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    zorbs- Luckily, with  your collection, you already have the nail polish part covered.


    runnergirl- R had to have a Hep B and flu shot, I think, at his 18 mos checkup. Glad you are having a good time with your mom.


    Jen- I was in a mood like that yesterday, hope you feel better- chin up, its Friday!  DH is really slow at getting R ready, too. I think its because he has less practice.


    Ernie- If I ever have to been in another wedding, it will be too soon.


    Mer- how many running days will you have in a row? My max is 3-4 days in a row without a rest day. If you keep it light and easy and maybe do a few strides at the end, 5k would probably be great. I guess OBs here are lazy, I called to make an appt when I was expecting R and they don't even see you until you are 12 weeks here. I was almost 14 weeks at my first appt because my Dr. got jury duty and had to reschedule me.


    armama- hope you find time for your massage soon. R has been up all hours of the night this week and its killing me. I cannot wait for our new house with the master bedroom on the other side of the house from the kids rooms.


    mzm- I live in a small town too and have to drive at least an hour to shop someplace other than walmart. That's what Amazon Prime is for. I don't even want to know how much I have spent on Amazon this past year.


    Becky- I hate home sale parties, I feel like you have to order something to be polite. Is it Lia Sophia? I was invited to one of those but didn't go.


    cx2- that's sad about your nanny. Maybe she will adopt?


    Bermy- that is lame that they wouldn't sell you Nyquil. In Washington they keep Sudafed behind the pharmacy counter because of meth cooks. Sorry you have a cold, I'm sure it will move on quickly with your super clean diet. I'm at 2.5 weeks of congestion. I'm not sick anymore but my sinuses seem to think I am.  I plan on keeping DS in his crib as long as possible, that kid is a wiggly thrasher.


    CA- hate moving carseats around. We have one for each car so that I don't have to LOL.  Glad the boob is doing better.

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      RR:  6 mi, probably with the stroller.


      BR:  I was so sad to drop him off at day care this morning.  His usual teacher was sick so he had to go to a different room.  He was bawling and the whole time the new teacher was giving me orders to wash his hands, go get his diapers from the other room, etc.  I feel like that should be her job!  She seemed frustrated when I couldn't find the diapers...of course I don't know where they are, it's not my job!  I am just praying H doesn;t get sick again from being around new kids.  I will try to pick him up early.


      NRR:  Came to the library today to get some studying done.  Usually I keep H home on Fridays and we play but I need to find a better way to get my studying done so I am attemping to get some work done today when day care is an option.  I am going to pick him up early and then we are going to get him a haircut and I am going to stop by lulu to buy some new pants.  Also need to return my athleta ones I don't like.


      zorbs:  Sorry about the kale gas...


      RG:  Woah mama, you are so fast!  How long is your mom in town?


      jen:  My DH is so slow too!  It drives me absolutely crazy.  His name is Nolan and my parents actually nicknames him Slowlan.  It's funny because he is a really fast runner and obviously has to move fast in his line of work, but at home he is so slow.


      ernie:  Haha, love the boob story.  H is also fascinated with pulling down my shirt.


      arm:  I hope you can find time to fit in that massage!


      mrszm:  Where do you live again?  I have a cousin in Milwaukie!


      becky:  Are you hosting the party or just attending?


      cx2:  Glad the meeting with the nanny went well.  How much longer till you go back?


      bermy:  We have a pack of deer that roam our neighborhood in Colorado Springs  We call them the neighborhood deer.  Sometimes they will just take a nap in your backyard.  Hope you are feeling better soon!!  vit C, hydrate, and rest!


      mer:  Yay how exciting.  will that be your first US?


      CA:  Where in FL are you headed again?  I am so jealous.


      spike:  I totally feel your pain about DH.  While I know I should appreciate the sacrifice DH makes, I also struggle with feeling like he is selfish for doing it because it leave me with so much work!

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        Jewerly party - back when I played tennis, one of the ladies - her sister is a jewelry designer in Cali and when she comes to VA, she hosts a party at bosslady's house to show off her latest stuff.  NOT one of those other jewelry parties....those suck.  I thought it was tomrrow afternoon though so that screws up my plans for today, especially since I missed the alarm this morning.  Boo.  Oh well, I will get over it.


        Zorbs:  Hahahah on the fart candle.  Ut oh on the outfit, what did you figure out?  Oh and I love the inknburn skirt.


        Shelby:  I hope you get some studying done and hooray for lulu trip Smile


        cx2:  How sad for the nanny though, at least you know she loves kids.


        Spike:  I know, I don't really want to buy anything at the party but I feel that I have to.  Its not cheap either.


        Ok, need to go back to page one I can't remember anymore....


          RG:  Hooray for mom visiting!   I am so bummed that mine bailed on vacation.


          Jen:  Ha!  Sounds like my dh, only he is slightly more helpful/speedier.


          Ernie:  Ugh on the wedding.  I am lucky, I don't think I will ever have to be a bridesmaid Smile  Good luck this weekend!


          Mer:  Its the opposite for me, DH never has man plans but I always have plans....mostly running related though so I don't think they count Smile  I live off coffee but when I was preggo, I couldn't stand the taste until near the end.  I guess gods way of weaning me off of caffeine.


          Bermy:  Wow how awesome, C would be so in love with the diggers as well.  Hope you feel better.  How weird that they wouldn't sell you drugs....


          MrsZM:  With all that going on, no wonder you feel burnt out!  Hope you get through your weekend!


          CA:  Hooray for vacation!  i am getting excited too although my beach trip won't be as warm as yours Smile


          Ernie:  He only made it to 9 p.m. so I was excited to get to bed early....nope.  Dh and the dog were up until about 1 a.m.


          Spike:  It gets pretty old for me when DH gets a call in the middle of the night to come work on a case, but it is his job.  I think I would be super pissed if he didn't it and wasn't getting paid for it.....I know there needs to volunteers out there but come on, I need stability.


            spike - I thought about it and it will only be 3, but if I have the full energy it will be 21 miles in 3 days.  Crazy when my weekly mileage is around 28 or 29!  My DH gets really cranky without food too.  I always tip toe around until he has eaten and calmed down a little bit.  I get cranky too, just not nearly as bad as he does!


            shelby - I hope you get lots of studying done.  I like going places that cut me off from the rest of the world.  I am way too distracted by the Internet!  It will be our second ultrasound.  They did one at my initial appointment because I didn't have dates for them to work off.  So we had to know how far along I was!

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              Spike - Totally understandable that you get frustrated with DH's changing schedule. Are you generally able to find a babysitter when you need one? That would definitely help. I love weddings and I love parties but I am just partied out at the moment and would rather be having a quiet Friday night in and an early bedtime! Oh well, I should be able to have a quiet night tomorrow so that will do.


              Shelby - Ugh, sounds like a stressful drop off this morning. I hope the new teacher ended up being nice despite her initial bossiness and he has fun today! Dropping ds off at daycare for at least part of the day to study at the library is a great idea. You'll get more work done and it gives you some quiet time. Ha ha ha....love the Slowlan nickname.


              CA - I'm getting excited for you about your Florida trip! Hope your root canal goes well.

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                Becky- DH does actually get a "reimbursement stipend" from the volunteer association. For command shifts its a low rate that equates to about $50/weekend, and then on calls they use a point system so the more calls you go to, the more you get from the reimbursement pool, so every 6 mos DH gets a check for $1500-2000 usually, but its peanuts when you consider how much time he spends down there.  DH is a captain on the department and does a lot of extracurricular training and mentoring for the guys, but its also his main hobby besides going to the gym. I'm really glad that DH gave up the volunteer police officer thing, it was too much on top of the fire department. I usually complain more about DH going hunting than to the fire house because at least the fire dept usually doesn't cost us money for gas/supplies and I know where to find him if I need him.


                Mer- I run most of my miles on F/Sat/Sun too, I'm running about 20-25 mpw and log 12-15 on the weekends. I would just play it by ear, if you feel good and have the energy this afternoon when its time to run, go for it. If you don't feel like doing it, listen to your body and rest.

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                  Ernie- I rely on R's Godmother a lot because they just love eachother so much and she doesn't charge me, but she tends to cancel on me last minute and it leaves me scrambling. My mom also lives about 30 mins away and we have her babysit occasionally too. Mostly I just try to get stuff done during daycare hours. The girl I hired has babysat for me once before- I usually just swap babysitting favors with my friends so I'm not used to paying for babysitting. The three hours of babysitting will cost me more than a full 10 hour day of daycare.

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                    back for a few personals. got in 3.1 on the tm before c woke up again this morning.


                    zorbs: yup, i have nothing that would got with blue but black. have so much fun being a bunny!


                    rg: good luck at the appointment. i don't think there are any scheduled at 18 months unless some were pushed off in previous months.


                    jen: yum to panera. what do you usually get?


                    ernie: what is jack and jill? qdoba is a made to order mexican joint with the best burritos ever.


                    mer: burned out with running; it is starting to feel like a chore.l i ran 3 days in a row and my hip starting hurting. makes me wonder if i will ever be able to run long distances. and with all the mileages others posted on fb even with running 4 days a week i am no where near that.


                    arm: my knee was hurting during my run this morning; i am thinking i need new shoes. how cold? Wink


                    becky: homemade or ordered in pizza?


                    cx2: did the nanny have an opinion on the c's sitting up from laying down? glad she was social with the nanny!


                    bermy: sorry you're sick! dh and i were behind a guy trying to buy nyquil amongst 50 other things; they carded him (he was probably 40+), he didn't have his id and they refused to sell it to him. best part was when he answered, "guess i won't be having fun with that tonight." Wink i offered to buy it for him.


                    car: where are you going to in florida? i am so utterly jealous.


                    spike: i love hawaiian pizza!!!!


                      mrszm - high in the 40s!  and rain/snow overnight.  that's cold for us, and really cold for tennis!  Smile


                        arm: okay, i'll give that one to you Wink


                          Mrszm - A Jack and Jill is kind of a combo bachelor/bachelorette party plus fundraiser for the wedding. They usually rent out the community centre and it's a party with dancing but they make money off ticket and booze sales and usually have games and 50/50 draws. I've also heard them referred to as Buck and Does. I think it's a small town thing. When I lived in Toronto, I never heard of anyone having one but now that I live in the boonies, I've been to a ton of them.

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                            Zorbs – crisis narrowly averted with colours of bunny shirt. How cool to be pacing a race. You are “up there” in the ranks of running. Ditto on kale – I got the kale with chocolate ones and they did the same things.


                            Rg – fantastic pace. Great job – were you hanging onto that pace or did it feel great?


                            Jen – sorry I didn’t get back to you. I meant daycare need to operate like you do – one-on-one – e.g. follow his clues – he clearly wants to climb and use his body – so let him – but in a safe environment. He is yearning adult stimulation – he deserves it. Daycare are being lazy and short-sighted to expect a 17mo to play independently. I would arrange a meeting with them to tell them exactly what you think your son needs and how you would like them to take care of him in your absence. If no luck, check out other day cares or think about another solution e.g. parttime/ hire a man-ny for the afternoons for roughhousing/ climbing etc. Never fallen out of bed before.


                            Mer – you wouldn’t need to be a fly on the wall, you would be next to me with your son. And you would pull me aside and say “stop talking now bermy, just walk out”. I think I would drive you nutty. Yay for scan coming up – very exciting. 2 flights – 30 mins to Atlanta and then 3 hours to bermy.


                            Ernie – DS did same raspberry blowing thing to me – he would unlatch and then blow huge raspberries all over my boobs like it was the funniest game ever as it made a really cool sound. I could buy nyquill regular just not nyquill D. No idea what the difference is, and with my substance history I am not taking nyquill.


                            Arm – agree on massage – never being the right time. I think a Sunday night would be perfect but which salon is open then?!


                            Mrszm – please don’t hate me for the jeans thing. Fun on busy weekend. Ice fishing sounds brutal but kinda fun. Your town is very very small. Do you know everyone? Wish you could have bought me cold meds for my DH. I felt like a law breaker.


                            Becky – DH asked me “do you think the supermoms would like a TV in their bedroom?” I thought that was great. Erm, yes DH, yes.


                            Cx2 – not cool on being woken up unnecessarily. Very annoying.


                            CA – I could buy nyquill regular just not nyquill D. No idea what the difference is, and with my substance history I am not taking nyquill. Glad your boob is getting better.


                            Spike – watch that blood sugar. Know on relying on someone who is busy for running – I just do it myself. I would be able to run about 8m per week if I did it when DH was home. Cold is clearing already.


                            Shelby – can’t believe how much you achieve in one day – and add those all up together. You really amaze me.

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                              Bermy- You couldn't buy Nyquil-D because it has Sudephedrine in it which is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, so they track your purchases via your driver's license number. People under 18 are not allowed to purchase it either. Meth cooks pay people to go and buy as many pills as they are allowed at different places all over town. Had to be legislated to try to stop drug manufacture and abuse, but I guess its not working since Meth is just as rampant as ever.

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                                Sorry, I'm gonna be a jerk and not do personals.  To whoever asked, we're going to Ft Meyers...  next wed morning!!  YAY, I'm going to go through my baby clothes bins to find O some summer clothes Smile

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