our friend's dog, a white boxer, and him have met before but it didn't go well - last night was no exception. They were barking and lunging at each other and it was very difficult to contain him. He jumped at the trainer, caused her face to bleed and he also bit her hand AND bit me in the leg, breaking the skin and forming a big bruise. I know it was all the overstimulation and intensity in the training area, but it still hurt. DF and I have come to the conclusion that she's ill-equipped to handle large breeds; I'm going to call the store today and see about getting even a partial refund because I don't think he will cooperate in future training. She wanted to basically pawn us off on an animal behaviorist after all that and even said he might have to be put down! It's a stress for him now and will only cause more anxiety for all of us if we continue. I have contacted another dog trainer who specializes in dog-dog aggression and other behavioral issues and am hoping for the best. He's not a bad dog, but we don't know his full history and there could be triggers we don't know about. Needless to say, last night was rough for me. Cry


                          OJ - That sounds like such interesting work! What a relief about the revenue goals!

                          MA - I hope you got to eat a nice delicious meal!

                          Pumpkin - Too funny about the quarter of a slice of bread. Are you going to measure it out? Wink

                          Lizo - Do you ever go to a chiro or massage therapist? Hope your hip feels better soon.

                          NC - You're brave; I haven't run yet after Tuesday's hilly half. LOL! So glad you are loving where you live! Bummer about the party, ours is the same way. They have it in the office so you can't bring anyone and it's always during work hours. Lame!

                          OWR - Awesome run in crazy temps!

                          Monk - I hope your SI joint issues go away soon!!!

                          Blu - Hope you start feeling better soon!

                          Nai - Kill that run tomorrow!!!!


                          I think I got everyone - hope you have an awesome day!!!

                          San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                          Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                            Athena - Sorry to hear how training went with Gus last night. I worry about stuff like that with Fay, because I don't know what she is (she is an aggressive breed, though, boxer with something else, probably), but she has  never been that bad. Are you using a choke collar, with the prongs?

                            MA runner girl

                              Hey ladies! Just checking back in... Drinking the orange stuff wasn't so bad, it was basically what I expected, but about 45 min later I felt SOOO nauseaus, sweaty, icky. I really hope that doesn't mean I failed... Blech I can't imagine doing that again... let alone for 3 hours! Now I must wait until my next appt Thursday. My bagel afterwards was heaven! And I felt much better.


                              Work is insane... sorry for my lack of personals! I have so much to do!

                              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                                Could someone explain this glucose test thing you pregnant ladies have to do? Between that and the "you can't pee for 4 hours but drink a lot of water" thing you all have done for the ultrasounds, sheesh!