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Winter Returned Wednesday Supermoms (Read 29 times)


    Yikes, it's cold and windy out there today. Stay warm Supermoms!


    RR: easy day, 5-6 miles. Hill repeats were, um, fun yesterday. The forecast was for rain, but it was sleeting/snowing when i left for my run, so it was a bit tricky footing at times. Wished I had my screw shoes. I managed to stay upright, and did 5 repeats on the hill.


    TR: up at 3AM today, just kinda whining in his crib. i went in and he was standing up, just looking around. i changed his diaper, only wet and put him back down. he babbled and sang for the next 45 minutes, and unfortunately my alarm goes off at 4AM, so i didnt' get back to sleep. Sad  Going to need massive amounts of caffeine today.


    NRR: hoping for a nap this afternoon.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - SRD, rolling and stretching if I have time.


      TR - we have the potty bribery candies on top of the fridge, and he dragged a chair over to the fridge, jumping to try to reach the candy.  I reminded him that candies were for potty success only, but no dice.


      FR - ma po tofu with brown rice, sauteed pea shoots.




      rg - I read that a few DM friends had to bail on their hill workouts yesterday.  I thought it was dry when I headed out yesterday and completely dressed wrong for my run, which made the icy slusy puddles even more fun.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - The plan is for 8k. I think I am over my virus, for real this time, so I should be good to go. Normally I run with RP on Wednesday evenings, but I don' t want to drag S out in the stroller when she's been sick, so I'll do my run alone before DH goes to work. ST tonight.


        BR - Took a 3-hour nap yesterday afternoon and woke up acting like her old self again. Just time time, because today is the last week for sensory class. I had become complacent after a week of her being sick and lethargic, so I left the bathroom door open and toilet lid up. She quickly took the opportunity to throw 2 full rolls of toilet paper in the toilet. When I caught her, she was trying to stuff the bathmat in the toilet, too.


        FR - Panko-breaded chicken breasts, roasted mini potatoes and acorn squash.


        NRR - DH started to get a sore throat last night. He told me "Don't worry, I'll be over my cold soon because there's absolutely no chance I will run 24 km and make myself worse". Touche, DH.




        rg - Quite the hill workout yesterday! Impressive work staying upright and still finishing all your repeats. Last night must have been "wake up and party" night for babies, because S was up from 1:30 until 3:30 am, rolling around, standing up, singing and babbling. Not cool. I shall be joining you in massive caffeine consumption today.


        zorbs - After I saw your post about your cold, soggy, slushy run, I was pretty happy to be taking a rest day. Freezing cold rain in the worst. Sounds like you'll have to hide the potty candies elsewhere, unless having them in sight is a good motivator for B. Has he peed in the potty again since the first time?

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: 4m easy recovery. I am going to wait until it's sunny later on as it's in 20s now.

          NRR: going to switch out cars which means I am driving in America. I did my virgin American drive on Sunday (around car parks and a few business estates). I can drive - just never in the US. I have driven in Europe on the other side of the road and other side of the car. I kept reaching to my left down the door to change gear. DH was laughing but he is a good teacher so was pretty patient.

          BR: he must be awake in his room as I hear him playing the piano on his ipad. We use it as a white noise maker and he gets up, goes and switches it off and then plays a few games before he starts his day. It's hilarious to be woken to elmo's voice on monitor.

          FR: last night I cooked taco pasta salad for boys and I had grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes. The potatoes were the sweetest potatoes I have tasted. Super yummy.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            rg - Great job on the hill run despite the conditions.  Boo to the early wake up by R...James has been doing that lately too.  Usually he is looking for his frog lovie though.  I hope you can make up for it this afternoon.


            zorbs - LOL to B jumping up for the candy.  He is a determined little man!


            ernie - I hope you have a great healthy run!  Boo to your DH getting sick.  Glad S had a great nap and was in a better mood.


            RR - Hoping for 5 today after work.


            TR - Has been whiney because of his teeth but I think I finally see all 4 I-teeth...thank goodness.  He was in a goofy mood this morning but super cute.  He has been pretty good for me despite DH being gone.  Thank goodness.


            NRR - Still not feeling great.  Should really call the doctor but I am too lazy.  Really tired lately too and I just can't sleep.  I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't fall back to sleep 2 nights ago and this morning it was 4 a.m.  UGH!!  I hate that...I usually suffer from a weeks worth of insomnia every year and I don't know why.


            FR - I assembled Chicken, potatoes, and carrots in my crockpot and threw it in the fridge so I could just start it this morning...yeah...forgot.  Will is still be good tomorrow?


              Bermy - Your dinner sounds delish.  I hope you can figure out what to run in with the wintery weather.  Enjoy it.  Sounds like you are all settling in nicely into Nashville.  LOL to you driving!!  I am sure you are great though...I would struggle in Europe for sure.  Too cute about DS and the iPad.  Question....what are some of his favorite Apps???  We have an iPad for J and want to load it with Apps...I have a few from your recommendations before.  We have some sesame street ones, coloring farm, and The Monster at the End of this book.




                RR:  5 after work today.  Only had time for 4 yesterday.


                TR:  Was up early this morning.  Had a little bit of a meltdown before bed, but I think our point got across that his behavior was not okay.


                NRR:  Really tired.  I went to bed before 10, but was tossing and turning from 12-2.  This whole technology thing at work has become a nightmare.  No one will make a decision, and our administrator gets really mad when a suggestion is made that goes against what he thinks.  I sometimes feel like I work for one of the 12 year olds that is in my room daily.  Kind of sucks.


                FR:  Um, BLT's for dinner last night.



                rg - I hope you get a nap today.  Do you always go in if R is up in the middle of the night?  J fussed for a while but neither DH or I went in and he fell back asleep.


                zorbs - B sounds like one smart little man.


                ernie - Whoa!  S really got into things in the bathroom.  Makes me think of the loony toons clip.  Glad to hear you are feeling better and headed to sensory class today!


                bermy - Enjoy your run.  Yay for driving in the  US!  I would give anything for J to start his day like that.  Sounds heavenly.  You are cute about the 20*.  That would be "warm" compared to what we have right now.  Smile


                jen - You really should call the doctor.  You don't need to get worse!  J needs a healthy mama!  LOVE The Monster at the End of The Book!  Should try to find that tonight to read to J!


                cx2 - I hope you are able to get out today.  Oh No! about the blood!  Nice that C wanted DH for a little while instead of Mama.  I remember the phase of J only wanting me and it got kind of old after a while.  Get some sleep!

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                  RR - elliptical or nothing... undecided..


                  BR - poor DH... he was holding C yesterday and she shoved her finger in his nose and he started gushing blood... he had to put her down and she got really upset, she didn't want me, she wanted DH... he was fine although it seemed like a lot of blood.

                  Figured out when she says "ma ma ma ma" she's not asking for me, she's either hungry or thirsty.


                  NRR - a trip to walmart maybe... we were indoors all day yesterday b/c it was so cold and windy..



                  zorbs - ha, maybe time for a new place to stash the candy...


                  rg - ugh for the early wake up... hope you get through the day!


                  bermy -  i'm guessing you drive stick shift?  DH tried to teach me when we were dating, but for whatever reason, I couldn't catch on, even though stick driving isn't difficult... i had issues using my feet and shifting with my hand at the same time...


                  ernie - sorry, i had to lol at the toilet paper incident...i should be thankful C isn't mobile enough yet to go into the bathroom and grab toilet paper...


                  jen - me too... i'm tired a lot these days even though I try to go to bed early...


                    RR:  12 mi on the schedule for today but I am not sure if it will happen.  Got up at 5am and ran 4.25m.  Was feeling a little sore and sick so I kept it slow.


                    BR: STTN!!  Still not feeling well but seems to be doing better.  This morning he insisted we put on his shoes and now is carrying around his coat and hat.  I think he wants to go to school today.  I have a doctor's appt for him at 2:30 just in case.


                    NRR:  Short day at school so hopefully I will have time to run and go to the grocery store becfore I pick up H for his appointment.


                    bbl for personals!

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      rr: srd. ART appointment this morning that I had to postpone from yesterday. I need it!


                      rr2: my cousin peer pressured me into signing up for a 18k trail race. they will likely be increasing it to a half this year though.


                      tr: no more school the rest of the week for dd1 but dd2 has school tomorrow and dd1 has a breakfast with dh tom and open gym on friday and her p/t confernece tom night. got all that?


                      br: spent most of my day yesterday wiping snot off him and dd2. gross.


                      nrr/qotd: finished a book dh and i read with our best couole friend. seeing them saturday and need a new book to propose. anyone have any suggestions for a book suitable for guys and gals?


                      fr: bbq chicken pizza.


                      rg: yup freezing here too. I am beginning to think the groundhog was way off this year.


                      zorbs: was b interested in the potty or did you just feel like it was time?


                      ernie: ha to dh! and ugh to the toilet siuation. have fun at sensory class!


                      bermy: i can see you driving around a parking lot like teenagers here.  Am trying to picture cash waking up and playing with an ipad and it just isn't hapoening.


                      jen: how about we stick our whiners in a room together  do you still think it is your gallbladder? i'm sure crockpot will be fine tom.


                      mer: is there a deadline for the decision? seems like the opinion of the teachers should matter. add me to crappy sleeping too. i wake up constantly.


                      cx2: we were in all day yesterday bc of the weather so we need to get out today too! yikes to the blood loss!




                        RR:  Super loser here, overslept.  the boys were coughing all night and I slept like crap.  I can't function on 5 hours of sleep, let alone run.  Will hop on TM this afternoon.


                        TR:  Crying that he was sick again today, sent him anyway.  I think he got in a scuffle at the playground and doesn't want to go back.


                        NRR:  Super busy here at work trying to get organized.  Cleaned out my desk and found years of crap.


                        FR:  DH tried to make me eat stuff that he killed yesterday.  No go.  I hate meat anyway, let alone gamey stuff.  Tonight will be grilled chicken and veggies.


                          RG:  Super windy here last night.  I saw 52 on my phone but when I went outside it certainly didn't feel like 52 Sad  I am on my 2nd cup of coffee, looks like today is going to be a 3 day.


                          Zorbs:  LOL, silly boys.  Candy is for potty time!  I loved it when C insisted I got candy for going potty too.  Then he would just take mine.


                          Ernie:  Haha, my dh does the same to me when I run sick.  Yum your FR sounds good!


                          Ok, time for a refill on my coffee and to kick bossman out the door, he's going to be late for court.




                            RR - may try for a couple miles later today, depending on time.  Tennis match tonight, it'll be around 40˚, brr!


                            BR - nods his head yes and no rather than saying the words.  Whatever works!


                            KR - need to take DD1 shopping for shoes this afternoon.  She seems to grow out of things so quickly!


                            FR - had the leftover pork and brisket last night, probably leftover chili tonight.  I may just pick up salad fixings for me though and have the chili after tennis if there's any left.


                            NRR - going bridesmaid dress shopping this morning while L is at MMO.  I'd rather not, I have 101 things to do before I leave town tomorrow but FSIL wanted it done before the end of the month and I figured it would be easier without L so we're going to do it while he's got his thing.  Hoping to have time to go bra shopping afterwards, I'm realizing I need a couple new non-nursing bras!  I need to get measured and figure out what my correct size is now that I've shriveled back to nothing Sad


                            back later for personals


                              Bermy - I would imagine driving for the first time in the States would be quite challenging. When I was on vacation in the U.K. with friends, we rented a car and none of us had ever driven on that side before. It turned into a ridiculous comedy of my friend circling a roundabout over and over and over. But we did manage to drive from London to Edinburgh and back in one piece. Very nice that ds plays happily with his ipad when he wakes up.


                              Jen - Glad ds is being good for you! Does DH come back today? Sorry you are still feeling lousy....could you be preggo? Did you leave all that crockpot stuff in the fridge? If so, I'm sure it's still fine.


                              Mer - Ugh, what a bunch of administrative nonsense with the tech thing. If the administrator doesn't like other people's suggestions, why doesn't he just pick something already?? Hope you can get a good run in after work,


                              cx2 - No worries, I also had to lol at the toilet incident. I was actually kind of happy to see the destruction because it showed she was definitely feeling better! Aw, poor DH with the bloody nose. Babies are dangerous.


                              Shelby - Good job getting another early run in! Glad ds is feeling better. Hope you are feeling better too.


                              mrszm - Oh boy, a trail half sounds tough but it should be a fun challenge, especially if you're doing it with your cousin. Yup, there's a lot of baby snot wiping going on over here, too. Yuck,


                              Becky - Lots of lousy nights of sleep all around today, it seems. Hope you can get to bed early tonight. Always nice to get the desk organized. Did you find anything interesting amongst the piles of clutter?

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                                RR - did 7ish K yesterday near MIL's house, man it's hilly there, and I'm used to the park bathrooms near my house, I had to run by the Y so I could have a pit stop.  Today is a 5k at the gym and then weights w/ RP.  All my sore spots on my legs seem to be working themselves out from having 2 full days off running, yay!


                                TR - had a nap strike yesterday, was good until we drove home from Gmas and she fell asleep, then was not a happy girl when she woke up.    She does not do well with transitions from sleep to awake,  especially if it's before she's ready.


                                BR - was starving last night for DH when I was out grocery shopping, even though it had only been 2 hrs since she had eaten, he got her a bottle which she sucked furiously on for a minute, then realized what she was doing and batted it away.


                                NRR - my windows are beautiful.  I got brand new windows installed in our LR and kitchen yesterday.  The living room ones make a huge difference in how the room looks, they seem bigger and are just more modern.  I'm worried that my old window coverings won't fit though.  I have them sent away to be cleaned, so hopefully they do fit...


                                FR - chicken Tikka masala in the slow cooker... need to look up the recipe and assemble it.

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