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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 4 miles easy with Sam.


    RR#2 - There's a well known trail race near me.  Sam signed up because it's on a Saturday (she always works Sunday and has to take days off to race) and last night I decided to finally kill 2 birds and signed up for the 50K...yes, a trail ultra!


    TR - speaking of playing in the dirt, It's hilarious, he can be covered with mud and not fazed by it, but 2 drops of water on his shirt and he's all, "SHIRT ALL WET! SOAKED! CHANGE SHIRT!"


    FR - I have a bunch of things planned, but it depends on other stuff, see NRR.


    NRR - SUPPOSED to have a massage tonight with my old massage girl, but she hasn't gotten back to me re: time/place. Gah.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR - 10k + core workout.


      TR - Was an eating machine yesterday. Everyone was laughing at Easter dinner last night because she was sitting on my lap, just shoveling handfuls of food into her mouth. She was even eating salad, which for some reason strikes me as a strange thing for a baby to enjoy. Then, we got home and she drank THREE bottles of milk before bed. Whaaaat? Of course, this led to her peeing through everything at 3 am.


      FR - Ugh, don't even want to think about food. I feel like I spent the past three days stuffing my face.


      NRR - Taking S to the community centre to play this morning and then going to buy some paint for the basement rec room. And hiding all other cans of paint so my DH doesn't get anymore "creative" painting ideas.




      zorbs - Ha, B is just like a cat! Is it Run for the Toad? That's the only trail race I can think of offhand.

      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

      running eh

        RR - 5-6m on TM and then core class at the gym


        NRR - hd some nice weather this weekend, but was sad to see some fresh snow on the ground this morning, even if it was only a dusting


        FR - chicken fajitas


        KR - DD2 is talking so much now  it is SO cute!!


        Zorbs - I will see you there, though I will only be running 10k - you are a crazy lady!!  Smile  DS had a similar moment on the weekend.  He was covered in mud from head to toe.  He got stuck in a huge mud puddle (our driveway is a disasyer) and DH and to pull him out.  DH wiped a tiny bit of mud on DS's leg while pulling him out.  DS freaked!!  Had to have a shower RIGHT.AWAY!!  so funny.




          RR - 5 around the 'hood.. there was a bunch of deer in an open field and they looked menacing so I had to change my route...


          BR (or is it TR now?) - attempted to climb stairs for the first time yesterday at church service (we went to my cousin's church, our home church has no stairs C can climb) .... she did pretty well but I had to draw the line at letting her go down the stairs.. .the way she was doing it she would've gone done them face first...


          NRR - i need new bras.  All the ones I have are from Target and I like them but since I stopped nursing my girls have become total pancakes and my pre preggo bras look lumpy.   I'm too cheap to drop a lot of money on bras though.



          zorbs - woohoo an ultra!  When is the race?  I've always wanted to do a 50km but I can barely get through 42.2....


          eh - we had great weather this weekend too but yea, it's messed up again.. no snow here but it's pretty cold again..  i wish spring would just come and STAY...


          ernie - C did that at Christmas dinner, just ate and ate and ate...  Yea, I didn't eat so well this weekend either.. Taco Bell and multiple slices of cheesecake did me in...

          running eh

            Ernie - have a good workout today!  Do you do the core on your own?  Sounds like you have a good little eater on your hands - it's so nice when they eat so well.

            Zorbs - I assumed Sulphur Springs, but I guess you could have meant the Toad, hmmm....Let us know!

            running eh

              cx2 - I am super cheap about bras as well and I am super flat.  I actually like the Joe Fresh ones.  Uh oh about DD climbing stairs.  Do you have stairs at home?  Fun, but now an extra thing to watch out for!  I also saw menacing deer once and I started clapping and yelling like craz woman.


                RR - SRD.  22 miles total over the weekend.


                TR - Eating like a mad man lately.  You definitely never know what y are going to get with him and his sleep.  Has rocked a couple good naps, but still wakes around 5:15.  His birthday is April 22nd.  3 short weeks away.


                NRR - Pedicure with a friend this morning and then getting my haircut.  Have a few errands after.  Hoping to be home in time to enjoy nap!


                FR - Eating gross amounts the past couple days.  I am done with buffets for a while,



                zorbs - exciting abut your trail ultra.


                ernie - sounds like S is going through a growth spurt!  Enjoy your time at the community center.


                eh - enjoy your run.  Yay for more words.


                cx2 - Menacing deer?  Smile I buy my bras at Kohls....with a coupon.  I'm in the upswing with the preggo boobs.  Trying to enjoy it as I know they will disappear when done nursing.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  Eh - I hate how much of a tease this time of year can be...beautiful weather all weekend and then BAM! Winter's back! They are forecasting 10 cm of snow here for Saturday...they had better be wrong about that one! Hey, we are pretty much doing the exact same workout today! How long is the core class at the gym? I am doing a core workout from my Chalean Extreme DVDs. It's about 15 minutes long and very intense.


                  Cx2 - Deer are such scardy cats I don't picture them as menacing, but I guess a whole field of them could be! I am also cheap about bras. I am about 12 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, so between that and stopping nursing, I had to get all new bras as well. I like the Joe Fresh ones, but the bands start at 34 and I think I actually need a 32. H&M has great, very reasonably prices bras if you can find one of their stores that carries lingerie (they are few and far between).


                  Mer - Your weekend mileage is always so good! That 5:15 wakeup is a bummer, though. What time does he usually go to bed? Enjoy your pampering this morning and hopefully a good nap this afternoon!

                  5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                    (For those of you who missed this, I am formerly shelbyjo)


                    RR:  Srd.  My LR yesterday didn't quite go as plan.  It was super hot and my body was not adjusted.  I had a great 10 miles at MP and then the hills started and the heat hit me.  I still managed a good pace but I felt pretty terrible and definitely didn't get in all 14 mi of MP.

                    TR:  Loved finding more Easter eggs around the house yesterday.  Then he carried them all up to his room and dunked them in his basketball net.  I love that boy!

                    NRR:  This weekend went way too fast!!
                       So the same SIL that announced she was pregnant at 3 weeks just announced the gender at 15 weeks.  That is so early...I hope they are right.  They are having a girl so now H will have a girl cousin to throw things at (that is show he plays with girls right now Sad.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      zorbs:  Funny about B and the water.  Yesterday H emptied out his easter egg into the dog water and then started eating it out of there.  He was soaked.


                      ernie:  Holy cow on the eating.  She must be growing!  And I feel you on the weather.  It was almost 75 here yesterday and tomorrow they are forecasting snow Sad


                      eh:  Time for snow to be done!!


                      cx2:  I rarely buy bras but when I do, I splurge a little.  I tell DH he can either buy me an expensive bra or pay for my boob job later Smile  I also have a bigger chest so I like to be well supported.


                      Mer:  Great job on getting all of this miles in this month mama!  That is awesome.  I hope next time I am pgr I can do the same.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        rr: 3-5m with rp tonight.


                        rr2: bought new running shoes over the weekend. too wet here to run with them yet as they are different ones and i want to test them out before keeping them.


                        rr3: lulu was closed on friday! Why is the universe stopping me from going? maybe bc i will get addicted. gong to order shorts and a top online instead. Any opinions?


                        br: 18 month check for c today.


                        tr: taking the girls along to dr this morning since they both have wicked coughs.


                        nrr: found out one of my friends has breast cancer in both breasts and her sternum. she is having a double mastectomy this week. she and her husband have a 4 year old boy and twin boys 2 weeks younger than c. Sad


                        fr: my stomach still is a mess. we are going on 2.5 weeks since i first got the stomach virus. not cool at all. however there is pretty much no guilt in anything i eat...


                          RR - srd.  Kids still off school, so hoping to go for a walk with them or something.  Would also like to get a little STing in this morning.  I need it!  Ran 10 miles Saturday which felt pretty good, then ran 4 yesterday with DH (and L in the stroller) which felt really hard.


                          BR - went crazy over the ham we had yesterday.  I guess we don't have ham very often, but he loved it!  Easter bunny gave him some sidewalk chalk so we spent some time outside with that yesterday.


                          KR - had a nice Easter.  Up early for sunrise service, then home to find the easter baskets, breakfast and pretty much just vegging out.  While L napped the rest of us played the game of Life, it was a little complicated but fun!


                          FR - spinach feta turkey burgers


                          NRR - no plans for today.  Supposed to be 77˚ and sunny though so we need to be outside!


                          zorbs - have you done trail races before?  It seems like something I'd like but there aren't many around me at all.  You will do great!  Hope you get your massage tonight!


                          ernie - sounds like she's growing!  I am with you on not wanting to think about food right now.  lol, good luck on getting your rec room painted without any creative ideas!


                          eh - I hope your dusting of snow goes away quickly.  How old is DD2?  It's so cute when they have a language explosion!


                          cx2 - my 8th grade teacher told me a story about how someone she knew was attacked by a deer once so I'm always a little nervous of them when they stand near the trail and stare at me as I run by.  I had to buy new bras recently too.  I bought a couple new ones and get by with those, since I wear sports bras (or no bras) most of the time anyway.


                          mer - great running over the weekend!  Sounds like you have a nice day planned!


                          strollermama - running is always so hard for me when the temps warm up.  Yesterday was warmer than usual and super humid and my 4 miles felt like 40.  ooh, L would love a basketball net I bet!


                          mrszm - what is up with lulu being closed?!  I hope the dr. appt goes well today and you are all feeling better!  What kind of shoes did you get?


                            on spring break this week, so I might actually have time to be social!


                            RR - SRD


                            NRR - on the hunt for a new swimsuit. took the kids to a waterpark this weekend and you know how they have those buckets of water that you can dump on people walking below? well some punk kid dumped it on me and apparently my top isn't tight enough because I flashed a boob to everyone. they were probably wishing they did it to someone who actually has boobs.


                            KR - has a bad cold, boo!! really hoping she doesn't pass it on to anyone else. I will be downing emergen-c like its my job, racing Saturday and I don't want a cold.


                            TR - when you ask him to sing he says "e i e i o!" so cute


                            FR - had brunch yesterday, I love brunch!



                            zorbs - my first 50k in May is also a trail race, i will let you know how it goes. I think the miles go by faster on the trail.


                            ernie - lol on hiding the paint from DH! Definitely a good idea!


                            eh - sorry about the snow, I am so ready for spring. enjoy the core class, I really need to do more core work, but I never make time for it.


                            cx2 - I bought all new bras after baby number 2, I needed them bad.


                            mer - jealous of your pedicure! I hope you get that nap in, I have plans for napping this week as well. awesome job on the miles too!


                            stroller - it will be fun for H to have a cousin. My DS is in to throwing things as well, it doesnt help that DH gets all excited when he has a good throw.


                              mrszm - bummer that lulu was closed, I have some crops from there and I really like them. i want to get some shorts but i want to be able to try them on.


                              arm - we used to play Life growing up but i dont think we ever followed all the rules of the game. sounds like you had the perfect easter!


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                Ill come back later and write my post but zorbs - bwahahahahahaha! Smile

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