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    Post 'em ladies!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      Morning ladies!


      RR: Had a fabulous Eminem/8 miler this weekend. I feel like my running is so strong right now, which is great considering I'm signed up to do a Full in November Roll eyes. I hope I can stay strong and injury free.  Anyway, I'm leaving for 3 miles once G wakes up and I feed him.


      NRR: G has his 9 month check up this morning so I have an easy morning to ease in to the work week.  I'm glad he's got this today - I think he might have an ear infection. He was out of sorts yesterday and his balance was off (for as much balance as a 9.5 month old baby has, hahaha).  We took him to the swings to cheer him up and he loved it (posted a pic on FB, he was seriously in awe of it).  It was a really wonderful weekend.  We had happy hour on Friday night, then Saturday had brunch with friends we hadn't seen in a long long time. Funny because they don't have many friends (aside from coworkers) down here either so we all resolved for more frequent get-togethers.


      I also finished reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "Divergent".  Seriously awesome young adult fiction books.

      Gotta run! G is waking up Smile


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Good morning!


        ER: I have an ER today! Just got back from 30 mins on the elliptical. I wanted to go longer, but I haven't worked out in the last week and a half any my back was getting a little stiff.


        NER: A is sick. Sad She got sick yesterday morning and seemed to make a miracle quick recovery in the afternoon, but then it came back later. Its some kind of bug and for the first time ever, she was aware enough of what was going on to tell us she didn't feel good! And she looked so miserable and we couldn't do anything for her. Cry My heart was broken! So she's staying home with DH today, which makes things a little difficult as he needs to get ready for his interview tomorrow. His interview in my unit, doing the same job as me, is at 10. If A is still sick, I'll have to stay home in the morning. FIgures she gets sick at the most inconvenient time! Just goes to show kids don't follow our schedules!


        Had a somewhat productive weekend getting ready for P. We got a pack 'n' play. We never got one for A but need one this time because P will sleep in our room at least until a good sleep pattern is established. I also finally ordered a new dresser for A. It was a hard decision for me because I couldn't decide what will fit in my room. I'm excited because I told my mom Saturday that we need to move the couch out of the room and I didn't know what we'd have in there to sit on, and she's going to re-upolster a rocking chair for us! All our furniture is stuff she did, the old stuff that is made well. Oh and dinner for my parents on Saturday night went really well, but it took me awhile to make it, was worth it though! But my body was so sore by the time I was done! That along with A meant that the work I wanted to do taking stuff to goodwill will have to wait until next weekend probably.


        sassy: I'm glad to hear you're running so well! I hope G doesn't have an ear infection. Thats one thing we haven't had to experience with A yet.


        Hope everyone had a good weekend, I gotta get moving to the shower. I get to leave a bit later for work this morning since I'm going by myself, but of course I'm wasting time!


          Happy Monday!!! I hope it was a great weekend for all!


          Great job to all the marathoners/Goofy runners over the weekend! I knew quite a few from the area, as well as a few DIVAs.


          RR: Ran 3 yesterday and 3 on Saturday. It was warm, but lovely morning running weather. Tonight will be another 3 and sit-ups/push-ups.


          NRR: Great weekend, got a lot done, and some relaxing too. I painted the downstairs bedroom, and it looks sooooo much better! While DH was out fishing with friends yesterday I met up with my friend for lunch and ran a bunch of errands. I got results on my thyroid biopsies, no cancer (great news), but there's other issues. I have an appt with my doc next Monday.



          Sassy: Great job on the 8 miles! Whoot for a marathon. I hope G is ok and the dr helps him feel better.


          Monk: I hope A feels better quickly!

          MA runner girl

            Morning ladies!


            RR: So I decided to take one more day to rest yesterday and the plan is to swim tonight and try a walk/jog tomorrow. I feel good this morning, a bit sore, but nothing like last week, and my gait is not affected by it anymore so I think exercise is ok.


            NRR: Had a pretty good weekend. DH and I spent a lot of time together, which has not been happening enough, so it was really nice. Saturday my aunt and uncle had my dad's whole family over, so it was nice to see everyone. I didn't get to see my nephew though Sad My brother has been busy studying and taking a test to get into the stagehands union that my dad's in, which is awesome, but his gf doesn't drive so none of them could come. I miss his cuteness!!


            Oh and I'm 30 weeks pregnant!! Seems crazy to say that... I put my shirt on this morning and it was like BAM... belly! LOL I may take a pic at some point today if I still feel cute Wink


            Sassy - I hope G has a good appt! That pic of him on the swing was too cute! He's got such a toothy smile, it's adorable. I'm so glad your running is going so great!


            Monk - Aww I'm sorry A is sick Sad I hope she feels better soon! I hear ya on the body getting sore. When I'm on my feet for a while my belly is aching from holding it's self up, not to mention the back!


            Have a great day girls!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Morning Ladies!


              RR: Yesterday was my first run since October!!!!! Run/walk for 2 miles. Okay, the "run" was so slow, but it was GREAT to be out there again!


              NRR: Nothing much. Getting pretty antsy and looking forward to going back to work on January 28th! I'm feeling SO MUCH better! Symptoms are 100% GONE!!!!! Smile Yay for modern medical technology. I'm also waiting patiently as my SIL is due with their first baby 2 weeks from today. I'm HOPING she goes a bit early so that I'll still be here at my parents when my niece arrives. But as of yesterday when I spoke to my brother, he said nothing was going on other than the doctor saying "the baby's head is down and she's in the right position for delivery." Hurry up and get here, kid! I'm getting anxious waiting! Smile


              Monk: I'm sorry A is sick. I hope she feels better soon!


              Sassy: I can't believe G is 9 months already! time flies! Smile


                Sassy: Oh no, hope its not an ear injection. If so, very well timed! I saw the pic of G on the swing --- too cute.


                Monk: Yay for some time on the elliptical. WTG!


                KLM: I am at 28-30 mpw. Last week I did 32.5, so I am not too far behind but I have a problem with b=picking it continuous.



                RR: 7 on Sunday, planning on 5 to 7 outside, shooting for 7.  M is usually great with being in the carrier. She loves it. But recently, everything is likes is doesn't Growing I guess.


                NRRL Had a great weekend. Not too busy. The school we went to look at is awesome. Its 20 to 22 kids per grades K-8. 2 teachers per grade until 6th, when the class is broken down into groups of no more than 10 per class. The kids definitely get a very good foundation for schooling and learning. Our only fear is that when it comes to high school... the transition from small to larger class. But we defintiely have some time. But wow ladies its an amazing school.

                MA runner girl

                  PO - Sounds like a good, productive weekend! I'm sorry there are other issues with your thyroid, I hope there are some good solutions. Yay for no cancer!! That must be a relief.

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    PO:  Sounds like a great weekend. I love doing stuff to make our home more yours than the other pervious owners.


                    MA: 30 weeks! Wow! Glad you and DH got some time together.

                    MA runner girl

                      Ack, a coworker pulled me away so I missed 2 more..


                      RLTW - I'm soooo happy and relieved that you are feeling no symptoms anymore! That is amazing. What a quick recovery! Yay for 2 miles!! I hope your SIL goes a little early so you can meet your neice. Being an auntie is so much fun!


                      GSD - I'm glad you liked the school! Sounds like a good environment. I can't believe that you have to start looking at schools so soon!!! Great job with all the runs.

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                        good morning ladies!


                        RR: great 3 miles this morning. did it averaging a 9:09 mile. trying to drop below 9 min miles for my next half marathon in may... M woke up with me. it was so sweet. we went to the gym together and on the way home he says..."whats for breakfast?" haha. I tell him, well, I have to hop in the shower and get ready for work so if you want to fix something there's hashbrowns, eggs, toast, etc. He was like "ok". I get out of the shower, all ready and he has breakfast done. Smile We have a very domestic meal with the paper, suze ortmann's finance book and the bible. Haha!


                        NRR: work day. have lunch with M before he heads home, then I have rotary tonight and playing drums for a friend tonight at 7. so a long day but hopefully home by 9.... ish.


                        back soon for personals!


                          sassy: sorry about G and the potential ear infection! sounds like fun you had at the swings!


                          monk: poor A! and I hope you guys don't catch whatever she has!


                          po: glad the tests came back cancer free! and hope the other complications can be dealt with!


                          MA: sorry you didn't get to see your nephew! but sounds like you had some quality time with your DH And the rest of your fam!


                          rltw: yay that you're feeling 100% better! so so glad! hope your neice hurries up and gets here!


                          gsd: glad you found a great school!


                          oh yeah. M and I started a "shower project" in the basement this weekend. wish us luck! so far so good. we've built three of the four wall panels we need. I might try and build panel #4 this week. We don't get it going again officially till next weekend when M is back here in Sioux Falls. I'm headed to Worthington this weekend.




                            Good morning, lovely ladies.  Posting from SW Florida today.  Mr. PF and I have been here since Saturday.  We're here until Monday.  Ahhhh.


                            Monk:  YOU ROCK IT OUT on that elliptical.  Stay proud of yourself because I guarantee you that the true victories are won when you push yourself like you did.  You're setting a great example for Little Al in the meantime.


                            MA:  I'm so not used to thinking of life in weeks that I had to think, "Hmm, 30 weeks' gestation is . . . MATH."  Ha.  Glad to hear you are still truckin' away.  Also, I say you're running, not jogging.  I'm right.  Smile


                            RLTW:  I am STILL thinking about you and glad for any positive update on your health.  You're such a brave soul and source of inspiration.


                            Sassy:  You are doing a full?  Hot damn and hallelujah!  Don't worry.  I think you'll be shipshape and ready to rock.


                            Lizo:  Shower project?  Wait, I forgot you are incredibly handy in that area.  I'm looking forward to hearing how it turns out.


                            GSD:  I went to a TINY school for nerdlings up through 8th grade and then went to a high school of 2000.  The first week was hard, and then I totally fit.  More than fit, actually.  Rest easy that it'll be fine.


                            PO:  Wow, thank the Lord it isn't cancer.  I'm sorry there are other issues, but I truly hope you get answers in short order.


                            RR: 8 miles in 61:41 this morning and 10 min. stationary bike.


                            NRR:  I think Mr. PF and I are going to the Miromar outlets today . . . we both hate shopping unless we do it together.  And we are sorely in need of some clothes.


                            NRR2:  I had a really awful health week last week.  If any of you ladies ever get a colonoscopy, I'm unfortunately the expert.  I had to have TWO in the space of two weeks.  The second time, they gave me a prep that so overwhelmed my system (9 pounds of water retention/edema the next day, which is a LOT on my frame) that the doc thought it was a heart thing.  Cue my freakout.  Fortunately, I am OK, but they're doing an echocardiogram for liability purposes when I get back.


                            On that note, I'm OK.  And I'm out, yo!


                              Good morning, ladies!


                              RR: Got in 17 this weekend on semi-hard-packed snowy trails.. 7 on Saturday, 10 yesterday. Needless to say, my legs are tired! I ordered some Kahtoola Microspikes over the weekend (like Yaktrax but more serious - 3/8" spikes!) that should be here by Wednesday. I will need this for that race, not to mention the rest of my winter running. Also got in ST yesterday. A much-needed yoga class tonight.


                              NRR: Not too much. Still trying to adjust to this "get up with the alarm" thing. Went okay today, but dang.. maybe I shouldn't sleep in until 8 every day of the weekend.



                              Sassy - I hope G doesn't have an ear infection. Those hurt.  Also, November is 10 months away and you're already running almost 1/3rd the distance of the full. You've got time!


                              Monk - Good luck to DH today!


                              PO - Hurray for no cancer, but sorry there is still something going on. Sounds like you are getting some answers, though.


                              MA - Wow, I can't believe you're already 30 weeks! Seems like everyone's pregnancies go by so quickly, probably because I'm not the one who's pregnant?


                              RLTW - Hurray for feeling better!!


                              GSD - Is it a Montesorri school? Sounds like it'd be a great opportunity for M.


                              Lizo - Good luck with the shower project.


                                Morning ladies!!


                                Ma, thirty weeks already?!!! Wow!!!!!


                                GSD glad you loved the school! Have a great run!


                                Sassy loved Gs photo on the swing!!! I hope he doesn't get sick. Does he get shots today?


                                Monk, glad you were able to work out!! Awesome about the baby room! Good luck to Dh tomorrow.


                                PO everything ok w the results??! Ill text you later.