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Who needs sleep? Wednesday - Preggos (Read 24 times)

Laura G in Idaho

    Not me, apparently.



    Laura G in Idaho

      Congrats to monk!  I'm sure I'm not alone in being eager to read your birth story.


      ER:  Didn't feel up to my planned workouts yesterday, so I didn't do it.


      RR:  Planning 2 miles today.


      PGR:  30w5d.   I woke up at 3 AM today, laid in bed until 5 AM, hoping to fall back to sleep.  I finally realized that the reason I couldn't fall asleep again is because I was HUNGRY!  So, I looked at my food log for yesterday.  My total carb was at 123 g, and my total protein was at 78 g for the day.  Total calories, about 500 under.  No wonder I couldn't sleep.  No wonder I didn't feel like exercising yesterday.  I barely ate enough to sustain myself, let alone a pregnancy and exercise!  So, I'm headed to the kitchen now.  I'll be back later for personals.


      NPGR:  Unfortunately, my husband got a call from work at this early hour, and now my 21 month old is awake, too.  Yay!  It's going to be a fun day.

      MA runner girl

        GOOD LUCK TO MONK! Sounds like she's REALLY close!


        Laura - I find it harder to eat enough now because I'm so uncomfortable and I get so full so fast. I'm having a hard time figuring out if I'm hungry or if my belly is just burning! I hope you have a good hearty breakfast! Boo to being up so early.


        RR: Ended up taking yesterday off due to everything in NRR, will try for 3 tonight.


        PGR: 35w,3d. Feeling large and in charge. Still sleeping well though, once I'm actually asleep. I'm having a harder time turning my brain off, which is usually not a problem for me. So I really want to try a natural birth. I'm getting really sick of people not being supportive and saying things like "Oh, you will DEFINITELY get the epidural the first time you feel pain". Um gee thanks for the encouragement. As if I'm not scared enough! Of course there are people who are supporting me in it (DH, my mom, friends), but everyone at work basically laughed at me yesterday when I said that. Sigh. I need to not be so sensitive I suppose.


        NRR: Yesterday was the strangest day ever... It felt like it was 3 days smushed into one. My work shower was really nice, then I found out my best friend's dad had a heart attack. He had a stent put it that thankfully seems to be working so he won't need surgery. The rest of the workday was super stressful trying to get a project finished. It was due by EOD and I finally sent it 12 min before I left. Phew. After work I ran a bunch of errands, during which I found out that I am not even being considered for a job at my FIL's company (long story). Then I went to my parents house and chatted with my dad for a bit, which was nice. Realized that I had a groupon expriring today and DH is busy tonight so I went home and we went out to dinner, another mexican restaurant! It was good, though I got SO full SO fast. A common theme these days... I was in bed by 8:30 last night, but I didn't actually go to sleep until well after 10. We woke up this morning and our cat had passed away overnight. Sad I'm so sad for DH. It was his childhood cat, he got her when he was 6 and he's 27 now, so that's a long time! He is really upset, rightfully so. Anyways, I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster! Of course pregnancy hormones are not helping. I can't beleive it's only Wed!


        Have a great day ladies.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Yay for Monk!!

          Laura-I woke up hungry this AM, too. Hope you got some sustenance!

          MA - So sorry about the cat and your friend's dad! What a day. On the natural birth thing, we are also planning a natural birth and I've gotten some comments like the ones you mention, which is why I mostly don't mention it to people who I am not sure will be supportive. We used a good book in my class called "Natural Hospital Birth" http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Hospital-Birth-Best-Worlds/dp/1558327185 which you may want to check out. One thing that I got from it and the class that I think is really useful is how fear can have physiological effects that make you experience more pain. So if you can deal with the fear in advance (and block out the silly comments from people), it might really help. Of course, this is my first time, too, so I only know what I've read/heard!


          ER - Had boot camp this AM but the instructor spent the whole class on form stuff, which I know is important, but I was really annoyed because the first half was a lot of stuff lying on your stomach, which I couldn't do obviously, and then the rest was really slow. Didn't break a sweat. I still go the 3 miles of walking there and back, but if I had known it was going to be a waste of time to go, I wouldn't have woken up at 4:40AM. Ugh.

          PGR - 34w4d. Combined with the disappointment of the workout, I think my hormones were raging this AM. I got mad at dh and then promptly burst into tears because he was clipping his toenails (I had the sound) in the bathroom and I had to pee. Yes, I am crazy. BFing intro class at lunchtime today.

          NPGR - Is it the weekend yet? I just had a long weekend, but I'm ready again.

          Laura G in Idaho

            MA:  My goodness, what a day (and a night) you had!  So sorry about the cat.  I'm a kitty lover, too, and it's always hard when one dies.


            About the natural birth, please let me encourage you!  You CAN do it.  Birth is not unlike running, in that it takes mental toughness to get through it.  My best piece of advice is to learn to physically relax every muscle in your body (so that the blood flow can go where it is needed, to the uterus, and so that the uterus doesn't have to work against any rigidity in your body... that causes more pain), but also work towards mental and emotional relaxation.  Your emotional relaxation has to do with how safe you feel and your relationships with those attending the birth (including doctors, nurses, husband, and anyone else).  Your mental relaxation has to do with thinking about relaxing things... not about bills, getting a parking ticket, etc.  Instead, you want to use some mental imagery (the ocean, a stream, a garden, etc.) to help your mind relax.  Some women find it helpful to imagine a flower opening, or a doughnut hole enlarging with each contraction.  When I'm in labor, I try to WELCOME the power of the contractions, and visualize my cervix opening with every effort my uterus is making.  At a certain point in labor, you will likely feel that you cannot go on.  This is actually a good sign!  It means you are getting very close, and you are likely almost done!


            Even after all my babies, I still have this emotional signpost every time, without fail.  I voice it, and I recognize it for what it is:  an emotional signpost that I have reached transition.  Last birth, I said, "Okay, I don't want to do this anymore.  I'm done."  That was it.  I knew it meant I was close.  How close, I did not know until after the fact.  I had three or four more contractions, and then I was pushing!  To me, pushing is a good feeling, and it is such a relief.  Some women don't feel that way about pushing, but it is often the easiest part of the whole labor.


            The mental toughness comes in where you think you cannot go on, and when you feel yourself stretching from stem to stern as the baby's head crowns, feeling like you might split in half.  It's the most powerful, earthy, wonderful, miraculous physical feeling I've ever experienced.  When you have fear, know that women have done what you are doing for thousands of years, and that you can do it, too.  Think of all your sisters throughout the world who might also be giving birth at that moment.  Think of it as GIVING birth, not being delivered of your child.  YOU are doing it.  You are powerful, strong, and you can do anything!  If you can run 40 to 50 miles a week (non-pregnant), and run all through your pregnancy, you can give birth.  I know you can do it.

            Laura G in Idaho

              Cross posted with Liz.


              Liz:  Sorry about the disappointment at bootcamp.  I'm always annoyed if anyone is between me and the bathroom.  It's normal, lol!  I hope my encouragement to MA on natural birth will help you, too.  You, and everyone here, are powerful and strong.  You can do anything you set your mind to doing.  You are right about avoiding negative influences.  It helps to avoid feeding yourself on fears.  So, if you are one that watches birth shows on TV, you may want to stop doing that.  Most are filled with a lot of drama, unusual situations, lots of interventions, etc.


              I had a very hearty breakfast - 2 c whole raw milk from my cow, 2 T ovaltine, 2 T protein powder, 1 clementine, 2 slices french toast, 1 T butter, 2 t maple syrup.  I feel much better now.  Too bad it's too late to go back to sleep.  Maybe if I get all the animal chores done and machines going, I can take a nap?


              I changed my mind on the 2 mi run today.  My shin splints are hurting too much.  I think I'll go for the missed bike ride and sculpting DVD I was supposed to do yesterday.


                Eagerly awaiting monk's birth story - sounds like things are going smoothly.


                Laura G - Eat, woman! I hope your early morning doesn't lead to a dragging day!  Thanks for sharing the natural birth info (although meant for Monk) - I like the knowledge of others who have actually done it.


                MA -  So sorry to hear about your cat.  Why do people feel the need to weigh in on pregnancy and childbirth to others?  Our small group leader for our childbirth classes said much the same as Laura G - once you get to the point where you think you just can't possibly go on, that's usually transition, which is the shortest part of labor, and means pushing is (relatively) soon, which she also said is a relief from the contractions.  Obviously I have no experience, but my prenatal yoga instructor also said it's really important to try and keep your jaw, neck, and mouth/face relaxed during labor, as there is some correlation between tension there and tension in the cervix area, which slows dilation.


                Liz - That's too bad about the let-down of boot camp. Thanks for sharing the hormone-induced moods - I was all cranky on Sunday and being quite childish about it, so I'm glad I'm not the only one with mood swings...


                PGR: 27w1d. Moms of Multiples meeting last night was good, I'm going to join the group - there is a wide range of ages for twins, so I think it will be a good resource, and they have a bunch of books that members can borrow and use.  Plus, they will deliver meals for new moms, which would be a wonderful bonus.  I told DH that I spoke to two moms who had their babies at 28 weeks - he was all panicky, like, isn't that where you are now? Poor guy.


                ER: yoga tonight.  I can tell my back is acting up a bit, so I'm looking forward to working some of the kinks out.  I have to decide if I'm going to sign up for the next 6 sessions as well - I think I'm going to be optimistic and do so.


                NPGR: Getting excited for our trip, but there is a winter storm watch for tomorrow, snow isn't supposed to start until late afternoon, so we're hoping we can get out of town before it gets too bad - then it will essentially follow us, but should be completely past by the time we drive home on Sunday.


                  Morning all.


                  ER - Nothing yesterday, after all that. Need to do something today, though DS has a stuffy nose and so I kept putting him up by my chest to keep him elevated and now my left arm is sore in places from him lying on it.


                  PGR - One of the waitresses at one of the restaurants we use for our seminars finally called me out on being pregnant yesterday. So now it's obvious. Wink


                  PGR 2 - I enjoyed reading people's commentary on how helpful their husbands would be. I know your level of interaction is different when you have an epidural, but I would say about a half hour after they broke my water to get labor started, I was in no mood to text, check facebook, look at a tv, nothing. Or have my husband do any of those things. I was given a clear foods tray (that I didn't want, I wanted to eat real food) and my husband was snacking on that during the intake process, but after that half hour, I wanted him no further than 2 feet away from me at all times. And he was really helpful, though there were points, since we were basically by ourselves, that we had to trial and error different positions and see what worked best. 
                  I highly recommend Penny Simkin's The Birth Partner. Many husbands (and partners) have found it very useful. If you can, I'd skim through it in these last few weeks.


                  NPGR - Going to buy my mom the same kind of computer as this weekend, just hope this one actually works.


                  Laura - So sorry about the insomnia. Good luck with an active toddler. I know I've had those days.


                  MA - Tune those people out, seriously. Print out Laura's affirmation and bring it to the hospital with you. You still go out and run all those distances/races even if you had naysayers who said you can't do that, pregnant or no. My other two tips are to not tense against the pain (though it's going to be your first response, just have your husband remind you to loosen up/relax), and *don't lie on the bed*. I want to throw things at A Baby Story on TV showing these moms just lying there when they could be using the birth ball, walking around, getting in the shower, slow dancing with their husband, etc. And lastly, read as many birth stories that mirror how you visualize yours going as possible. It will add to your arsenal of knowledge that you can do it too.

                  Liz - I sympathize with the hormones. I was totally grumpy yesterday too. Sorry boot camp was kind of meh. I know you're coming up on the end of sessions, but I hope the next few are worth it.


                    Laura: I had a rough time sleeping last night too. Maybe one of your oldest can hold down the fort while you nap? Sounds like you could use it.


                    MA: Sorry about the discouraging remarks. People don't understand the need for support and sympathy when you're pregnant. It's like everyone wants to comment and give advice when what you really need is for people to be encouraging about the choices you make. Go for the natural labor! It might be hard, but you can totally do it. Breathing exercises help me fall asleep at night and they also help you practice for that natural birth. and +1 to Liz's comments!


                    Liz: Oh! So sorry about the hormonal and dissatisfying morning! Hope the rest of your day gets better.


                    TN: You mom group sounds like fun! And having the meals would be a super huge blessing I'm sure. Your yoga classes sound wonderful. I enjoy my video but if I could afford a pregnancy yoga class I would do it. Also, my work schedule is so wonky that I'd never know if I could actually attend class. So the video is probably better for me.


                    Schmett: Sounds like what I expect my labor to be like. "Honey get over here!" Ha! Also, the midwives at the birth center I'm using have strongly suggested that we bring real food to the birth, as they say it's best to do whatever your body wants, and unless you are throwing up you should be eating real food. "The Birth Partner" is such a great book. It has helped my husband become more calm about the process.


                    ER: Well, I've been slacking horribly! Only walked twice last week. Ugh. (Ok my weeks are weird. I think of them as being Wednesday to Tuesday b/c that is how the work week schedule comes out...) 4 miles planned for today. If I put Starbucks at the halfway point it is so much more motivating. Big grin


                    PGR: 36w6d. Had an appointment yesterday. We had to squish the baby a bit to get 35 cm out of my uterus. DH was like, "That sounds like cheating." But apparently the midwife is still not concerned. I asked if and what I should be doing differently and she said not to worry, that I should just focus on eating protein and veggies and that all would be well. The baby moves pretty constantly and it's heart beat is as it should be. I'm up 24 lbs total, which I'm very happy about. But this baby still needs to grow, so I may be closer than I'd like to 30 lbs by the end...


                    PGR2: Oh, so I think TN asked about LOA last weeks sometime. I'm posting a link to a photo that I think is helpful. At least it is useful is seeing how the positions are related to the abbreviation. O stands for occiput which refers to the back of the baby's head. A refers to anterior and P to posterior. I think T is for transverse. The L and R are for left and right. My doula says the optimum position (other than OA) is LOA because babies turn more easily from the left to being fully OA (back of the baby's skull against your pubic bone) which is the best position for birth.




                    NPGR: Getting stuff ready for DH to leave for Notre Dame tomorrow. I have a bunch of shirts to iron for him and also should make sure he has cash. He also got in the top of the waitlist for Washington U in St. Louis, so we are really praying and waiting to see if he gets in there. It would be a great school for him and it would be awesome because we would be only 4 hours from my family, which would make the whole baby thing easier.

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Well, animal chores are all done, and machines are all going.  Kids are all up and fighting with each other.  Guess that means I'm the referee!  Wonderful!


                      TN:  Sounds like the moms of multiples group is a well-rounded mix.  It's helpful to have moms with different age children in the group.  Hope the yoga goes well, and that you can do the next session.


                      schmett:  How fun that you are really showing!  Smile  You've given some good birthing advice and I second your book recommendation.  It's a good resource for anyone attending a birth, and for the mom.  Another good book for moms is Ina May Gaskin's book Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.  That book really does a great job of helping a mom to get a "feel" for how birth is.


                      monk:  Just saw the news on FB.  Congratulations!  Well done!

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        Cross-posted with Sasha.


                        Sasha:  Hope your run goes well for you today.  Ha ha, Starbucks, lol!  I'm glad to see that your midwife isn't too concerned over you being a couple centimeters behind in your growth.  Anything within a centimeter or two is considered normal, because due dates are just estimations.  If you aren't 100% sure on your dates, then that could easily explain the discrepancy.  Thirty pounds is right in the middle of the normal range for weight gain, so you'll be right on target if you gain that much.  I'm certainly looking at more than a 30 lb gain myself, so be thankful for that low a gain!  Smile


                          Oh yes! I second the congrats to Monk! Sounds like a great birth and a healthy baby!


                          Laura: My mom had this thing she always did that seemed to allow her to nap fairly well, even though there were a lot of us (7). She always laid down for a nap after lunch with the baby and if she heard anyone during the time that she was resting, or if we woke the baby, then none of us would get our afternoon candy. It worked well because we would totally referee each other. It didn't matter who made the sound, because everyone would get punished. Seemed to be a good system b/c I only remember a couple times where we were denied our afternoon sweets.

                          MA runner girl

                            Liz - Thank you for the advice, first time mom or not! Smile I may have to check that book out! It totally makes sense to me why fear would make things worse, because your whole body tenses up! I have been practicing breathing and letting my whole body relax. Hopefully that helps. Sorry your workout was a waste of time. I can't beleive you are still going to boot camp! Amazing. I hear ya on the raging hormones, I'm a mess!


                            Laura - I am going to save your post so that I can keep referring to it over the next few weeks. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that! I know that I can do it. I know that I have a lot mental and physical strength thanks to running, as well as natural born stubbornness so I am determined to do things my way!!! Smile I also look at it similarly, in that generations and generations of women gave birth without meds, surely I can too!


                            TN - I don't understand why others feel the need to weigh in on pregnancy/birth so much. It's like the one topic that is not taboo to talk about... that absolutely should be!!! It's such a personal/private thing. I just don't get it. Sounds like you found a great support group! They deliver meals to new moms? Awesome! Oh man, my DH would surely have the same reaction! Poor guy.


                            Schmetterling - Thanks for your advice! I definitely have been working on relaxing my body, especially through all the uncomfortableness I've been having. I enjoyed learning all those positions and will DEFINITELY be using them. I do NOT like to sit still when I'm uncomfortable so I can't imagine that I would ever just lay there. Fun that you are showing enough for people to call you out on it! I remember that feeling... now people just look at me with that "Oh wow you are huge" look. And I'm so over it. hahaha


                            Sasha - Good idea, I'm going to practice the breathing exercises at night. My birth class instructor suggested that, but I forgot. Focusing on that will probably help distract me from my thoughts. Wow, 24 pounds sounds perfect! I unfortunately was already over 30 2 weeks ago, sigh. I'm finally at peace with it though, I'm not out of control with my eating, so I guess my body just wanted a few more pounds! Fingers crossed that your DH gets into Washington U!!!! LOL just read your comment to Laura - I love that!!! Good for your mom!


                            I'm glad I got back for personals. Work is busy, but I did a personal while I was running something Wink Have a great day ladies! Thank you all for the support.

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                              So not a good day today. Right after I finished eating breakfast, DS had a massive poopsplosion and smeared poop all over the carpet. Awesome. So that was a bath/cleanup combo. Then he hasn't napped yet, even though he's telling me how tired he is, and he's just throwing himself all over me which is so pleasant. I swear, this girl is going to be like can I please have a moment to sleep in peace? Gahhh! I know I feel that way right now.


                              TN - Great you've found an IRL support group! My moms group is similar, they set up a meal train for moms who choose to participate and it's really nice to have that sense of real life community. Same thing with hand me downs and such. Hope the storm doesn't mess up your trip plans too badly.


                              Sasha - We had real food packed until I got the news about the induction, and then I unpacked it all thinking they wouldn't let us eat it. If I could go back in time, I still would've kept it, cause I sure needed it for my 3 hour pushing phase. I think it wouldn't have taken 3 hours if I wasn't super hungry and tired as a result. Good to know about the quiet time rule at your house growing up.


                                PG: LO pushing up high slightly uncomfortable today. Hospital tour tomorrow night.


                                ER: Bodypump class tonight. I’m hoping I feel up for a lil cardio afterwards since I won’t be able to work out Thurs/Friday. Well I could if wanted to hit the gym before work but I already know sleep will win that battle.


                                NPGR: Ughhh. I didn’t want to eat out all this week but I have two bdays to celebrate and of course we’re going out to eat. My mom’s BF Friday night and FIL Sunday for lunch.


                                MA: So sorry about DH’s cat. When I had lunch with my GFs on Monday they all had different experiences: epidural, C-section, and one had a C-section w/ twins but was able to have a natural birth with her last baby (who was very supportive). She gave me the mentality if she can do it so can I. The other two weren’t really negative but did think I'm crazy for saying I wanted to try. I think I’m just going to answer with, I’m going to try for a natural birth but I’m not opposed to pain medication and hope everyone keeps their negativity to themselves.


                                Laura: Thank you for your encouraging words! Can you come to CA to be my duala 


                                Liz: I have an instructor that talks about form and nutrition or the first 10-15mins of class. The class is tough so we still get a great workout but its so annoying.


                                TN: Have a fun and safe trip.


                                Schm: Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll have to check it out. I know DH is feeling lost.


                                Sash: Talking about squishing the baby. I swear I could feel his head (ok maybe it was his butt) I could cup my hand around it. So I had DH come feel and he gently touches my bump and then I push his hand down and said feel. He jumped back and said to stop making him squeeze the baby’s head. I know he was joking but he was being such a drama queen.


                                Sorry if I missed anyone. I’ll try to be back later.