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    ER - ST at the gym.


    TR - Saw Kinvara 2's in his size at Marshalls a week or 2 ago and went back to get them yesterday, but the biggest size they had left were 9's which juuuust fit him right now, so I had to get him Nikes with the big heel drop instead. Sad he didn't care, he loved them anyways.


    FR - chicken rice, stir fried baby pea shoots.


    NRR - finished shopping for Sam, RP and DH, now just need to buy stuff for B.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR: yesterday coach and I did hills. 55 mins of hills. We started at sea level and then headed up to the lighthouse, touched the lighthouse and then back down to sea level. Then another route up. Then another, and another. Wow. Talk about endurance in a different way. It was do-able but it was very difficult. Shelby - I told my coach I was making a spreadsheet and she said she writes all our workouts in a little notebook. Too cute.


      NRR: another playgroup xmas party today. I think the craft is making reindeer antlers. We shall see. Hopefully some more time at the playground too.


      BR: adorable and i love him with all my heart.


      FR: leftover Cincinnati chili - yesterday I made 8 portions in the crock pot and it was super yummy. DH and DS loved it.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        Morning Ladies- quick post for me, probably won't be able to get back for personals this weekend as we will be traveling. ----RR: stroller run with R this morning, planning on 5-6 miles. Long run tomorrow morning at my moms house, then i will rest on Sunday, as it has been three weeks! ----TR: went to the park yesterday, and he was running all over. It was a different one than we normally go to, and this one has more toddler-friendly stuff (smaller slides, ramps instead of stairs). He has a blast. ----NRR: leaving today at R's nap time for the parents/ inlaws for the weekend. ----Zorbs: aw I bet the Nikes are cute too! ----Bermy: wow, your hill workout sounds awesome. Hill repeats are my fave.

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          Zorbs - How cool about the shoes for B.  Glad you got lots of your shopping done.  I really want to get J one of those carpets with the tracks/roads on it too...maybe once he is a bit bigger...we are trying to figure out where we can create a play room for him.


          Bermy - Great job on the hills yesterday.  I am lazy and try to avoid hills...I should really do more though because I definitely struggle with them in races.  Have fun at the playgroup Christmas party and at the playground.  What is your weather like this time of year?


          rg - Have a great weekend at your moms!!  Will you also see them for Christmas?  Great job on the all the runs...you definitely deserve a rest day!


          RR - Did my 5 after work yesterday.  Either 4-5 or nothing today....I can't decide.  I sort of want to do my LR afterwork since the weather will be nice but don't think I can fit it in between work and picking up J.  Tomorrow is supposed to be snow/rain/cold.  ICK!


          TR - HE GOT BIT AGAIN!!!!  3 times.  I asked the director what the heck they are going to do about this kid.  Apparently the child will have a person following him/her all day for a week.  Then after next week the child is being moved to the next classroom.  Why is my kid always getting bit.  Apparently J was trying to get the teachers attention and the child was with the teacher and got mad that J was trying to get her attention on him so he/she bit J.


          NRR - Ready for the day to be over.  I have so much to do this weekend as we are leaving for your trip early next Saturday.  Which means I need to start packing.  DH is gone all next week so he won't be helping.  I also want to wrap some of J's gifts, put together some of the toys we got him, get my LR in, I have an eye appt, I want to take J to see santa, need to clean my disastrous house etc. etc. etc.  I am having anxiety just thinking about all of this.


          FR - Not sure...might make a chicken and veggie casserole or just wait until tomorrow.


            ---ZORBS: great job on your shopping. Almost there! ---BERMY AND RG: hill repeats are my fav too. Does that make us crazy? ---RG: that park sounds perfect!~~~ER: did 20 min TM walk last night. ~~~TR: has been coughing (which isn't shocking. She has reactive airway disease) and snotty. Last night fell asleep on DH (it was super cute but really odd) and coughed all night. I really hope this is just a cold. No fever, but I gave her Tylenol anyways. We skipped her bath since she was already sleeping. Now let's see if she will let me pull her hair back. ~~~PGR: PITY PARTY FOR 1: I don't feel good today. I just feel tired, achy, sore, uncomfortable and done! Maybe I am just tired. Between peeing every 5 min and C coughing all night. At least it is Friday. ~~~NRR: nephews birthday party tomorrow and Christmas with my aunt and uncle on Sunday. Not really a super busy weekend, but I would rather sit on the couch. I have Monday off, but I feel like I have all this stuff that I should do before the baby gets here...like make sure the dog is up to date at the vet and nail trim maybe another bad of dog food to be on the safe side. I feel like my house needs super cleaned and organized, especially under my sink. But what I really want to do is lay on the couch all day. PITY PARTY OVER (thanks for listening). And welcome all new comers.

              cmg - You are definitely allowed a pity party.  So sorry to hear about C up coughing last night.  I hope she feels better today.  Sweet about her falling asleep on DH.  I hope you are able to get some rest this weekend.  I feel like you in that I have a ton to get done but I just don't want to do anything...but I am not 37 weeks pg...I guess I can buck up and do some work.  SORRY!  Feel better!!  Maybe baby boy wants to come out and play soon!!


                JEN: thanks. He can't stay in there too many more weeks. Poor kid! I hope he doesn't get bit again. Maybe he tastes good?



                  RR:  5 after work today with an 8th grader.  She is a good runner, I just worry that it will feel more like a jog for me.  Oh well, she is super excited to run with me. 


                  TR:  Was cute decorating the tree last night.  We are lucky we didn't lose any ornaments because he would just randomly drop them and move on to the next thing.  I got a couple good pics of J putting the angel on the tree with DH.


                  NRR:  Wasn't feeling super hot yesterday so I slept in the recliner from 8-9 and then went to bed.  I didnt' fall asleep again until after 10 and woke up at random times throughout the night.  I have a lot to do today at work because of my procrastination!


                  FR:  Baked chicken with green bean casserole was really good last night.  Leftovers for lunch today!

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46





                    RR - usual rest day


                    BR - I messed up her nap yesterday afternoon... got home from the mall and she was dozing so I moved her from the car seat to the crib and that was a bad idea... she woke up crying and took me forever to get her re-settled... then she woke up early and was quite cranky the rest of the evening... oops...


                    NRR - not impressed w/ my workplace.  In May our parent company sold us to another company, (which made me nervous about my job still being there when I return) and our benefits are being changed in January.  I find out that the papers needed to be submitted yesterday.  Guess when I got the papers?  Yea, yesterday!    Emails had been sent out weeks ago but I'm on maternity leave... I don't make a habit of checking my work email account!   So myself and the other moms in the company on mat leave were frantically trying to get the answers from HR before the deadline.  She didn't respond back, and today the office is closed so I'm not submitting my papers until someone responds... it's not like the benefits changes are straight forward either...



                    zorbs - i haven't yet bought shoes for C... i keep looking at "cute" shoes instead of practical ones..


                    rg - safe travels this weekend!


                    cm - sorry to hear about TR coughing ... what is reactive airway disease?  It sounds self descriptive but i've never heard of it..


                    bermy - from yesterday.. no plans for a marathon yet... it's hard enough training now and I can't imagine doing 20 mile runs again... I did 2 marathons a year for 4 years and it's actually nice to have a break from it, even though there are days I miss running in them..


                    jen - wow that's crazy about the biting.. .where are the parents in all of this???  Have they been spoken to about their kid biting J?


                      zorbs - I love buying J cute shoes!  Obviously we care more about how they look than they do!


                      bermy - Your workout sounds wonderful.  While I love running, I am not very good at switching things up in my workouts. 


                      runnergirl - 3 weeks?  I hate going more than 3 days!


                      jen -  I would be super ticked about the biting.  That is where you wonder if he is doing it at home too and if the parents are trying to help curb the issue.  ie.  BITE the little brat back!


                      cmg - You have every right to your pity party!  Take some time for you this weekend to relax and unwind.  


                      cx2 - That sucks about the benefits.  I give you a lot of credit for not checking your work e-mail.  I was on mine constantly while I was on maternity leave.  Kind of regret that!

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                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        MER: too cute about putting up Xmas tree. ---Cx2: it is basically Asthma, but they can't test and actually diagnose that till she is 5 or 6. I've had asthma since I was about 7or 8.

                          cmg - LOL...you made me laugh...I know my boy is sweet so maybe he does taste good.


                          Mer - Glad the decorating went well and that J got to put the angel on the tree...how cute.  You never share picsSmile  I hope you feel better today and that you are able to get in a good run with your 8th grader.  So nice of you to run with her.  I wish I had some kids to run with...sometimes.  LOL on biting back.  DH said he is going to teach J to defend himself...UM NO!  He was kidding.


                          CTimes - I hate messing with nap time.  J is the same...he doesn't tranfer to the crib well and will get super cranky.  Hopefully you can get back on track.  Boo to your company and their lack of communication.  I hate when benefits change...I think they try to make it hard to understand in hopes no one will ask.  Yes, they spoke to the other kids parents about biting...I just wish I knew what the parents were doing about it.


                            RR:  I hope I get one in but with all the packing and moving today, I don't know if I will.  Shooting for 4.


                            BR (warning-TMI):  Woke up this morning with diarrhea everywhere.  He vomited once two days ago but has been having these really loose, white-yellow stools.  This morning it was like soup.  SO all you moms...should I be concerned?  I know what chalky white stools mean and these are more yellow/white, so I am not considered about liver issues.  Also he has no fever and is acting just fine.  Has anyone seen this before?  It's new to me.  Although I am not a PA yet, I feel pretty confident in my training that he is doing ok - no signs of dehydration, serious infection -hence why I am not running to the doctor right now.  The color is just the wierd part. I just hope this goes away soon since we are flying tomorrow!


                            NRR:  Moving day!!  I am going to spend the morning packing loose ends and taping furniture pads on.  The movers get here at 3 and are here to help for 2 hours so hopefully they get most of it done.  We rented the truck last night and it is HUGE.  I feel very bad for DH having to drive that and tow a car behind it.  We emptied our storage unit after we got the truck so we are part of the way done. 


                            RG/bermy - I enjoy hills as well!


                            Bermy - Sounds like a good coach keeping track of it all!  I would love to workout with her.  That workout sounds awesome.


                            jen - Omg!  Is it the same kid doing rthe biting?  Are other kids getting bitten?  Sounds like the kid who is biting might have some issues that need to get taken care of. 


                            cx2 - This probably makes me a bad mom but I always kept DS in his carseat.  He loved to sleep in it on car trips and I couldn't bear to wake him up when we got home. 


                            cmg - You have an excuse to complain!  Only a few more weeks...maybe Smile

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              rr: srd. ART this morning.


                              tr: dd2 made a snowman mask in school and learned a song to go with it. so cute that dd1 made one at home last night.


                              br: slept until 10 yesterday. hopefully a growth spurt. gotta wake him up this morning for the chiro.


                              nrr: busy weekend ahead. but tomorrow night i am hanging out with a friend. no clue what we are doing but likely shopping and dinner out. i am so very excited!


                              nrr2: i told dh to just go buy an oven as i trust his opinion. we decided to do gas and stainless steel.


                              fr: ended up going to a local restaurant with bil last night. i had a denver omelet and it was delicious. bbq chicken sandwiches tonight.


                              bbl for personals.


                                Shelby - J has had the diarrhea thing just like that 2 times.  One time he was really sick and almost dehydrated because he refused to eat anything (he was only 4 months old).  Then he had it a few weeks ago but it was due to teething.  He cut 2 molars shortly after that.  I am sure he is fine.  Good luck packing.  I hope you can get your run in.  Yes, it is the same kid.  One other kid got bit the first time J got bit but the last 2 times it was just J...ugh.  The funny thing is they keep telling me he is doing nothing to provoke it...I feel like my kid is being bullied already.Sad


                                mrszm - Let me know how the ART goes...I am so interested in having that.  I hope you have a fun weekend.  I wish J would sleep in that late at least once...lol.