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beskirted & manicured

    ER - SRD.


    TR - likes to lie on the swing on his stomach and yell, "FLYING!"


    FR - fish chowder.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- enjoy the SRD today! cute about B flying on the swing. R is content to swing for at least 30 minutes nonstop when we're at the park.


      RR: 11 miles today, medium LR for the week. might be a tempo run or I might do the tempo miles in tomorrow's run. i'll see how i feel when i get out there this morning.


      TR: 20 months old yesterday! took our usual afternoon trip to the park and he had fun "talking" with a little girl who was 2 months older than him. there's a cement tunnel that connects the swing side of the park w/ the slide/jungle gym and he crawled back and forth thru that about a million times.


      NRR: might be a shopping day- i think we're supposed to get rain/ t-storms later on. Not too much else going on...

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR - 20 mins on the elliptical


        BR - was up almost an hour and a half past her bedtime yesterday (see NRR) and of course, woke up at her usual time this morning.  Was really social last night, but I kept telling DH keeping her up later didn't mean she was going to sleep in, which is what he was hoping for.


        NRR - dinner was almost a disaster last night.  We changed the venue to an italian restaurant, but everyone was late.  My other SIL came with her 3 kids and 2 nieces... this is the SIL I get along with, but the crazy sister hates her.  Everyone wanted pizza but the restaurant didn't serve their usual take out pizza in the dining room (very weird) and crazy sister and her DH didn't want to pay extra money for their specialty pizza or anything else on the menu.  So they wanted to leave.... by now, C was melting down b/c she hadn't eaten, and my other SIL's 19 month old was melting down b/c it was past his bedtime.  I felt bad for her, b/c she had driven 30 minutes to meet us and she didn't have time to go to another restaurant and order food.  In the end she left and was ticked that the crazy sister was being so choosy.  Everyone came back to our place for take out pizza and salad and had a good time.  Crazy sister barely said 2 words to me which I'm fine with.


        Sorry for the long sort of rant...


        zorbs - have a good SRD!


        rg - happy 20 months to R!  What are you shopping for?

        running eh

          RR - still lacking motivation (see NRR)  might try to get a few easy miles in when the babysitter comes


          NRR - I have been slacking on taking my iron - thinking that might have something to do with the lack of motivation/energy.  slept 8 hours last night and still felt exhausted when I woke up.  dizziness is back too.


          NRR2 - working nights tonight


          FR - leftovers for the family, salad for me.  gotta clean out the fridge before our big trip


          KR - DD2 has been slightly constipated - will be taking prunes with us on our trip.  She wa super constipated last year while we were gone. it was terrible.  I think the long drive, combined with the change in setting will just make it worse for her.


          Zorbs - love that DS is flying.  Do you have a swing in your yard?


          rg - Happy 20mos to DS!  Have a great run today.


          cx2 - your SIL is CRAZY!!  Nothing like adults having a fit about food - so sad.


            RR:  Hope to do 5 this afternoon.  It was raining yesterday and I refuse to go on the TM.


            TR:  Has his 2 year well check today.  Excited to get his stats.


            NRR:  Presentations went well yesterday.  Glad they are over.


            FR:  Nothing fun.

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            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              zorbs - Enjoy the rest day.  LOL to B on the swing...were you at the park yesterday?


              rg - Enjoy the 11 miles...is the weather ok?  Snowing here this morning..grrr.  Glad you and R got to the park again yesterday...sounds like you both love being outside.  How nice to have a low key day...enjoy it as you have been very busy lately!


              CTimes - J is the same way...no matter how late he stays up he always wakes up at the same time...I wish babies understood sleeping inSmile  What a freakin' dinner disaster....that would definitely make me not ever want to go again with those people.  Next time leave crazy sister at home and out of plans and it sounds like it would be just fine.  I feel bad for your DH as he is sort of in the middle of all of it.


              eh - Take that iron so you can get some energy back.  Sorry about DD2 being constipated...hopefully the prunes will help.  Traveling does that to J as well.


              mer - Glad your presentations went well yesterday...I was thinking of you last night after I read your wine comment.  Hope J's appt goes well...any shots today?  Hoping your weather holds out...I need to find my pants so I don't have to go on the TM!


              RR - Hoping for 5 today but it is supposed to be in the 30s and windy and I am not sure I have pants with me so I might have to hit the TM...I am not excited about that.


              TR - Took him to get his haircut last night...he cried hard in the beginning which is the first time he has done that.  He was ok while she was using the scissors but once the razor came out he was squirming so much she accidently nicked behind his ear...oh well...maybe he won't move so much next time.  He looks dang cute though.  We went to Panera and he ate really well and was pretty good and then came home and ate some more.  He has been eating like crazy which is good...he needs to gain a bit of weight...he is so tiny.  He had a 18-24 month shirt on from the Gap and it was so big I had change his shirt...he's still only 21 lbs.


                RR:  Ran 4m yesterday with the stroller when I got home.  Today is 8 with 3x 1mi at 5k pace which seems like an awfully tough workout for a week and a half before race day....  Might have to be a late night TM run.

                TR:  Woke up extra early this morning.  He is happily talking in his crib right now.


                NRR:  Surgery yesterday was actually a lot of fun.  I got to scrub into and assist with 4 surgeries - 1 knee replacement and 3 hip replacements.  I mostly held tools to keep the knee/hip open and suctioned, and also did a little suturing and stapling.  Those are really cool surgeries.  There was a fellow assisting as well and she was this tiny little lady who actually ran Boston in 3:14.  It was crazy to see her with a bone saw sawing people's bones in half.  We chatted a lot about marathons and running.  She asked what my PR was and when I told her she asked who I trained with.  I laughed and said "my stroller".


                For those of you who asked yesterday, PAs do work in in just about every field, including surgery.  However, they do not operate alone.  They usually serve the role of first assist which means assisting the surgeon throughout the surgery, as well as prepping the patient and closing them up.  Before yesterday I thought I never wanted to do surgery because it is the least autonomous job you can have as a PA, but yesterday was a lot of fun.  I do need to start lifting weights though because I had to lift some really heavy legs Smile

                DHR:  Got a card in the mail from him yesterday for mother's day.  He must have sent it before he left.  So sweet...I miss him!

                bbl for personals.  Little man is up.

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  rr: 3m.


                  br: have had to wake him up after 3.5 hours from nap the last 2 days.


                  tr: dd1 is obsessed with the homemade sweaty band. rp is making them each pink soccer ones.


                  nrr: busy days after today so we are going to lay low today.


                  fr: spaghetti.


                    mer - Sorry about my confusion yesterday.  I couldn't remember because I knew it had been said on fb somewhere, but couldn't remember who said it!  So exciting you are finding out soon.  Do you like running in the rain?  I am not a big rain fan.

                    zorbs - Haha, that is so cute.  And sounds like fun!

                    RG - Happy 20 months!  I wish we could get DS and H together to play because they both love being outside so much.  How long are your LRs for taper?  Mine seemed somewhat long this time around...17, 16, 12.


                    cx2 - Yikes about dinner. So glad you were able to come up with a solution to avoid massive meltdowns, including SIL Smile

                    eh - Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great.  Anemia could definitely be the cause.  Any chance you could b pgr?  That's how I knew...I was tired and dizzy.

                    jen - Good luck getting the run in today.  I am sick of this crappy weather.  Maybe J is going through a growth spurt with all this eating and will start packing on the lbs.  H has grown a ton in just the last month...he was tiny too but now I think he is around 25lbs and has grown out of all of his 18 mo clothes.  It seemed like it happened overnight!

                    spike - I am in search of a good plan too so I will let you know when I find one.

                    Ernie - Thanks for sending that plan to me.  I plan on looking at it today!  I could always add some miles if it didn't seem like enough.

                    bermy - Did you find a plan yet?  I am not as enthusiastic about speed work as you though...haha.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      good morning!


                      RR - was going to run a whopping 2 miles today but it's thundering and really dark outside so I think I'll just skip it.  Am also supposed to play tennis tonight but not sure it'll happen with the rain.  DH and I were playing tennis last night and I felt a little pain in the tendon behind my ankle and I can still feel it today so I have a feeling rest days will be a good thing.


                      RR2 - got my email saying I have guaranteed entry for the 2013 NYC marathon!  Just waiting for application to open at noon, I'm excited!


                      BR - Nana and I took him shopping yesterday and he was such a trooper.  We went to a million stores and he was so good, so he got rewarded with cheetos that he picked out himself at the grocery store.  Smile


                      KR - DD3 was running out to the bus and came back and said her stomach hurt really bad so now she's in bed sleeping.  Sometimes she gets constipated, I hope it's just that and not that she's getting sick.  She's the only one that didn't get the stomach bug that was going around our house last week though.


                      FR - stuffed peppers if I get to the store today, otherwise the usual Wednesday rotisserie chicken & salads


                      NRR - took a break from house cleaning and did some shopping yesterday for my upcoming Vegas trip.  Found a couple cute dresses for pretty cheap plus everything in the store was an additional 20% off - I was pretty happy about that!


                      zorbs - I used to lay on my stomach on the swing and pretend I was flying with superman.  I loved me some superman...


                      rg - have a great run!  11 miles is long for mid-week!  I love watching L interact with kids his age, so cute!


                      cx2 - ugh, sorry about the mess at dinner!  I'm glad it turned out to be a fun night though.


                      eh - I hope the iron helps your motivation and energy!  I have never had a problem with iron that I know of, although the other day DH's steak he made tasted SO GOOD and I usually don't get into steak, so sometimes I think I need the iron/red meat.  Hope DD is OK on your trip, constipated kids are not fun!


                      mer - hope you get a good run in today, I take rest days on rainy days rather than run on the TM.


                      jen - aww, poor guy getting nicked although I have a hard time feeling sorry for my kids when they get hurt if they are doing something they shouldn't be doing in the first place.  I need to get L's hair cut sometime, when it's humid it sticks out and gets all curly, it's kind of funny looking.


                      strollermama - glad yesterday went well!  Nice to chat about running too.  Not sure I'd have the stomach to do what you do but I'm glad you are enjoying it!


                        RR - 8k tonight with RP and stroller. Bootcamp this morning.


                        TR - We were playing in the front yard yesterday and she walked all the way over to a house five doors down where the two boys (ages 9 and 6) were driving around in one of those motorized toy cars. She walked right up to the car and tried to climb in. The older boy asked her if he could take her for a ride and I said sure, so he lifted her in, buckled her seat belt and drove around the street with her. It was so sweet.


                        FR - Spaghetti and salad.


                        NRR - It's supposed to pour rain all day here, so it would be a good day to go shopping, but DH is getting a brake job done on his car, so he needs to take mine to work.




                        rg - How many tempo miles do you have planned? S loves tunnels at playgrounds, too. Hope you have a good time shopping...it's too bad the indoor playground at your mall isn't very nice.


                        zorbs - Very cute about "FLYING!". Did he try out the slide again? Is your fish chowder homemade?


                        cx2 - That is absolutely ridiculous about dinner. But gives you more good reasons to avoid making plans with nutty SIL!


                        Eh - You asked about jeans yesterday - my favourite light blue pair was from Guess. I probably paid about $100 for them and they lasted 10 years, so a very good investment. I will usually pay more for jeans in staple colours (blue, black) and then cheap out on trendier colourful jeans. I hope you can get your iron levels regulated and get your energy back in time for your vacation!


                        Mer - I hope you are able to have a good run tonight. And that tonight is tantrum-free!


                        Jen - Nooo, not more snow! Hopefully it is not sticking? Little boys look so cute after new haircuts. Glad he is eating well these days!


                        Stroller - Good luck on your speed workout! Seems to match up with what Zorbs was saying yesterday about intensity during taper. Assisting surgery sounds very cool. Ha ha, I love your answer to who you train with.


                        Mrszm - Wow, C is a nap machine! Send some of those sleep vibes this way, please. S has been sleeping terribly this week. You will have to post a picture of your girls in their homemade sweaty bands - it will be so cute!

                        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                          ugh, I cannot figure out how to post a picture on here. anyone know how? or i'll post the sweaty band pic on fb.


                            RR: feel like a fraud posting on here this week. I should call this TR for taper report. SRD. I am trying my hardest not to fill the running time with other physical activities. I have 2 more days of taper. I can do this. Oh and I read the article in RW about Goucher and Flanagan and their sets of workouts. Those chicks rock.


                            RR2: one of my bfing/baby wearing groups asked who was running the marathon (they are not famous for their aggressive exercise). One said she was, she was pumping before start line, then running a 2:45. I was like "holy how fast? and nursing a 5mo?" But then she said the half. Which is still amazing 5mo pp in my book. I am still amazed at the milk-logistics. I just didn't race then when I think about it.


                            NRR: Hockey was a blast. It was the best night out we have had for a long time. I loved it. I really loved it. I love hockey.


                            NRR2: we're having a day out in Franklin today - farmer's market, browsing cute little shops, playing at Pinkerton park which is a huge awesome playground.


                            NNR3: I waited for 20mins at the hairdressers last night and then went to speak to the receptionist to ask what was going on. They forgot to check me in, then when they did they hadn't reserved the apt. I am not normally feisty, but I got up and left. I will not be going there again.


                            BR: Was awesome at hockey even in a corporate booth. DH and I were impressed with him.


                            FR: leftover chili and rice. Apparently my boys ate it by the bowl full yesterday and there's leftovers.

                            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            Honorary Old

                              RR: 5.25 with stroller yest- weather was gorgeous. 4 + ST circuit today.


                              TR: Feeling better, back to his ornery self. Starting to be scared by certain scenes in movies he's seen a gazillion times- like the shark scene in Finding Nemo, and the scary black leopard in Animals United. Clings onto me like a baby koala and fusses.


                              FR: Last night was pulled pork, thinking tortilla soup tonight.


                              NRR: Allergist appt and back to work. Yesterday was kind of nice having off. Didn't get a nap, but got a bunch of housework done. I think I'm going to go to a vintage flea market thing this weekend- 2 hr drive each way, but some girlfriends might come along. Rescheduled my hair appt for Monday, I need it badly!

                              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                                zorbs: love flying!!!!!!!!!!!! I went around in circles on a swing when I was little, twisting the chain up, which was fun, until my earring got caught and ripped down my lobe. bloody mess and I lost my favorite ruby earring.


                                rg: I don't know how you do 11m mid week runs. I don't think I could ever find time for that, but I supposed your 11m would take you a lot less time than my 11m. too cute about the conversation with r and his little friend.


                                cx2: glad your dinner wasn't a disaster, but what a hassle. now you know skip the restaurant altogether and order in! plus then dd can go to bed in her own bed at a reasonable hour!


                                eh: good luck on nights. are you typically busy all night?


                                mer: good luck at j's appointment! yup, I am now refusing to go on the tm. hoping it warms up a bit throughout the day since it is freezing out right now.


                                jen: yup, my c could still eat your j for breakfast. he's got a good 5 pounds on him. c cries the entire time he gets his haircut; he seriously hates it. I hope it is just his age and he grows out of it. that's what the dr said, that between 15-20 months is the worse with stranger anxiety, different situations.


                                stroller: I still am picturing you in grey's anatomy Smile the only experience I have with a PA is when we were on vacation and dh had an allergic reaction to a bug bite and I had to take him to the er. the PA gave him a shot of Benadryl in the a$$. Smile


                                arm: how cool about the NYC marathon! glad L was such a good boy shopping yesterday.


                                ernie: love that the little boys drove her around in a car. our street is filled with those cars (we have 2), so at some point there is always someone getting a ride from someone else. haven't put c in one yet, but I bet he would love it.


                                bermy: I've only ever been to one hockey game and that was with runninmer! glad ds was a good boy for you guys. hopefully he landed a few deals for your dh.