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Final Friday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)

    I checked my "facts." This IS the last Friday of January 2013.


    Who cares... as long as it is A Friday, right? (sorry to the non-traditional work week people)


    Marjorie-got it last night and checking to make sure I give right address. one friend of mine who's there had gotten married so I'm not sure if work email is in her maiden or married name. will send today.


    Damaris-assuming dh is a doctor too??? I went off BCP for a month or so last summer adn the hot flashes / bloating / spotting was awful. Espeially the hot flashes. Yuck. went back on.


    Probably COULD run outside since it's up to a whopping 16 with 9 as real feel but wimping and going to gym again.




    Mighty Mouse

      Wednesday I did 40 minutes running on the track. When I got home I did 50 minutes of cardio DVD. It was a good workout and felt great.

      MyMomRuns, I don't know if this is relevant, but whenever my GYN would lower my dose of HRT before my body was ready, I would get moodiness, depression and hot flashes quickly. I'm still on HRT and love it.Big grin



      Run to live; live to run

        Morning Judy!


        Damaris if you continue multiple periods may have to do the ablation like I did.  Even with a high dose bcp my body didn't care and would have very extended periods for 3 or more weeks with heavy heavy flow.


        Lisa thanks.  Send any tips or key thing he may want to include too


        Rollar coaster temps.  It is 28 out right now.  Afraid to see the feels like.  Yesterday it was low 50s when I ran.  Day before 30s.  Bouncing around like this sucks for knowing what to wear each day.



          The quilt work shop speakers are very good. I'd never seen Libby Lehman-like her subtle humor.  Tessa, you'd like her. There's no actual sewing though. I'm skipping the concert tonight and will run on TM here.


          Carol, good for you for weighing on vacation.  Hope it's great! Sounds like a nice place. On the weight,  I'm just impatient. I picked mid March because  realistically, I knew it would take a while.  I'm not usually a big eater so the only thing I can really do is cut the junk.  You're right, if I weren't watching, I'd be doing my winter gain.

          Mommymac, I wouldn't call my house  a storybook cottage-it was a little fixer upper. I like it, but my bro said, "It's not too bad."  : )  We're out of power a lot though,  because the development is a "reserve" and we have to have permission to cut trees. I asked a repairman why we were out so often-he said they didn't get enough right of way when it was developed. Personally, I'd give up some trees.

          MMR, most people wouldn't put running and wimping in same sentence. : ) At least you're doing it!

          Marjorie, I'd bet your dad is looking to remarry, too.  My father-in-law was very lonely when M-i-L died and remarried in a year.The bliss lasted about that long, they got along for about another year...then the bliss was over. She was pretty nice... it was just too soon.

          Where's Laura?


          The ice hasn't materialized here yet. Lots of schools closed on forecast, but warning in place till 1.

          Hi to everyone else! Gotta get ready.

            6 for me.  Kept it at steady 5.5 for something different (vs the changing I do otherwise with incline and speed).  Sort of nice to just zone out but also boring.  Running outside tomorrow. thank goodness.



            Tar Heel Mom

            "When I'm 63!"

              6.74 slow miles this morning. A little icy precip started during my run but it wasn't too bad, I was just afraid of slipping so I slowed down a little.


              Camille -- good question, where is Laura? I did reserve a hotel room for April, unfortunately it's 4.5 miles away so I will have to leave early to get into the parking lot at Dean Smith Center. I know it will be a madhouse. Going to register for the race today.


              Lisa and Marjorie -- I agree you have to back off from family issues sometimes. It's hard when you love someone so much, though.


              Have a great day, everyone, don't let the weather get you down!

              Anonymous Guest

                Morning all,

                Yesterday turned into a crazy day. I asked the vet about this bump on Jake's lower eyelid, and he said it is a tumor, pretty fast-growing (since it wasn't noticeable the last time I had him in), and the answer is, of course, surgery. Most likely benign, and even if not, removing it usually removes any cancer as well, so probably nothing else will need to be done. So when they put him under to remove the stitches, they went ahead and did the surgery. Another $1200, another two weeks in the e-collar, sigh. They called last night and said he was doing well, so I'm picking him up this afternoon. Poor little guy.


                The whole time I was at the vet (taking vacation hours), I was getting emails from my boss. Driving me nuts. And I still had the migraine in the background. So I got home from the vet, went downstairs and did my tempo run (1.5 mile w/u, 6 miles at 8:13, 1.5 mile c/d) on the TM, away from the phone and the computer, before going in to work to deal with all of his made-up crises.


                In the meantime, we got a counter to our counter on the boat. We are only $4k apart. DH is contemplating another counter. Their counter should cover the rest of our loan and the commission to the broker, so I told him to just take it. Today he is going to call and find out for sure what our loan payout would be, but seriously, we didn't even know if we'd get an offer in this economy, and he was assuming any offer we got wouldn't cover our remaining loan, so I just want it to be done!


                In early this morning so I can get out of here a little early to get a couple errands done and the dog picked up before the snow starts. 6 easy miles on today's schedule, will most likely be on the TM again. I am actually hating the TM a little bit less. It definitely has been serving a purpose for speedwork and cold, snowy days.


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                Anonymous Guest

                  So Ginny, from the other day, I'm not sure the way I go about food is the right way, but it works for me. I try to keep my carbs around 55%, with fat and protein each between 20-25%. I've been trying to up my protein, but it's not easy. I generally eat every few hours during the day when I'm at work (probably because I'm just sitting there and I get bored and then I get hungry), less so on the weekends. Also, since I'm not a morning person, I don't eat breakfast before I leave for work, but on the weekends I'll have oatmeal or a bowl of cereal. A typical day for me:


                  Breakfast/morning snacks:

                  Fiber One bar

                  Granola bar

                  Protein bar

                  (I buy boxes of each in bulk at Sam's Club. This is why I say I don't know if I'm "doing it right" though). Generally I'll eat one of these as soon as I get in, then another an hour later, then another an hour or so after that.



                  Leftovers from the night before, a bowl of cereal, or once/twice a week I go to lunch with friends. There I try to look online at where we're going beforehand and pick out a lower fat/calorie item.


                  Afternoon snack:

                  Apple, banana, container of melon or pineapple, greek yogurt (Chobani black cherry is my favorite). Usually one of these is enough to hold me over until the end of work.



                  I make a lot of stuff from skinnytaste.com, Cooking Light, skinnymom.com, places like that. A lot of stuff in the crockpot.


                  After dinner:

                  Ice cream (low fat) or frozen yogurt if I have the calories left. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich if I don't have many calories left.


                  If you want to see exactly how it works out, set up an account on myfitnesspal.com and friend me there. I think my user name is karenfaber or by my email address which is kfaber at asphaltroads dot com. I don't really do the "friend" thing there, but if you are friends with someone on there, you can see exactly what foods they log and how the carbs/fat/protein/sodium/etc. works out.

                  Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                  Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston

                    Happy Friday!!!


                    I think I have finally fixed my inventory problem at work (needed guidance on how to remove sold excess items).  Oh happy dance!!!  Took a month to get the answers I needed.  Relief!!


                    Slept in this morning.  After work is swim fit class and think I will hit spin class too.  Good training.  If I survive!  hahaha


                    Judy, sorry to hear about your co-worker.


                    I was SO mad yesterday.  DS2 just happened to come home for something (school is about 40 minute drive).  Got a letter from the school that they had DISENROLLED him due to non payment!  WTH???  Apparently when he changed his schedule, we owed another $234 in tuition.  So they cut him loose for non payment.  I was ticked.  Apparently the students just get a global email to check their bursar's account and he did not understand that they might have meant him.  So if all fees are not paid in full on the FIRST day of class they cancel your schedule and you are no longer enrolled.  $200 re-instatement fee, $50 late fee.  I called the bursar's office, tried not to yell and curse, paid the $234 + $50 late fee.  Was able to talk them out of the $200 re-instatement fee.  So now he is back on the rolls.  ARGH!!!!!  They are not very user friendly.  Ole Miss (DD went there) would send ME the bills, and you could work out a payment plan over several months.  U of South Alabama is pretty cutthroat about it.  No leeway.  Nada.  Don't even ask.  Boom.  Done.  Don't care.  Outta there.    Thanks for letting me rant.  Much better today.

                    Tar Heel Mom

                    "When I'm 63!"

                      Sue, doesn't your son's school have an option that he can select to have all correspondence regarding billing, etc., sent to you AND to him? UNC does this, so I see everything. They are required by law (because our kids are over 18) to exclude you unless you are specifically allowed by your kids. It doesn't seem right and I certainly don't remember that from when I was in school.


                      Run to live; live to run

                        I did run 10 miles this morning in the cold.  Looks cloudy out my office window so maybe we will get some rain.  Who knows.


                        Amy ice, um no thanks!  I'm distancing myself a lot right now.  Didn't even call him yesterday.


                        Camille yes he really seems set on getting re married.  He even told me he didn't want to see one women that contacted him because she was ugly.  WTH?  I did tell him pictures don't tell the whole story and he should at least meet her.  Even if it is a no go he won't know until they actually meet.  I guess he thinks since he fell in love with the scammer over a picture he now can judge a picture on line.  Sigh.


                        Sue just wow!  It is one thing if the student is paying all the bills themselves but how often is that happening or that the parent isn't paying a good chunk of it?


                        Karen poor Jake!




                          Susan, Wow! I would be furious too. We got advised last semester that DD had been told a figure that was $330 too low, they had not disenrolled her but had charged us a $50/month late fee for 3 months. I was ticked. Paid it but muttered.


                          Disenrolling -- this doesn't mean he'll have problems with getting back into or credit for the classes, does it? I know when I took those accounting classes at the community college the best way to sign up for oversubscribed classes was to stalk the registration openings on Friday midnight because if the registered student hadn't paid the bill by Friday night then the student would lose the spot in the class. Spot was then up for grabs. This won't be an issue?


                          Lisa, can you read on the TM? If you have it at the same speed/incline that can be mighty boring otherwise. Sorry about the hormonal yucks. I've been dealing with hot flashes on and off for a couple of years now. No fun. And when they go away, that means these poor tired old ovaries are struggling to produce one more cycle.


                          Judy, 90 minutes, good work! Any further word on your coworker?


                          Marjorie, I hear you on not knowing what to wear. It's got so there are seeral shirts in the bathroom depending on the temperature outside and if it's raining or not.


                          Your dad...! I know it's said that men are more visual than women, but not wanting to meet her because he thinks she's ugly...unless she looks like the back end of a bus, it's worth coffee, surely? And you might remind him that all cats are gray in the dark. Most men in their 70s aren't exactly Adonises either.


                          Camille, Libby Lehman -- she's not related to the QNM founder, is she?


                          And I agree, trees are very nice but not when you lose power frequently because of them. Do you have a backup generator?


                          Amy, icy precipitation, ugh.


                          Yes, where are Laura, and Julie, and Julia, and Linda, and Cindy, and others?


                          Karen, poor Jake, and poor bank account. The vet will miss you when you move!


                          Aargh on your boss. What part of "vacation time, not answering email" does he not understand?


                          4 miles this morning, about to head to the gym for more. It got crazy all of a sudden the last few days here at work.


                          And I printed off Karnel's leaf and will carry it with me on Sunday. Two years ago in the same race I carried a Flat Stanley for one of Karnel's students. I didn't expect to be carrying a memorial for her this year.


                          Run to live; live to run

                            LOL Tessa That is exactly what Dh said!  He was all "well has your dad looked in the mirror lately???"  But it is what it is.  I may talk to him today.  Haven't decided.  DH is still ticked and hasn't called and I'm still with a spinning head on all that has happened in a a week (and a little over a month!!!)  And I told dad he should at least meet the women.  She may be much different in person and shoot, even if not someone to date, they may become really good friends etc.    Julie is on retreat still and no phone or outside worldly things like computers. Julia has been on FB an I think some things going on with her inlaws still.  CIndy has popped in a few times.  I think just busy with the boys as is Linda.


                              Happy Friday, ladies.  Hardly any running or posting at all this week because I've been down with a bad cold bug.  Fortunately not the flu, but bad enough make me feel blah and to prevent quality sleep or running.  Still had to come in to work to deal with stuff, of course, which is what I'm doing now, waiting for final sign-off on a brief before I can file it and leave.  Since I caught the darn bug here, it's only fair that they get to deal with my grumpiness and coughing, right?  I'll check back in over the weekend when (hopefully) the bug has run its course.  Have a great weekend!

                              Bad Ass

                                Hi, girls!  What a day.  Depositions, expo packet pickup, lots of work.  I'm glad it's Friday!


                                I did 5 recovery miles just now.  My legs are sore, ugh.


                                I took a picture of Karnel's leaf and I will be carrying my phone with the leaf on Sunday during my marathon.  I am also writing her name on my bib and running it for her.


                                Lisa, yes, DH is a doctor.  I have been off BCP for 3-4 years now and the periods stopped happening in multiples but now they are back.  And if they can help with this bloating and other crap, better.  Nice 6.


                                judyruns, nice workouts.  Glad they went well.


                                Marjorie, but that would mean stop running!  Noooooo!


                                camille, glad you're enjoying the quilt show!


                                THM, nice run.  Glad you didn't slip.


                                Anonymous, hope the cat is OK.  I remember taking one of mine for something minor and it cost me like $1000.  And I also hate when people at the office called me while on vacation for nothing urgent!


                                Crazysue, yay for less inventory!  Hope you enjoyed spinning class.  UGH at DS2's situation!


                                Arimathea, nice 4.


                                Gatsby, hoping you feel better soon!



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!