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    RR: 9-10 miles with at least 6 at MP. I may turn a couple into tempo-paced miles depending on how i'm feeling. I have a big gap in my schedule this morning, so I'm going to squeeze in as many miles as I can.


    TR: definitely didnt want to see me after his nap yesterday, he kept wandering around looking for DH. but all was well after i gave him a banana and cup of milk. He followed a couple of little boys around at the park yesterday, it was cute!


    NRR: working today, training clients in the early morning, then covering cardiac rehab until noon. Not much else going on. Probably won't make it back until later for personals. I'm stinking at getting back for them this week!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5-6 miles with fartlek, outside after work.


      TR - wandered into our room 2-3 times around 3 am.  The 3rd time he turned on the lamp on the night table right beside my head to show me a rubber band and asked, "whassat?" agh! DH and I both yelled simultaneously, "GET BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND SHUT THE DOOR!"


      FR - crockpot orange chicken (new recipe), brown rice.


      NRR - decided on the pedicure.



      rg - I had the worst combo on monday, a 90 min gap between clients and a SRD!  I was SOOOOO bored! if I had been more prepared I could have brought my bathing suit to sit in the hot tub, or even had a long shower.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


      running eh

        RR - not sure, was hoping for an early morning run, but something more important came up


        NRR - DS has swimming lessons today, then groceries.


        KR - DD1 was complaining of a sore stomach last night.  She is still sleeping, but hopefully it's nothing


        FR - jambalaya (it's what the kids wanted)


        rg - enjoy your run today.  I guess those gaps in your schedule are good for something!  Cute about DS looking for DH!!


        zorbs - enjoy the pedicure, let us know how the orange chicken works out




          RR - 30 mins on the elliptical..


          BR - ugh, woke up early again, this time 6am ish... I told DH i think we're keeping her up too late and we should try to put her to bed back at her usual time.. lately she's been staying up almost a half hour later than usual b/c DH likes to watch her play...


          NRR - I was so angry at my SIL yesterday, the one who posted the comments on FB... DH texted her yesterday saying she was taking things too far by emailing me and demanding an apology... that totally set her off and she started texting him saying I was the one with issues and being a drama queen blah blah blah... and she was putting words in my mouth.  I lost it when her last text said, LOL, she doesn't want to call me b/c she made a mistake and now she's embarrassed.  I was absolutely not embarrassed and I started yelling at DH that his sister was nuts and I didn't want her around C ... he told me to de-Friend her from FB.  So I did.  I had to take screenshots of her messages and FB status to save so when she twists my words around, I'll have proof...



          zorbs - good choice!  I would've picked pedicure too... my feet are gross but a pedicure makes them look at least somewhat normal..


          rg - hope you get in the miles when you have free time today!


          eh - hope you get a run in later... i find if i don't get a morning run in, i don't want to run later...


            rg - Have a great run...sounds like a pretty busy day.  Hope your work day goes fast and well.  Glad R warmed up to you after you fed him.  Sounds like a nice day at the park.


            zorbs - Good choice on the pedicureSmile  Sorry about B in your room and turning on the light...not exactly a great way to be woken up in the middle of the night.  I hope your recipe turns our great...if so, will you share it?


            eh - Sorry you didn't get your run in this morning...hopefully you can fit it in sometime today.  I hope DD1 feels better after a good night sleep.


            CTimes - Sorry C was up early again.  Hopefully she will get in a better routine.  Ugh to your SIL...what a crazy woman.  I hate people who go on public rants and get offended when someone says something different.  Glad you took the screenshots and defriended her.  My DH blocked all my brothers FB posts only because my brother posts so many political posts and DH and my brother have very different views.


            RR - Got 5 in outside in shorts!  Finally!  Hoping for 5 today but it may be on the TM if we get all this nasty rain they say.


            TR - Picked him up from school and he was fine.  Got home, did some stuff around the house and showered.  He was being good and playing.  Around 5:15 I sat him in his high chair to eat where he proceeded to have a meltdown and not eat one thing.  He kept rubbing his eyes like he was tired.  So after 15 min of solid screaming and crying I asked if he just wanted to go to bed...he said yah!  So I brought him upstairs and got his pjs on but didn't want to put him to bed yet as DH wasn't home.  So we went down stairs, he ate a couple little ravioli's and then cried and cried.  DH got home and we just put him to bed around 6.  He was sooooo tired and I have no idea why.  He STTN though so I guess he needed it.  He woke up this morning still rubbing his eyes!  Not sure what is going on with this kid.  I hope he isn't getting sick.


            NRR - Going to dinner tonight with a friend of DHs and his wife.  The friend is a former coworker who is retiring on Friday.  We can't go to his retirement party since DH will be out of town so we are taking him out tonight.  Not excited about a dinner out on a work night and I am sure J will be a diaster too.  Oh well.


            NRR#2 - I heard through a source that I probably WON'T have a job next yearSad  I wish the admin people would clue me in as I need to start making plans as to what to do.


              RR - Boot camp this morning, 8k with RP and stroller tonight.


              TR - Will not sit still at the library program. Luckily the librarian loves toddlers and is not at all fazed. All the other kids were sitting fairly nicely, listening to the story, and S was running around the perimeter of the room with a handful of duck magnets she found on a cabinet, shouting "Ga! Ga! Ga!"


              FR - Fettuccine with roasted red pepper sauce, broccoli


              QOTD: I am hopeless at pacing for 10k races, so I need help! My 5k race two weeks ago was on a very hilly course and my average pace was 6:45 per mile (4:12 per km). I have a 10k race on Sunday on a very fast course. Any advice on what pace to aim for?




              rg - It is so cute to watch them interact with other kids. I hope you get some good miles in during your break. I didn't start running until 2010, so now when I think back to long breaks I used to have in my schedule at school or work, I think of all the running I could have been doing if only I started sooner!


              zorbs - The wide awake child in the middle of the night drives me crazy! It's like, "dude, it is clearly pitch black out. GO BACK TO SLEEP!" Let us know how the crock pot orange chicken turns out. It sounds like it would be good.


              eh - Hopefully the fact that DD1 is sleeping away means her stomach is better. And I hope you get the chance to squeeze in a run later, even if it's just a short one.


              Cx2 - What time does C go to bed? Do you think she's waking up early because the sun is coming up earlier now? Wow, SIL sounds a little nutso. Has she always been this dramatic?


              Jen - Yay for running outside in shorts! I've been running in shorts this week, too, and I swear it makes me faster Smile Good luck at your dinner out! S was a bit of a disaster when we went out for dinner on Sunday, but luckily there was another table with a kid behaving far worse, so I didn't feel so bad. Sorry it's sounding like bad news about your job next year...and very rude of them to not let you know. Even if they aren't sure yet, could at least keep you up to date.

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                Morning.  Sorry about the lack of personals yesterday, I was super cranky.


                RR: 5 yesterday, in shorts, with my boys.  Unfortunately DH and I didn't talk a ton as I was being cranky with him too.  Hoping for 5 again today, but it will be on the TM.


                TR:  Was kind of cranky last night and would melt down at the drop of a hat.  Woke up crying this am but when DH got him up he was super clingy with me.


                NRR:  I think preggo brain is in full force.  Yesterday I forgot a whole bunch of running stuff including my shoes.  Today I forgot my lunch and water bottle.  Today's forgetfulness put me behind almost 10 minutes.  Whatever.  Yesterday's iPad distribution went much better.  Elementary teachers read directions and follow along.  Funny how the teachers behavior is similar to the kids.  2 more nights of iPads and we are done.


                FR:  DH made turkey burgers on the grill last night and made a curry sauce to go with it.  Right when he said curry, I thought of Bermy! Smile



                couple from yesterday:

                mrszackmorris - Nope.  Not pacifier free.  He only has it when he is sleeping though.  Neither of us are ready for those nights.  I wanted him to be done by the time he was 2, but I guess that will wait.


                spike - We decided to go 1:1 iPad in grades 5, 6, 7 and Chromebooks for grades 8-12.  All teaching staff in the district for grades K-7 get an iPad...the rest are just screwed!




                rg - I hope you have a good run.  Cute about the park.  I love that you spend so much time there!


                zorbs - Sounds like its time to find a lock that you can control from the outside for at night!  That would drive me nuts to be woken up.  I could see my DH flying off the handle too!


                eh! - I hope you are able to find time for a run today and that DD1 isn't getting sick.


                cx2 - Sorry about the crazy sister-in-law.  I find it fascinating that people are so willing to post things on FB that were/are considered taboo.  We never talked politics growing up and would never with strangers.  I hope C figures out her sleep.  I know all too well how it feels to have an early riser.  Not fun when mommy and daddy want to sleep or get things done!


                jen - Sorry about the job.  Maybe your source was incorrect!?  Sounds like J was one pooped little man last night.  At least he is STTN for you.  How is his cough doing?


                ernie - Sounds like S loves the library!  J never participates...he just stands there and watches everyone.  Enjoy your 8K with RP tonight!  Sorry, I suck at 10K's also.  I just run as to what feels good keeping in mind the distance.  If I tell myself that I am running 6 miles and I want to finish without tanking that usually helps.  Its all mental for me though.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  rr: srd. did 4.25m with dh last night. he wasn't into gossiping. not cool.


                  rr2: got my lulu shorts yesterday and they are amazing! gonna order another pair today.


                  br: only cried for a few minutes for the babysitters last night. small victory!


                  tr: girls are insisting we go shopping for belts today.


                  nrr: scheduled another stitch fix for next week. commented that i would like a non white or non colored pair of jeans. please please please send me the perfect pair of jeans!!


                  fr: spaghetti casserole tonight.


                    RR: Had a really great 7 mi with 5x400m on the TM yesterday.  Today is 6mi.  Wish it was warm and sunny today.  I will probably opt for another TM run because I am sick of this weather!  Dh even bought me a new pair of lulu shorts for my bday and I can't wait to try them out!

                    TR:  Going to the mountains with grandma and grandpa today.  I will join them Friday,  The thought of being away from his is killing me!  I am going to be so lonely.  Luckily I have Bella, my dog.


                    NRR:  As I mentioned on FB, the exam yesterday didn't go as well as I hoped.  But the more I think about it, I think I am probably just being hard on myself.  I think 3 of the 4 cases went well and the 4th one was at least passable.  As soon as I come out of those rooms, I start second guessing everything.


                    RG - Good luck with the run.  Sounds like a great workout as usual.  Did you decide on a MP or goal yet?


                    zorbs - Mmm, let me know how that recipe turns out.


                    eh - I am so sorry to hear your bad news.  I will be thinking about you and your family today.


                    cx2 - She does sound crazy!!  My SIL is completely off her rocker too.  We don't get along at all.


                    jen - Poor J.  Maybe he is just growing.  H has been growing like a weed lately!!  SO jealous of your outside run.


                    ernie - Enjoy bootcamp.  Do you have a 10k PR?  I run a 5k at about a 6:55 pace.  I haven't run a 10k in ages, but last cycle I did a 10k time trial on my own.  It was definitely not a race and was in the middle of a heavy training week and I did about 7:20 pace.  So on a fast race course, I would think you could easily do 7:05-7:10s.


                    mer - Sorry you had a bay day.  I feel like I have mommy brain every day!

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      mrszm - Which shorts did you get?

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        RR: 6m easy. I am definitely going to try to run easy. All my runs so far in taper have been around race pace and I need to chill out a bit.


                        NRR: AC repair people coming, playdate with baby wearing friend. Hoping to get groceries. Chores. Oh and sweep my floors, they are bugging me.


                        BR: climbed into a sand box at a park with 5 other boys who were way older than him and just got right on with digging and shovelling. It's his favourite thing by far. Last night I went to a bf-ing meeting (I wasn't leading, just supporting co-leader) and DH took DS to a park. He climbed up a whole climbing frame on his own. I think he went through a growth spurt as his thighs are noticeably longer today.


                        FR: something with scallops as I have them in the freezer.

                        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          ernie - yes, SIL has a big chip on her shoulder.. esp with a step sister that goes back years and years.. and the step sister and I get along really well, so that doesn't sit well with SIL.. DH gets along with all his siblings and step siblings, but even he admits his sister needs therapy or counselling... C used to be ready for bed at 7:30.. .and even if she wasn't, we'd put her in the crib and within 10-15 minutes she was out... now she's still playing at 8pm, and when we put her down,  right away starts crying and standing in her crib...

                          I've never run a 10k race... If I did, i think i'd just go all out and run as fast as i could LOL..


                          jen - aww poor J... could it be allergies that's causing him to rub his eyes so much?  I hope you get news on your job.. i hate being the last to know about work stuff..


                          mrsz - belt shopping?  that's pretty specific!  at least they're not insisting on toy shopping!


                          stroller - yep, i used to over think and second guess my exam answers too!  How long until you get the results?


                          mer - turkey burgers sound good!  I'm not a fan of curry... i know there's red and green curry, and one of them I'm ok with, but the other I can't stand..


                            rg: yup, I suck this week too at getting back for personals. I usually am able to read most of the posts, but not respond to every one. are you close to a park?


                            zorbs: ugh to the 3am invader. good call on the pedicure. I had one a few weeks ago with my sister. got a deep purple color put on. love it.


                            eh: have fun at swimming lessons! dd1's are always on Thursday night. ooh and that reminded me I have to sign her up for summer school today. may sign both girls up for swimming lessons as well during summer school.


                            cx2: dd2 has been waking up earlier than normal. I told her today that if she is going to wake up that early her bedtime will have to be earlier. she didn't like that very much, so hopefully she sleeps in tomorrow.


                            jen: have fun at dinner tonight! are they good company? well, either way I hope they tell you about your job soon. don't they know that most schools will start opening positions for next year pretty soon?! I have to take 6 credits before next year and I am not looking forward to it all.


                            ernie: no help on the 10k pacing. I've only ever ran 2 and both didn't go so well. had to laugh a little at s yelling "ga ga ga" at library time. Smile


                            mer: it was so nice out to run last night, but that wind pretty much sucked (at least here). I realized the other day that one of dh's coworkers lives in your town.


                            stroller: enjoy your time away from your little one as opposed to being sad about it. we were gone for 2 nights for a race in October and at first I was sad, but then realized how much fun I was having and how great it would be to get back to them. when you talk about your exam all I keep thinking about is when they were taking their boards on grey's anatomy. I bought the speed shorts in a print, but after reading some of the reviews last night it sounds like the solids are a different material and softer/stretchier, so i'm going to buy a solid pair today. also thinking about getting a run swiftly short sleeve shirt. but the most recent comments complain about how easily it gets pulls in it... Sad


                            bermy: we love scallops in this house but we haven't had them for awhile so maybe i'll add them to the menu for next week. and ewwww gross about your snake friend. I had a dream about a snake in a gymnasium last night. not cool and it was a dream; couldn't imagine it in real life.


                              ernie - LOL to S running around the library...that would be J exactly!  Have a great boot camp and run...sounds like a big workout day again.  No real advice on the 10K pacing...I suck at 10Ks too...I try to listen to my body as much as I can...that is how I got pretty good at pacing myself consistently.  I have only a couple races where I didn't average the same pace (within a few seconds) every mile.  I start out at a decent pace and then try to find a happy pace that i feel I can maintain.


                              Mer - Glad the iPad distribution went better with the elementary staff...not too surprising though.  Glad you had a nice run with the boys but boo to being cranky.  I hope you are feeling better today.  Ugh to preggo brain...I can totally relate.  Yesterday I forgot my water, today I forgot my breakfast...had to stop at the gas station and get a protein barSad


                              mrszm - Glad you got to run with DH but that sucks he didn't want to gossip.  I am glad the kids were good for the sitters and C only cried for a short time.  Hopefully the stitch fix will send you perfect jeans.  Can't wait to see what you get next.  Is spaghetti casserole easy?  As in, could I do it?


                              stroller - I hope you can get a lot done without H being there.  I am sure you will miss him but at least you know he is in good hands with grandma and grandpa.  Try to get as much done as you can.  Sorry your exam didn't go as good as you hoped.  Yay for a great 7 miler...I loved your FB post last night about it...I felt exactly the same way running yesterday...got a bit teary eyed thinking of everything but was so thankful that I could be out there running.


                              Bermy - Have a great easy 6 today!!  Enjoy it!  I love how you describe all your new friends...LOL.  I hope you are able to get your floors swept and the grocery shopping done.  You always have so much going on.  I hope the BFing meeting was good last night.  Glad DH and DS had fun at the park.  One of DH's coworkers kids (he's 2) loves to dig.  He will go out in their front yard every morning and dig and dig...so funny.


                                mrszm - Ha, that is funny.  These are equivalent to boards for us.  We take them at the end of 2nd year and then again as the end of 3rd year.  Then we have a licensing exam also.  I got the pace shorts because I have big thighs and was worried about the other ones being too tight.  DH bought them for me in a terrible color though so I returned them and ordered a new color online (the store only had pink).  Some of the reviews said they were see through so I am hoping they are ok.


                                cx2 - The result take a few weeks to get back to us.  Basically right before finals.

                                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40