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Finally Friday! Preggos... (Read 25 times)

Laura G in Idaho


    Laura G in Idaho

      Good morning, ladies!


      PGR:  34 weeks today.  Wow!  Time to start my late pregnancy herbal tonic.  I've been slacking on drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, so I better get serious about that, too.  I'm still wondering if my baby is breech... I feel a very hard, round mass up high in my belly.  Last appointment, my midwife thought it was a knee, but that's the biggest, roundest, hardest knee I've ever felt in my life!  I'm thinking of having an u/s at next week's appointment to confirm position.  If I do the u/s, I'll see if we can find out gender at the same time.  Part of me doesn't want to do an u/s because I would rather have a "surprise" breech delivery at the hospital than to know ahead of time, and have a heavily-monitored, doctor-attended birth.  I'm just not afraid of a breech birth.  I've done it before.  I know what I'm getting into should I face it again.  I will, dutifully, go to the hospital if I believe the baby to be breech, rather than plan an unassisted birth at home, I promise.  However, I really don't consider it as high risk as many OBs do, especially since I've successfully given birth to a breech before, and have so many births total.


      NPGR:  Yesterday marked two years since Elliott died.  It was a hard day, but I'm okay.  My family and I went to the cemetery and changed out his flowers.  I don't know if I'll ever get completely used to his absence.  I miss him so much.  What a comfort it is to have all my other children, and my strong faith.


      ER/RR:  I haven't done anything since Tuesday!  I've had a lot going on at home, and have pushed aside the workouts so I can take care of my family's needs.  Tomorrow I have a 5k race.  I suppose it's not too bad to rest up so well before a race.  I wonder if I can finish in under 40 minutes!  Ha!  That would be amazing at this point.

      MA runner girl

        Morning Laura! After my transverse baby debacle the whole weekend I thought he had turned breech because I felt a big lump on top of my belly. Turned out it was just his bum! Smile I hope baby is head down! So sorry to hear about yesterday's anniversary. Hugs!


        RR: 3.14 mile walk yesterday. I always do a Pi day run, but I had run 4 miles on Wed so I figured I should probably stick with a walk Wink Today I'll try for a few miles.


        PGR: 38w5d. Had three contractions during my walk last night! Came home and had a few more but they went away after a shower and resting. Not sure I want a baby today, mixed feelings really. It's my cousin's birthday, who died 7 years ago in a fatal car crash just 2 weeks after his 21st bday. Definitely a hard day! What's meant to be will be, right?


        NRR: Today I'm working at home, thank goodness. One day in the office and I was pooped last night! I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. This weekend is the celebration of my SIL weekend. LOL She turned 30 a few weeks ago and my bro is planning a surprise party for tomorrow, but she planned herself a party tonight! Too funny! Tonight's is just friends out for drinks, then dinner and bowling. We may go for dinner. Tomorrow is a party at thier house with family and friends. Hoping to make it at least to one of them, unless baby has other plans!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Laura: Sorry about the tough day yesterday. I cannot imagine losing a child! I'm thankful that the Lord is there to give you peace, because I'm sure you need it. Hopefully your baby's butt is just sticking up. When mine turns completely OA, which it does occasionally, then I feel it's really round, hard butt. So maybe that's all it is? But you've had way more babies than me, so you would know better!


          MA: I am having contraction jealousy. Smile My hikes do not seem to be accomplishing anything! I do get lots of BH but nothing real. And baby doesn't seem to have moved at all. I hear you on the mixed feelings about today being the day your cousin died. Actually, I have a brother who was born on the day my great grandfather died, just a year later. Of course, my great grandfather was pretty old and so it was a nice thing, especially for my grandmother.


          ER: Hike yesterday was nice, especially after the craziness I shared on facebook. I am planning another hike with some curb walking and also yoga to try to get things shifted around. It's not like I've been inactive this pregnancy. Granted, I have not been doing a lot of planned workouts the last few weeks, but my job had required me to be walking, lifting, pushing etc. constantly. And the last three days I have been housecleaning and hiking. What is up baby?!


          PGR: Obviously I'm ready to have this baby, and apparently it's not ready to come. DH and I spent time working in the bedroom yesterday. We cleaned a lot, moved furniture around and vacuumed. DH vacuumed cobwebs out of the corners and spent time organizing the disaster of books that covered every stable object. We need more bookshelves, but don't want to purchase them before we have to move this summer. We set up the mini pack n play that our friends are loaning us so that we will have it ready when the baby comes. I just realized that I need to order some portacrib size crib sheets, which I will do today. I found some that are the jersey material on Amazon for a great deal.


          NPGR: Um, does anything count as NPGR at this point? Just doing dishes and probably making bread this afternoon.


            Laura - sorry to hear about yesterday's anniversary - I'm glad you wree able to spend some time with family.  I hope baby is butt-up and not breech for you...


            MA - enjoy the SIL weekend - maybe all the excitement will make baby want to come out and join the party.


            sasha - GL with the curb-walking, hiking, and yoga - hopefully it motivates baby to come.


            PGR: 30w3d. breastfeeing class last night, which could have been about one hour shorter - the instructors spent an hour talking about breastfeeding techniques, the benefits of breastfeeding, then for about 30 minutes about gear for breastfeeing/pumping, then ended up showing a video that was about twenty minutes long which covered nearly everything that they talked about - it was like they had created their powerpoint from the video.  DH and I were both tired from work and the chairs in the room are the most uncomfortable chairs ever - it was hard to not just get up and leave.


            ER: nothing yesterday - went from work to eat to class, then home to bed.  Walk today hopefully if the rain lets up.


            NPGR: DH corned a beef brisket for St. Patricks Day, so we'll have that sometime this weekend.  My mom wants to hang out, but is hinting that we should drive to their house (45 minutes away) to do so.  I think we'll invite them here instead to get pedicures and enjoy the St. Patricks Day meal with us.  We'll see.  We also need to do a major house cleaning again.  Ugh.


              PG: my feet were swollen yesterday for the first time.  Ughhh.  Not good timing with my HM on sunday.  I need to make sure I drink lots of water and elevate them.  Looking forward to preparing for child birth class tomorrow.


              ER: maybe short walk with the dog but nothing planned for today or tomorrow.  Resting for HM on sunday


              NPGR: Bday dinner for MIL tomorrow.  Oh I got some exciting news last night.  My mom is engaged!  They've been together for 12 years so not really a shock but i'm happy for them.


              Laura: I cant imagine how difficult yesteray was for you but glad your family was with you.  Sending you good vibes for your dr appt next week.  And good luck on the 5k.


              MA: have fun with the party festivities.


              Sash: sounds like full on nesting mode!  Again, so sorry about the situtation you're in.  Hope MIL understands.


              TN:  Hope you get a walk in and enjoy the St. Patty's day dinner.


                TN: Why on earth would a breastfeeding class have uncomfortable chairs? Seriously, what were they thinking? Sorry about that. I need to go to one of the Le Leche League meetings here in town at some point. I think it would be good to have the support. Yum! Corned beef! I hadn't even thought about a St. Patty's meal with the baby due any time. But you've inspired me to try to make something. DH is crazy for corned beef!


                Mann: Sorry about the swollen feet! It's so uncomfortable and frustrating. Hope that you can alleviate them between now and Sunday. Enjoy the birthday dinner tomorrow. And congrats to your mom! DH and I are discussing my MIL situation this afternoon, so hopefully things will get ironed out and I can stop worrying.


                  Afternoon all.


                  ER - Supposed high of 46 today so I'm hoping for a walk this afternoon when DH gets home. Really looking forward to getting back to the gym but I should take it slow since I ran a bunch of errands this morning.


                  PGR - Went in for a chiro appointment today. I'm sure I undid all her good work afterwards taking DS in and out of the carseat. I asked about 2x/month appointments but she said we'd start that once I hit 30+ weeks.


                  NPGR - Not a whole lot. Hoping to do something fun this weekend to make up for last weekend's sick delirium, no idea what though.


                  Laura - I'm glad you had your family and faith to lean on yesterday, hugs to you. Good luck at your race tomorrow.


                  MA - Sounds like you're having the fun weekend! I wish I had it in me to do a pi walk yesterday but at least it's the thought that counts right?


                  Sasha - Well, at least you won't have to worry about last minute housecleaning when you do go into labor. Wink I'm envious of your hikes, if the weather would cooperate I'd do a lot more of them.

                  TN - That's the annoying thing about long classes like that. They always could stand to be shorter, especially when you can tell the instructor is dragging content to fill the time. I hope it was informative at least.

                  Mann - Congrats to your mom. Good luck with your HM. I'm sure any swelling you have now will be nonexistent after you walk 13.1 miles!


                    trozy started a weekly thread (for next week) over on RW.  I crashed it Smile  I think the rest of us were all amenable to moving over there? They allow signatures again Smile


                    Mann - How exciting that your mom is engaged! Good luck with the HM Sunday!


                    sasha - I have wondered the same thing - all of our childbirth-related classes have been in the same room, and the chairs suck so bad.


                    schmett - Jealous of your balmy 46 degrees. The class was informative, but a bit repetitive.

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Late for personals, but at least I made it back today.  Wink


                      MA:  Nice pi day walk.  Let's hope those occasional contractions start coming stronger and closer together... maybe tomorrow so you'll avoid any weird feelings about the birthday and death date coinciding.  I hope I'm just feeling a big bottom, but it would be awfully hard and round for a butt.  I am beginning to wonder if the midwife doesn't want to diagnose a breech because she wants a "surprise" as much as I do.  She did offer an u/s last visit to confirm position, but I turned it down.

                      sash:  I hope your baby gets the idea that it's time to come out now!  Great job on all that prep work and cleaning.


                      TN:  When I teach birthing classes, I send home most the videos that I have so they can view them at home, but then I usually only have 2-3 couples at a time.  I figure passive learning should be done as much out of class as possible.  This reserves class time for in-person discussion, questions, and bonding between class members.  I usually send all the breastfeeding videos home because there's only so much you can do and learn about breastfeeding before you have a baby to try it.  Sorry the chairs were so uncomfortable!  A pedicure sounds great.  I'm considering the same thing now that our weather has turned to spring here.


                      Mann:  Bummer on the swollen feet.  Hopefully it'll subside quickly with the elevation and extra water.  Good luck on your HM!  Congrats to your mom and her fiance.


                      schmett:  I'm loving my chiro right now.  I hope you'll see yours as often as you need.  I called in this morning and asked to be seen this afternoon.  Thankfully, mine was able to fit me in.  He put my SI joint back in place again, and I told him I'd probably have it all out of place again by Monday's appointment, with my 5k this weekend.