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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


      Morning MA!


      RR: ran 7 yesterday outside with M. Today 13, not sure how we will work it depends on what time M decides to nap.


      NRR: House stuff, this weekend we are going to an open house for a school for M. It's early, but the school has a waiting list. ITs teaching methods are very unique and made to focus on each child. Then I have a chapter meeting for DAR. I still have more family to register but at least I got one done and through.  Oh and we are taking M to the zoo since it will be 70 ad sunny!


      PO: I totally agree with you.... I hate this warm winter!


      Have a great day everyone!

      MA runner girl

        Good morning lovely ladies! I thought Friday would never get here!


        RR: Nope!


        NRR: I'm in a much better place mentally today. My midwife appt was good last night. I passed the diabetes test, so that's a weight off. Baby boy is head down and I'm measuring well. My BP was higher than it's ever been, though still not "high" (125/80, usually 115ish/mid 70s) so I need to stop stressing out over things. Hopefully work will be less crazy and I can calm down. My back is still in pain, midwife said it's SI joint pain. She said to alternate heat and ice and gave me some stretches. DH went out and got me a heating pad last night and I fell asleep on it. It felt so good and I was finally able to relax the muscles a little bit. It still hurts this morning so hopefully spending the day icing/heating will help. Thank goodness for working at home!! Not much going on this weekend, except I'll probably go to my parents at some point when they are watching my nephew. I could use some baby cuddle time Smile


        Have a great day ladies! Happy weekend!!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

        MA runner girl

          Hi GSD! Sounds like a full day. Good luck at the school, sounds like a good one, but crazy that you have to start looking now when she's just over 1!!! Is it a preschool? When would she start?

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            so glad it's friday! but man I'm tired.


            NRR: got home from my work trip yesterday afternoon, then stayed at work till 6 then got home cooked, showered, and did another hour and a half of work. then it was time to design our basement shower that M wants to get started on this weekend. Tonight it's just more stuff to do. Need to clean the house really well as M's friend Eric and his girlfriend are visiting tomorrow evening.  Have a stack of laundry to get done too. I'm hoping for at least a couple of miles tonight when I get home just to clear my head...

            one bright spot is I'm doing lunch with my friend Misti!


            RR: Nothing yet today. hoping for 2 or 3 tonight! I'll be needing it!


            gsd: good luck with those miles! 13!! been a really long time since I did that distance!


            MA: glad your appt went well! and hope things calm down for you so you can destress!! enjoy cuddle time with your nephew! and hope that back pain reduces completely!


              Good morning and happy Friday!


              My outlook is much better than it was last week at this time! I'm in a much better mood when I'm not in constant pain from my back. The sciatic nerve is still acting up, but at least so far its not nearly as bad as my SI joint was.


              I got my new camera last night! Its funny, I got the one I'd been researching online because they had it in the store, but I didn't expect it to be so small! Its smaller than my phone (one of the Canon Powershots). I didn't get to play with it much though because I had to charge the battery. I took a few pictures this morning and, at least on the camera, the pictures look much clearer with much better color. Yay! So now I need to find excuses to take pictures. Looked at stoves too and determined I don't really need to see the stove in person. I can pick one out and buy it online... just need to figure out how our stove space is configured (need to see if we have a gas line and/or if the electric is three- or four-prong?) and decide what we want. I can't wait to get a new stove... I've hated my current stove almost since we moved in almost six years ago.


              This weekend will be busy. We have the hospital tour tomorrow and my parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night. This is the dinner we were going to have two weeks ago but had to cancel because of DH being sick. I'd also like to get a dresser ordered for A and take a load or two of stuff to goodwill. DH and I decided we're going to take a little in-town babymoon next weekend! A is going to spend the night with my sister/BIL/nephew and we're going to spend the night at a nice hotel, have dinner at a nice restaurant and go to the Badgers hockey game. So excited for that! Now we just need to get tickets and reservations.


                Hey girls !


                RR: SRD today.  Tomorrow is an Eminem / 8 miler!


                NRR: My boss is awesome - he's always coming up with ideas for new experiments. Never mind that I'm the only one in the lab , so I have to do them! Smile I like being busy though. I wish I was as creative and curious as he is.  I like doing experiments, but I'm lacking in ideas of my own. It's my goal for the next few months.  He's all excited about a new idea so my day is spent researching it and seeing how we can tackle it. Anyway, one of the grad students is defending today so there will be happy hour after work. I think I'm going to take G.  He loves going out (as evidenced by Mexican restaurant night) so it will be fun.


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                  Gsd-good luck getting in your 13 today. That's really cool about that potential school for M. When do you think she will enter it?


                  MA-sorry about the SI joint pain. That place sucks to stretch out and is the cause of pain in many people who are not preggers but the added baby inside makes it that much more  uncomfortable. Hope the icing and heating continues to help


                  lizo-good luck with all your chores


                  RR: maybe, we'll see. I have a huge headache right now. I woke up with it. It seems like a combo of the headaches I got from sobbing and the one I had after a concussion. But I have not been crying nor did I hit my head at all. Weird


                  NRR: work til around 7 then ice skating and dinner with DBF. Can't believe how warm it is here now. I woke up to it being in the 50s!


                    monk-have fun with your mini honeymoon this weekend


                    Sassy-that's really cool your boss is full of ideas. Hope some of them will inspire you Smile Enjoy happy hour with your coworkers and G tonight


                      Morning Ladies!


                      GSD- way to go on your 7 yesterday! I know you said your goal is to get up to about 35 miles a week...what are you running now? 7 with the stroller must be like 15 without it! Hope you get something in today. Enjoy the day with the nice weather


                      MA- glad to hear that your appointment went well and that you are feeling better today. I hope the heat and the ice help with your back! I am al little jealous that you get to work from home!


                      Lizo- sounds like you have a ton on your plate right now! No wonder why you are tired. Good luck getting everything done and getting some miles in today. Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned!


                      RR- did 1 mile w/u, 1.5 at tempo and 1 m c/d last night. It was a great workout and I felt good when I finished! Tonight will either be an easy couple of miles or  a rest day depending on what I end up doing tonight after work.


                      NRR- We are meeting up with some friends either this evening or Sunday... yup, that is what happens when DH makes plans! I swear he hates planning anything until the very last minute and it drives me insane. I try to be more relaxed about it, but I am the exact opposite so I have a hard time not knowing what I am going to do. DH and I have to move out of our apt because they raised the rent almost $500 a month which we could afford to pay, but I refuse to pay because it is just too much. So, hopefully this weekend we will go look at some other neighborhoods we are considering.


                        Missed a few of you...


                        Monk- glad to hear that you are in a better place. Enjoy your weekend and your babymoon...sounds great!


                        Sassy- it must be so exciting to be around people who are so curious about their work because I ams sure it keeps you motivated. I am with you and would much rther be busy at work than not have anything to do! have fun at the happy hour


                        Taylor- hope you can shake that headache! Enjoy skating with DH... that is something that I would love to do, but am just no good at! I love watching people ice skate...are you guys one of those couples who look all cute skating together?

                        c a s s i e

                          Hi ladies! Happy Friday!


                          GSd – I hope you like the school! Wow, 70 degrees in January?!

                          MA – I’m glad you’re finding some back relief.

                          Lizo – Wow, you’re one busy lady. I hope your visit with M’s friends is fun!

                          Monk  - Yay for new toys! Enjoy your babymoon weekend!

                          Sassy – G is such a cutie. Have fun at happy hour!

                          Tayor – Sorry about the headache; I hope it eases up for you and doesn’t ruin your day!

                          Klm – I can’t believe they raised rent by $500!!! That’s obscene. Have fun tonight or Sunday with your friends, and good luck home-hunting!


                          RR: 5 easy on tap for tonight. Tomorrow I have a 16-miler schedule, and the high temperature tomorrow  is supposed to be 16 degrees. Joy.


                          NRR: This week went surprisingly quickly, but at the same time it feels like school has been back in for more than a week, if that makes sense. DH has a two-day meeting in Denver today and tomorrow, so I'm bacheloretting tonight. My plan is to watch the high school basketball game for a bit, then go home and run, then watch The Bachelor on Hulu and read the stack of magazines that arrived this week that I haven't had time to open yet. Such an exciting Friday night. Smile

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                            Ooops, I wrote the babymoon is this weekend, but its actually next weekend!


                            And OMG... I forgot to mention this in my first post but just found out the follow up... DH got a call last night for a job interview with the state... in my unit. And its next Tuesday! We weren't expecting it this quick! Our weekend just got a whole lot busier! We decided we are willing to work together again if it will get him a job sooner. Send DH your good interview vibes!


                              Morning girls! Happy Friday! Yes!!!


                              GSD what kind if school is it? Montessori style teaching? Great job with your miles!


                              MA can you get rid of your scale??? You are radiantly gorgeous and beautiful preganant athlete!


                              Lizo still need to check yor website today!


                              Monk have a funtastiI weekend! Love the plans!!


                              Sassy have a great run tomorrow!


                              Taylor hope your headachheroes away! Have fun skating!


                              Klmc can you negotiate on the rent? That stinks!!!


                              Cassie have fun catching up on shows and trashy mags! Haha


                                As for me scheduled rest day. So my tri friend gym owner is going to start PT twice a week starting next week! 30 min each session. Not bad!!!


                                NtriR very exciteD for weekend!  My sister redid our wedding website. And we are sending out the save dates today. Hoping to go see Le Mis as well and get my LR, OWS and Long bike ride as well. Got a really nice wetsuit laST weekend so I have to go test it out.


                                have a great day!!