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Wintry Wednesday Divas! (Read 21 times)


    The crazy weather continues... post


      Good morning! We had flood advisories last night and now a winter storm watch. I'm sure that means the roads and outside will just be awesome to navigate on snow-covered ice! It was 56 here yesterday, today will be 20 and tomorrow will be 8. I just read on FB about friends down south who were hiding out from tornadoes last night. Totally feels like January, right?


      ER: Heading out to body flow in a minute, hoping to get to the gym a few minutes early to foam roll my hip again.


      NER: We got the TV for our bedroom last night and got it all hooked up ourselves! Our old one was really really old, so this is quite a change. DH's project for today is to try and figure out how to program the new TV to our cable remote. DH is keeping A home from daycare today so I'm driving to work, hopefully that will be easier by limiting how many of us need to leave the house and what roads we're traveling on. Our daycare's driveway has been an ice rink the last two days.I got the maternity tank tops I ordered yesterday, so hopefully having those for layering will make my preggo wardrobe a bit easier to navigate for the last month. I've been more and more cranky about my wardrobe as I'm getting bigger. Shirts that fit last time got way too short because I'm carrying lower. I'm not all cranky though... Today my coworkers are throwing me a baby shower, so that will be fun. Gotta go! Have a great Wednesday divas!




        Monk- have a great baby shower and safe travels today! The weather has been nuts.  It's like 45 and foggy as anything here.


        RR- did 4 miles progression run this morning.


        NRR- going home today after work Smile  I need to work on pulling some numbers for my boss and the CEO today, which isn't my strength at all. I hope I'll get it right the first time. They go to my boss for review first so hopefully if they are wrong he will catch it before they go higher.


        I usually post here from my iPad, anyone else who does notice that the autocorrect on this site is really weird? If I notice I'm misspelling something and autocorrect isn't picking up the right word, and I backspace, it goes back into the previous word and changes it or changes the spacing. Not sure if I'm explaining it right.  I don't have this problem any other site.


        Have a great day!


          Morning ladies!


          Monk - funny our weather is unseasonably warm (high of 75 today). I was super cranky about my clothes the last month too. I bought myself one cute t-shirt just to spice it up. Enjoy your shower!


          Jewel - using my phone to post here is a real pain, so I imagine the iPad is similar. good luck with the work and YAY for going home tonight!

          RR: Just got back from 3 miles. My legs are kind of dead so I'm saving burpees for later.


          NRR: Nothing new, really. Just pulling together some plans to watch the Superbowl ... which is really just an excuse to hang out with friends and eat nachos! I am not sure I even know who is playing ...


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            NRR: Hi ladies! Writing in from Pierre on my phone. Good trip up here yesterday. Just some slippery roads and fog the closer I for here. Once we're done with the interview I plan to hot the road for home.


            RR: did 10 min on elliptical and 10 on TM


            Monk: enjoy body flow! I'm with you. The weather is nuts!


            JEWEL: yay for going home today! Travel safe.


            sassy: totally forgot the Super Bowl is this weekend. Enjoy planning for it!


            gotta go!

            MA runner girl



              RR: 3 miles last night were fine, nothing to write home about Wink THe weathermen lied too.. it was 35 degrees, not in the 40s! Still much better than below 0 though so it felt nice. Nothing today due to NRR. It's supposed to be in the 50s today, but rainy and gross, so I don't mind taking the day off.


              NRR: Today is my mom's birthday! I'm taking her out to dinner since my dad can't make it home from NYC. It should be nice to have some mother/daughter bonding. Smile Also, posted on FB about something that has been on my mind for a while. Nothing specific on here please!


              Monk - Crazy weather is right! Definitely did not feel like January this morning.. more like April! Nice that you got a new tv! I hope DH can figure out how to program it. Enjoy your shower today!


              Jewel - Yay for going home! Good luck pulling the numbers for your boss, I hope you get it right the first time!


              Sassy - Haha, I agree with you on making super bowl plans! There are 8 of us getting together at my brother and SIL's house, and the girls are totally just making it about trying different app recipes! Still fun though Smile


              Liz - Glad you made it up there safetly. Good luck with the interview, and drive safe!


              Have a great day girls!

              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                Morning Ladies! Weather is weird here too, not wintery, but grey and foggy.. makes it tough to wake up!


                Monk- wow, great news on gettting the tv and getting it all set up! I am sure it is nice to have a new, fun tv. Have fun at body flow and stay safe!


                Jewel- good job on your run and good luck with your numbers! It is always tricky doing new stuff especially when it goes to your boss! i noticed the same problem on my ipad...it is annoying. Then again, I can only use an outdated version of explorer at work and it doesn't even highlight errors


                Sassy- the burpees after a run are tough! I did a speed workout last night and then my burpees and thought I might die ha ha. Im excited about the superbowl even if I dont care who wins. like you said, it is a good excuse to see friends, hang out and eat good food.


                Lizo - stay safe and good luck!!


                Lucy- I keep forgetting to tell you. I am doing online courses for free through corsera. You sign up and do work. Some will give you a certificate, others wont, but I am doing it more for fun.. such a nerd.


                RR- had a great tempo workout last night. I was dreading it, but then once I got started I was fine. Tonight will either be a rest day or an easy run.


                NRR- Last night DH wanted a pizza so we ordered pizza with eggplant. It was SO good! made my night...I guess it is the small things, right? Today will be another busy day at work so I better get to it.


                  I guess I have to go against the wintry weather and say summer weather here... High of 83! (tomorrow is a high of only 67 though).


                  RR: Hoping to get in an easy 3 tonight. I just want to know when my surgery is so I can start planning some more!


                  NRR: Work... got to sleep at around 8:30 last night again, and finally feeling fully refreshed. Other than that, not too much.



                  Monk: Glad the new TV works. I hope the weather isn't too bad!


                  OJ: Great job on the progression run!


                  Sassy: Haha on the superbowl. Way to go on the 3 miles this morning!


                  Lizo: Good luck with the interview today.


                  MA: Great job on the run, and Happy Birthday to your mom!


                  klmc: Great job on the tempo!!!


                  Have a great day ladies!


                    Morning Girls!


                    monk, have a great baby shower! Yay for a new TV!


                    Jewel, I totally understand the typing on the iPad. The. SMe crazy words will pop up if you go back and erase! Good luck with the numbers!


                    MA, have a great dinner with your mom! Happy birthday to her!


                    Sassy, enjoy the warmer temps!!!!




                    TriR, 4 mile run plus ST with trainer tonight.


                    NtriR, volunteering last night was exhausting. Not sure what I think. Was there doe three hours. The night staff nurses are mean. I yesterday as my first full day I was quite overwhelmed. Also it's the med unit for ED patients and although I'm recovered it does bring back a lot of e memories. I have to volunteeer at least three times and if I totally do not like this unit I can request a change of unit. Well see.


                    wedding related. The family drama was with my SIL (brothers wife) She hasn't spoken to me in over two years since all that drama happened with ex godmother.  I wanted her girls to be in the wedding, so I had to email her a cordial and respectful email. None of them (her,brother or their Kids) wENT to my nieces recent baptism so there's been more tension and friction.  She responded two days later and said they'd come.


                      KLMC, I'll have to check out corsera!! Good luck with new position!


                      PO, sounds like you needed the sleep!!! Gotta go!!!


                        Good morning, ladies!


                        RR: Good news is I felt well enough to run. Bad news is I made it maybe 6 blocks before turning around because it was too icy. No way I was going to pick my way for my entire run, so I'm headed out when I get home from work.


                        NRR: Going back into the office today, which should be a nice change of scenery. Also, DBF gets home late tonight from a trip he took to Nevada. And I may be leaving for Nevada on Sunday for two weeks. Hmm.


                        Monk - Good job getting the tv together.


                        Jewel - Hurray for going home! Good luck with the numbers thing.


                        Sassy - Ahh, the Superbowl. I thought that was coming up soon.


                        Lizo - Glad you made it to Pierre safely. Good luck on the interviews!


                        MA - Have fun with your mom!


                        Mel - What does your brother have to say about the drama?


                        KLM - What else was on the pizza? Eggplant is strange to me.


                        PO - 83 degrees? I can't imagine that right now.


                          Morning Ladies!


                          RR: Did 3 miles and some weights last night. I'm hoping to get outside for a run this afternoon. Supposed to be 50 degrees. I'll do 1 mile run to the mountain, walk up, walk down and then run home.


                          NRR: STILL waiting for my SIL to have the baby. They go to the doctor today to see if they need to induce her. So one of my goals for this year is balanced nutrition. I spent the better part of the last year eating white rice, pretzels and soup....anything that I could easily digest. I've done pretty well with balanced nutrition since my surgery. I know I need to learn what "normal" is again. But, each morning I've been mixing raisins and fiber 1 cereal with vanilla yogurt, lunch I've been making a big salad with carrots, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, a handful of cherry craisins and some raspberry vinaigrette. and dinner I've been having a healthy choice frozen meal...and adding some extra veggies to it. I don't cook, so this is what I consider cooking. and it's WAY better than living on white rice, pretzels and soup!


                          Gotta run, ladies. Have a great day!

                          MA runner girl

                            KLM - MMM pizza. Sounds so good right now! Great job getting that tempo run in!


                            PO - I hope you get a surgery date soon, that would drive me crazy too! Wow, it's warm down there...


                            Meli - I'm sorry you had a tough time volunteering, I can imagine it would be difficult to be around that. Hugs! Sorry about the family drama, but glad your SIL said they would be there.


                            Outwest - Yikes, good choice on cutting the run short. I hate navigating snow/ice on a run. Good luck getting back in the office.


                            RLTW - Good job getting back to healthy eating! I don't think anyone blames you for getting off track. At that point it was a matter of surviving, right? Smile

                            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                              Meli - honestly, great job being the bigger person in that family exchange. Two years is a long time to hold a grudge, and it shows what a great person on that you are reaching out to her to include her family in your wedding plans. Hopefully she will see that and this will begin to smooth things over.


                              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                                Monk-yep crazy weather here too, warm weather all yesterday and then torrential downpours. Now it has cooled off again and will be cold tomorrow. Fun that your coworkers are throwing you a baby shower today


                                Jewel-yay for getting to go back home tonight


                                Sassy-the superbowl is a great way to get to hang out with friends and eat junk foods. We are planning to go over to my friend’s place in the suburbs who actually has a house and space and a large tv. Should be fun


                                Lizo-glad you had a safe trip up there. Good luck with the interview


                                MA-happy birthday to your mom!


                                Klm-mmmm pizza with eggplant sounds like a great reward after a good tempo run


                                PO-wow, that is hot weather! Hope you find out about your surgery soon


                                Meli-sorry about the bad experience in the ward. I am recovered from an ED too, so I can understand how seeing that can bring back some bad memories. Also sorry about the family drama, but that’s great your SIL will let her daughters be flower girls in your wedding


                                Outwest-glad you are feeling better. That’s crazy that you will be heading off to the same area DBF is in now soon.


                                RLTW-great job on the workouts! Hope your sister’s baby comes soon!


                                RR: 14 yesterday in the wonderful 60 degree weather. Today is rest day because legs are tired but also because I might have an infection on my heel. I wore terrible shoes a week and a half ago and that left a blister on them. Then inflammation developed around there and it hurts when I wear any shoes with a back on them. I have been using antiseptic stuff to keep the infection away, but the inflammation is still there. So I think I will take a few days off running in shoes (maybe just do pool running), and then see where I am at. If it’s still bad I might then call the doctor


                                NRR: working and trying to catch up on work again. I have a ton of stuff due on Monday, and the superbowl is on Sunday, so I don’t want to work then, so I will try and get it all done before then