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NEW WEEK, MONDAY DIVAS (Read 201 times)


    Glad that weekend is behind us.... on to a better week!


      Morning Everyone!


      RR: 6 yesterday while M napped.... today hoping for 5 or 6


      NRR: M is getting better. She is still a little under the weather, so this week we be a 'light' week of activities. Plus, I am exhausted. I am not sure we got over 4 hours each night M was sick.  I am waiting on word for my Aunt's funeral. She passed away on Saturday. She had a very long fight with cancer and was amazing throughout the process. She even ran a 5k while recovering from chemo before it came back aggressively. Wonderful woman, I am glad I got to know her.


      Hope you all are doing well. Have great Monday

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies. I wish I had the old RWOL sleepy emoti.. it would go right here... Maybe 10 of them...


        GSD - I am very sorry to hear about your aunt. Sounds like she was a wonderful lady. Hugs! I hope you can catch up on sleep, sounds like last week was a rough one!


        RR: 6 miles yesterday in 69 minutes. That was actually pretty speedy for me these days Wink Last night I was walking down to the basement and missed the last step and stubbed my toe on the cement floor. Ouch that hurt!! It feels ok this morning so hopefully it's fine. Braving the gym after work for a swim, hopefully I can get a lane! It's usually not bad at 4:30pm... but it is January with those resolutioners!


        RR2: So on my run my soccer coach from high school drove by and stopped to talk. I knew he lived on the road I was running, and I'm surprised it took 4 years for us to finally cross paths. This guy was a huge jerk to me, for example when he found out that I was on the distance team in track he said "Really? You can run for a long time? You don't look like a distance runner..." Um gee thanks. Anyways, it was so awkward to see him but also kinda like "HA see I can run far... even while I'm pregnant!" LOL


        NRR: I came down with a cold Friday into Saturday. It's not really too bad as far as colds go, but they are awful regardless while pregnant. It's so hard to sleep stuffed up and I can't take any decongestants. Yuck. This morning DH's alarm went off at 4:30 and he pressed sleep twice. I finally pushed him out of bed because I was so mad that he woke me up. HAHA whoops! I couldn't really fall back asleep and had trouble falling asleep to begin with last night so I am pooped this morning!


        In other news DH worked hard on the nursery all weekend! Everything is cleared out and our guest room is now an office/guest room combo. He started patching all the holes in the wall and put a few coats of primer on the wood dark window trim (we are painting it white). Hopefully we (ok not me) can paint next weekend!! So excited.


        Have a great day girls!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Morning Ladies!


          GSD: I'm glad M seems to be feeling better. I am very sorry to hear about your aunt.


          MA: 6 miles in 69 minutes is AWESOME! Way to go!


          On Saturday we went to my brother and sister in laws so my dad could put together the crib for my brother's baby. SIL is due in less than 3 weeks! SO EXCITED. This afternoon a friend of mine is coming out to visit. She lives in NYC. She'll coming out late afternoon and I think we'll grab an early dinner. Should be fun!


          I'm heading back to Boston at some point this week to get my stitches out. I haven't gotten the official word as to when it will be. But they mentioned Wednesday, so I'll wait to hear officially.


          I'm anxious to get back home in a few weeks and resume a normal life. I go back to work on January 28th. That is SIL's due date. I'm hoping my little niece decides to make an appearance a week or so early so I'll get to see her! If not though, I'll just have to come back on a weekend to see her!


          Have a great Monday, ladies!


            gsd-glad that M is feeling better. So sorry to hear about your aunt


            MA-that really stinks that the soccer coach was been to you in the past, but you showed him with being able to run 6 miles while pregnant. Go you!


            RR: just did 6.5 with 4 at tempo, around 7:40 a mile. Not a great run, plus it was quite chilly out. But I got it done


            NRR: back to work today and classes start next week. Going to be incredibly busy from now until early May.


              RLTW-have fun with your friend tonight


                Morning girls,


                GSD, sorry about the passing of your aunt. Hope M recovers quickly.


                Ma, lets make a pact to swim after work!! That's my goal too. what color is the nursery?


                RLTW, hope you get to go to Boston soon.


                Taylor, great job with your run!




                  As for me, swimming tonight after work. I have to have to have to.


                  NtriR, i hope to get my travel document approved soon.... Also I'm in the gastro ward at the hospital as a volunteer so I have one more orientation before I start volunteering.


                  Wedding Related, sendithe save the dates this week finally. We took a break from wedding planning over the holidays but now we have 4.5 months until the big day!!


                  have a good day!!!!

                  L e e l a

                    Morning, ladies!  I'm going to get back to at least posting my workouts here to keep me honest.  I'll try to get to personals but not sure I'll be able to.


                    RR - The plan says 4-5 with hill pick-ups at the end, so I'm heading out for that in about 10 minutes.


                    NRR - B's back at school today, and everyone is glad.  I've enjoyed having more time with her but she really likes school, and it's good for me to catch up with all the household crap that piles up.  She hopped out of the car and skipped into the classroom -- I'm so glad she's somewhere she loves so much!  And I'm still hanging in there with the Whole30 eating program I'm doing.  It's been tough this first week and supposedly takes up to 3 weeks for running to improve - it hasn't felt great the past couple of runs.  We'll see how this morning's run goes.


                      hi ladies!


                      RR: 1 mile fast and 15 minutes of strength training with M. he wanted to wake up with me and workout early, so we did.  felt great! and the weather is slightly warmer so it wasn't too painful to wake up and head outside to drive to the gym.


                      NRR: work day.... lunch with M and then tonight I'm playing percussion drums for a friend who wants to do some recording. I suspect a late night. boo that.


                      gsd: sorry about the weekend! hope you get some rest and so sorry about the passing of your aunt. hugs girl!


                      ma: OUCH on the stubbed toe! hope it's feeling ok. yay for progress on the nursery! feel better! I'd go nuts if I couldn't take any decongestants!


                      rltw: glad you continue to recover well! Yay for a new niece soon!


                      taylor: I bet May seems far off! good luck starting work!


                      mel: what is your date? We must be real close, because I did the same this weekend! sent out save the dates and a link to website. We also met with caterer and ordered food. We're just doing appetizers so nothing too complicated. Smile


                      Check out our wedding website! here it is: http://obakaAndSchulze.ourwedding.com


                      Not sure if you'll be able to click on it and link to it as their might be restrictions, but try!


                        Good morning ladies, I am happy to see the new week too, ready for a productive one!


                        gsd - I'm so glad to hear that M is doing better! That must have been very difficult for you all. I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of your aunt, my thoughts are with you. take care.


                        MA - nice job on the 6 miles, very impressive and you got to show off a little Smile Sounds like your DH is nesting!


                        rltw - happy continued recovery! Hope you hear about your stitches soon and enjoy the countdown to the new baby, hope the timing works out.


                        taylor - busy from now until May? Yuck, but you can do it!


                        mel - hope the training is going well at the hospital, I think what you're doing is so neat


                        Leela -I've been a little absent lately, is B in preschool? It seems like she can't possibly be that old already, but from your FB pictures with books, etc. seems like she'd love school!



                        RR: went on an hourlong hike on Saturday and had the best run of my pregnancy (yet) yesterday - it was only a couple miles but I was able to run continuously, so that felt great! So, today will probably be a rest day or something light like yoga.


                        NRR: Working on solving some possible paperwork problems at work and then watching the big game tonight - I'm a little nervous to watch because I didn't feel like Bama ended the season very strong, still they seem to pull everything together for when it really counts...


                          dr Tremendous: I'd like the other team to win because they came out of left field to be that good this season, but Alabama has such a great reputation, I think they have awesome chances!


                            Morning divas! Add me to the sleepy list.


                            ER: So I go from posting RR to probably shouldn't even be mentioning ER...


                            NER: So my SI joint is getting better, but it is still not great. In fact, it was feeling almost good last night but this morning it is more stiff again. I'm going to the chiro again tomorrow. I'm still icing it a lot, no exercising. I might start doing some stretches tonight. I don't know when I'll exercise again. I'm still taking it easy at home, but doing a bit more housework and stuff for Allie. I sat on the couch most of the day yesterday and my body was so sore when I went to bed. I'm on day 9 of this cold that won't go away and now I'm afraid that with how long this is hanging on that I'm going to end up with a secondary infection this week. The past three mornings I've woke up to pee and stayed up because getting out of bed jarred the crap in my chest so I was coughing and blowing my nose for a half hour. Saturday morning I stayed up, yesterday I managed to sleep a couple more hours. This morning I was up at 5 and alarm was set for 6. I tried to sleep a little more but it wasn't happening.  I have a constant headache from all the coughing and I'm out of tylenol. Oh, and my sinuses are so sore. I just feel beat up right now!


                            Not much else going on. As much as I don't really want to be at work, I'm kind of glad to be here because it will be the first normal week in almost a month! Hopefully I can quit sputtering and actually get some work done this week! I posted a blog with my latest belly pic, will post on FB in a bit too.

                            c a s s i e

                              Hi ladies! I finally found the group on here. I'm going to try to be better about posting regularly again; I probably won't be able to every day, but I'll try. I've missed you all!


                              gsd - Poor M; I'm glad she feels better. Your aunt sounds like she was an incredible person.


                              MA - I'm so impressed with your running while PG! Great job!


                              RLTW- I'm glad the surgery went well and you seem to be recovering well.


                              Taylor - Good luck getting back into the swing of things! How much more school do you have?


                              Meli - I missed what you're doing at the hospital -- just volunteering? Have a good swim tonight!


                              Leela  - Hi! Haven't "talked" to you in a while. I'm glad B likes her school! How old is she now?


                              DrT- Hi, I don't think we've "met" (unless you were on RW and just changed your username). So nice to meet you!


                              And as for me...


                              RR: 9 w/5 tempo this morning. I love having a treadmill in my basement -- it's SO nice to roll out of bed and just go downstairs instead of out into the cold to the gym! Tonight, I'll go to a ST class at the gym. I hope it's not packed with resolutioners. And I might go to yoga, too; we'll see. Also, I guess this is RR, we got our Boston flights booked last week. I guess this is really happening!!


                              NRR: First day back at work after Christmas break. I'm ready to see the kids and be back at work, but man, that alarm clock was rough this morning!


                              Have a fantastic Monday, DIVAs!

                              Visit my blog at www.ruralrunningredhead.com!


                                Morning Ladies! I too am excited for a new week!


                                GSD- Glad to hear that M is getting better- what a scare that must have been! Sorry to hear about your aunt - you and your family are in my thoughts. (((hugs)))


                                MA- great job on your run!! It must have been pretty satisfying to see your old coach and have him see you running and pregnant! Sounds like you and DH had quite a productive weekend!


                                RLTW- wow, how exciting that you will be an aunt in three weeks! I hope you find out soon when you get your stiches out. I am sure you are itching to get home and back to your life- glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to be ready for that!! It is pretty amazing the surgeries they can do today and how quickly the body can bounce back!


                                Taylor- sounds like a pretty good run to me! Good luck getting through this semester-working and class must be really tough!


                                Mel- wow..4.5 months until the wedding?!? exciting!! how are you in terms of planning?


                                Leela- so good to see you posting again! Good luck with your run...what are you training for? I am going to do some research today into the eating plan you are following. What have you been eating so far? Do you think it is because you are eating less that you are feeling it with your runs? Glad to hear that B is enjoying school, although I think its crazy that she is so big- time flies!


                                Lizo- great job on your early morning workout! I bet it is nice having M to workout with


                                RR- Tonight will be xt with arms and back. I am trying to get on a schedule and really stick to it going forward. Since my bday is the 4th I always feel like this Monday is the first of the year for me in the sense that I start fresh now! So, the workout schedule is starting today.


                                NRR- had a great weekend! DH and I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant for my bday and it was SO good!! Saturday we went to brunch with some friends to a slow food place and, again, it was delish! It was really nice to catch up with some of my close girl friends. I love birthdays because I feel like they are a good excuse to get friends together and catch up. Yesterday we just did some chores and rested.


                                Hope you all have a good Monday!