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April Fools Monday - Supermoms (Read 34 times)


    zorbs: awesome on signing up for a 50k trail! at least you'll have a training partner. i'm waiting for registration to open on the trail race i'm doing in june. i have a feeling it will be increased to a 25k as opposed to the 18k it is right now.


    ernie: funny about the food maching. c loves his food, but would not eat the spinach omelet that dh made yesterday. that and baked fish even though he will eat fried fish. ha to the hiding the paint!


    eh: it was snowing here last night! it didn't stick, but still i don't need to see any more snow this year. we have so much that needs to melt yet!


    cx2: yup, same thing happened to me and my girls. i should have known since my mom is probably even flatter than i am. i had to go wireless because they aren't even big enough that the wire just was awkward. ugh. fun about the stairs! c has mastered it but sometimes still worries me when he stand mid way facing down.


    runninmer; have fun getting pedicures! my sister and i went on saturday and it had been too long since we had last gone. i got a deep purple and love it!


    shelby: i've heard some people finding out at their 12 week u/s but then reaffirm at the 20 week u/s. i am glad that my brother's first born (who is 1 year younger than dd1 and 7 months older than dd2) is a boy because i hope that they won't be compared too much to each other since they will go to the same school when it comes to sports, etc. there's a 50% chance that he and dd2 will be in the same class next year. i hope they aren't but dh says i need to get over it since it could happen every year for the next 14 years.


    arm: i ended up buying brooks ravenna 4s. i've been running in asics gt 2170s; tried on the new asics that replaced those and didn't like them. tried on about 6 other pair. ugh. gonna try them out on the tm today.


    moxie: i want to try the shorts on too, but think i'll take a gamble and just order online. i figured i can always take them back to the store and get a different size if they don't fit. too bad i'm still probably 1.5 away from lulu, but fortunately my sister lives like 5 minutes away Smile


      RR: 5.5 miles this morning from the ILs house. Hilldieter roads, but really scenic.


      TR: loved egg hunting yesterday. He was carrying around two eggs for most of the day.


      NRR: in the car on our way home now. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        moxie - Glad to have you!  Hope you can find a new suit.  I am sure someone enjoyed the show Smile


        mrszm - Let me know how you like your shoes.  I need to find a pair to replace my asics 2170s...


        arm - How cool that you went to a sunrise service!

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          Zorbs:  I almost fell out of bed last night when I saw that you signed up for 1) a trail race and 2) a 50k Smile  You go girl!  C is the same way about water.  I get him wet and he demands to change his shirt ASAP.


          Ernie:  Holy moly on the milk!  LOL on hiding the paint cans from DH.


          Eh!:  Ugh on the snow, I never want to hear the word again....


          Cx2:  Deer menacing?  Never heard that one before Smile  I need new sports bras and am too cheap to buy good ones.


          Mer:  Awe, C's b-day is the 25th and I am having a hard time believing how fast time flies.


          strollermama:  Boo on your run not going as planned.  LOL on a girl to throw things at, C does not have interactions with girls at all.


          MrsZM:  Ack, you are never going to get to a lulu are you :P  I also bought new shoes on friday....nothing makes me feel better than new running gear.  Feel better soon!


          Arm:  Ham is always a fav in our house too, I guess because we don't have it that often.  C calls it bacon.


          Moxie:  LOL on the boob flashing!  I would be furious at punk kid.  Brunch is my fav meal ever!


            RG:  Enjoy the scenery!  It is supposed to be nice today so I am dying looking out the window and seeing the sunshine today.



            RR:  Signed DH for a 5k in hopes to get his butt in gear and stop being so lazy!  Also registered for a fall half that I haven't done before, the crawlin crab.  Really I just want the medal with the cute crabs on it Smile


            TR:  LOVING my parents house.  They bought him a new nerf gun and a bowling set for Easter.   He also tattled on g'ma for letting him have jelly beans and chocolate....my mom said it was more like it was quiet in the house - too quiet.  She found him in the pantry with a mouth full of chocolate.


            NRR:  On a mission, to make the idiot quit.  I know, I am a horrible person but my sanity is at stake.


            FR:  Steak faijitas, DH has been doing all the cooking and it is AWESOME!  Not his usual fat kid stuff either.


            beskirted & manicured

              Are CA and Spike the only 2 people who know me well enough to figure out the trail ultra was an April Fools joke?! Clown


              ernie - EXCELLENT idea to hide the paint cans.  Or at least do not let DH paint unsupervised.


              eh - fortunately it was dirt and not mud that he was playing in.


              cx2 - I didn't buy any, but the bras from Canadian Target look pretty promising.  Most of mine are Sportek (Zellers) brand.


              mer - enjoy your pedi!


              stroller - temps were similar here..just a few degrees warmer than last week + sunny and Sam and I were dying like it was the middle of August.


              mrszm - I don't know about the store open/close patterns where you live, but here lulu is always open, even when everything else is closed.  I lied, except for Christmas and New Years.


              arm - hahaha I have never done a trail race and have no inclination to ever try one.


              moxie - I'm sorry but that's some serious water power to make you flash some boob.  Once my cheap ass Walmart sport bikini top came off in aqua aerobics, but I have to assume that the old fogies didn't have good enough vision to notice.


              rg - B's new favourite toys are the plastic eggs too.  EGG! EGG!


              becky - I don't think you can make her quit..isn't it more likely she'll get fired?

              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                Zorbs:  I figured Smile  I told DH last night WTF?  She hates trails and mud....  Oh, btw I tried the Dharma last night, very cute for spring.  I've been successful at getting 6 others to quit Evil

                running eh

                  mer - DD2 will be 2 in May.  She is not a great sleeper either.  Sometimes she naps well, othertimes it's a fight.  Somedays she sleeps till 7 and other times only until 5...Do you have bday party plans?


                  ernie - the gym class is 45mins.  I wouldn't be able to push myself like that on my own.  My core is SO, SO weak, but I was able to do a little more this week than I was able to do last week.


                  stroller - sounds like you have a real boy!  Don't beat yourself up about the run - every run is different, and you know that you have been putting in the training to rock your marathon!


                  mzm - so sorry to hear about your friend, that is awful and it must be tough for you - it hits so close to home!  Hope you can kick that bug this week.  Have you been to the doctor?  This is really hanging on...No advice on the lulu - do you own any now?


                  arm - Great job getting those miles in this weekend!  I can't blame your DS, I LOVE ham too, though we never have it at home.


                  moxie - Hi, glad you could pop in!  Oh no about your bathing suit, I am only laughing because it wasn't me!!  stay Healthy- wash, wash, wash your hands.  Brunch is one of my faves too, what did you have?


                  zorbs - haha - after I saw that it was joke, I thought of course - what about the mud and the mosquitos??!!  Have you even done an ultra though?

                  running eh

                    rg - glad you had a great weekend away!  Have a safe drive.


                    becky - yay on signing up for races!  Has DH raced before?  Yay on DH cooking - fajitas is on our menu for tonight, but I don't feel like going to the grocery store.  I have potatoes and chicken but absolutely no veggies - is it bad to just serve potatoes and meat for supper instead?


                      zorbs - haha yes you fooled me!  I guess I should have known what day it was and figured it out.


                      moxie - I hope you find a good swimsuit that doesn't flash everyone!  haha!


                      rg - how far of a drive is it?  Hope it's a decent trip!


                      strollermama - well I admit we went to sunrise service because it's easiest.  Kids can go in their pjs, we don't have to shower, just hop on the golf cart with hot chocolate and coffee in hand and head to the beach in our neighborhood.  Easy!


                      becky - I signed my DH up for his first 5K too and that's what got him semi-hooked on running.  I hope it does the same for yours!  I want a crab medal too!


                        Stroller - It is so hard to adjust to the heat after being used to winter running! 10 and MP is still great. Ha ha, I think throwing things is how all cousins play together when they're that age. That and pushing each other down.


                        Mrszm - Even though lulu was closed, I am confident you can develop a nice addiction to lulu through online shopping...I certainly have. Terrible about your friend...hopefully they will get everything with the surgery.


                        Arm - I loved the game of life when I was a kid! Your FR sounds SO good. Please enjoy that 77* weather on my behalf. It is snowy and gusty and awful here today.


                        Moxie - LOL at the boob flash, although I am sure it was not very funny for you at the time. I hope you can avoid the cold! I love brunch, too.


                        Rg - A scene run is always nice and the extra hills are some bonus training! Glad R loved the egg hunt. Have a good drive home!


                        Becky - Crawlin crab is a fabulous name for a race. If I was there, I would sign up for it on the name and cool medals alone! Awesome that C is enjoying his week at gma's and a great break for you. Please keep us updated on the status of your mission to make the idiot quit. I love to hear about a diabolical plan in action!


                        Zorbs - Just when I thought I had made it through an Aprils Fool's Day without anyone tricking me!

                        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                          RR: very excited to just have rocked another 20m with DS. We watched trains and I had a waterproof field guide of birds, flowers and wildlife so that was awesome along the way. Still felt strong on way back on hilly bit and took it pretty easy as I have a plan for a wild-ish tempo 10m this week as well as 8x800s. I have run 40m in the past 4 days. I am majorly proud of that. Oh and i am running with 71 fm a year chick tomorrow.


                          NRR: running around playground to say thank you for DS for being the most considerate stroller-sitting running partner ever.


                          NRR2: have semi-composed email to my dad in my head. Will draft it out today. Bottom line being I deserve unconditional love from him. He is the adult. If he is not emotionally present with me, then I am not interested. I am not rescuing him nor pandering to his victim approach. I will reword all that in very plain speak so the message is super obvious.


                          BR: I acutally slept in my own bed until 2.30am last night for the first time in about 2 weeks - a miracle I got taht much sleep. Jen suggested a humidifier and it's working a treat on his stuffy passages. THANKS JEN! And thanks Becky for suggesting allergies. I hadn't even thought of that, but it has cleared - it was certainly valid and made me more aware of it.


                          FR: farro corn cakes and salsa. Found unhulled farro at whole foods in the big bins section. Super happy. Oh and lots and lots of brown hardboiled eggs. damn it. Becky - I am too excited for pizza night this week - i have a WICKED one planned!!!!

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            rp ran without me this morning! wth?! told dh i was running tonight anyways. that or i'll hit the tm during naptime.


                            runnergirl: safe travels!


                            becky: what shoes did you get? yup, think i'll have to order lulu online and take it back to the store if it doesn't work out. i live 1.5 hours away from one right now. Sad good luck at your new quitting task!



                            zorbs: i thought it was weird to about the 50k but i feel a new attitude coming from you and i thought, "hmmm...maybe??" Wink


                            eh: i haven't been to the dr yet. at the kids' dr today she told me to cut out milk products because sometime stomach viruses that hang on for a long time destroy the lactate in your system which makes you temporarily lactose intolerant. makes sense as i had pizza for lunch and sent me straight into the bathroom. if that doesn't work i'll definitely be going to the dr. however, i had this similar thing when i was pregnant with dd2 and it lasted over 2 months!!!!!


                            ernie: yup, i'm sure i'll get addicted to lulu especially since it's free shipping. do you have any of the tanks or short sleep shirts? trying to decide which one...


                            bermy: i think the approach is a good one. i'm making pizza this week too. thinking about a hawaiian one (pineapple and ham) or bbq chicken or both...


                              Bermy - I just read your fb post about your dad's email and I think your approach is very sensible. Way to go on another 20m stroller run! How many 20 milers are you doing before your fm?


                              Mrszm - I have a run swiftly tank and a short sleeved shirt. They are super light and flattering and I love them both. I have a bunch of other tanks (like the power up tank) that I got when I used to work out at the gym all the time but not run. I still like them, but not as much for running. I just ordered the back on track tank last week. I have the speed shorts and skirt  (love!) and I'm also waiting on a pacesetter skirt I ordered online.

                              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                                Eh!:  Not many times but a few 5ks.  He used to be in the Navy and then a construction worker.  He's gone from buff to uh, not so much.  Just trying to motivate him to soak up some endorphins every once in awhile.

                                Arm:  I don't think he will ever be hook, he just tolerates it now and again.


                                Ernie:  The diabolical plan is to keep a journal of every time I have to fix her screw ups and leave it out for her to see.....That way she knows if we ever fire her, it would be for cause and she couldn't get unemployment.  Yeah, I am evil like that.


                                Bermy:  Ooooh do tell!  I am out of town this weekend so I will not be able to make that awesome pizza until next friday.  SO glad D is sleeping better.  We keep humidifiers in all of the bedrooms at our house.  Good for you, you do deserve unconditional love!


                                MrsZM:  The nearest Lulu is just over an hour and it is one of the small showrooms rather than a reg. retail store.  The nearest store store is 2 hours.  Sizing at lulu can be a bit wonky so I am always scared with final sale stuff.  I bought nike pegasus 29s.  I am not a nike person but they were a really good deal.  To my surprise they are working well for me.


                                Ok, enough procrastinating.....back to work for me.