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First Weekend in January (Over 40) (Read 229 times)


    Happy Sunday to everyone!


    I went to Columbus, home of Ft Benning, to do the Red Nose Half yesterday and the race was outstanding!  It was put on by the running club and the running store there. It was free, so I expected a low key event, but it was chip timed, had about 1000 registered (508 finished) and had lots of volunteers, organized water stops and even had gu several times.. Nice course and after a couple miles on streets (many turns), it was on their river trail. Nice, though about mi 7, there was a sign that it was alligator habitat. Smile  I finished in 2:14 and felt good the whole time. That's only 6 min faster than the Santa Hustle last month, but it felt 5 min per mile faster. : )  Was 37 at the start, but warmed a little. I was 1/9 in AG and got a $10 card to the store. Sweet!  The first male ran 1:09.  I like out 'n back courses so I can see them.


    I'll read again for personals.


      Welcome, Demaris!

      Lisa-Marie, how was the yoga?  I should ck Target jackets-I've never found one with a nice hood. Glad it worked.

      Lisa mmr, nice pic.  Shadow sounds great!  You're right, the sun is on the way back and it'll be warm before we know it!  Shadow sounds really nice!

      Julie, I also love my coffee time.  I'd be afraid to skate with the tail bone.  Be careful, but have fun!

      Marjorie, glad you have your bro on side. Sounds like it may be a challenge.

      Carolyn, neat that you can do H-M!  It's sure tempting.

      Laura, good for you for running outside at 14!  Enjoy your dau's inside sport.  : )

      Linda, interesting to read that you feel more beat up after a trail run, esp after reading about your intervals!  I run trails a lot in summer (my favorite runs) and find them easier on me, maybe because I run  them slower (read-walk a lot : )). BTW, I'm impressed with your workouts! Glad you enjoyed the movie. We read Life of Pi in book group-half loved it and half  thought it was weird. I was in latter group and just skimmed the last part, rare for me for a book group pick. I love the different tastes people have.

      Karen, hope it was a great 50k! You are remarkable!

      Carol, hope you kept hubby moving in your cleaning/clearing.  : ).  I'm planning to do some of that in next week.

      Cindy, glad you had a good run!

      Sue, I didn't realize Miss. Blues was hilly.  The swag sounds great! It's one I want to do. Terrible about the accident.

      Ginny, I definitely want to see Les Mis.  I'll have to ck on the other movies, too. I never watch movies at home and would prob enjoy them.

      AnnieS, good luck with swim class.

      Tessa, sounds like a nice run!  Are you planning some PCT hiking for the summer?

      Have a great Sunday!


        Morning Ladies,


        Tessa - I am registered for Full.


        Damarias -Welcome!!!  Always nice to have some new faces!


        LisaMMR - Good job on your 15 miles!


        Ginny - I don't mind driving, and would love the company!  We can figure out where to meet when it gets closer.


        Trying to get my mojo to get out the door for 10.....dark/snowy this am.....will be light by the time we run tho....


        How's the weight loss challenger's doing???  I have been pretty well behaved this week.....doing My Fitness Pal every day, and it has cut down on my mindless snacking Smile



          Linda-would make sense to feel more beat up after a trail run when not used to it.  If technical with lots of little ups/downs, rocks and roots you're using many muscles that aren't used in a run normally.  good for strengthening ankles too.


          Tessa-nice explorations!


          LisaMarie-I do have 2 fleece vests that I picked up at thrift stores. I like them or looser fitting fleece jackets.  Of course I'm talking days like yesterday when it's sub freezing. The flannel lined tech tops are amazingly warm but you can overheat in them.  I tend to prefer layers so that I can push sleeves up if need be.


          Putting away decorations, may get some run in... hopefully.




            5:32 on TM this morning...wanted 6, but I couldn't take anymore.  Planned on running outside, but it was so dark and windy and still would have to dodge icy spots, so I opted for the TM.  Now I am sitting here thinking about baking brownies...not a good thing


            Carol...sounds good, the trip will be much more pleasant with company.


            Camille.... the half sounds great and great time, glad you felt good the whole way, I have yet to feel that way.


            Guess that is all for now....everyone have a good Sunday (why do the weekends go so fast?)


            To who asked where I work that I have to work on Saturday....the library.





            6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

            LC Runs

              Happy Sunday!


              10 outdoor miles.  We had snow then sleet this morning, so I didn't drive down to meet Carol's group.  My Yak Trax worked great on the roads, though I did drive into town to run to avoid the mile from my house that I run to get to town which is the main road.


              Carol - hope the run went well.  I am trying to at least run the same distance as the group so I am with you in spirit lol


              Lisa - enjoy your day!


              Ginny - I know, the treadmill can be so boring, it is good for mental toughness ha ha!  Nice 5+


                Ginny, TM miles should be like hills.  We should get bonus miles. Smile  I think we're both doing better this winter than last at keeping at it.

                Linda, Lisa is prob right about trails since you prob really tackle the trails, unlike me. I see them as an opportunity to smell the flowers, look at the birds, etc.  Prob shouldn't call them runs.  : )

                Gotta get off the computer and go to church.


                  Hey, is anyone flying into/driving through Dayton to get to H-M?




                    cCarolyn I am not sure if we go through Dayton but maybe we could work something out Dayton is about 3 hours south of me I made the brownies very tasty



                    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                    Bad Ass

                      Morning, girls.  I woke up with migraine and nausea, but I am still hoping for 9 with 4 @ HMP tonight.


                      From last night:

                      Ginny, I have not seen Les Miserables because my husband does not want to see it but I'm hoping for a girls night out soon to watch it.


                      Marjorie, I feel the same way.  I like hills but I don't have many to run in, except down at Key Biscayne.  Maybe we can squeeze a run when you come down here.


                      MyMomRuns, sounds like a great 15 miler.


                      Lisa-Marie, I don't run in cold weather but I remember running in Scandinavia in May and it was very cold and windy.  What worked for me instead of a jacket was to wear arm warmers under the long sleeve.  Maybe that way you won't get that warm on the arms (you can always lower them down when you're too warm).  Glad you had fun at the museum.


                      Linda, sorry your kids lost the game.  I'm sure the ice cream helped.


                      annieSusan, enjoy the swimming classes.  One day I'll have to actually do that.


                      Arimathea, sounds like a great run and yes, January is way better than June for running, even down here in Hell.


                      Thanks for the welcomes!


                      From today:

                      camille, sounds like a great race.  Great job.


                      Bikerchick, hope the mojo was found and that you ran your 10.


                      MyMom, hope you get your run in.  Hope putting down the decorations is not too sad.


                      Ginny, 5 ish is better than zero, so great job!


                      LC Runs, nice 10.


                      mommymac, morning!


                      Off to have lunch with a friend.  Have a nice day!



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                        Tessa:  Isn’t Paso very hard.  I don’t want to be too ambitious.  In October is shouldn’t be hot, though.  I am scared of the hill in Santa


                        Barbara.  I can’t imagine hauling myself up that hill after 20+ miles.  Santa Clarita sounds promising.  Fall is a long time away, so I am going to keep it on my radar and aim to stay healthy.


                        Carol:  Running Warehouse has the 2011 Gravity on clearance for $99.  I love those.  They fit a little tighter than the 2012 version.  I bought a pair to alternate with & another to put in my closet.


                        AnnieSusan:  Are there any Tri’s in your future?


                        Camille:  That half sounds great—what a find!  Congratulations on a great showing.


                        Oh Damaris:  The drama over the older son’s loss was extreme.  The team has loss every game, and there is no way that they are going to win any.  He’s got to learn to deal with it.  I didn’t even give the kid any ice cream, because his behavior was too ridiculous.


                        I planned a long run, today, but it is raining.  I will do a short one in the rain, but there is no way I’m running 12 miles on the street (boring) without my mp3.  I’ve got to re-work my schedule.

                        2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

                        Over 45 PR's:

                        5K - 21:21

                        Half - 1:39:49

                        Full - 3:33.47



                        Run to live; live to run

                          I did 20.  Perfect weather and overcast so I loved the run.  Coming back 2 tenths from home cops go flying by lights and sirens.  One of the guys just around the corner from me fell.  I think he broke some ribs or something  An ambulance showed up right after I went by.


                          Laura good you have the yak trax  I'm sure they helped.


                          Linda boo to the rain


                          Damaris Hope so!  I should know hotels this week.  As always they are dragging getting me a list of where to go.


                          Ginny nice job sticking it out on the TM.  Brownies I'm sure were good.



                          Carol glad you did well this week on the wt loss challenge


                          Amydel we are all staying at the Hampton.


                          Lisa putting away decorations is the worst.  Great job on the run yesterday.


                          My brother was at dad's yesterday but said nothing.  Sigh



                          Camille sounds like a good race.  Did it stay in GA or did you cross over into AL too?



                          Run to live; live to run

                            Tessa yep I didn't need water today either.  I love this time of year when I can run 20 miles and not need extra water.  I drank some before I left and was totally fine.


                            Lisamarie I' extending my nothing day today as well.  Laundry is in but otherwise I plan on not doing much.


                            Cindy glad the shins held up!  About time they behaved.



                            Carol yep I did very little yesterday. I read a running book and did some Soduku puzzles.



                              Had a nice almost 10 miler this am....one of the ladies had to leave a little early, so we shortened up the run.. As LCruns said, we had snow/sleet....good thing she didn't try to drive down to run with us.  We did a different route and ran along the river on a country road in about an inch or so of snow....was pretty, but certainly used some different muscles Smile


                              LCruns - you ran longer than we did today - good job!


                              Camille - Great job on on your half yesterday!


                              Damaris - Hope the migrane/nausea went away....I used to have those...horrible things!


                              Marjorie - You make 20 sound so easy!!!


                              Linda - Thanks for the info on the Newton's, I will check em' out!


                              Now off to get a little more work done in the basement......DH has amazingly disappeared....Roll eyes



                              Disney freak

                                SDO for me after my "long run" yesterday.  (Only six miles, but my longest run so far)  I did do a 20 minute "yoga for runners" I found on YouTube.  It helped my sore, tight hamstrings immensely.  My quads are still sore, but I think they'll be fine tomorrow.  I'll definitely do it again next Sunday, and see if I can find something to add to stretch out my quadriceps.


                                Carol - 10 miles in the sleet/snow?  You go!

                                Marjorie - I got the laundry done!  Now to just get everyone to put them away!  I had such a nothing day I only have 2000 steps on my fitbit today!

                                Linda - did you get out in the rain?

                                Damaris - the arm warmers are a GREAT idea!  And some of them are so cute.  However, I have no idea where to get them.  Sporting goods store?  Like Academy or "Richard's"?  Or do I need to go to a running store?

                                Ginny - mmmmm brownies.  making me hungry.  DH is on his way to the grocery store.  Maybe I should have him get some.

                                LC - way to go on the 10 miles!  Especially with sleet and snow!

                                Carol - I use MFP and love it.  Been using it for 3 months and have lost 15 pounds.  I love their mobile app.  SO easy to use.

                                Camille - thanks for asking about the yoga.  It actually took two tries to find one I liked.  The first one was way too difficult - I couldn't even make it through the first two poses!

                                Lisa Marie

                                • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
                                • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
                                • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
                                • training for Big D half on 4/14