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Winter Returned Wednesday Supermoms (Read 29 times)


    Ok, had to pack his bag for court, get him coffee and batteries for his digital recorder but he is gone now Smile


    Bermy:  At least you can change gears!  I can't drive a manual if my life depended on it.  Yum, sweet potatoes....I think I need one with my dinner!


    Jen:  I am so sorry, I hope you feel better soon.  Insomina is no fun at all.  I have it at least once a week.  Get to the doc woman!


    Mer:  Boy that sounds like a nightmare, I hate when people are indecisive.  I hope for your sake they figure it out soon!


    Cx2:  Ouch!  Poor DH.  C never asked for me until he was older.  It was always dada.


    Shelby:  I hope you can get your run in!  Hooray for STTN!!!!!!!


    MRSZM:  Ugh, I hate snotty nose.  I hope the ART hurts so good for you. Smile


    Arm:  I need to go bra shopping as well since the girls appear to be shrinking Sad  Hope you can get everything done before you have to leave!


    Ernie:  No, nothing interesting just 6 years of phone call notes (I write it all down before I put it into the computer).


      RG:  So annoying about your coworker!  Some people are just lazy and don't care who it affects.


      bermy:  Hope it warms up for your run.  Have you invested in some good cold weather running gear?  Good luck driving!


      ernie:  H loves throwing things in the toilet too!  I was thinking I might need to invest in some of those toilet baby proofers.


      jen"  The insomnia sounds terrible!  I hope you can get some sleep soon.  You have had a rough couple of weeks.


      mrszm:  I love the idea of reading books as a couple.  DH is such a slow reader though and I read books super fast.


      arm:  Do you get to pick out your own bridesmaid dress?


      CA - Your FR sounds yummy!  Have you used this recipe before?  I might need it if its good!


      mer:  Sorry about the work stress!  Hope you can get in a run to relieve some of it.

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        RR:  Forgot my gloves and headband, grrr.  It is currently 20 degrees so I may not be running if it doesn't warm up.  I am also feeling super tired all of the sudden.  12 mi midweek is just too long!


        becky:  I feel you on the coffee.  I might need to go buy a cup on my break.

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          Shelby There is no way I can do 12 for a midweek run.  I also have a 20 degree limit - TM for anything in the 20s or less.


          ok, I have a problem..... I can't remember to eat breakfast.  Today is the 3rd day in a row that I've realized that I haven't eaten anything until after 10 a.m.  By now, I might as well just wait for an early lunch.


          Honorary Old

            RR: DH has promised me that he will do the evening daycare run so I can go straight home and run kidless. Gonna shoot for 5 miles, my legs should be rested after 8 days of no running, right? Trying to decide if I should actually make a training plan for my 10k race on 3/30/13 or if that's just asking for disaster.


            BR: Was a bear last night. Gave up trying to do anything and let him watch Air Buddies and eat yogurt for dinner. Was being bratty this morning still, but I think he might have said " I Love you".


            FR: Yummy soup- hot italian chicken sausage, white beans, kale, and potato and wine.. about half a bottle of Barefoot Moscato because we had no beer and no mixers.


            NRR: DH had to deal with stupid juvenile crap at work last night, I'm lucky I don't have to deal with crap like that.

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              Hi mommas!


              mer - toms are on zulily today, not a ton of choices but good prices


              Honorary Old

                Runnergirl- I've been tempted to throw away my screw shoes, but I know it would dump snow immediately if I did that. R hasn't been sleeping well either. Hill repeats are probably my favorite workout, but it would be miserable when slippery!


                zorbs- that sounds like something R would do, he knows how to use the stool to get into stuff he shouldn't.


                Ernie- boo for S playing in the toilet!


                Bermy- good luck with the drive!  Where I live we have fiber optic internet through our public utility and its the fastest internet in the Western US. Unfortunately, there is no fiber where we are building our house, so we are going to have a major speed downgrade when we move Sad


                Jen- I haven't been sleeping well either. I took melatonin last night but still woke up a couple of times.


                Mer- Wanna show R who's boss, too? He was being a shit last night and this morning and I'm exhausted. Sorry about the technology ridiculousness, that sounds frustrating.


                cx2- R has had 2 bloody noses and busted his lip in the last week. The busted lip was when we were down at the fire station- R was trying to open the door on a cop car, and when he couldn't get it open he came running back to me to ask for help and biffed it.


                Shelby- you are pretty amazing for doing the single parent thing, school thing, AND training for a marathon!


                MZM- what genres do you like?


                Becky- I like game if its done right. However, DH proudly came home and presented me with a pheasant to cook for him when I was preggo and it was all I could do to not barf.


                armama- zulily has my favorite bras on sale today- Le mystere! And TOMS shoes too.


                CA- we did our windows two years ago and I feel like it changed the whole feel of the house

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                  Mer – Sorry J had a meltdown before bed and was up early this morning.  I know you have a lot on your mind but hopefully you can push those worries aside and get some sleep.  Enjoy your run.


                  CTimes – Wow to DH’s bloody nose.  I hope you can get out of the house today.


                  Shelby – Glad H STTN!  That is awesome.  I hope you can get your run in today.  You amaze me by how much you do all the time.  Glad you at least have a shorter day at school.  When are you done?


                  Mrszm – Yes, let’s get the whiners together but then who wants to take care of them for us?  Sounds like a busy week with the kids activities…glad you have to keep it straight and not meJ  Hope the ART apt is awesome today.


                  Becky – Don’t worry about the run…you’ll do it another day.  Sorry C had a rough day on the playground.  I am totally with you on gamey stuff…yuck!  DH had elk burgers a few years ago from his friend…ewwww.


                  Arm – Have fun bridesmaid dress shopping…I hate that.  Are you all packed up for the trip?  Enjoy your tennis match in the cold (which I consider warm).


                  CA – Sorry M was on a nap strike.  Hopefully she gets a better nap in today.  Have a great run today.  Yay for new windows.


                  Spike – Praying you get a kidless run in today!  Your soup sounds awesome.  Sorry R is still being a PITA…any idea what’s bugging him?


                    moxie - Thanks!  I got the e-mail this morning, but can't seem to get on the site today.

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                      jen:  I am done at noon but H has his appointment at 2:30.  I need to hit the grocery store before I get him so now that I think about it I will only have about an hour break.  Not sure if I will run or use the time to study for the test I have tomorrow.  I guess it will depend on if it has started snowing yet.  I am definitely not in a running mood.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      Honorary Old

                        Jen- I don't know, maybe I kept R too busy this weekend and was out of his routine too much? Daddy is home today and going back to days so maybe that will help. He was being difficult this morning, but was sweet to DH when he arrived home from work at 7.

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                        beskirted & manicured

                          ernie - I think it is time for you to get the childproof door thingies for your bathroom. Or a toilet lock.  Nope, B hasn't done it in the potty again since Sunday.


                          bermy - what side of the road do people in Bermy drive on?


                          jen - the pot is in the fridge? i'm sure it will be fine.


                          mer - I hate tossing and turning due to thinking about specific things.  I always fall asleep when I can let the thoughts go.


                          cx2 - well it will be a looong time before he can actually reach the top of the fridge.


                          shelby - omg midweek 12 miles? this isn't your long run is it?


                          mrszm - B is aware of being wet/poopy and doesn't like it.


                          becky - ha, 5 hours of sleep is me every single day.


                          CA - we have nice new windows upstairs and the basement and old ghetto ones on the main floor.


                          spike - B can reach almost everything when he stands on a chair; the top shelf of the fridge, sink, stove, knives.

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                            Rg – glad your hill repeats were “fun” – nice work! Blah on weather. Why was he up at 3am I wonder?


                            Zorbs – we have a consult with a tv mounter to give us his opinion. DH asked what do you do with all the wires etc with DS around if not mounted on fireplace? Glad you posted about getting your clothing wrong as I figured you cold weather girls got it right all of the time. Makes me feel more normal. Bermy is like British – left with right hand drive cars.


                            Ernie – oh my with bathroom. Dinner at your house sounds delish. Hope you are starting to feel more like your normal self. Funny on story from London to Scotland – that is a LONG WAY!


                            Jen – why are you stalling on docs? You are not a lazy person. Hope you can get your miles in after work. Will check on apps and get back to you.


                            Mer – it’s annoying when someone owns a decision personally. It makes them so blinkered and annoying to work with. I always go to bed before 10 – even before 9some nights. On Sunday I think I was in bed asleep (and DH) at 7.55!! Ok, there was 2 hours time jet lag, but still, you think I would have stayed up til 9!


                            Cx2 – oowwiiiee on nose bleed. Yes on manual. It’s how we learned in the UK (and tight reverse parking and parallel parking and 3 point turns on very narrow roads). DH says I am a phenomenal driver in reverse. I will take that as a compliment.


                            Shelby – those mid-week miles are insane. I would love to be cranking out that mileage but don’t have 2 hours on a week day to run. I am up to 9 and it’s tough. Are you splitting all your mid-week lrs? Dh got me a coat from lulu and a thermal shirt. As well as a headband that covers ears and a thong for under my tights.


                            Mrszm – sorry your DS and DD2 are sick. No idea on books. I am reading yasso autobiog right now. It’s interesting but his written style is repetitive and clumsy.


                            Becky – hope you can work through your fatigue. I am same on sleep – I need 8 to be vaguely coherent. Well done on cleaning out your desk – great job!


                            Arm – brrrrrrrrr on tennis. I might switch my srd with today’s recovery as it is going to be in the 50s apparently for the rest of the week. Have you guys weaned now? I am going smaller and smaller as the weeks go by although DS is still on wake-up, nap and night nursings.


                            CA – too funny about bottle whilst you were out. Ha ha – that little lady likes the real deal! Glad you are happy with your windows – great news.


                            Spike – ooohhhh that training plan sounds awesome! You have lots of time too to get in some LRs. Nice of DH to help you out tonight. Can’t wait for DS to say I love you. I always think of you when I find a good bargain. Like gloves in baby gap for 1.50. Shaped like frogs. You said about 10 words that I don’t know what they mean when you described my internet.

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                              zorbs - Nope, I have a 20 miler.  Also have two midweek LRs of 12 and 10....  I will probably cut one of them in half.


                              bermy - I usually split the midweek LRs because I don't have a two hour period of time.  To do my run before class, I have to get up at 5 to run for one hour.  I can't make myself get up at 4am...  Like I mentioned above, I have midweek runs of 12 and 10 miles this week which is super hard to fit in.  Sounds like your DH got you all ready for the cold!  How sweet.

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              Honorary Old

                                Bermy- LOL basically, at my current house I have some of the fastest internet in the world, its pretty much only limited by my computer. That internet network isn't installed in the neighborhood where we are building our new house so we will have to get satellite or cable internet which is much slower than fiber optic (information travels at the speed of light over strands of glass).

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