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    RR - 7 miles easy with Sam.  There were a couple loud crashes of thunder right when I got up, hopefully the storm has passed.


    TR - finally decided he likes slides.  Before yesterday, he'd only gone down a slide on his own once.


    FR - orange chicken was kind of a fail.  The sauce was pretty much just straight OJ even though I put cornstarch in to thicken, and I would have added the green peppers later, or used some other kind of veggie that wouldn't discolour or get squishy after hours of cooking.  Tonight: chinese stew, bok choy, noodles.


    NRR - Sam's bday is Sunday, have to buy her a present.

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      RR - A well-timed SRD, given that it's pouring rain and thundering out there.


      TR - So ridiculous last night. We played at the park after my run and I guess she got tired out, because when we got home, she was apparently too lazy to feed herself and I had to spoon feed her pasta while she kicked back with her feet up. Then I gave her a container of applesauce, and she poured half of it down my shirt. It was actually pretty funny, but I was trying not to laugh and encourage her.


      FR - Beef with broccoli, rice


      NRR - Taking S to a messy play class this morning. The message said "wear old clothes, you're going to get gooey." Maybe I should just re-wear my applesauce covered shirt from last night, ha ha




      zorbs - Too bad the orange chicken was a bust. It sounds like it would be better suited to stove top than slow cooker. Yay for B deciding he likes slides. Slides are fun! S loves slides, but does not yet grasp the concept that she has to go around and climb the stairs after, and not just crawl back up the slide.

      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


        zorbs - I hope you miss the storm on your run.  It is pouring buckets here and thundering and lightening something crazy.  Sorry the orange chicken was a bust...I wondered, based on the recipe, if it would be runny.  Hope tonights dinner is better.


        ernie - I so want to hang out with you and S!  HA!!  Your stories are too funny!!  Enjoy the rest day and the gooey mess you are going to today!


        RR - 5 on the TM yesterday...not sure today.  Supposed to have a chiro appt which means I would have to skip my run but I might cancel and run today and rest tomorrow.  We shall see.


        TR - Was really good at dinner last night.  I had daycare feed him dinner a little earlier so we wouldn't have to fuss with it as he gets tired and refuses to eat.  Good idea because he ate everything!  QUESTION - We have been using sleep sacks with J since he was a baby.  If you have used them, how long did you use them for?  We have no problem having him use a blanket, he uses one at daycare, but I just have no idea what kind of blanket to put in his crib that will be nice and comfy and not too hot...suggestions?


        NRR - So DH told me yesterday that my face is full so he can tell I am pregnant...um...I thought that was rude and insensitive but he just got mad at me for taking it negatively.  He still sees nothing wrong with it and hasn't apologized.  I am so hurt that he focuses so much on how I look instead of what my body is doing.  I wish men could carry the baby and then I would make fun of him so he would know how it feels.  I slept in the other room last night and I refuse to talk to him until he apologizes.


          RR - 5 miles.. it was 46F when I started and it was the perfect temp for me..


          BR - still dealing w/ nap and sleep drama.   Last night it took 25 minutes for her to finally go to sleep after we put her in the crib.  She was crying and kept standing up in her crib so DH had to go in and lay her down.  This morning she was up early again (4th day in a row) at 6:20am... ugh.    We told the nanny to let her CIO a bit for her naps... she's ok with that, and thinks the main problem is that C doesn't want to miss out on anything so she doesn't want to sleep.  I think she's right.   Hoping this sleeping problem doesn't last forever....


          NRR - a 2 hour meeting this afternoon.   This won't be fun.



          zorbs - it was thundering and raining 2 minutes before i stepped outside for my run, but it didn't rain a drop while I was out.. yay!  Hope you have a good (dry) run.


            Zorbs: hope you made it out after the storms passed. Have fun shopping for Sam! R loves slides, especially when he sits on my lap. Hope dinner tonight is better!


            Bermy: thanks for looking for the honey stingers for me! And it would be fun to have our DS's get together for a play date.


            RR: an easy 8 today. Ran a little over 9 yesterday, first three at MP, next 6 at 10 sec/mile faster than MP. Felt really really good.


            TR: kinda whiny this morning, I'm not really into that. Played at the park with another little boy about his age yesterday. He went thru the tunnel a few times.


            NRR: nasty headache this morning, coffee isn't touching it. Hopefully the run will help.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              Ladies - I forgot to thank you all for the job suggestions yesterday...it is nice to hear from the outside what others might do in my situation.  Honestly, if I could choose any job I don't even know what I would want to do.  I would love to work part-time (as in 2-3 days/week) but with teaching part-time is everyday for a few hours which wouldn't help with daycare costs.  Subbing is a good idea, but again, I would have to have reliable daycare that I could take the kids to if needed and most people/daycares will make you pay to have spot for you whether you use it or not.  I have thought about subbing starting in January only 2 days/week and then having the kids in daycare those 2 days.  It might work.  The hardest financial hit to our family is going to be insurance.  DH has to pay 3x as much for family insurance as I do now and the benefits aren't great.  I have EXCELLENT health benefits right now and it is so hard to lose those.  Zorbs is right though, I haven't heard it from a truly credible source so I shouldn't panic yet.  Holding out hope I guess.


              Spike - I read your FB message and have some questions so I'll try to message you later.  I can only access FB at work via my phone and using my phone while I am teaching is frowned uponWink


              CTimes - J went through phases of sleep issues too.  Just a few weeks ago he was doing the same thing with standing up, throwing his frog out of his crib and then crying and whining for it.  Sometimes he just did it once, sometimes 3x.  It will pass.  Jealous of your 5 outside this morning...it has been pouring buckets and storming here all night...it is crazy.  Ew on the work meeting...hope it goes quickly.


              rg - Nice run yesterday and have a great one today.  Ugh to the whining...J is the same way and I HATE it!!  Seriously annoying...when will they learn they don't get what they want by whining.  Oh I so have the same nasty headache this morning and it won't go away.  It is making me cranky!


                Ernie: have fun at the playgroup, that sounds like fun! Enjoy your RD, thunder storms suck. Lol on S kicking back at dinner.


                Jen: R sleeps with a blanket or two that were hand-crocheted, so they're light and breathable. We never swaddled him. Wow, I'd be ticked at DHs comment too.


                Cx2- that weather is perfect for running!!! No scary critters this morning? I read somewhere that its normal for toddlers to take 20-45 minutes to fall asleep at nap/bedtime. R takes longer for naps usually, at bed time he's out!

                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                  ernie - I had to LOL at your idea of wearing the applesauce covered shirt to the play thing today... it's a good idea!


                  rg - hope your headache goes away and doesn't wreck your day.... as for the sleeping thing, it's an adjustment for us b/c even though C has never been great at taking naps, she's been consistent with bedtime... we'd put her down, she'd go to sleep within 15 minutes... so her screaming her head off is something new to deal with...


                  jen - sorry DH was so insensitive... some men just don't get it... they don't understand how their comments aren't positive ones.


                    Jen - You guys seem to be getting a lot of rain there these days...your grass will be nice and green, at least! I'm glad J was good at dinner. We used a sleep sack with S until she was about a year old and then she did not want to be in it anymore. She usually kicks the blanket off once she goes to sleep anyway, so I just make sure her pajamas are warm enough. Subbing sounds like a good option for the work situation. Do you still get health insurance if you are part-time? Teaching SAT/ACT prep courses is another part-time teaching option...I actually did that for several years, so you could always message me with any questions if it's something you might be interested in.


                    Cx2 - The temperature is great for running this week! As for the sleep problems, it's so hard to figure out what the problem is. S was going through a terrible bout of sleeping a month ago and now she has been consistently STTN and napping 2 hours every afternoon for the past 3 weeks. I have no idea what changed. Hopefully C goes back to sleeping well soon.


                    Rg - Ugh, I HATE the whining, too. When S gets like that, I have to leave the room because otherwise I feel like I'm going to start yelling at her. Great job on your run yesterday. Enjoy your easier run today! A few women I was talking to yesterday were saying they've had a headache this week, too. I wonder if it has something to do with the weather.

                    5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                      RR:  SRD.  Ended up running outside yesterday.  DH called right as I was leaving work and heading for the TM and told me there was a break in the rain.  I am SO glad he did.  I started slow, but had to pee at the end and rocked out a 7:48 for my last mile! Smile


                      TR:  Add this kid to sleep issues.  Was up once in the night crying before midnight.  Was up again before 5 screaming bloody murder, and up for the day before 6.  Oh, the joys.


                      NRR:  Last day of iPads!  Yay!  I have book club tonight, but won't stay long.  I am exhausted and need some sleep.  I haven't finished the book either (The Causal Vacancy).  Its good, but I haven't put a lot of energy in to reading it.  I have no plans for my 1st hour and don't really feel like doing much the rest of the day.  Not a good feeling when the 1st group hasn't even arrived!


                      FR:  Dreamcicle for a snack last night!



                      zorbs - Hope you had a good, dry run.


                      ernie - I have a hard time not laughing when J does something naughty that is cute.  I also have no problem yelling at him when he is really irritating me.  Have fun with the messy play class. Those are so much fun.


                      jen - Glad J was good at dinner last night.  Did DH try to talk to you this morning at all?  I hope you get some credible information about the job situation today.


                      cx2 - Glad you had great weather for your run this morning.  Sorry about the sleep issues.  I declared today a coffee day for me which I don't normally do.  Those kids with their agendas...


                      rg - You wouldn't like J if you aren't in to whining!  Ha!  I hope your 8 today is as good as your run yesterday.


                      mrszm - Gone Girl was really good.  I have it on my Nook.  That was one that I made time to read!  I thought of you last night as I was running in to the wind.  I know that is your favorite! Smile

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                        rr: not sure. might rest another day or run if there is a break in the rain tonight.


                        br: random night crying=teething. totally getting his upper molars. poor guy.


                        tr: got their belts yesterday. dd2 is wearing hers with skinny jeans. dd1 is wearing hers over a dress bc "some people do that."


                        nrr: runninmer and i determined that nearly everyone i know either is pregnant or just had a baby.


                        fr: something quick tonight since dd1 has swimming lessons during nap time.


                        zorbs: it was thundering during naptime yesterday and I was fearing it was going to wake up all the kids. hope you got your miles in before the rain!


                        ernie: sounds like a messy class is right up s's alley! have fun! yup, the weather is going to rain on my running parade today.


                        jen: glad j was good at dinner last night. after I texted you last night, I realized you were totally out to dinner; sorry about that! we never did sleep sacks, but I tried to give c a blanket when we dropped the paci and he freaked out with it in his bed. now he still sleeps in fleece jammies. maybe we'll try the blanket again in summer when he'll be wearing less warm pj's. the blanket we have for him is super warm, fleecey, and heavy, so I would actually consider getting a different one for her. I think if I ever do go back to work some day I will sub. I did it for a year out of college and actually loved it. I loved how flexible it was. you can tell the district that you can only sub on certain days, so they won't be calling if they aren't. I know lots of school districts now have computerized subbing, so you just go online and pick the classes you want to sub for for the week.


                        cx2: you would go crazy in my house since it takes c at least 25 minutes to fall asleep at night. we have determined he is like dh and can't fall asleep right when he lays down. LOVE 45F weather; that's what it was for my run the other night with dh.


                        rg: I bet your easy pace is still WAY faster than my race pace! cute about the park.


                        mer: I had gone girl waiting for me at the library. they called to tell me it had been sitting there a week; I told them I would come and get it. I never did, because I thought, "who am I kidding?! I haven't read a book in months!"


                        Bad Ass Mother Runner



                          RR - 4x1 mile cruise intervals.  I'm going to aim for a 5:00/km (8:00/mi) pace... I think this might hurt...


                          TR - just before she was about to go outside with daddy and the dogs to play last night we found her in O's room spreading baby powder around the room... so she got to stay inside and help clean that up, and then she helped clean up the main floor so I could vacuum.  She was not happy.


                          BR - was up twice last night, I'm blaming myself for messing up her evening and bedtime though with our airport trip.  She's still sleeping now... hopefully she is up soon, as I need to nurse her before M's music class.


                          NRR - MIL is coming over this morning so she can give M her bday present (a balance bike) and she will watch O while I take M to music class, and then hopefully I'll have time to stop at the grocery store.


                          FR - I need to shop, badly!  We don't even have bread in the house, and I can't bake any because my oven burner is burnt out.

                          5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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                            ernie - Nope...no health insurance if part-time...well I could opt for it but I would have to pay the extra 50% and it would so not be worth it.  Do you have to be certified in certain areas to teach SAT/ACT prep courses?  I did it for 2 years as part of my previous teaching job so I am assuming no.  Who did you do it through...a school or a outside agency?


                            Mer - Yay for a run outside yesterday.  Nice job on a speedy final mile.  I am sorry that J had a rough night last night...maybe this bad weather is affecting all the kids too.  I hope you have fun at Book Club and can relax a bit.  You have been so busy this week you deserve some relaxation time.


                            mrszm - Too cute about your DDs and their belts...glad they love them.  How many more teeth does C need get in?  The doctor checked J's teeth and said he has them all but his 2 year molars and it didn't look like he was cutting them yet.  However, he is a drooly mess and always has his hands or something in his mouth to chew on.  I am in the same boat with the blanket...J has a really nice heavy fleece one but that will be too warm for the summer and all the handmade ones he has our a bit itchy and not soft.  I don't even know what kind to buy him?  Do I buy a special "kid" blanket (do they even make those) or do I just buy a regular twin blanket?  Baby blankets are too small.  I hate subbing.  I would do it though because it is fairly easy money.  All our schools here use the same automated system and I had to take a class through the sub company (yes you have to take a class to be a sub) so I should be good to be a sub for next year.  I guess it would also help me to get a foot in the door with some districts.

                            CA - Uh oh...sorry M was naughty last night.  Maybe she'll think twice about that next time and remember how unhappy she was with having to clean up.  Glad your MIL is back and willing to help you out with the girls. I am sure it is nice to have that support.  Have fun at music class and I hope you can get to the grocery store.


                              RR:  Didn't end up doing my 6 yesterday because I didn't feel like it.  I had great intentions of running this am but then once again, didn't feel like it.  I think the weather is getting to me and I am sick of the TM.  Today is super cold but hoping to get out with the dog after school today.

                              TR:  Left for the mountains today with Grandma.  He was such a cutie this morning!


                              NRR:  Big exam tomorrow.  We have class all day today which means not much time for studying but I am so ready for this to be  over!


                              Sorry my personals will be brief today (I am in class):

                              RG:  Sorry about the HA.  Do you get migraines?


                              zorbs:  Sorry to hear the FR was a flop.

                              ernie:  What will you be doing that involves getting gooey?? Smile  H would love that.


                              jen:  Sorry to hear about the job troubles.  AS for the sleep sack, H was in one till about 15 months.  Now he uses a blanket.  During the winter he wears fleece pjs and I have a space heater in his room.


                              Mer:  great pace!


                              cx2:  Hoping you don't fall asleep in your meeting!


                              CA:  Good luck with your run!

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              Honorary Old

                                zorbs- before I forget. I have used orange marmalade to make orange chicken in the past and it turns out well- the sauce is more glazey than a starch thickened sauce.


                                RR; 4 miles with the stroller, totally slogged it and R was a whiner. My hamstrings and glutes are still on fire from Tuesday. Trying to decide if I should do my ST today (SRD), or if I should do it Sunday after I'm done with all my weekend running and have a SRD the next day. Leaning towards Sunday with the plan that I can run 4-5 miles tomorrow, 6-7 on Saturday, and do an easy 3 + ST Sunday. Thoughts?


                                TR: Woke up at 5 and has an attitude problem today. Already many threats of timeouts if he doesn't straighten up. Daycare decided to close on Friday because she only had R and one other girl coming and her grandkids are in town. I had to call literally 8 people to find backup and was scraping the bottom of the barrel (as far as convenience goes) by the time my friend with the twin girls that are 4 days younger than R agreed to help me out.  I would have taken the day off but DH is on nights, and this house is too tiny and hard floors to keep R quiet enough for daddy to sleep- plus there's some GD "bike rodeo" at the school and my boss is going to go help with that.


                                FR: Leftovers again. R was resisting bedtime, so it was 8:30 before I got him settled in for good. I WILL get the korean beef marinading at lunch today! I'm using flank steak so hopefully it will turn out good if I can slice it thinly enough.


                                NRR: Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend? One of my best friend's baby shower is on Sat- I won't know a lot of people so I will be the photojournalist. I'm getting pretty comfortable with shooting in manual mode now and am reading up on how to fully utilize my editing software.

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