Womens Running




    I have no choice but to have whiskey in my hot chocolate. I'm in a bad mood.




      outwest - whiskey in hot chocolate sounds like it will make everything better Smile  I could use some myself right now!




        I don't know where Mu posts went.


        And I thought wrote that P gave her a baby bag. I'm so out if it.


        TriR, unscheduled rest day because of NtriR,

        NtriR, therapy tonite after work, then Greys!!!


        Personals in a few!


          Outwest, can I join you for a drink???


          Taylor, our colors are orange with a little yellow. No bridemaids only flower girls!!


          NC. I hope your pain gets resolved And goes away.


          Lizo you need a day off!!!


            Good Afternoon (to the East Coasters) Good Morning to the rest of you!


            RR: SRD. I did 6.5 yeterday with 13.5 lbs. I feel like running but I know I need some rest. Tomorrow is 12, which puts me over 35 miles this week! Woo hoo!


            NRR: Not much, its snowing here. Its been a crazy winter season. M is developing like a mad lady. In the last 48 hours she has learned to climb a flight of stairs (both ways), stand up on her own and stand without support, she has added new vocabulary (still no Mommy though), understands how to use the phone (She puts it to her ear and says hello), she has figured out the cabinet locks (I am hoping this is a day thing!) and 3 more teeth are coming in. I am so amazed. It makes me think that my product 35 miles in one week does equal out! LOL.  I am a little bummed, I thought we could go to story time at B&N but its not today so our outing is off. Plus, her 2 naps a day for 2 hours makes planning anything a PIA.  I know this will not last forever, so I am focusing on that.


            QOTD: Homeowners, I am wondering if you have a home warranty and if so through whom. DH & I have AHS we have used them for the last 3 years, but we think they are overpriced for their service.


            Sassy: M loves homemade hummus. We make it will all types of beans -- sweet potato, zucchini & butternut squash hash, baked acorn squash, couscous, farro, quino, pesto chic and/or veggie mix, when I make soup we give her the beans, veggies, etc in the soup minus the liquid, meatballs and meatless balls, loves loves coconut, I give her blanched green beans (she loves to remove the beans for the inside), we make lasagna with eggplant, zucchini or homemade pasta, baked kale chips, homemade frozen treats (frozen yogurt with fruit, frozen fruits, etc) her new thing is to eat an apple without it being sliced for her.


              MA: 7 months! You are in the home stretch!


              PO: Happy belated Birthday! Welcome to your 30s!


              Lizo: Enjoy your day off. Hope all is well. 


              KLM: Hope the cold passes soon. Smile You secret is safe with me. Mornings are always hard


              Cassie: Nice job on the 7. 


              Out: Maybe a day off for resting will be good. I with you on the hot coco and whishkey. Seriously, I queen cranky pants today.


              taylor:  Yikes on the sore throat. Hope you get some rest this weekend.


              NC:  Hope your leg starts feeling better. 


              Blu: Good luck with classes.


              EMG: If you are lurking.. hiya lady, hope all is going well Smile 


                Thanks for all the ideas for meals, GSD!  G loves hummus too.  I have yet to give him a whole apple. Great job on your mileage! I need to teach G how to go down the stairs -- he likes to climb them 3-4 times a day (all 15 stairs). He actually climbs the stairs when he's done playing downstairs and is ready to go to bed.


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                  gurgle, gurgle... coming up for air...


                  a few asked... deadline is about in two weeks or three. I've lost count...


                  going back down under...


                    Sassy: I never thought of it until M started wanting the half I was eating. When I gave it to her she did so well with it. I just give it to her now. M is the same way. She climbs them for sleep and when I need to go up them.  How's the treadmill working out?



                      EMG: If you are lurking.. hiya lady, hope all is going well Smile 


                      Smile GSD, little M had QUITE the day! I can't imagine how ADORABLE she must look going up and down stairs!!!


                      Outwest, whiskey is ALWAYS the answer!


                      PO: Happy belated birthday!


                      KLM, you me and Nai really need to all get together for wine!


                      Just catching up after a day of travel, out of the house/ away from the computer from 4am to 9pm. Things are well, Just got back from a VERY warm goofy two weeks ago and officially earning my Marathon Maniac status. This next week I am gearing up to start another Marathon training schedule for the Spring and looking forward too it!   


                      Hope everyone is doing well!

                      On the Docket: R&R Philly Half 9/16 | ING NYC Marathon 11/3 | R&R San Antonio Marathon 11/17