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beskirted & manicured

    RR - Sam is FB friends with another pacer, who picked up his race kit last night and posted a picture of the official bunny shirt on FB, which Sam promptly emailed to me.  In the past, the bunny shirts have always been red.  They are now blue and I realize this is the most first world/Patty problem EVER..but it threw me into a giant "OMG WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!?!!?" tizzy after having my outfit already planned in my head. I think I've got it figured out now.  

    Going to pick up my race kit tonight after DH gets home from work.


    ER - ST at the gym.


    TR - got home from work last night at 9:30 to a still awake B. He's sick too, had barely eaten, overtired and cranky.  Finally got him to bed at 10 pm after a butt rocket, he woke up at 1 am wanting something and again at 3:30 screaming for a bottle.


    FR - ate way too much kale yesterday (pretentious asshole massaged kale salad from WF; 3/4 of a tiny $8.99 bag of kale chips) and I need Spike's fart candle.  BBQ chicken pizza tonight.

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      zorbs-hahaha on the kale issues. Eep on the last minute outfit, glad you found out about it now, not race morning.


      RR: recovery run of 5-6 miles today. Tempo run went well yesterday with the 3 tempo miles avg 6:43.


      TR: has his 18 month dr check up today, hoping for no shots.


      NRR: having a good time with my mom!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        Zorbs - LOL to your outfit dilemma...I am glad you figured it out.  Time to buy something new?  So sorry that B is sick and cranky.  Glad he got some sleep though.  Wow...that is a lot of kale. I have still never even tried it.


        rg - Nice tempo pace...you are going to rock your marathon.  Enjoy your mom's visit.


        RR - 5 yesterday...probably the same today.  Never can get more than that in...work is getting in the waySmile


        TR - Woke up coughing this morning...AGAIN.  Daycare didn't say anything to me yesterday about his behavior so I guess they are managing for now.


        NRR - DH made me angry this morning.  Whenever he is home he helps with J in the morning and somehow we are ALWAYS late.  One would think that 2 people getting a toddler ready would make things go faster...nope...DH is so slow with EVERYTHING he drives me nuts.  It makes me feel like he doesn't value my time or my job.  Yes, I have a job and yes, I need to be there on time.  If DH has a meeting to be at he gets there because he doesn't have to do the daycare drop off.  He also doesn't do the daycare pick up so he can stay at work later....grrrr!  I am in a bad mood today so everything is bothering me.


        FR - Hoping to pick up Panera on the way home!


          RR - 5k easy with the stroller this morning. Tomorrow I will rest, so last run before Sunday's half!


          TR - Was a little bit whiny from teething last night, but mostly snugly, so I can't complain. She kept saying "Ma ma ma" and resting her head on my shoulder and kissing me Smile Her new thing is to pull my shirt down and either blow a big raspberry on my chest or else just look down my shirt and laugh. Boobs are hilarious!


          NRR - Jack and Jill tonight for the wedding I'm in next weekend. I'm actually just going early to help set up and then staying for a couple of hours with S and then coming home. This probably makes me a bad bridesmaid, but I begged out of staying for the whole event with the excuse I couldn't find a babysitter. Even though I didn't actually look for a babysitter. The event was thrown together last minute by the groom's brother and I have had some sort of party every single weekend for the past month and couldn't handle the idea of late night tonight + up early with S tomorrow + taking care of S on my own all day tomorrow since DH is working + half marathon on Sunday.




          zorbs - Eek, now you are making me nervous about not having my outfit planned yet! Naturally I have continued to obsessively check the forecast all week, even after admitting that I was being stupid. I hope B is feeling better today! How is your cold? Did the Nyquil take care of it?


          rg - Nice tempo run, speedy! I think they do one shot at the 18-month check up here but I'm just going from memory of the chart I saw at the dr's office during S's last check up, so I could be wrong.

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            RR:  Not too sure.  Originally it was supposed to be an SRD, but I had to rest on Wednesday because of the snow.  Thinking about just a short 3.1 for good measure.  Thoughts?


            TR:  Was okay for me last night.  It was just the two of us again.  I love snuggling with him in the recliner before bed.  Probably my favorite part of the day.


            NRR:  DH had his man plans so I rushed after work and was home by 4:15. (Super early for me.)  I am glad that he went out, he deserves it, but this is the second time in a couple weeks and I haven't done anything with friends probably since November.  Not that he doesn't "let" me, the opportunities just aren't there.  Such is life I guess.


            FR:  Stopped at McDonalds this morning for a coffee.  I haven't had any since we found out.  Its going down okay.


            PGR:  Someone asked, my next appointment is March 21st for the 12 week Downs scan.  It wouldn't change anything, but I like to see the baby and to be reassured with measurements etc.  I will see my OB the next day for my 12 week appointment.



            zorbs - That is too funny about the outfit.  I get upset too when I have something planned in my head and someone/thing changes it.  Glad you got it figured out.


            rg - I don't think they do shots....I feel like all J got was the flu shot at that appointment.


            jen - I hope you are able to get your Panera fix tonight and it puts you in a better mood!


            ernie - Have fun tonight.  Sadly, I use J as an excuse to get out of a lot of things! Smile

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              RR - will probably run a few easy miles this morning.  My knee is kind of bothering me though so if it hurts at all I'll stop.  Playing in a tennis tournament tonight, and probably at least one more match tomorrow, depending on if we win or lose.  It's supposed to be COLD though, I'm not really looking forward to it!


              BR - was awake screaming at 3:15. I went in and rocked with him for about 45 minutes and he fell back to sleep but then woke up again when I left.  He settled down soon after that.  Not sure what was up, but I'm tired today!


              KR - DD3's birthday in a week.  She keeps talking about "my party" but I'm not planning a party because we're leaving for spring break the next day so I need to come up with a fun substitute pretty quick here.


              FR - DH wants to pick up pizza.  Fine with me, I'll be playing tennis.


              NRR - had an appt to get a massage this morning to use up a GC DH got me for Mother's Day last year but I need to reschedule because I forgot I was playing tennis later and I don't want to be all relaxed before a tennis match.  He's getting mad I haven't used it but I feel like there's never a good time, there's always too much going on!  I can't get a relaxing massage while thinking of all the other things I need to do that day.


              zorbs - have you paced a race before?  It sounds fun!  I probably would have had a temporary freak out about the outfit too, I need to plan way ahead.  lol at all the kale!


              rg - great speedy run yesterday!  that reminds me I need to make L's 18 month appt, where does the time go?!?


              jen - your daycare situation reminded me of DD1's first preschool where her teacher would give me a "naughty report" just about every other day.  I didn't know what to do at home about her behavior at school and I stressed over it.  But then the next year when she got a different teacher the reports were much better.  I think some of it is the teacher and how they handle things too.  Sorry about DH - I was mad at mine yesterday too because he was sitting down playing on the internet while I was running around cleaning up the kitchen, packing lunches, getting kids ready for bed.  I don't understand how they can see us doing all this stuff and not offer to help out more?!


              ernie - I think you have a good excuse to come home early!  I made up a couple of excuses about when I could go to a bachelorette party at the end of April, which I'm sure are lame to the bride.  Good luck in your half this weekend!!


                rr: probably something on the tm...still feeling burned out though.


                tr: dd2 was just cuting out a paper doll and she looked beyond cute concentrating so hard.


                br: starting saying "purple." before i put him to bed as i'm holding him i give him a kiss. he now has started making me give his monkey and blankie a kiss too.


                nrr: have the busiest weekend ever. tonight i am going to a performance with my sister and friend. tomorrow dh is taking the girls ice fishing and then we have our make up cousin cards all day/night. also stopping by my friend's house who lives close to cousin cards since i haven't seen her new house yet. sunday dh is ice fishing in the morning while the girls have sunday school and then we are headed down to see some friends for the rest of the day/night.


                nrr2: since we never get to milwaukee anymore i am trying to figure out all the places i need to go since we'll be there saturday and close to it on saturday. ah, yes, that's what i get for moving to a town of 3,000.


                fr: no clue for tonight. hoping maybe my sister will bring up qdoba for us!


                bll for personals. gonna hit the tm before c wakes up!




                  RR:  Slept through my alarm this morning Sad


                  TR:  Came to our bed at 2:30 this morning and wanted to sleep on me.  I got in his bed instead.


                  NRR:  Jewelry party tonight.


                  FR:  Pizza night.


                  Clients this morning, will be back this afternoon.




                    RR - maybe ellipt today...


                    BR - visit from the nanny went well... C was playing and social.. the nanny helped me put her down for a nap, went to get her when she woke up and gave her a snack.  She's worked with lots of babies/toddlers over the years, although I feel sad for her b/c she and her husband just stopped fertility treatments after 8 years.  I can tell she loves kids.


                    NRR - DH forgot to plug the monitor in before he went to sleep (again) and the low battery beeping woke me up (again) at 5:30.  Sigh.



                    zorbs - good luck in your race this weekend!!!


                    jen - sorry about the DH issues... yea, mine is slow too... when i ask him to put C in the car seat or get her coat on, he makes it a game and wants to play with her so what takes me 5 minutes to do ends up taking 15 with his "help."


                    arm - when I go for massages, I have a hard time relaxing too... the MT and I always end up chatting and then I start thinking about random things..


                    rg - hope the check up goes well..


                    mer - do you have to do the 12 week scan?  I remember my OB telling me that the down's test is done with the 12 week no matter what....


                    ernie - have a great half!  Do you have a goal time in mind?


                    becky - mmm pizza... i could always go for pizza.. when i was nursing a lot and not eating dairy, i craved pizza more than anything..


                    mrsz - i'm feeling a bit burnt too.. i think running on the TM will do that to you!


                      RR: rest day

                      NRR/RR2: I am sick, Just a head cold but I am having a rest and recuperate day to feel really sorry for myself. it is also snowing outside. yesterday I really didn't want to run and I had to convince myself to go (I never ever feel like that, I always want to run) so I knew my body was feeling run down. Just nose blowing, no aches and pains so I think it will go as quickly as it came. Ended up doing the planned 10 yesterday as DS slept for about an hour in stroller.

                      RR3: saw a wild deer on my 10m yesterday. It was an incredible moment. My camera lens was all foggy and frozen though.

                      NNR2: went to target - twice yesterday. How sad is that. I forgot to get a broom. Last night I swept the downstairs floors  - I am calling that major ER. And had a huge kerfluffle in Target as they wouldn't sell me over the counter Nyquill for DH. They scanned my bermy license but they it wouldn't take the post code. Don't come to bermy hotel expecting hard drugs cos I can't buy them. Of course this was to the entertainment of 4 staff asking me if I had ever been lost in the bermuda triangle.

                      BR: huge crash followed by screams last night at 2.15. DH and I did 10m dash to his room to find he had fallen out of bed. DH was first on scene and did great comforting moves and then I finished off with nursing back to sleep. All in space of 5 mins. He sleeps on a mattress on a floor so it was as low as could have been.

                      BR2: we were supposed to have a playdate with nashville supermom but I am sick so I think we might postpone. I was really looking forward to company.

                      BR3: they are digging the foundations for the houses next door to ours. I thought it was going to annoy me no end but DS watched the diggers for ages at the window. He loves it. Perfect!

                      FR: eating up fridge before flying to bermy on sunday. Eggs, fruit smoothies (i.e. whatever is in the fridge shoved in blender).

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                      Bad Ass Mother Runner



                        RR - 4-5k w/ RP this morning.


                        TR - is so funny at music class, she's going to be a teachers pet for sure!  All the other kids sit w/ their moms and keep a close eye on mom, M sits right infront of the teacher and copies everything she does.


                        BR - boob is feeling much better.  I filled out the Rx anyway to bring with to FL just incase (Bermy - I can post it to you if you want some good drugs Wink ).  Pharmacist made like it's pretty common for dr's to mess up who the Rx is written to.


                        FR - pot roast yesterday was very good, leftovers tonight.


                        NRR - need to see if I can arrange the carseats in our car so that a person can ride in the back w/ them - for the drive to the airport w/ MIL next week.  I think I'll also start w/ laundry and laying items out this weekend - I'm getting excited!!!

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                        Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                          Jen - I am with you on the DH thing! My DH also takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to do any baby-related task. I will ask him to have S ready at a certain time and she never will be. He is supposed to get her dressed and fed in the morning while I work but he constantly comes in and out of my office asking me for help. Even though he is clearly capable of doing it on his own. I think we need to leave them alone with the kiddies and go away for a weekend so they can do it on their own! Enjoy your Panera tonight.


                          Mer - If you're feeling good, go for the 3.1! Glad you had a good night snuggling but definitely make some plans to go out with your friends soon! Has the idea of coffee made you feel sick up until now or were you just trying to avoid caffeine?


                          Arm - I'd probably skip the run if the knee is bugging, especially since you'll be running around on the court anyway. Can you take DD3 to a fun play place or swimming or something so that she has a birthday outing even though it's not a party? Boo to the night wake up...once you get used to STTN again, even getting woken up once is exhausting!


                          Mrszm - Can you get a run in outside soon? It might perk you up to be outside after all the TM runs. Aw on the baby kisses. What is qdoba?


                          Becky - Oh no on sleeping through the alarm! Was the kiddo up late again in addition to the middle of the night wake up? Pizza and  jewelry party sounds like a good Friday night.


                          Cx2 - Glad things went well with the nanny. My reach goal for my half is 1:40 but I will be happy to just PR.


                          Bermy - Yes, rest up, please! You have been so busy with moving and running and setting up house and taking care of ds! You have to show your driver's license to buy Nyquil? Is it one of those things that people use to make crystal meth or something?

                          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                            Ernie – Good luck on your half on Sunday!  Glad S was nice and snuggly last night…baby hugs are the best.  I hope you get home at a decent time tonight and have fun while you are there.  You have definitely had a lot of late nights and need to be rested for a busy weekend.


                            Mer – I don’t think it will really matter if you run today or not but maybe something little to get the legs moving would be good.  I hope you can find a time to do something with friends soon too.  I don’t have any friends here so that isn’t an issue for meJ


                            Arm – Good luck in your tennis tournament…stay warm!  I hope you can find something fun for DD3 to do to celebrate her birthday.  Sorry about L being up screaming…45 min is a long time to rock him…glad he settled down again.  Yes, on the DH situation.  Why do they not realize that they SHOULD offer to help.  My DH usually says…well if you need help just ask.  And I say, well if you’re considerate then you should offer!


                            Mrszm – Sorry you are still feeling burned out.  You do have a busy weekend…I hope you can keep it all straight.  Sounds like a lot of fun activities though so I hope you enjoy it.  Are you going to hit lulu in MKE?  What performance are you going to?


                            Becky – Boo to C crawling in your bed and forcing you out.  Have fun at the jewelry party and enjoy the pizza.  What kind of jewelry is it?


                            Ctimes – Glad C liked the nanny and that the nanny was good with C.  Yep…totally my DH…he wants to make it fun and play games while they get ready to go and it takes FOREVER!


                            Bermy – So sorry you are sick.  I hope you recover quickly.  Great job on the 10 miles yesterday.  Poor DS falling off his bed.  Has he ever done that before?  LOL...to no Nyquil.  That stinks!!  Ha I bet you have heard the Bermuda Triangle one before…if not, get ready to hear it a lot here.


                            CA – Glad the boob is feeling better.  Sounds like M really likes her music teacher which is great.  I would be excited about Florida next week too.  I still have 4 more weeks to wait until I get to go.  I hope you can get some stuff packed up this weekend.


                              armmama - Sorry for the early morning wake up call.  I hope your knee is good to you duirng your run and you have a blast at tennis!


                              mrszm - Is it just running that you are feeling burned out with or the routine of the day?  Either way, I hope you find some "freshness" in it all.  Sounds like a jam packed weekend!


                              beckykay - Boo to the visitor in the middle of the night!  Enjoy the jewelry party and pizza tonight!


                              cx2 - I can imagine that would be hard pouring your love in to others' children knowing you can't have your own.  I'm glad the visit went well though.  For me at least, the 12 week scan has always been optional.  With J, and a different OB, I was able to scheudle the appointments on the same day.  This is a bigger clinic, so I have to go somewhere else for the scan, and then my OB will go through the results with me at my appointment.


                              bermy - My DH and J would be glued to the action of digging all day!  Built in entertainment is awesome.  Sorry you are not feeling well.  That has to be tough on your body with the climate change.  How long of a flight is it from Bermy to Nashville?


                              CAR - Glad the boob is feeling better.  Clogged ducts feel the worst.  Good luck with the car logistics.  I am excited for you for Florida! Smile


                              ernie - I was avoiding the caffiene more than anything.  However the coffee just didn't taste great this morning.  I have the day off next Friday.  Maybe I will try to make some plans...we shall see.


                              jen - A student asked to stay after today, so me getting to the fitness center before it closes it out for today.  I might try to run on the crappy TM here or go to the HS.

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                              Honorary Old

                                RR: Rest day yesterday. 3-4 today in what is supposed to be 60*F weather, however it appears like its going to be pretty blustery and overcast. I'm going to leave R at daycare and pick him up after my run.


                                RR2- Hired a babysitter for my long run tomorrow- DH is actually going to be around but he's on fire command so can't be left alone with R in case he has to leave on a fire call. I'm proud of DH's service and volunteerism in my community, but it can be a huge PITA to me. While he's off fighting fire I'm picking up the pieces trying to make sure crap gets done and rearranging my whole schedule to accomodate. Every once in a while it really gets to me, but most of the time I'm fine with it.


                                BR: He is so bratty if he is in the car more than 10 minutes. Yesterday when we were 5 minutes from the allergist office he started screetching that he had to go potty, so I got there as quickly as I could and he didn't even have to go. Then he was screaming "No!!!!" the last 5 miles on the way back. This morning he was really sweet and an absolute gem, these toddler mood swings are so exhausting.


                                FR: Pizza. We were supposed to go out with friends so I ate really light at breakfast and lunch and then after a long day, I called DH on the way home from the allergist and asked him what kind of junk food he wanted for dinner, and he said he was just about to call me and tell me he wanted to order pizza. We got a hawaiian pizza and a thin crust chicken/olive/jalepeno pizza- very spicy and hit the spot.


                                NRR: Ate too light earlier in the day and I got a really bad sinus/tension headache and had the low blood sugar crabbies. Reid was screetching in his highchair and I told him to "Shut it," DH avoided me until I got some food in my belly then we had a nice relaxed evening after that. SOOOOOOOOOO glad its Friday.

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