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Frolicsome Friday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Will you frolic today?  Post. Wink



    Mighty Mouse

      Thursday I had a 45 minute track run with coach. It was a good run. Cardio with light hand weights as well after I got home for 35 minutes.

      After all this exercise I sleep well and awaken ravenous though.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



      Fire Jumper

        Good morning, all!


        DH and I will be packing and leaving for Albany, NY this afternoon.  The Icebreaker 5K is in the morning.  It should be about 40 and sunny at race time; tolerable.  I'm looking forward to it.


        My running group is going to start today... regardless!  The runs on C25K W1-D1 are 60 seconds at a time.  So, for me, it doesn't really count as a run.  It's a walk.


        LC - Jazzie and I actually started training for therapy dog work to help her.  She was a terribly skittish dog, and our obedience coach suggested that we take her through the therapy dog training to increase her confidence.  I did not think that she would ever be able to actually pass the test and do the work.  But the training did wonders.  She is certified through Therapy Dogs International.  Once she was certified, there was no trouble finding places for her to go visit.  We visit the hospital, the assisted living facility and the college around finals times.  If she's wearing her credentials, some stores will allow her to go in with me (like Walmart).  That's fun too.  It's like impromptu therapy!


        Camille - That is fascinating about the injections.  I'm glad that they're helping, and I hope that you goals of hiking boots will be realized very soon!  As for the race... I might be interesting in WALKING up Brasstown Bald, but not running it!


        Marjorie - So sorry that your Dad is driving you nuts.  It really stinks when you know that a mental illness is most likely driving the poor/impulsive decision making and there's nothing you can do about it.


        Tessa - hope the workout went well!


        Karen - ugh.  The nightmare flight... ill behaved children.  The worst, for me, is 1) loud and 2) kicking the back of my seat.


        LIsa - LOL... miracle leg cream.  Jeeze... and it took me 50 years to figure out the "miracle" part.


        I'm excited about the race.  I appreciate the good wishes from the group.  I'll be running it with fresh legs, so I'm hoping for a fun, "easy" run.


        Be weil! I'll check back in with a RR later this weekend!


        5K's and Obstacle Runs

        Goal for 2013:  10K


        Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



          Good morning, Judy!


          Julie, have a great race! Your comment about today's 5k training "it's not really running for me" brought a smile.  That sounds like a true runner!

          Lisa, sent an email with phone #.


          I've forgotten the other posts from yesterday....have a great day everyone!


          I ended up walking the hilly loop yesterday rather than doing an easy 4. My HR gets just as high with that as running easy in town. Discovered the Chapel Hill 10 miler has a big hill at mi 8-they even have a timing mat at the bottom and top and give separate awards for it!   I didn't look at the course back in Dec when we registered-oops!   Smile


          DD and her fiancé are coming tonight and I need to finish cleaning and cook, plus run 6 today.


            LisaMMR - I take it you are off on an adventure...enjoy!

            Camille - I'm with you on the cleaning and cooking.  I like to get it done as much as possible so on Sunday I can enjoy.

            Julie - Have a great race!  Glad you are getting your group going Wink

            Judy - I'm thinking after all that work, you should be ravenously hungry!!!


            Had a great run after work last night - it was my normal neighborhood loop...ahhhh, no ice/snow on the sidewalk, was beautiful out!!!!


            Lots on the agenda today, LR tomorrow...


            Have a great day!



            Bad Ass

              Morning!  Trixie seems to be doing better every day but still has not left the upstairs area at all.  I have 2 miles with weights tonight.


              judyruns, I wish I can frolic.  Instead, I am in Court.  I would be ravenous as well.  Enjoy!


              Julie, enjoy the 5K and good luck!


              camille, nice run.  Enjoy the dinner with DD and fiancee.


              Carol, sounds like a nice run.


              From yesterday:


              Lisa, missing the donut station?  That was the best part!  I did it last year and I was sick with asthma, on prednisone and it was still one of my fastest marathons even though I stopped and I had fun with others.  I did dump Gatorade all over an army volunteer (a girl).  I'm sure she was not pleased.


              Everybody, have a great day!  Any plans for Easter???



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                Happy Friday!


                Planning to work half a day today and then go shopping.  Wink   Had a nice run last night, then swam this morning.


                Lisa--where are you off to ??


                Julie--Have a great race!!

                LC Runs

                  Good Morning!!


                  6 glorious miles today, I am off of work with the kids so I slept in a bit and was able to run in the sunlight.  Still a bit chilly, but not windy so it really felt nice.  I am taking the kids to the local hotel pool this afternoon, we are having a little birthday celebration for my soon to be 11 year old DD (birthday is next Thurs), so she's bringing a couple of girlfriends and us girls will spend the night (BF will be bringing the boys back home).  They are off of school until april 9th.


                  Judy - I love the thread title, 'frolicsome' is a good word lol


                  Julie - enjoy the running group and race tomorrow!  Thanks for the doggie information, I will have to look into that.  Smile


                  Hi Camille, Carol, Damaris and Sue!!


                    Good morning ladies.


                    Yea!!!  I’m off for a week.  I haven’t been checking in, so I am looking forward to catching up everything that is going on.  I hope everyone has been well.


                    It is a well-deserved rest day for me.  There is just stretching on the agenda.  My husband and I are running a 5K together, tomorrow.  He doesn’t run a whole lot, and this 5K is a really challenging trail run.  He will either love it, or hate it.

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                    Over 45 PR's:

                    5K - 21:21

                    Half - 1:39:49

                    Full - 3:33.47



                    Run to live; live to run

                      11.2 miles for me.  Great run. Perfect temps and I was holding a good pace so I just kept going.


                      Thanks for the kind words on my dad.  I just talked to him before getting on a work call.  He is going a bit over board again.  Twin is going to be really upset as he is starting to sell stuff and it is some things that he wants!  He got rid of a bunch of my moms cookbooks today.  I said Dad you do know twin wants those and he said, well he hasn't been by in so long and I can't wait forever.  WTH.  He is holding the stuff i want until I get there the end of April.  Why all of a sudden he has to sell all of this stuff is beyond me.  Sigh.  So glad I have here to vent a little.


                      Karen my worst flight was having kids sitting next to me that were not behaving and the mom was a few rows away and people were thinking they were my kids.  Mom obviously was enjoying not having to watch the kids and didn't want to trade to sit with them.  It was annoying.


                      Lisa I do go through a lot of shoes.  Luckily I get over 600 miles on a pair so that does help!  This last pair I pushed about 25 or 30 more miles on them then I should have but it worked.  I was over 660 miles on them.


                      Judy  I did frolic today Smile


                      Julie so cool he is a therapy dog.  I think Quincy would do well as one too but we just have not done anything with it.  He is such a sensitive little guy he just would curl up with everyone.


                      Camille so cool you and Lisa get to meet up!


                      Damaris no plans really for Easter.  Hammy goes to the pool tomorrow.  I get my hair cut tomorrow and I'm getting a new Ipad this weekend. I may go and get it today if I get done early.


                      Laura it was a bit chilled here but in the 40's so I could do shorts and a thin long sleeve tech and be very comfortable the whole run.

                      Sue your birthday is coming up this weekend right?  Have a great one!


                      Carol great runs are nice things!


                      Hi Linda.  Nice to see you and WOOT for being off work


                      Hope everyone has a great Easter!




                        Marjorie, dad sounds as if he's being passive-aggressive towards twin because twin hasn't been by in so long.


                        Lisa, enjoy the weekend adventure!


                        Karen, glad you got home safely, sorry about the badly behaved kids on the flight.


                        Damaris, better to dump Gatorade on a volunteer than puke it on her. Just sayin'.


                        Hi Camille, Linda, Laura, Judy, Julie, Carol, Susan!


                        Not on Good Friday! No frolics.

                        Started the day with the vigil before the altar -- I had the 2-3 AM stint, very few people want that one and it's nice and quiet and peaceful in the church. I wore running gear for that so afterwards I did a nice 5.65 mile run up a hill, on a bike path, in the moonlight, and back down again. Tired but OK at work. Going straight to the Good Friday service -- choir is doing an anthem so we have to go, think high thoughts for me because we go up to high A and that's a real stretch for my voice. F sharp is no problem, G I can hit if I'm warmed up, A flat is a reach, and A natural -- let's just say it's a good thing I stand next to Jenn who's a higher soprano. She can hit the note for both of us. I probably belong in the altos but I can't sight read harmony.

                        Planning a run at lunch.


                        Run to live; live to run

                          Tessa just a bit.  And really twin just found out dad was moving when I told him last week.  Not like he can just drop everything and come over and get the stuff he wants.  One moment saying you can have all the stuff that was your mom's or grandmothers that you want then the next saying oh I sold it all.  If he sells the stuff I told him I want I'll be very angry.  Plus he knows when we are coming to get it.  I just do not understand the urgency.  I really really don't  Sent SIL a message so she can call twin and tell him to get his butt over there and get the stuff he wants or it may all be gone.  If I get until the end of April why twin can't have the same is beyond me.



                            Taking a quick break.  Part of run done.  3 more to try t sneak in. It's nice here this afternoon.


                            Marjorie, hugs to you and your brother.  It must be so hard to watch your dad do something that might be a huge mistake.  At least you'll get to meet her in April.


                            Tessa, I'll bet you're hitting a little diet coke today.  Smile    Sleep well tonight!


                            Hi Sue, Damaris and Laura!


                            Back to work...


                              I was going to run this morning, but planning on doing my longish run tomorrow instead of Sunday, so I prefer taking the day off before my long one.  Did my WT yesterday though.


                              Julie...have fun with your 5K tomorrow!  Will be anxious to hear how it goes!  Enjoy you trip to Albany.  I have thought of trying the therapy dog for our one basset, I think she would be a good therapy dog.


                              Lisa...yes, just smear on that cellulite cream, who needs running?  Have a fun weekend.


                              camille....I have to try and get in some hill work...I never do hills, have to drive to find them around here.  I know I could do it on the TM, but I already hate the TM, the hill work might push me over the edge.  On the other hand, maybe it would make the workout more interesting....hmmmm.  Thanks for the information about the shots for the neuroma.  I haven't seen the doctor in over a year about mine, just letting it ride, but maybe I should, it really is annoying me.


                              Linda...Yea for the time off!  Enjoy yourself.


                              Damaris...glad that trixie is getting better.


                              Laura...have fun at the hotel with the kids!  Sounds like a fun time.  I love staying at hotels, probably because I don't do it often.


                              Marjorie...so sorry that you are going through all the "stuff" with your Dad, you have your hands full.  How old is your Dad, again?  My Dad did the same thing selling things when he decided to sell the house.  It seemed everything had to go right then, hardly gave me time to travel and get what I wanted.  I wonder why the urgency?


                              Tessa....You must have a nice voice....


                              Having Easter at our house for everyone.  Hope you all have a nice Easter weekend.





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                              Run to live; live to run

                                Got a new I pad. So excited.


                                Dad is going a bit nuts I think!  I just don't know what to think


                                Ginny dad is 72. He is so focused on his new to be family he is kinda disregarding his  actual family. His fiancé granddaughter he is already calling his granddaughter!