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Who needs sleep? Wednesday - Preggos (Read 24 times)


    Mann: Haha! My DH gets kinda freaked out about touching the baby too. If he could see the way the midwives at the center squeeze and prod then maybe he would be less weirded out by it. I definitely second Schmett's book suggestion. Great job on the workouts! I will be thrilled when DH starts his PhD b/c that usually means a very reduced gym membership for me, which I love. I would love to use a gym where I didn't have to pay extra for classes. Crossing my fingers for that at wherever he ends up next...


    Got a 4.5 mile walk in. It was gorgeous out! I warmed up enough by the halfway point that I did end up getting a Starbucks iced coffee for the rest of the walk. Smile Terrible habit but it's so tempting! I also got to talk to my mom on the phone for the first half of the walk. So I was probably a little slower than I would have been. But it was so nice to have a long chat.

    Laura G in Idaho

      Sasha:  Good idea that your mom had for napping.  Great job on your walk.  I'm sure it felt good to be out in nice weather.  I did get a 1 hr nap, so I'm feeling refreshed enough that I think I can make it through my day now.


      MA:  Glad you found my post helpful.  With going med-free on the birth and choosing to breastfeed, it is easy to get discouraged by naysayers.  I remember, in particular, having a male nurse act like I was being sort of silly for persisting in my desire to breastfeed, even though we got off to a very slow start.  He acted like I was being sort of childish (and I was only 19 years old, so I didn't know how big of a stink to make about it), when it would be so easy just to give the baby a bottle and give up on the breastfeeding.  This was only a day after the birth, and we were still in the hospital.  My baby and I didn't know what we were doing, but we figured it out after we got home, after a lot of tears and frustration for both of us.  The reason I'm telling you this, is to let you know that your desires for a med-free birth, and breastfeeding are NOT silly, and you'll be glad you stuck to it, no matter what obstacles you have to overcome.  I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it.


      schmett:  I feel for you on the poop explosion mess.  So sorry.  I've been there many times through my 17+ years of diapering.  My little guy doesn't want to nap today, either, and he's doing the same stuff... walking around crying and getting upset by the littlest things.  I know he'll be much happier once he gives in to his need for sleep.  Poor fella.


      Mann:  Yes, just pay my airfare and a hotel while I wait for your big day, lol!  I'm sure there are lots of really good doulas in CA.  That was very sweet of you to say.

      Runner in MI

        Ugh. So sleepy. I need to find a way to post earlier in the day. Wink


        ER: Did my basic NTC workout today. It was good to sweat it out for an hour and get the blood pumping. I usually try to do a run on Wednesdays rather than an indoor workout, but we had sleet yesterday followed by snow and I just wasn't confident that there was enough clear sidewalk for a run. Plus it's darn cold out.


        NPGR: DH's birthday was today, and I made SIX QUARTS of homemade ice cream for him. Six different flavors. He was super happy with it, as he's been asking me to make ice cream for quite some time now. If anyone's interested, I used recipes from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. I highly recommend it. Usually, my ice cream turns into a brick after it's been in the freezer overnight, but these turned out great. Bonus: tomorrow Whole Foods is having a sale on the same ice cream (Jeni's). Sale price for what I made: $108. Could you believe that?


        Sleep calls. One day I'll get to personals.