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    Good Morning Mamas~


    Happy February! Groundhog Day tomorrow, wonder what the little rodent will tell us about winter?! I'm ready for spring.


    RR: had a really good speedy run yesterday, 5.25miles avg MP -10 seconds. Also taught core in the morning- 22 people in class! An easy 5+ for me today. Ended January with 172 miles, hoping to just keep building from here!


    TR: Is a really sweet kid. I was playing on the floor with him after dinner last night, and he crawled up onto my back, laid his head down and hugged me, then kissed the back of my head. Aw. I'm looking forward to the weekend with him, I've realy missed him this week.


    NRR: mom is coming tomorrow!!! YAY! For those who asked, she lives about 3hrs away. I'm so excited. She's a very hands-on grandma, and loves to get down on the floor and play with R. Smile

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.


      TR - drove his Thomas trains on the cat's back.


      FR - eggplant parm.



      rg - that's great that you have such a good relationship with your mom, I am burned out after spending half a day with mine.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        1. zorbs- haha on the thomas trains, poor kitty. R likes to share all of his toys with our dog. sometimes she just sits there with this sad look on her face, like she's saying "help me." have a good ST workout today! are you guys getting more snow today? it's snowing here now, but i don't think we're supposed to get too much. my mom and i had a rough patch when i was in college, but we're very close now.

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          rg - We had the same January running total...not sure how though since you run a lot!  So cute about hugs and kisses from R.  So happy that your mom is coming this weekend.  Have a great time!  Great job on your speedy run.


          zorbs - Do you work today or just go to ST?  Eggplant parm sounds great!


          RR - Hoping to do my LR today!


          TR - Ate a TON yesterday...I honestly don't think I have ever known him to eat that much.  Growth Spurt?  He had a shadow at daycare yesterday.  I didn't really get any feedback other than he is really busy and has a short attention span...duh...he's a toddler boy!


          NRR - SNOW DAY!!  Hoping to do my long run and clean my house today.  Would love to have some relaxation time but that won't happen.  Need to grocery shop to as we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night.  I might try to prep a couple meals but that would mean finding time to figure out what I need at the store.


          FR - Veg Barley soup was good last night.  Leftovers tonight.

          running eh

            RR - managed to get just over 10k in yesterday.  DH was off from work for part of the day, so I ran to the rental, showed the place and then ran back.  Doubt I'll get anything in today.


            NRR - busy day again today.  3 showings at the rental this morning, then prepping for DD's bday party after school.


            FR - homemade pizza with the birthday party girls


            KR - mistyped yesterday, it was DD1 who had the sore knee.  Anyway, MD said not to worry about it, couldn't find anything wrong with her.


            Sorry,  I wasn't able to get back yesterday to respond to any of you, and I think today will be another busy one.


            RG - That is quite a lot of miles, way to go.  How much longer for the FT gig?  Have fun with your mom!


            Zorbs - did the cat just sit still for that?


            mjen - yay for the snow day, will you still run outside?  I am laughing about DS being busy and having a short attention span - sounds normal to me!


              RR: 6m easy tick over with DS and stroller. It’s pouring down but I will go no matter what. Coaching session was great yesterday. We did the “30 mins before the race” prep and conversations and I asked all my questions. I also was bothered enough to work out paces of what I need to do to break 23mins and so on. It was very useful and gave me a goal.


              NRR; virus playgroup. And no sign of AF yet. We’re on 33 days of cycle so far and hoping she makes an appearance (bfn on Tuesday remember).


              BR: slept a total of 20 mins yesterday. And I was in the car. Luckily I had my kindle and caught up on a magazine.


              FR: need to start eating up the freezer and cupboards. Plan on making a crockpot chili which will use up pumpkin puree, beans and other cupboard stuff.

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                RR - I made it 10k with the stroller yesterday, rather than 13k as planned, because the wind was so awful I was getting pushed around. It was still my longest stroller run ever though as I hadn't done more than 9k with the stroller before. I don't hear any wind out there now, so I should be able to get in 10k @ HM pace this morning, without the stroller.


                BR - She fell asleep during the stroller run and then only napped for half an hour yesterday afternoon, so was a whiny mess by the evening. I took a bath with her in the soaker tub, which cheered her up and then she was asleep by 7:45 pm, which is really early for her.


                FR - Frozen pizza and salad tonight.


                NRR - My skin is awful this week. I don't know what's going on with it. I have giant, red pimples in weird places, like on my cheeks and collarbone.




                rg - I'm ready for spring, too! I normally enjoy winter for the most part, but January has been awful here - really windy and icy with hardly any snow. Nice turn out at your core class yesterday. Aw, it's so nice when they come over to you for a hug!


                Zorbs - Count me in as one who unfortunately feels burned out after half a day with my mom. She is always complaining about something, which is a total downer. Ha ha at the train -  you must have a very good-tempered and tolerant cat. I always think eggplant sounds good, but I just don't like it.


                Jen - Another snow day? Lucky you! I say, do a half-assed job on cleaning the house so that you get a bit of time to relax. Have a great long run - are you going to be able to do it outside? I love running after a fresh snowfall, as long as they've got the roads plowed.


                Eh - Glad DD1's knee is fine. I hope you can get that rental rented out soon - all these showings must be taking up a lot of your time.

                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                  RR - I don't usually run Fridays but might try to squeeze in a few miles on the TM, since I can't run tomorrow..


                  BR - been doing a weird head/body shake, almost like she's dancing but there's no music playing.  Weird.  Ate some of my mom's lasagna last night which was also weird b/c she NEVER eats pasta when i cook it.

                  Total meltdown at bedtime last night which is really unusual, she almost never has issues going to bed.  Took over an hour for DH to calm her down and then she woke up at her usual time this morning.  I hope that means either an early AM nap or a long AM nap.


                  NRR - speech is done but of course I'll be editing it.  Sister is feeling better but not 100%.  At least it's not the flu.  Rehearsal dinner tonight is late so C may have to take formula or go to bed without any milk...



                  rg - i'm totally ready for spring too


                  zorbs - poor cat... ah well, cats are resilient...


                  jen - ha, yea, i can't imagine a toddler having a really long attention span... I think C's is like 2 minutes, at best., with anything..


                  eh - are you in the rental business too?  We're supposed to find out soon if one of ours finally sold...


                  bermy - yesterday i sat in the car in the garage while C napped b/c she fell asleep on our car ride home... I surfed on my phone..


                  ernie - good job on the 10km, i think that's the furthest i've ever gone with C in the stroller...


                    RR:  SRD. Going to LRS tonight to get much needed new shoes.  I also really need to stretch.  I loved the thread on FB about the mileage.


                    TR:  Was pretty good last night.  Woke up screaming from the train at 2 or 3 am and then was upset that I gave him a pacifier.  (He wants me to hold him.  With DH he will go right back to sleep.)


                    NRR:  Even with taking Zorbs' advice on two things to help me sleep better, I slept like crap last  night.  MIL asked if J could hang out at their place so DH and I are having an unplanned date night.  Shoes, drinks, dinner, and a little shopping.  I have rewards $ for American Eagle and Gap that I is burning a hole in my pocket.


                    NRR#2: I recieved a package at work yesterday.  Inside was a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans.  I LOVE those....and the person that sent them to me!


                    FR:  Tacos for dinner last night.  We thawed some frozen lefse and it was delicious!




                    rg - Enjoy your weekend and your time with your mom!  Great mileage for January!


                    zorbs - I was wondering...are you an only child?  I know you've talked about SIL and BIL before, but just curious.  J is starting to try to pick up our cat (who truly only loves me) and it is not a pretty site.


                    jen - Damn!  I want a snow day!  Enjoy yet another day off!  My jealousy continues!


                    eh! - I hope all these showings pay off for you!


                    bermy - Silently hoping for you! Smile  One time J fell asleep in the car, I sat in the garage and connected to our wifi and played on the iPad while he slept!  Take advantage of the time when you can!


                    ernie - Have a great run today.  Bummer about the stroller nap.  Those can really screw up a day!


                    cx2 - Remember, you are doing a great job! Smile

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                      RR - ran 8 miles with L in the stroller yesterday.  It felt hard, I was not really in the mood to run.  I'm feeling a little burned out lately but my half is in 3 weeks so I keep telling myself just 2 more decent weeks of running and then I can take it easy for a little while.  Planning on an easy 3 today before or after my personal training session which is a makeup from Monday when DD was home.


                      BR - was pushing around a plastic shopping cart last night with a baby doll in it, then he'd stop, take the baby out and give it a kiss, then put it back in and continue on.  So darn cute.


                      KR - so happy DD3 is back to normal.  She even went to a kids zumba class with DD1 last night.  It's supposed to be for teens but no teens ever show up so they let younger kids do it.


                      FR - after looking more into the eat clean diet I think I am just going to try to eat cleanER.  I am far too lazy to  make all my own stuff all the time.  L and I did go shopping yesterday and got some good stuff.  We are getting a Whole Foods sometime this year and I can't wait for that!


                      NRR - my parents asked me to find them a furnished rental for next winter down here for 2-3 months.  MIL has also mentioned coming next winter for a month or so.  I think everyone is a little sick of winter!


                      rg - R sounds like a sweetheart.  Enjoy your time with your mom!  I wish mine lived closer and could come more often, it's SO NICE when she's here.


                      zorbs - how did the cat feel about that?


                      jen - enjoy your snow day,  hope you get your LR in!  Do you do it on the TM or can you get outside?  haha on the short attention span, no kidding.  Yesterday I was running and telling myself if L started crying I'd give him my phone to play with and that might keep him busy for 10 minutes.  Then I decided who was I kidding, nothing keeps him busy for 10 minutes.


                      eh - I always feel so accomplished when I run errands on my run.  Glad DD's knee is OK!


                      bermy - I don't have a weather shield for my BOB so if it's raining I take a day off.  Or take L to childcare.    Glad the coaching session went well, I can't wait to hear how your 5K goes!  What did you decide about your long run this week?


                      ernie - I thought about you on my 8m run yesterday.  Running in the wind is no good. It was a little windy on mine and even that was hard, plus L does not appreciate the wind blowing at him AT ALL.


                      cx2 - L will dance by shaking his head back and forth and sometimes will move his mouth like he's singing, it's hilarious.  Glad your sister is feeling better, have fun at the wedding!!


                      mer - that sounds like the kind of date DH and I have a lot!  I love going to the running store when it's just the 2 of us.  Are you getting a different kind of shoes?  I hope you are able to get some sleep this weekend!


                        rr: got in 4 miles on the tm yesterday. probably another 4 today.


                        br: beyond cute. still sleeping.


                        tr: taking the kiddos to a carnival tomorrow at the local preschool. sil has the thrill of working the bounce house!


                        nrr: going shopping with my mom and dad tomorrow. Smile


                        fr: chicken noodle soup was good; leftover tonight.


                        rg: so cute about r. c gives random hugs to and i about die because they are so cute. have fun with your mom!


                        zorbs: so cute about the train on the cat. we have a dog who takes a lot of crap from the kids.


                        jen: do you have j home with you today? what are you making for your dinner with friends tomorrow night? i meal planned yesterday; lately i've been asking the girls what they want for supper and they usually come up with one or two things.


                        eh!: how many rentals do you own? are they worth it for you? our friends were renting their house and they didn't enjoy it so much but were making a pretty good chunk on it.


                        bermy: good luck with the 5k. i'm sure breaking 23 is very doable for you! will you test again at some point?


                        ernie: windy here too today. i came in from the bus stop and dh is like, "why are you crying?" um because it's -3F and windy out!


                        cx2: have so much fun at your sister's wedding and rehearsal!


                        mer: yay for new shoes! i need some new ones too. gonna check out a new lrs since i moved away from the other one. mmmm....starburst jelly beans.


                          RR: 5 easy miles this morning. I don't usually run the day before a race but I need to to de-stress


                          TR; while I was unloading the car she closed the door and locked it with her and DS inside. I told her to unlock it and let me in but of course she thought it was funny. Not funny to this Mama


                          NRR: Tax meeting this morning then I'm getting a pedicure for the first time in months. Later I have my yearly exam with my OB. I love my OB. I will ask her about the risk of having another baby since it would be C Section #3. Then a going away party tonight for our amazing paralegal.

                          5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                            Bermy - I am positive you will run sub-23 in your 5k race this weekend. I can't wait to hear your time. You are going to smash your old PR. Glad you got a tiny bit of chill time yesterday, even though it was only 20 min and in the car. How long are your cycles normally? Mine are a ridiculous 42 days, so day 33 would not even be time to test.


                            Cx2 - S started doing a crazy head shake thing like that last month. I think it makes her kind of dizzy, and then she laughs about it. Have fun at your sister's wedding tomorrow. I'm so glad she doesn't have the flu!


                            Mer - Enjoy your jelly beans - what a great surprise package! Hope you have a great date night and get a good night's sleep as well.


                            Arm - I'm sure the kids have a blast at zumba class! I also just try to eat cleanER rather than totally clean. I have a weather shield for my stroller, otherwise I would not have been able to run at all yesterday. It was a freezing cold wind that was blowing bits of dirt and snow into my face the whole run. S was warm and cozy in her stroller, but I was miserable!


                            Mrszm - The carnival sounds like fun, though less so for your sister stationed at the bouncy castle!.

                            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                              RG: have a great weekend with your mom! Yolie mileage is so impressive!!


                              Zorbs: cats and kids are funny.


                              Jen: good luck on your long run!  Remind me what you are training for. I say set a certain amount of time to clean and take 30 mins to just chill if you can.


                              Eh: good luck with the showings! You soun. Really busy!

                              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                                arm- nice job on the stroller run! 8 miles is a long way to go with the LO. if you're feeling really burned out still, dont' be afraid to take an extra RD.  so cute about L and the shopping cart. my mom has one at her house, and R loads it up with toys, runs like a maniac behind it until he dumps it! haha.


                                mer- yay for an unplanned date night, those are the best sometimes! i've never heard of lefse. sorry about the bad sleep nights, hope you can get caught up on the weekend! yay for a special treat at work- sometimes that makes it easier to get through the day. have fun shopping- i have about$80 in Old Navy gift cards that i need to spend...


                                Cx2- glad your sis is feeling better, have fun this weekend! are you having someone watch C for the wedding, or is she coming along? i hope she takes 2 really long naps for you today- you're doing great, mama.


                                ernie- sorry about the skin issues, hope it clears up soon. great job on the stroller run yesterday, it's SO HARD when it's windy. there are times i feel like i'm just running in place b/c the weight of the stroller is pushing back against me. glad that S went down early for you. what time does she usually go to bed?


                                Bermy- mmm, a friend of mine makes a black bean and pumpkin chili, i'll have to look up a recipe. have a great run with Ds today. hope he sleeps better for you.


                                r-eh: should be done with FT by the end of Feb. not to complain, but i'm ready to go back to just per diem! the work environment is still the same as wehn i left, and while it's not hostile, it's not exactly enjoyable either. glad that DD's knee is ok!


                                jen- glad the soup turned out well for you! i'm jealous of your snowday!!! my miles are lower b/c i can only fit in about 5 miles on the weekdays, where normally i'm running 6-8. hope the LR goes well today. sounds like things went ok for J at daycare?

                                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08