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(over 40) Finally Friday! (Read 218 times)


    How unimaginative of me, but my brain isn't working yet.



    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


      Oh Tessa, I had to laugh when you asked if I were tapering!  I have been tapering for about a month, that is what has me worried, the half is next Sunday, the 16th.  I am thinking I am going to do it, even if it means  a lot of walking, I am considering this one is just for fun!


      Going shopping with DD today.


      My back hasn't bothered me at all since the night it tightened up on me, so I don't know what that was all about.


      DH has a terrible cold that I hope he keeps to himself!





      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


      Mighty Mouse

        Ginny, I wish you the best on your half!


        Arimathea, I'm having trouble getting into runango in the mornings. I'm trying to post later on. That has happened before also.


        Thursday I got in 35 minutes on the track, some with coach.

        Thumb felt much better at work yesterday because the cycling glove supported it.

        Today will be a track run.


        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::




           I'm feeling better today, off to get some blood drawn, take my son to school and then some COFFEE!!  Ahhhhh


            It's supposed to start raining here by 11 am and not stop till tomorrow night sometime, maybe Sunday.  Looks as if my LONG RUN of 8 will be in the cold rain tomorrow morning.. SIGH....


            Today I have 5 easy, checked the weather and hopefully, I can squeeze THIS one in before it starts raining. 


            Everyone have a great  TGIF day!  Smile

          LC Runs

            Hi Ladies!


            Good morning Ginny, Judy, Tracey Smile


            I never made it here yesterday, but nothing to report.  Took a RD yesterday then forgot to set my alarm this am, so I guess this is a cut back week ha ha.


            Hoping the day goes quickly, my job is just awful.  They fired another one of my co workers yesterday (he's in a different office but work together a lot).  In the past 9 months this new administration has fired 2 case workers, demoted my supervisor, hired a new supervisor (with no experience) and promoted him to a Director job based on his Masters degree and hired another supervisor (he hasn't started yet).  I really need to get serious about updating my resume and job searching. 


            That is all Roll eyes


              Good morning!


              Yes, it's me who's running (or will be starting today) on vicodin. Doc says he's done what he can with the spine and it will never be normal, so now we manage the pain. I get a nerve block into the neck next week and accupuncture after that if still in pain, but there is seemingly no reason, structurally, to avoid running. And since I've been taking iron supplements for the past six weeks, per gyn request, I'm eager to see the difference in energy in my running.


              Julie - The last time I was at Belhurst was for a mother's day dinner. We were living in Rochester and it made a nice afternoon trip for the family. My DS played a lot of high school lacrosse so it seems we were down that way occasionally for games.


              Camille - Nothing like a stress test to put your mind at ease. I have a benign heart arythmia and it can bug the beejeebies out of me at times, but running in general and having a stress test always tells me I'll probably live to be 100 and die from a lightning strike or something.


              Judy - You and I both with the one size fits all. Whenever I see that on a tag, I don't even try it on. I find myslef at times in the children's department and trying ot figure outhow to make Hello Kitty work for me!


              Gatsby - Where do you live where the temps stay so mild? Was that Florida?


              AmyDel - Hang in there with the flu scare; I bet you know how to minmize your risks, and is Poland relaly so bad?!!!


              Ginny - Getting to the start line is half the battle; after that, you can decide how to pace yourself and how to adjust your speed.


              Marjorie - I am so glad I'm not up against you this year in the holiday challenge; your days of 10+ miles would have left me in the dust! It was fun last yer trying to keep up with you. Of course, I would have been in a new age group this year: geezer!


              Had a Yankee gift swap last night at a work party, and swapped out my gift for the tower of chocolate. Oh how I love the holidays.


              So congrats to all of you on your great runs and races, and take this weekend to get well. Many of you sound like you're fighting a bug and let's hope you are on teh mend.


              Happy runs - Carolyn

                Yay Friday!!  Blew off my runs the past two mornings.  Out late for Christmas parties and just didn't get my lazy tail out of bed.  Ready for a weekend so I can recharge!  Office party is today at lunch.  Would like to go home when that is over.  Not feeling very productive anyway.

                I did survive the party last night without eating like a maniac--will try to do the same today.  I did feel better afterwards knowing that I didn't eat 1a zillion calories at one sitting.


                Ugh!  Dogfight Wednesday!  Well, more of a squabble.  Apparently Ben didn't want to give up his chewie to Gracie and she bit him above and below the left eye.  Vet said the eye was ok, but the surrounding tissue is so swollen his eye is almost swollen shut.  Poor old man!  Doggie antibiotics and eye ointment.  He is a mess.  They are so funny.  When I came home, Gracie was sulking like she knew she was in trouble.  Poor Ben was so upset!  When we came home from the vet she kissed him all over the face.  I wonder what goes on in those doggie brains?  Was she apologizing? 


                Debating whether to do a local 5k tomorrow.  Heard it was fairly disorganized last year and it is $25.  But my gym is sponsoring it.  IDK.  Guess I will see if I feel like dealing with it in the morning. 


                Have a great day



                  Gatsbybird, Shadow of the Giants is a 50K just outside the south entrance to Yosemite -- starts & ends in Fish Camp. Karen did it the year before last. Mountainous but gorgeous, and the RD is a character. It's the weekend after Memorial Day. Would you be interested?


                  I may be driving up for Western States if Zipper from runango gets in -- the lottery is tomorrow. She lives in Virginia and will need crew help. (No I am not in the lottery. I don't qualify by a long shot.)


                  Ginny, glad your back has not been problematic since that one evening, stay away from DH until his cold is gone!


                  Susan, poor old Ben! Shame on Gracie. She should know not to try to take his chewie from him.


                  Not sure I'd want to pay $25 for a disorganized 5K, no matter who was sponsoring it.


                  Judy, I haven't had problems getting into runango, but I post a lot later in the day than you do.


                  Tracey, good luck with the blood work. Hate it when they say "nothing at all" to drink!


                  Laura, it sounds as if it is time to start looking for another job. What is it you do again?


                  Carolyn, a Yankee gift swap is a white elephant exchange, right? You could swap a gift for a tower of chocolate? Mmm...


                  Got in 2.5 this morning but will do more at lunch. And hauling DS out this evening if possible. He swiped some of the baked goods I made for the sale today and I intend to have him work off those calories!


                  Happy runs, everyone.


                  Run to live; live to run

                    Hi everyone.  I did 10.5 again today.  Bit cooler than it was.  I need to read the thread and I'll get back in a bit.


                      Ginny-I hear you on the longterm taper.  we know it's relative of course.  your taper to someone else is peak mileage or even dream mileage.  hard to keep that in perspecitve though.


                      Judy-glad cycling glove is good for something. LOL


                      Gator-relativity again... just ran in 38 degrees and rain.  saying among ultra runners "it ain't training if it ain't raining" still I did cut short the amount I wanted to do today.  If I had paid an entry fee I would have stuck it out but otherwise I preferred to get to warm dry car.


                      Laura-happy to review resume if you like.  no fun to be miserable at work.


                      Carolyn-let us know how the running on vicodin works out... could be my plan for next ultra.  kidding.


                      Sue-such doggie drama.


                      Tessa-someday.. Shadow of the Giants... someday.  nephew getting married first weekend in June in Sonoma. Checked out flights, hotels, car.  Ugh.  Won't be making that wedding. But have open offer from sis for us to visit another time and stay with them. 


                      Gatsby-I've been passed and beaten by men and women far older than I, even those with gait issues (that hurts I must admit) but more power to them.  Keep talking about your trail races.  I love living vicariously through others.


                      Disney-wonder how he would do on a trail where you have to stick to trail or youre running through the woods.  Really have to focus.


                      Lisa-hope you feel better soon!


                      Have today off from work so dropped off dd at school and headed to close by mountain bike trail.  6.25 mile loop.  Fun the first time around, tough the second time.  Not much overall elevation change but it's continuous up/down and twisty turny.  Love it but it does wear me down.  Want to be able to get in 3 loops with no issue but will need to work up to it.  Made me also think about putting on a Fat Ass run there and calling it Bury Me at Maybury.. Park name is Maybury Park.  Could theme it after Andy Griffin show with the Aunt Bea be ultra distance, Little Ricky (was that Ron Howard's name) be the 10k.  Or since there are a few oddities along the course (a 50's style car down a ravine in middle of woods, a tricycle hanging in a tree, and the grounds were once part of a psychiatric hospital for criminally insane) could go with a creepy sort of theme involving "legends" of how the forests are haunted by the people associated with those oddities.  In case one wonders what I think about during a 3 hour trail run... this would be an example. LOL


                      Slow time but pretty much on par for what I've run in past on that mountain bike trail.  38 and raining.  Not exactly optimal weather so I ditched after 2 loops.




                      Run to live; live to run

                        Ginny I think the title is fine!  Glad the back didn't tighten back up.  Maybe just a fluke thing.


                        Tracy glad you are feeling better.


                        Laura wow they have a lot of drama going on that is for sure.


                        Carolyn good luck on the run


                        Wow on the doggie fight.  They can be like children.  Hammy's latest if he wan't Quincy to move off his pillow is he will walk over to the door and bark but not his normal bark.  Of course Quincy gets up and Hammy runs over to the pillow Quincy was on and lays down.  Like kids fighting on who gets to sit on what part of the couch or in what chair.  I laughed when he did this yesterday.  Initially I was what in the world are you barking at and it is not his normal bark.  DH said he did it this am while I was running when Quincy parked himself on Hammy's nighttime pillow.


                        Tessa hope zipper gets in!  How fun that will be.


                        Now to see what I missed from yesterday.  



                        Oh.......SOOOOOO I'm the only moderator on here right now.  Anyone want to be a moderator as well?  Doubtful we ever have to do something but nice if something ever comes ups that we need to step in because of a problem in a thread or an attack from bored forumites that want to pick on the WF



                          LCruns - Ugh on the job problems....it does sound like time to start re-evaluating.  I know the grass isn't always greener, but sometimes you just have to try it! 


                          No running for me today - trudged out for some Christmas shopping tho.  Might run quick run tomorrow and then have 10 miles planned for Sunday.


                          I am having the hardest time keeping up with everyone this week.........I guess I am still on "Island time"...



                          LC Runs

                            Carolyn - sorry about the back pain, hope the med makes it manageable!


                            Sue - awww, poor doggy!


                            Tessa - hi there!  I am a social worker for people with developmental disabilities.  I used to enjoy it. but lately.....Roll eyes


                            Marjorie - great 10.5!


                            Lisa - Thank You for the offer.  If I can get my stuff together after the holiday, I will update and let you critique, has been a long time...


                            Carol - I wish I was in a position to move to Midland, that is where I would love to re-locate.  Stuck here for several more years though (I could commute, but have done that before and it didn't work well with trying to raise kids).  What time is your Sunday run group?  I was down there two weeks ago with old RP but don't think we're going to run together much in the future.  I would like to join in post-holiday, at leas sometimes!


                            Work went okay today, I am well liked and get my work done, so I'm not worried about getting canned right now.  But, the workload that we're about to take on, of course leads to being behind in deadlines, etc. which can get you in trouble.  Morale is pi$$ poor as you can imagine.  I do like our newest Supervisor, he's older and well experienced, seems like an easy going Mr. Magoo.  He doesn't start full time until mid December, so hopefully he will stick around and be a good addition.  I did find out that my co worker was officially canned because they found 'inappropriate content' on his flash drive.  He's been on thin ice for a few years, and this was something concrete they could get him on.  Drama, drama.  Glad it's the weekend!

                            Disney freak


                              Lisa Marie

                              • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
                              • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
                              • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
                              • training for Big D half on 4/14


                                LisaMarie, I wish I could have a margarita...unfortunately I am at work. I will probably be having wine this evening, though.


                                Lisa/MMR, someday we will get you to Shadow. How about Hatfield/McCoy? It's not that far a drive from Detroit...hint hint...


                                And I remember that park and it would be interesting to have an ultra there! Criminally insane, huh?


                                Marjorie, nice run. You are right about the dogs (or cats) being like children at times. I'm sure you had situations with your brother when the cookie or seat or pen or whatever that he got was immediately the one that you wanted also.


                                Not sure I'd be a good candidate for moderator, I'm not on often enough!


                                Carol, island time? Depends on which island. Caribbean time, yes, laid back. Manhattan, OTOH...


                                Laura, wow, that must be a tough job.


                                7.25 on the TM. I was cranking it, intervals of 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, fastest interval was 7:47 mpm. ! Then some kettle bells. I was going to dare the assisted pullup machine but someone was hogging it. And then I was in the locker room and the woman who'd chosen the TM next to mine wanted to know if I wasn't worried about damaging my knees by running. I suspect she regretted the question when I was still talking about 5 minutes later without having stopped for breath. (Not hostile, but definitely attempting to be persuasive.)


                                Back to work!