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The Thursday (Over 40) (Read 23 times)

    As in THE last one in January....


    Off to the gym for me as it feels like -1 out there.  No glory in frostbite on a training run.




      we also got a couple of inches of snow last night....not happy!


      You all have good runs today!




      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


      Mighty Mouse

        Wednesday I did 35 minutes on the track, light and easy since Fast Buddy was not there. Smile

        Today I plan a track run. I've been adding to my music list so it gives me a lift when I run alone. A friend at work is at death's door so we are awaiting the sad news of her passing.The plan is to do a half hour of a cardio DVD when I get home from the track.

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



          Morning!  SRD for me. I'm off to a quilt workshop with Ricky Tims, Lehman and Alex Anderson.  I'm looking forward to  it! Our quilt shop let people register thru them so that we got a nice discount. The timing is great. It's south of Atlanta and my area, 50 mi north of Atlanta, is supposed to have freezing rain/sleet tomorrow which = no power. Glad I won't be here.  The weather predicted in last week's winter storm watch didn't materialize and I'm hoping this one doesn't either!  Hope the weather warms up for those in the deep freeze!


          Have a great day!


            Morning Ladies,


            I forgot to post "weigh in wednesday"...and yes, I did pay 25 cents at the Flea Market to get on the scale...LOL....it was one of those old fashion ones, who knows about accuracy....but fully clothed, including sweatshirt (was chilly here), I think I am probably about the same...no loss-no gain.


            Probably will not get another run in until Sat. am.


            Demarias - Give Kids the World is a "Village" in Kissimme that consists of lodging, pools, and many activities for kids.  As Tessa said yesterday - Aly is there on a Make a Wish, it is for children with what are determined s life threatening illnesses.  (she has a severe heart defect - and at this time is very healthy!)


            Camille - Have fun quilting....This weight thin is frustrating isn't it....ugh.....just think if we weren't watching it though.....Amazing what one iece of pizza can do.


            LisaMMR - Boo on the cold and unable to run outside.....I hear it is bitter cold!


            Ginny - Is it as cold in Ohio as it is in Mich?


            Judy - Enjoy your music!  Sorry to hear of your co-worker....


            Off to get ready for a crazy day!



            Bad Ass

              Morning!  Slept in as I'm working from home.  Some run tonight; I have no mojo.


              Lisa, enjoy the gym.

              Ginny, enjoy your day!

              judyruns, I run with music (I run alone) and it keeps me pumped during my boring runs.

              camille, enjoy the rest.

              Bikerchick, I had not heard about that place before.  Hope she is enjoying herself.  I'm glad she's is healthy at this time.  May it continue.



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                Judy - Your cardio DVD sound like a good idea; I think I'll go out today and look for one. It's cold and windy here but the TM is definately NOT calling my name! Sorry about your co-worker.


                A few office mates of mine are headed to the DC area in two weeks to do a Run in Your Undies miler to raise money for tumor research. I cannot imagine running in anything like the current conditions and hope a warm front moves into the area. And I'm not really sure I get the "undies" part either . . .


                Camille - I picture your home as a fairybook cottage in the woods, the way you describe lack of electricity during bad weather. Am I close?


                Carol - As much as you may not run until Saturday, doesn't it feel good to be too busy to run sometimes? I love knowing running is always there whether I'm getting out the door or not.


                Marjorie - Hang in there! Hope your miles are helping you stay focused and a little more relaxed.


                Tessa - It's tough sometimes when we make decisions that not everyone else understands. Hang in there with DH.


                Linda - Great pic, but wearing shorts? I wanna live where you live!


                Have to plan a route soon for Karnel's run; been scoping out the area for someplace meaningful or inspirational.


                Happy runs and treadmill workouts, and safe travels for those on the roads.




                Run to live; live to run

                  Camille so glad you could get her shoes.  The sales were pretty good.  I'll have to get some for dh.  His shoe is on there.  My shoe isn't but that is okay.  I have 4 pairs stocked in my closet to use through the summer.  Funny how they go so fast in terms of wearing out.  But I know running 80 miles a week they won't last long.


                  Carolyn yes the running helps.  I'm trying to separate myself from it all just I wasn't raised to ignore family and issues they need help on.  It is tough.


                  Lisa , um my calendar says there is another Jan thursday next week Smile  LOL


                  I did talk to dad  He acted like nothing was wrong and didn't talk about the scam.  Totally avoided it actually. I wonder if he is taking his bipolar meds now.  He is already seeing someone else and told me he thinks he could be very happy with her.  I wonder if he just wants to get married and is not really thinking everything through?  IDK  but not something I can think about right now.


                  Tar Heel Mom

                  "When I'm 63!"

                    Good morning. Just came in from 4.87 miles. Warming up a bit, but we are supposed to get the same ice/sleet tomorrow that Camille mentioned. It should come late enough in the day that I will done driving and be cleared up by morning. Not sure what will happen with electricity as this is my first winter in this rent house, but this is an older part of town and the wires are not buried, all on telephone poles.


                    Camille -- I sent you a PM re: Tar Heel 10 miler.


                    Carol -- that sounds so fun for Aly!


                    Lisa, I agree, frostbite is not worth anything. If you have an available TM, use it!


                    Marjorie, it does sound like your dad might be lonely.


                    Carolyn, I don't think I would run in my "undies" in any weather.


                    Greetings to everyone else! Have a great day!

                      Good Morning!  It was another "I don't want to get out of bed mornings.  Started to sleep in and then Ben's breakfast alarm went off and he was pacing in the kitchen.  Got up, fed the dogs, let them out.  Threw on some running clothes for a quick 3 miles.  At least I got out there.  Pilates this afternoon, then quilting.


                      Camille---HAVE A FABULOUS TIME AT THE QUILT SEMINAR!!!!  I know you will have a blast.  I just signed up for the Gulf States Quilt Assn seminar in Baton Rouge in March.


                      Have a great day!!

                      Anonymous Guest

                        Morning all,

                        Taking vacation this morning to take Jake to the vet to hopefully finally get his stitches out and the cone off his head. My plan was to get up early, get my tempo run done, take him in, eat some lunch, then go to work for the afternoon. Instead I went to bed at 8:30 last night with a migraine, slept in, then shoveled the driveway. We only got about an inch of snow, but my car is horrible in snow, and the slight incline of the drive is enough that I won't be able to drive back up it if there's is ANY snow or ice. Lisa and Tessa have seen my drive and know it's not very steep - that is how bad my car is. So not looking forward to getting out of my unplowed neighborhood with whinning dog in car....ah well, at least the migraine has dulled so that I can function.


                        Ginny, I did see your question on nutrition yesterday - not ignoring you, just about to run out the door this morning, and couldn't look at words with the migraine last night. Will definitely answer later.


                        More later,


                        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                        Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                        Run to live; live to run

                          I did 11 again today  25 degrees warmer than yesterday.  Such extremes.  Yesterday running pants and heavy long sleeve techwith hand cover.  Today shorts and short sleeve tech.


                          Amy no sleet for us.  You all can keep it!


                          Karen good luck to getting where you need in that weather!



                            judy....so sorry about your friend at work.  We have gone through that here too many times and it is very hard.  Hugs to you and your co-workers.


                            Karen...thanks, I will look forward to your post, I need help!


                            Yes it is as cold here in Ohio as it is in Michigan, at least the Michigan where Lisa lives.  Northern Michigan is probably colder.


                            Planning on a TM run again tomorrow, then I am going to Toledo to help out a friend, weather permitting.





                            6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15



                              Judy, I am sorry to hear about your coworker.


                              Lisa, I would definitely head to the gym too. -1 is miserable!


                              Ginny, a couple of inches of snow -- how badly does that interfere with running or driving?


                              Camille, envious, that sounds like a lovely workshop.


                              Carol, I'm staying the same also. Thank you for weighing fully clothed. (There's that old joke about "I weigh 140 stripped, but don't know if the scales down at the drug store are right or not.") Me too, about the same.  Glad you are having a good time! I'm presuming you would let us know if you were not.


                              Damaris, get out there and run for those who cannot due to weather. Envious of those who can work from home.


                              Carolyn, the library usually has a selection of exercise DVDs and tapes, also Goodwill is a good source of them. And you can download some on demand.


                              Wait what? Travel all the way to DC from your area to run one mile? No way. If I'm traveling that far, I want it to be for a full. (And in their undies...are they daft?)


                              Marjorie, you are so right that with this kind of mileage shoes don't last long. How many miles do you get from a pair? Do you rotate two or more pairs?


                              You may have hit it -- your dad wants to get married again or at least to have someone around and is maybe not using the best judgment. I've seen that before with widowed men. Definitely not so much with widowed women!


                              Amy, stay cocooned if it's too icy. First winter in a house you usually find out a lot about its quirks.


                              Susan, at least you got out there! Good for you.


                              I haven't been to a quilt show or symposium in ages. I should look for one.


                              Karen, good luck to Jake today!  Your driveway is more than not steep. If asked I would have said your driveway is, um, flat. Ouch on the migraine.


                              Marjorie, agreed -- last Monday/Tuesday frozen puddles and running in pants and gloves, by Friday shorts and tech shirt, today it was shorts and shirt and no gloves.


                              4 with running neighbour this morning in the rain. I wasn't sure she would show up but she did. (Her DH opted to sleep in.) We are leaving at 3:45 Sunday morning for the race, since we have to drive 110 miles and it starts at 7 AM.


                              Starving this morning for some reason...off to make a pregym snack.


                              Happy runs!


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Tessa two pairs.  I get somewhere over 600 miles a pair  Usually around 630 to 640.  My pink Blurrs are good for maybe 2 more runs.  They are almost 640