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    Congrats to NC and Jewel on their races this weekend! We can't wait to read your race reports!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Really great 9 miler yesterday. I took Nuun tablet in my water (electrolytes) and felt really good afterward. I had to rush to get to a party and didn't get to eat for like 90 minutes and still was in a much better mood than normal (Maybe it's because I was at a party and had to be??). Today is rest except for some stretching and abs after G goes to bed.


      NRR: it was a good weekend. I haven't talked about it much but I've been in a funk both at home and at work lately. G makes me happy but that's pretty much it. So, Big D and I talked about some stuff that's been bothering us last night and so I feel better about that. And I've had a good weekend, so I'm trying to go into Monday with new focus and energy and try to avoid some of the mistakes I've been making. I hope I get my lab mojo back because it bugs me when I can't get easy experiments to go well. OH! I got a trim and blonde highlights on Saturday! So I'm happy with my hair now too!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning girls! Congrats to jewel and NC!


        RR: I just got back from 2 miles outside! P was up at 4, the worst time from a sleep perspective but the best for sqeezing in a run. I also ran 2 miles outside on Saturday. Its still harder than it should be, but today was already better than Saturday! I know it will come back. I'm hoping to find a 5K in May probably toward the end of the month. I think I could get to 5K by then now that I'm getting runs during the week.


        NRR: It was a great weekend! I'm so glad its finally nice outside. Saturday morning we went to a local dream park. A had a great time, P could care less, lol. Then I got to run in the afternoon and did grocery shopping in the evening. Thats a lot to fit into a Saturday for us! Yesterday we cleaned in the morning and my sister came to babysit so DH and I could have a date. It was originally going to be my other sister, BIL and nephew, but my nephew got sick. So luckily we were able to get the last-minute switch. It was nice to get some time alone with DH! We did a late lunch and saw "42." Great movie. Then I went and stayed up too late, so of course P was awake early! Its OK though for now, hopefully tonight I can get to bed early. This week I'm only working a four-day week and then we're taking a long weekend for my brother's college graduation. It will be nice to get a break from work now that I've been back a few weeks.


        sassy: I'm glad you were able to talk with DH. I'm also glad you're happy with your hair. I got my hair cut before I went back to work and I don't like it at all. Its grown out a bit and I like it some days but overall its terrible.


          Great job to our marathon DIVAs! EMG (I know she more lurks on here) also ran a marathon this weekend.


          RR: I'm gaining more energy each day... does that count?


          NRR: Our house is over half painted. My dad is working on trying to get the majority of the rest of the blue on the house before he flies out this afternoon. I'll post pictures in a couple of weeks when it's done enough to get the full effect. The blue and light gray are so pretty compared to the drab all white that was there. Now the areas that are done don't have doors painted, so I can't call it done yet Smile.


          Sassy: Great job on the 9 miles. Glad that you were feeling better too. Glad you're feeling better and getting some mojo back, or at least on the way to it!


          Monk: Great job on the 2 miles!!! Glad you had a nice weekend too.


          Have a great day ladies.


            Morning Ladies! Monday already?


            NC: Congrats! You rock!


            Jewel: Way to go! Can't wait to read your race report


            Sassy: Sounds like you had a busy, but productive weekend.


            Monk: glad you guys were able to go on your date Smile


            PO: thinking about you girl. Sending you some energy vibes


            RR: My energy levels seem to be returning to more normal. I went for several long walks with K this weekend! I'll be going for a 30 minute walk tonight. Hoping that Dr. Hottie will clear me for running after my post op follow up on Wednesday.


            NRR: So, I got to spend some time with K this weekend! Oh I love that kid! I didn't think I could love anyone so much. But that little girl, she just melts my heart! She's like a real little person now. Rolling over, giggling, "talking" and smiling all the time! I won't see her now until the end of June. I can't imagine how big she'll be by then. Smile


              Congrats to all our racers!


              RR: did 12 miles on friday, 1.3 on saturday, and SRD yesterday. friday I think I hit the wall around mile 10, but we finished! it was in the 80s too, so we weren't prepared for the warmer temps.


              NRR: what a weekend! The shower on saturday was loads of fun. I got to know M's aunt's and a couple of cousins a little better. then afterwards we went shopping for mother of the groom outfit. My mom decided she is going to wear a Nigerian outfit that my sister is bringing from Nigeria in May. It will be cool to have a splash of Nigerian at the wedding. Smile. M's mom, my mom, M's brother's wife and I went shopping together.  Then we ladies got home and grilled some burgers because the weather was fantastic. On saturday morning, M and my friend Misti's husband Pete, got rid of all our construction stuff/ debris and dropped it off at the city dump. Then it was moving some stuff around the house. then downtime. Sunday, I did music at church, then M and I came home, moved more furniture around, started to arrange the house into what we wanted it to look like and get rid of some stuff too. We had Misti and Pete over the grilling steaks and barbecue chicken last night, then we were done. whew! I suspect we'll both be doing nothing tonight.  There ends my saga.


              sassy: hope your mojo comes back both at home and at work. that's good that you and big D talked about stuff.


              Monk: yay for time alone with your DH!


              Po: way to go on the paint job! way to persevere too! that's a lot of work I bet!


              gotta get working.  Later!


                Sassy-glad you and DH had a nice talk last night and hope you can get some of your mojo back. Great job on the 9!


                monk-sounds like you had a great weekend. What's a dream park?


                PO-that's great you are slowly getting more energy and that your house painting is coming along


                RLTW-glad you had a good time with your niece this weekend


                lizo-sounds like a wonderful weekend you had. Glad the temps are finally better for you over there


                RR: was planning to do a LR today but only could manage 5.5 because I think I have some acid-reflux going on. Not pleasant. Might squeeze in a few miles tonight with DBF to make up for it


                NRR: the weekend was wonderful. Weather was beyond gorgeous and spent a lot of time with DBF and my friends. This is pretty much the last week of getting stuff done before I graduate on May 9th! I can't wait!


                  Good morning!


                  RR- yesterdays 26.2 can be summed up in a short RR. It was 50 degrees at the 7:30 am start, very sunny, and it was warmer than I'd been used to. Miles 1-16 : "oh this is so pretty, I'm having a great time, oh another hill..." Miles 16-26: ouch. Mile 26-26.2: f word. Haha. However, it was a fun, well organized race with great spectators when they were there. It was a very rural course but it was so nice how in some neighborhoods people would all gather in one yard and cheer and say, welcome to such and such road! Haven't checked my official time but it should be in the 4:41 range. I know I should have taken it easier in the very hilly first half which contributed to my mini meltdown in the last 10 miles. Oh well. Live and learn! I think spring is much harder than fall marathons for those of us in bad winter climates since it can mess with training.


                  Congrats EMG and NC!!!


                  no time for personals, I need to hunt down coffee and we need to get sightseeing!


                  have a great day!


                    jewel: way to run the full! I love your description of the "phases" of the run! haha!


                      Good morning, ladies!


                      RR: Just got back from 7 with Fay. Hopefully I will get to ST tonight, but I am still feeling it from Saturday's session. My workout schedule is officially screwed up starting today, and will be weird for the next 6 weeks or so. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a run or ST in the evenings, when we get back from field work.. but being outside all day can be exhausting. We shall see.


                      NRR: I was in a serious purging mood this weekend. I took a whole bunch of stuff to Goodwill, put some books up on Amazon and sold some stuff on Craigslist. I consolidated more stuff, and accepted that hey, there is no reason for me to keep all those journal articles from grad school, especially the ones I didn't like. So I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off for most of the weekend, but I was really productive and that feels great. ANYWAY so today it's a few last minute errands, and squaring things away at work. Field work starts tomorrow!!



                      Sassy - Nice work on the 9 miles! I wonder if it was the electrolytes all this time. I'm glad you were able to talk with Big D. I hate being in a funk. I am so glad field work starts tomorrow for that very reason. It is time for something different.


                      Monk - Congrats on 2 miles outside!! That must feel great. I love that you're already planning a 5k.


                      PO - I think gaining energy is totally RR. Smile


                      RLTW - Glad you got to enjoy time with your niece.


                      Lizo - Dang, girl, another busy weekend for you! Seems like the organization bug was floating around the past few days.


                      Taylor - Glad you are enjoying the nice weather! When are your finals?


                      Jewel - Congrats on your race! I love your short RR!!   Enjoy the sight seeing!


                        Good afternoon!


                        RR: Well, I only went on long walks over the weekend. I was super sore from a run and ST session from Friday, so I planned to run longer this evening, but that just got thrown out the window.


                        NRR: I saw an apartment yesterday that I actually REALLY liked and I think the landlord liked me, too. CRF is going to check it out on his lunch break today and I reallllly hope we get it. It's got a nice open floor plan, beautiful hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, a living room AND dining room, plus a fenced-in backyard with a covered deck. Anywho. My mom just called and said my sister will be in from out of town tonight and asked if I'd come over for dinner after work. Hence throwing my running plans out the window. Oh well, it'll be fun though. She can give me a manicure.


                          Jewel-awesome job on the race!!!


                          outwest-I just did some purging this weekend too. I got rid of a lot of notes and journal articles that I don't need anymore. I still have all my textbooks, which I think are more useful anyways then notes that I can't understand or can't read anymore


                          lucy-that's great about the apartment. I hope it works out for your two. Enjoy spending time with family tonight


                            Taylor - Exactly. I still have my textbooks, for reference, plus I can get a hold of most everything else on the internet anyway.


                              We got the apartment, WOOHOO!! Big grin


                                Congrats, Lucy!!  Send apartment-finding vibes my way, please!