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Wild Weekend Over 40 and Overseas (Read 252 times)


Run to live; live to run

    Busy day.  Did puppy pool, cleaned the garage (including moving stuff to sweep under the shelves etc), ran errands, fresh sheets on the bed and changed the air return filter.


    Lauara welcome back  Boo on being sick.  Hope it gets better.



    Karen hope the Migraine gets better!


    Yay Susan!


    How pretty Lisa!


      Hey Gals!  Having a great Susan day here.  Slept in, had scones and coffee for breakfast, went to spin class with my fav instructor and had a great ride.  Need to get back on a bike, any bike.  Been sewing all afternoon and took Jake for a walk with Deuce and DS2.


      Wow Amy!  Sounds like an awesome trip!  I love to run when I am traveling--sights are much better on foot than when you are driving by in a car.


      Lisa---love the pics!  LOL on the "shoegasm".


      HI Knit Queen!  I lost a sock needle since I finished knitting socks on Christmas Eve.  Had to call and order another one. Sad  The LYS was about to close and I knew I couldn't get there in time, so the gal said she would mail it this afternoon.  They are closing soon, so everything is 50% off.  Gonna miss them!


      Got new shoes yesterday.  Brooks Glycerins, which is what I have and really liked.  Also got new swim goggles, a bike bag I needed (smelled like gu so Gracie ate it off my bike!) and Ruger pepper spray which comes with a light and a loud alarm for my 0500 runs.  This is some serious pepper spray!  Will try the shoes in the morning.   Hope they make a difference.


      Have a great night and stay warm!  We are supposed to have freezing weather tonight.  Don't get that often.



        Karen, sounds like a plan -- I will turn 50 before H-M! Though not sure how fast I can run.


        Laura, re your mum's TM, can you read while you run?


        Lisa, yes I remember that fireplace, sounds like a good run!


        23.5 today, 32 when I started, 47 when I finished. DD and I planted an apricot tree in the yard this afternoon.


        Amy, glad you are having a good time in Israel!


        Cindy, feel better.


        Waving to everyone else...


          Sub instructor at yoga yesterday and it was so different!  Part pilates, she said, with lots of leg work.  Long run today after it warms a bit. 28 and coldest day so far this year.


          Laura, hope you're feeling better!  We missed you.

          Where is Linda?  She usu posts on weekends.

          Tessa, great on the 23.  Wow.

          Marjorie, productive day!


          Carol and Lisa/kq...I looked up some ideas for a challenge but most involved prizes which would be a challenge in itself online.  I don't need much usu..just the accountability of reporting.  Would that work for you 2?  Just posting the goal here on Jan 1, then each Mon reporting weight loss or gain?  I could start a separate group if you'd prefer. That would allow recipes, tips, etc if you want.  Let me know.  Mainly, I'll just have to cut out junk. My issue is my sweet tooth.  Carol, I also got a laugh of you signing up for full because you couldn't decide which half to do.  : )


          Karen, I sure hope your migraine is gone. It sounds like you'll have to go to the party, but you'll prob like it once you're there.   I'm intrigued by Hansen's, too. I really like the way they explain the basis for their plan. I am surprised at that jump  from 24 to 39/week in the beginner program, but I should be OK.   I just don't know if I can handle 6 days/'week or number of miles though, even in their beginner.  I just try to peak at 40 and have 3 long runs, like the programs they criticize. Maybe if I really slow down to their easy pace, which means I'll be out for hours every day  Smile,  I can do it.   I do wish they addressed the older runner. BTW, I think you did the NJ marathon?  How was it?


          Lisa/MMR, loved the pics!   Makes me homesick, though we have a light dusting of snow here this a. m.


          Cindy, hope you made it home OK. I spent last evening planning some races and signed us up for the Tar heel 10 miler and the Tobacco rd half.  Have you and Amy signed up for the 10 miler?


            Had to suck it up and go to the gym this morning.  Ran on the TM for 3 miles, which felt like 6.  Running on the TM takes all the joy out of running for me!  The streets and sidewalks here are in terrible condition, so I was afraid to head out on the streets and I had to get myself motivated again!


            Karen,....hope that migraine is gone today!


            Lisa....beautiful pictures, I enjoy running in the snow, but like I said, conditions here are terrible and I have no trail to go to.  Congrats to Kaite's BB team!  Have fun today.


            Tessa...wow, that was a long run!


            Amy...nice to hear from you.  Enjoy your trip.


            Going to look at new stoves today.  I really want a double oven, but the one we can afford is Electric, flat top and I am used to cooking with gas....I don't know what to do!   I suppose I can do without a double oven, I have all these years, but I want one!  Okay, no more whining.


            Hi to everyone..





            6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


              Camille - Starting on January 1st with posting a goal of weigcht loss and then reporting loss/gain on Mondays sounds like a great plan to me!  If you think it would be better to strart an over 40 weight challenge thread I am good with that as well.  It would be fun to be able to share recipes, motivation, etc.  Yeah the challenge is ON!d


              Tessa - great job on your long run!!!  When does DD leave to go back to college?


              Ginny - Good luck on the appliance shopping!  Our dishwasher broke, started to shop around and were surprised how $ they have become.  So we are washing dishes the old fashioned way right now.  But hard to cook without a proper stove Wink


              Just back from 8, a little snow on the trail was fun!



              LC Runs

                Back from 8 wintery miles.  I didn't end up running with Carol in person, but definitely in spirit.  Stomach is still a bit 'off' so decided I should stick closer to home.  I do still plan on running tomorrow's 5k race and should see Carol there Smile


                Hi Marjorie - sounds like you did have a busy day yesterday!


                Sue - I like the Glycerins as well, hope they work out for you!


                Tessa - my mom has a spot on the TM to read (she walks on it).  I just get too dizzy trying to focus on a book and run.  But, using her TM is fine for a once in a while thing - glad to be back on the roads today.  I bet the apricot tree is  pretty!


                Camille - thanks for the kind words, I am on the mend!


                Ginny - I know, the TM seems to take so much longer than being outside.  But, you did it!  Good luck with the oven shopping


                Carol - glad you had a good run!  I hope to join you for either the 10 or 12 milers Smile


                The puppy is doing good, having issues with house training, I've read this breed is one of the more difficult to train.  He's pooped in his crate the past two nights so I'm going to have to start getting up around 3 am to let him out.   Such a cute little bug, though.  I tried to post a picture, but can't figure out how, it won't let me 'browse' my photos for the link.


                Run to live; live to run

                  Laura hope that stomach improves.  The pup will get the hang of it soon enough.


                  Carol nice 8!  Why don't you guys just do a weekly thread on this forum? Many others may join in or like to see the recipes.


                  Ginny I agree it is so hard on the TM and always feels like you've gone much further.  So disheartening to look down and see the miles not what you think they should be!


                  Camille sounds like it was pretty cold there this am.


                  Tessa nice 23.5!


                  Sue how cold did it get?  It felt like 26 when I ran today.



                  Well today was a great run.  I headed out with no specific amount.  Thought I'd do 10  Then kept upping the distance.  Ended up doing 20.


                    Hey!  I think it was around 30F this morning.  Haven't checked yet.  I'm think ing more like 28.  Ran 10 miles with friends early this morning.


                    Wow Tessa!  23+ miles!  MS Blues is next Saturday.  I'm just doing the half this year.


                    OMG!  A chihuahua (how do you spell that?) was in our back yard.  DS2 and Deuce went outside to shoo him off.  Chased him out the carport gate.  I let Jake outside to re-mark his territory, and that stupid dog squeezed in the other gate!  I am thankful Jake didn't kill him, he had him pinned against the gate and the critter managed to squeeze out before Jake got ahold of him.  He didn't bite him, thank goodness.  I never know if Jake will hurt little dogs or not.  Whew!  Hopefully he will cruise on back to his house.


                    That is the second time a little dog has come into our yard.  Apparently they were not very bright.  The other dog was a pomeranian and Jake and the rest of the dogs just sniffed him/her/it over really well.


                    Have a great day!

                    Knit queen

                    Knit Queen

                      Hi ladies,

                      CrazySue- Sorry about the lost sock needle.  I use two size 1 circular needles to knit socks.


                      Tessa-  great job the 23.5!


                      Camille and Carol-  Posting our weight loss goal on Jan. 1 and then posting progress on Mondays sound good to me.  I don't need a separate thread for posting.  I probably won't be posting recipes because my cooking is pretty simple.


                      LisaMMR-  lovely pictures.  You get to run in some beautiful places.


                      Ginny-  good job on the TM.  TM's are tough on the psyche.


                      I ran 3.1 yesterday.





                      Disney freak

                        Hi everyone!


                        Yesterday day I had a SDO and today I just got back from 3 miles.  I took it easy today for a few reasons: Friday’s 6 mile hilly run was still talking to me, and then last night I was up with my DD for several hours with an earache.  I took a nap, but still wasn’t feeling 100%. It looks like she will have to get tubes in her ears (again!) She's had ear infections every month this fall and this is the second antibiotic we are on for this one!


                        LisaKQ – good job on your run!

                        Sue – doesn’t sound like the chihuahua will be back.  Silly little dogs!

                        Marjorie – 20 miles!  That’s awesome!

                        LC – you have to post the picture to a picture sharing site first and get a link to it that way.  I use Photobucket.  Once you upload it, it gives you a link you can cut and paste into a post after you click on the picture icon. If you want more detailed instructions, send me a message and I'll be glad to walk you through it.

                        Carol – the snow sounds like fun. Was it pretty?

                        Ginny- stove shopping, huh?  That’s something I’ve never had to do.  We’ve always rented and we bought this house new.

                        Camille – do you do yoga often?  I’ve read that it’s good for runners.

                        Amy – will you have pictures for us when you get back?

                        LisaMMR – Sounds like your DD was having fun at your work.  I can’t wait until my DD is old enough come help me in my classroom.  That’s something my DS has never been interested in!

                        AnnieSusan – I’ve been using MFP for 3 months now and love it!  I’ve lost 12 pounds and the mobile app is the best I’ve seen for tracking food.  Love the scan function.

                        Carol-ahhh, a Nike running jacket!  I’m headed to the Nike outlet later this week.  I promised DS we would get him some stuff and I could definitely use a cool running jacket and some new socks.

                        Karen- is your migrane gone?  I get them “monthly” and they tend to last almost 48 hours sometimes.

                        Lisa Marie

                        • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
                        • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
                        • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
                        • training for Big D half on 4/14
                        Anonymous Guest

                          Hey all, happy to report that the migraine is finally gone. They usually only last 3 days but this one was closer to 5. Now DH is sick - I think it's just a cold, but he's male, so is pretty sure he's dying of the flu and the world is ending. And the dog woke up yesterday morning and one of his ear flaps was all swollen and puffy. Our vet is closed on Saturday, so I called as soon as they opened today and got their only remaining appointment today. They were swamped, had a couple emergencies come in, I was there for an hour and a half. He has an aural hematoma, which is fixed by.....$1400 surgery. I left him there and they will do the surgery tomorrow morning. Poor little guy. And all this after I told DH we had to cool it on the spending for awhile because we have several big bills coming up. Came home and ran 9.4, which was about all I could do in the wind and cold. But was most definitely needed.


                          Lisa, beautiful pics yesterday. Please keep all that snow in the middle of the country, thanks.


                          Tessa, I'd forgotten you'll turn 50 before HM. Excellent, another AG for our award-winning plan!


                          camille, I haven't run NJ yet - running it this May. That is the one I'm trying to figure out my training for, as it's 18 weeks from today. Lisa is running it also.


                          Ginny, nice on the TM. I wish I could read while on the TM like others, but can't. So I suffer through like you. Bummer on the stove. I have a double oven and didn't realize how much I liked and used it until the top one broke several months ago. They are expensive though, and I will probably be with one working oven through the spring (due to all the big bills we have coming in).


                          Carol, my dishwasher broke too. It made horrible noises and didn't really clean the dishes. We went to Lowe's the weekend before Christmas and bought a new one. Since we'll only be in this house a couple more years, we went cheap. But after being used to one that didn't really clean the dishes any more, this new cheap one just still amazes us. We pull out the dishes and marvel at how clean they are!


                          Laura, I bet your kids are in heaven with the new puppy. He'll figure out the housetraining.


                          Marjorie, what an awesome run. I've done that on a smaller scale (from 5 to 10) and I love the feeling - you just feel so good you're going to do a couple more, then a couple more.....


                          Crazysue, the little kick dog was lucky! I swear, little dogs can have such attitude and not realize that they are indeed little dogs!


                          Lisa-Marie, poor DD! Hope she's feeling better. I was getting migraines monthly as well, so my doctor put me on the pill where I only get my period every fourth month. Which is pretty fabulous on its own. But guess which week of which month this was. Well, I guess every four months is better than every month. And I emailed her and asked her to renew my prescription for Maxalt, which always used to knock out the pain. Since I hadn't had a migraine in awhile, my prescription expired.


                          Just finished reading "These is my words" by Nancy Turner. Quick entertaining read. Now to look through my stack of books and decide what to read next.


                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                          Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston

                            Change in plans for me most likely for Hatfield/McCoy... my nephew's wedding is June 8th in Sonoma. I had ruled out going due to cost for family.  she called me today and wants to use her frequent flyer miles to fly me out there for the wedding.  I don't think I can or should miss this.  I had no idea she felt this strongly about having all of her siblings at the wedding.  HEAVY sigh.  I am excited but am SOOOO bummed.


                            I'm a bit in denial right now but wanted to share the news in case someone was just about to register for the full.  Let me know and we can see if I can transfer the bib.  Argh.