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      so glad it's friday and so glad it's warm!!!!


      NRR: finally warmed up. finally! so remember the 6 inches of snow on Monday? ha! it was something like 63 here yesterday and it's supposed to be upper 60s today and 70s this weekend. yup, I live in a weird world. Last night we met with the wedding coordinator and that went well. I went with my parents, and M. So it was good to have everyone absorb the info. I also thought of a couple of things my sis could do/ help with. personal attendant, or host and keeping track of the details. she's an event planner by profession, so she might run with the second. On the other hand, my friend Misti who's my personal attendant (as currently assigned) might be better at the details/ organization too... so I'll check with my sis first to see what she thinks, and really hope the conversation goes well. After that meeting we met up with M's friend and his girlfriend to BWW to watch the NFL draft. It was fun to kick back, drink some beer and eat some wings. Tomorrow is the shower that M's aunt is throwing for me. that's in the morning. then in the evening it's going shopping for mothers' dresses and maybe dads' suits for the wedding. Since we're all together for the shower (except the guys), we might as well go shopping afterwards!


      RR: tonight M and I run our last long 12 miler before the brookings half in two weeks. tomorrow we're too busy to get it in.

      Whew! that's it. Back later.


        Morning Ladies! TGIF!


        RR: nothing today. I did walk for 20 minutes last night though.


        NRR: My incision is completely healed. No soreness, no tenderness. I was even able to roll over in bed last night without worrying about pain! So I talked to Dr. Hottie Jr. yesterday because he called to set up a post op visit. He said that the tubing becoming dislodged and forming a cyst is a very rare complication--seen in about 1% of all shunt surgeries. However, 95% of that 1% end up with an infection. I am so grateful that there is no infection! Leave it to me to get some crazy side effect! haha.


        I am heading to my parent's tonight. I have an open house for my summer camp and I will also get to see K. She's rolling over now and babbling. I can't wait to snuggle!


        Lizo: Enjoy the warm weather! This time of year is always crazy. One day it's 30 degrees, the next day 75!




          RR: Will run this weekend... and hopefully get a workout in both days.


          NRR: Its getting warm here too finally! I'm braving the short sleeves today even! Through the weekend we're having high 60s and next week getting into the 70s! It makes me sad though... the big 8K race that I run every year is this weekend. There's a 2-mile walk too that DH would do with A. We thought about taking the whole family and doing the walk together since I'm not running that far yet, but usually about every other year the weather for this race is cold and rainy, so we didn't sign up because we thought the weather would be horrible! Its OK though... 20,000 participants makes it a real hassle to get around. So we'll do something else outside instead. Not much else going on other than looking forward to making up for lost sleep this weekend! Looking forward to next weekend, I'll have two four-day weeks in a row because we're taking a long weekend for my brother's college graduation. We're both excited and nervous about the long trip with two kids but I'm sure it will be fun... and nice to get a little time off work.

          MA runner girl



            RR: Walked just a mile yesterday because C got hungry, but I did walk around the mall with the stroller too so that's something. Planning on heading out for another mile run this morning.


            NRR: Last night was a little better. I think C is going through a growth spurt, he's just not sleeping a lot, but definitely eating! I pumped for the first time this morning after he ate. DH is excited to finally feed him! Smile Yesterday C and I went shopping at the mall, it went ok, he was cranky and started crying when we got to the checkout line in both stores, he likes to move! I survived though, and got some stuff I really needed. Today we are going to my grandparents!


            Liz - Enjoy your shower this weekend, and the nice weather! About time you don't have snow anymore...


            RLTW - I'm glad you are healed already! Yay! How long until you can start running again? Have a great weekend with your family!


            Monk - Good luck getting in your workouts and catching up on sleep this weekend!


            Have a great day!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: Headed out for some trail miles with Fay shortly. Met with the PT last night, and I am excited about my new ST routine.


              NRR: I was hella productive yesterday - I went through a bunch of stuff and found a lot to give away/sell on Craig's List, etc. I am excited about that. The flipside is I had a really hard time getting to sleep. I finally fell asleep for good around 1:30. Boo. I don't think I'll have to go into work today, which would be great. I have all this stuff to follow up on.


              Lizo - Busy next few days for you, huh!  I bet your sister was hoping you'd rely on her expertise more in helping to plan the wedding. Enjoy your warm weather! No more shoveling!!


              RLTW - Glad your incision is healed. Have fun with K this weekend!


              Monk - Enjoy the weather! I'm not sure I'd want to be around 20,000 people, either.


              MA - Sounds like you are getting more comfortable with taking C out and about. Maybe I'm going through a growth spurt, too - I haven't been sleeping, but I have definitely been eating. :P


                MA: I go back to Boston on Wednesday to have my incision looked at. I think he will probably clear me to run at that point. If not then, than I'd assume by the following week Smile




                  RR: Planning a run today, maybe something short, plus ST.


                  NRR: Apartment hunting sucks. We looked at another place yesterday, which was in an old Victorian house, very well restored and maintained and quite beautiful, but the kitchen and living area were tiny. Huge bathroom and bedroom, but man...I don't know if I could survive with that kitchen! I just e-mailed about another place. Blah. We might be going to VT this weekend to visit with CRF's friends. Not sure. And my grandmother has an oncology appointment today to find out if she has any options for treatment. Fingers crossed it's not all bad news.


                    Lucy: love and miss you!


                      OMG, even when I hide from crazy coworker, she still manages to find me! I've been hiding in my room for the past 20 minutes trying to eat my lunch. And then, she finds me the last 10 minutes! This lady just doesn't know when to let up! AHHHHH


                        ARGH! Just got a call that my landlord needs to show the real estate agent the apartment at 5 p.m. I did NOT wash the dinner dishes from last night and our spare room is an absolute disaster area. They're supposed to give 24-hour notice for this stuff! OMG.


                          Lucy - I am feeling your pain with the apartment search. You still have another month, though, right?  You will find something. Most of the cute places around here won't allow pets, and the ones I've seen so far that do aren't acceptable to me. I don't love my current place, but I'm not going to rush out and move into some crappy place just to move.