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Wild Weekend Over 40 and Overseas (Read 252 times)

Tar Heel Mom

"When I'm 63!"

    Here I am in Israel! I ran 8.5 miles this morning in the agricultural fields. It\ rained hard all last week and it was muddier than I've ever seen. Lisa would have been thrilled with it.

    My hosts here are lovely and are taking good care of me.

    I taught two days in a high school in Hadera and fell in love with everyone. I even sat in on a class where the students were learning Arabic from a Palestinian woman. It was beautiful to see their relationship.

    Tomorrow Jerusalem, Tuesday Tel Aviv and then home.


    I hope I will catch up with everybody by then!



      Amy-wow! honored that you thought of me!  Hope you were smiling in that mud.  And feeling playful and childlike once you got over the uncomfortable feeling.


      DD's team won last night so place for championship on Sunday evening. Holiday tournament. Was nice to have my other dd's at the game too. Young dd came to work with me yesterday. She likes doing the office tasks that we all abhor so filing, shredding and copying duties were hers for the day.


      Off to meet run buddies at Poto trail. Hope all have a good day and remember to register for Hatfield McCoy before the rates go up if you were coming.




        Good morning!

        Amy, sounds like you are having a fabulous trip!

        Lisa, enjoy the Poto this morning.

        Had a couple of good swims this past week, and ran on the TM at the gym twice. Oh, and shoveled snow a couple of times, plus went snow shoeing once. Started using the Ipad app My Fitness Pal yesterday, and i think I am going to like it. I would  like to take off some pounds.

        Good runs, all!




          Amy - Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!  Sounds like a "pigpen" type of run.....fun!


          LisaMMR - I am all signed up for H&M....I couldn't decide on which half, so I just signed up for the full...WTH...Shocked   I sent you a FB message - I know you are out on Poto today....enjoy!


          AnnieSusan - Good to hear from you!  I hear ya on trying to lose a few #'s....I did lose about 5 earlier in the year, have kept them off, but need 10 more....grrr....I just need to "walk away from the cookies".....  Good luck to you!


          After work yesterday - was out early, so went to local outlet mall, had such a great time...shopping, browsing, just enjoyiing some "me" time....bought a Nike running jacket Smile    Today think I will do PF with DH, tomorrow is runnining group.


          Have a great day!




            Camille - I so empathize with you on your DD.  Both of my dd's have weight problems, I know I have posted before on here about that asking for the best way to handle it.  It is so hard (as Tessa stated - watching someone kill themselves with their fork)....I know with my DD's, it is a very touchy subject....I worry about their health, and it is hard not to try to make a plea for health reasons....but as Karen stated, just like drinking/drugs until they are ready not much you can do.....believe me I have spent many nights worrying/stressing/trying to figure out a way to help them.  So certainly no advice from me, just empathy!  I do think it is hard because we are active and embrace a healthy lifestyle....you would think that would be a motivation for them...but my dd's almost resent it....maybe if we were 300# couch potatoes THEY would get it?!



              Camille - Forgot to tell you, glad everything turned out fine on your stress test!  Did he comment on your running/or mention long distance running as an issue?



                Good morning!  Yoga for me today and 15 min of walking.

                Amy, I'm so happy to read about the students working with a Palestinian women-encouraging!  Enjoy the trip!

                Lisa, enjoy your trail run. : )  Congrats to DD's team.

                Carol, he didn't discuss any issues with long distance running, but told me from the start he suspects it's a fib (common in runners when they hit 60's).  I don't know if he really knows some of the latest research  and I didn't ask him.  He mainly seemed to want me to run as hard as I do in training to make sure I'm safe out there. My dad had severe heart disease with first MI and bypass graft  at 56 and this doc treated him for his last 20 years, so I'm guessing if he knew the research,  he'd  rather I run than be obese like sis.  Thanks for empathy on DD. I remember your concern about your DD's in the past. My DD is very supportive/proud of my running, but we did fun runs when she was kid so grew up with it and likes races.  She just has that common health care gap of knowing what she needs to do and not doing it.

                Carol, you'd mentioned a weight loss challenge here once.  Are you still interested? I'd love to lose 5.

                Cindy, I hope your family is better!  You have had quite the terrible year for illness. New year coming soon!

                AnyS, I need to check out My Fitness Pal again. I really hate tracking everything, but it does seem to help.


                One last thing...Dau's BF gave me Hanson's Marathon Method for xmas.  Very intestesing and different approach. Anyone read it? It's clear that I do my easy days too hard.


                  Camille - I think it would be fun to do a weight loss challenge.  I am not very creative, so if anyone has any ideas...feel free...to suggest some things....do we do it within this forum, start a thread, private FB group, when to start etc.,????



                  Run to live; live to run

                    Hi Camille!

                    Carol awesome you signed up for the full


                    Hey Annie susan, how is the ankle?



                    Lisa yay for Katie winning!



                    Amy glad the trip is going well!


                    Morning.  I did 11 and it paid off.  I was going to do 10 to 11 and decided to do 11.  Well I found a dollar  at mile 10.55 so not bad!


                    LC Runs

                      Hi Ladies!


                      Got back yesterday evening from a quick trip to my mom's, was fun and luckily the weather cooperated!  Ran 5 miles on her TM yesterday, which was a real mental exercise since she has it facing a corner wall and there's no tv ugh.  Haven't done anything today, was going to go out this morning but woke up in the middle of the night with 'the runs', did not feel good for several hours.  I am feeling fine now, so if I don't have any problems after lunch, will head out for 3-4.  I have been busy though, taking down Xmas stuff.  I cannot wait to have the tree out of here, is is a mess but must wait for the BF to get home from work so he can get it outside.  Major vacuuming to be done ha ha!


                      Carol - how far is the group going tomorrow?  I thought I might try and head down and join you all.  Let me know!


                      Hi Amy, Lisa, Annie, Camille, Marjorie...Smile

                      Anonymous Guest

                        Amy, what an amazing experience you're having!


                        Lisa, wow, Kaite is having a great final year sports wise! First soccer, now basketball.


                        annieS, I use myfitnesspal. Once you get in the habit of tracking, it's not so bad. And if you are like me and eat some of the same things a lot, it gets even easier.


                        Carol, you are cracking me up....which half should I run.....I'll just do both! You will enjoy it - honestly I would have trouble deciding which half to do too. This is one to do for fun and not worry about time. Although Zipper and I have decided we want to place in our respective age groups (thank goodness I turned 45 and she is only 43 so we won't have to compete against each other).


                        camille, I have the Hansens book - just finished reading it. There are a lot of things I like about it. I want to use it for my May marathon, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to work in the long runs (two 50k training runs and the 40 miler) while still pretty much following the plan. Plus some other shorter races I'm doing, and they don't really want you racing during the plan, so it will have to be heavily moified. I better decide soon, 18 weeks out is next week!


                        Marjorie, good thing you decided to go that extra mile - it literally paid off!


                        My migraine is still here. I slept until 10. Took more drugs but still don't feel like doing anything. I did feel better while I was running yesterday, so I may try to get on the bike this afternoon. In the basement, of course, not riding in the snow!


                        We've been invited to a NYE party and DH wants to go and I don't. I like the people, it's mostly the same people we spent Christmas Eve with, but I have to work Monday, and I haven't gotten nearly as much done the last few days as I wanted with the stupid migraine, and I have a 5K on New Year's Day that will end up using a good part of that day. I'm not really a party person, and I'm definitely not a New Year's Eve person. Ugh. Oh well, it is nice to be part of a fun group of people - have kind of missed that since we moved from CA. I mean, we have some friends out here, but not really a group to hang out with. So I will probably suck it up and go. Enough whining.


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                        Knit queen

                        Knit Queen

                          Hi ladies,

                          Have been reading posts but not posting myself.  Today, however, I read that Carol and Camille want to do a weight loss challenge.  I would be up for that since I would like to lose between 5-10 lbs.  Let me know if you pull something together to do that.

                          Cheers, Lisa



                            Laura - We are doing 8 tomorrow.  We do 4 weeks of progression from 6/8/10/12, then start over.  Starting at 8:30 from the Tridge.  Not sure where we are running....probably to CNC and back with a few miles thrown in around town.  I will send you a FB message with cell # on it if you need to text/call me about it.  Smile  Come on down!

                              Beautiful snow covered trail head!


                              A bridge stop with Katie (Scrapster), Katy and Barb (100 mile runner that I paced and who I said needs to wear her buckle when she runs Boston).



                              Katy was wearing road shoes and sliding all over so I took of my Yaktrax and forced them onto her feet (I had trail shoes on). All we heard from behind (she was last in line) was cries of joy and exclamations of how amazing it was.  Someone said she was having a shoe-gasm.  Multiple shoe-gasms as this went on for a while.  Was pretty funny.


                              not exactly "happy feet" but was a way to extend our break on top of the bridge.


                              View from bridge.. I think I milked this rest stop as long as possible.  Remind me of this when it's 90 at Hatfield and McCoy!


                              Tessa may remember the fireplace from when we ran this trail before Flying Pig.


                              Just gorgeous.  And nice that the cross country skiers packed the snow in most places for us.  This was it for 14.6 miles in about 3.5 hours I think (I did 2.8 first then 11.6 with the others). Was pretty much a total body workout to run in the snow.  It was in mid 20's so all powdery.  Coming down the hills snow just flying up behind you.  Very neat.  Pretty much like running in sand other than when you're sliding down hills.  Just gorgeous.  Repeating myself.


                              Amy-no mud but I was up to ankles most of the time in snow.  Probably not going to find that in Israel.




                                Marjorie, thanks for asking about the ankle. It feels completely fine, even when running 3 miles on the treadmill or when snowshoeing. I am continuing to do exercises with the theraband, plus some on the bosu ball at the gym, to see if I can strength it so I am less likely to sprain it again. Yay for being able to run again!