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Wow! It's Cold Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Post.  Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Tuesday I got hair cut and colored. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! After that I did 60 minutes on the TM and another 35 with cardio DVD. It was getting awfully windy and starting to snow, so I decided to forego the track.

      Today will be some kind of workout, not sure what.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


        Hugs to you too Judy!!


        At airport on way to Chicago for today and tomorrow. Brought cold weather gear for a run along the lakeshore... also pragmatic and brought indoor gear.


        Have a good day all!




          Judy - Great workout yesterday!!!

          LisaMMR - Enjoy Chicago!!!


          Did my TM/Bike/Weight/Yoga combo last night....Can't believe what a sweat I can work up doing that....


          I know it is weigh-in-wednesday...but have not been on the scale yet...Roll eyes...as of yesterday tho (yes, I weigh myself every day) I was still down a couple since the beginning....


          Have a great day!



          LC Runs

            Cold and windy here, as well...so 4 interval miles on the TM Smile


            Judy - nice run and DVD workout!  Yeah for the hair, I love when mine is freshly 'did' lol


            Lisa - safe travels, I would love to run in Chicago someday


            Carol - are you still working out at PF??  Nice workout last night


            Hoping to be on the road most of today and get out of my toxic work environment, it gets worse and worse each week - I would need a novel to write about all the happenings.  Trying to be grateful I have a job, but oh how I hate the one I have now eeks!


              Well good news....I went to the gym yesterday to talk about renewing my membership and they said that since I had been a member the past year I could go month to month, or I could freeze the membership when I want for as many months as I wanted without being charged the monthly charge and then start back up when needed.  Needless to say I joined again.  So 4 miles on the TM this morning.   Also did my WT DVD again yesterday, so I think I may be back on track!   Very cold and windy here this morning.


              Lisa....I did start a blog, but I need to snazz it up and not sure how to do it all, so one of our IT's at work is going to help me.  Have fun in Chicago, hope the weather improves.


              LC....guess we did the same on theTM this morning, only I did not do intervals.  So sorry about how you feel about your job, I have been feeling that way lately too, but it isn't constant.  Funny , we often talk at work that we should write a book too.  People would not believe what goes on at the public library!


              Judy...I am off this morning and I am getting hair cut and colored also.


              Carol....good luck with weigh in Wednesday!





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                Lisa, enjoy Chicago!

                Judy,   I love when my hair's just been colored-that way I don't need to worry about it for a while.

                Laura, glad you are getting a break from the toxic environment.  Have they thought about getting a consultant who can help work things out?

                Carol, that sounds like a great workout.

                Sue, that race sounded pretty bad. "You know who you are."  ???

                Tessa, congrats on the race.  I read it quickly and want to read it again.

                Marjorie, you left Atlanta just a little too soon. We had a really nice day or two-now it's crappy again.

                I have to catch up on some work and will catch up with everyone else later.


                Weigh-in Wed for me-I lost another half lb. 11/2 to go. I'm actually surprised I lost this week since I didn't after weeks when I had tried harder and had more exercise.

                When I went to help my mom last Friday, she said her upper back was hurting and she was having trouble catching her breath. Her pulse was 44 and very irreg.  I took her to ER and after many hours and a pulse in 30's, they admitted her to ICU.  She'd been on a med for rapid heart rhythms (PAT) for 30 years and inderal for tremor and they think it was just too much for her now.  She came out of it on her own and is home now.  I stayed at her house where the food is chosen to keep her from losing. Have any of you tasted whole milk lately?  It had been a few years for me-it's pretty delicious.  Smile


                I had my foot injected Mon a.m. and can walk today and run tomorrow.


                Karen, are you excited about the weekend?  I hope you take pics and write a long report. : )


                Run to live; live to run

                  It is cold here too and i'm in Florida!  Burr.  Somehow I was okay on my running and didn't feel cold but yowza when I went out to get in the car after I left the hotel to go to the meeting it was frigid.


                  Did 10.1 in a neighborhood close to the hotel.  Had to drive over there since the sidewalk ended before the hotel so I didn't want to die on the busy road to go the half mile over to the neighborhood.


                  Judy so glad you got your hair done!


                  Lisa safe travels!


                  Carol hope you do okay on the weigh in.  You can sweat a lot exercising even in the cold.


                  Laura glad you can get out of the toxic environment.


                  Ginny good news!  So glad you can go month to month.


                  Camille good for you on the weight loss!


                  Bad Ass

                    Morning!  It took me 1 hour and 21 minutes, but I got in for Chicago!

                    3 recovery miles last night, 4-5 miles tonight.


                    judyruns, sounds like a productive day.  I cannot exercise after I've died my hair because I dye it red and the hair bleeds like there is no tomorrow.


                    Carol, good luck with the scale.  Show it who is the boss.


                    Lisa, enjoy Chicago.  Hope you get some nice runs in.


                    LC Runs, sorry about your job situation.  Hope you find something more fulfilling and something less toxic.


                    Ginny, month to month sounds like a great choice.  I wonder if they are desperate because they let you do that.  Better for you!


                    camille, congrats on the weight loss.


                    Have a nice day!  Already in court with a busy day.  I talked to my dad today and he sounds like his usual self.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                    Bad Ass

                      Marjorie, you must be in North Florida because we're at 80F today.  It was a nice 70F when I was driving to Broward at 7am though.



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      Anonymous Guest

                        Morning ladies,

                        Trying to get through a mountain of paperwork before leaving town tomorrow morning for North Carolina. I'm excited, nervous and apprehensive all rolled into one! The forecast for Saturday keeps changing - the latest is 20-60% chance of rain depending on which weather site you look at. Temps in the upper 30s to 50s midday. I bought a pair of microspikes on sale (winter clearance!) on Monday, which I guess will go in either a vest or jacket pocket depending on weather and what I wear. Camera in the other pocket, and gels in my handheld pocket. Unless it's really raining, in which case I'll probably leave the camera in the car. There is a 10 hour time limit, which should be no problem normally, but I haven't done a ton of long runs, plus the snow is something I haven't had to deal with before, so will slow me down I'm sure. I really don't care about time at all in this one, as long as I finish in the time limit. I keep thinking that ten hours is only 4 miles per hour, and I can surely do that, but with the snow...... The RD went up to the top over the weekend, and said you would only need yaktrax or spikes for probably the top 4 miles and could probably do without them if you didn't have them. That seems encouraging!


                        Anyway, will run 3 easy tonight, then take tomorrow and Friday off. Rode the bike on the trainer for about 45 minutes last night. Was planning to go easy, but DH got me a power meter, so I wanted to see what kind of power I could produce, and well, it wasn't real easy after all. But I feel good today, surprisingly so after jumping right back into my training plan last week after running the 50K (which in retrospect, might not have been smart). A 50 mile week including speed work, a tempo run and long run was probably a little much, and now I realize why it seemed so hard! I will definitely take it easy next week and not do the speed work on my marathon training schedule next Tuesday!


                        Lisa, have a nice quick trip to Chicago. One of the things on my pile of stuff to finish today is to book the meeting and sleeping rooms for a meeting in Chicago in March. We'll be out by the airport though, so no running along the lakefront for me. Love running down there though, hope the weather cooperates and you get out.


                        Nice workouts all.


                        Ginny, that is great news on the gym. Doesn't hurt to ask, I guess! Unless it's a question like you get sometimes at the library, in which case it doesn't hurt the person asking, but may hurt your sanity.


                        Laura, I can so understand the toxic work environment. I have learned for me it helps if I can stay out as much crap as possible. My poor DH though still has to listen to me complain. Last night I was on the ipad and made the mistake of clicking on my email. I read two emails and couldn't help but blurt out "my boss is such an idiot".


                        Carol, when I was actively trying to lose weight I would weigh myself every day too. I know they say you're not supposed to, but I did. I logged it in myfitnesspal, and they show you a nice graph (well, it's nice if the overall trend is down!) of your progress. I liked to look at that to see that even if I had a bad day or two, the overall line was still going down. Now I just weigh myself once or twice a week to make sure I'm on track, and try not to worry as long as I'm in a certain range.


                        camille, glad your mom is doing okay. Wish you were doing Black Mountain Marathon!


                        Damaris, congrats on getting into Chicago. I was watching it unfold online yesterday. Last I heard they still had 15,000 spots available when they had to shut down registration, which will hopefully be back up tomorrow. What a mess!


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                        Run to live; live to run

                          Marjorie, you must be in North Florida because we're at 80F today.  It was a nice 70F when I was driving to Broward at 7am though.


                          Yep.  It was 39 when I ran this am.  I did plan ahead of time though so that helped as I had packed a long sleeve tech and capris.  Tomorrow will be warmer so shorts will be fine tomorrow




                            Cold indeed! Ice on the car this morning. Not frost, actual ice. I did get out for 4, ran by the post office to check for mail, and there was a transient asleep on the lobby floor. OK, it was cold and the post office lobby is open 24 hours and heated, but still, we do have a city shelter...

                            and yes he was fine. He was snoring. I thought about calling the sheriff's department, decided the USPS would turf him out when the employees arrived for work, and left him there. I'm used to seeing people asleep on the sidewalks downtown, but not in my home community.


                            Laura, sorry work is so dysfunctional.


                            Ginny, yay that your gym will let you go month to month and suspend membership when you don't intend to use it!


                            Lisa, enjoy Chicago. Love that city.


                            Camille, I do not care for whole milk at all. I have been drinking nonfat for so long that whole milk tastes greasy to me. DD loves it and I occasionally buy it because Cook's Illustrated insists that one should use whole milk in recipes, but normally I buy nonfat and if I need whole for a recipe I reduce the amount by a couple of tablespoons and put pats of butter in the food instead. Scary about your mom, glad she is feelign better. How old is she, may I ask?


                            Marjorie, nice run, sensible to plan ahead. It's that cold in Florida?


                            Karen, Mt. Mitchell this weekend, good luck! Hmm. On the camera, if it's raining can you put it in a sandwich baggie? I do that with my phone if there's inclement weather.


                            Hi Damaris & Carol!


                            Gym at lunch. And for weighing in, I do that on Sundays, was down 2 lbs last Sunday and up .6 the week before so net 1.4 down.


                              Okay,,, I started my blog, if anyone wants to take a look it is here:  Ginnybess.blogspot.com



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                                Hi ladies-


                                I got out this morning for a tempo run - 2 mile WU, 6 miles at an 8:40-8:45 pace, and 1 mile CD. I managed to hit the pace for the first 4 tempo miles, but the last 2 were up over 8:50. Oh well, I still have 2 months before the race.


                                Sorry for no personals, but work is very busy, and I have to get everything done before the boys get home from school today since we have choir practice in the afternoon. I have been reading the posts and keeping up with everyone though. Hope you are all having a great day-



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