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THURSDAY DIVAS! (Read 20 times)




      RR- something. Maybe 3 this morning and 3 at lunch. I've had success this week with splitting up my runs into two shorter ones as I recover from the half. 20 miles is this weekend! Trying to get pumped.


      NRR- just working. I have a ton of things on my plate right now, plus a meeting to assess where we are after the quarter finishes up next week that I really need to prepare for. Other than that, I need to make an appointment for a mani pedi on Friday, pick up the house a bit (as usual haha). I'm trying to focus on my trip to Gettysburg at the end of April for the marathon. Anyone been there recently and have restaurant or other suggestions? We will be out there 4 days.


      happy Thursday! Almost there...


        Morning Jewel! Enjoy the double run today!


        RR: Could only get in 5 yesterday, but i lifted. I am trying to work in lifting more.  Today shooting for a longer run like 7 but I may do it like Jewel and do 4 then 3.


        NRR: DH has is interview next week...Wednesday to be exact. ANother engineer put in his 2 weeks, so that makes 8 people that have left within a short period. All for the same reason.... this one manger.  To clarify, DH and I normally dont talk via work email for all the same reasons. This time we did over a stupid devices (DH is in the technology field and gets devices to test and try out for all different companies) ... It's just dumb to have seen... after 9 years they do this to him. He brings in over a 8 million dollars in sales and serves. Yes, amazing for one person, but they treat him like this. Anyhow.....today is I am hoping to get M out somewhere... we have been at home doing things but we need a break.. THe weather has been crappy and cold.


        Waves and hugs to all! Have a great day!


        EMG: it was great to 'see' you yesterday.


          Hi ladies. I don't know how much I'll be posting throughout the next month...


          RR: Nothing till the weekend...


          NRR: I'm getting approval to use FMLA for the next 2 months as I continue to lose energy and am completely tired from no thyroid hormones, let alone having to do iodine radiation in a couple/few weeks. I about lost it this morning. I've been very positive throughout everything but I'm starting to lose it in trying to keep up with life.


          OJ: Great job with the double workouts!


          GSD: Great job getting in 5 yesterday. Once I'm back to half sanity in life, I really want to get back to lifting weights too. I hope you have a great 7. I hope DH has a great interview. While my company is good to work for, we're seeing a lot of people between ages 28 and 40 leave right now. I think the economy is very taxing for anyone in the government field especially right now. Huh, I wonder if DH does some of the same types of stuff I did for the past 2  years. :-P


          Have a great day ladies.

          MA runner girl



            ER: 30 min walk yesterday. I even "jogged" a few steps here and there hoping that would get things going... desperate much?


            NER: Actually got out of the house for a bit to go to the chiro yesterday, which was good for me. She did an adjustment that supposedly put another patient in labor 48 hours later. We shall see! I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning to check fluids and see how baby is doing. Hopefully I don't need to be induced yet...


            Jewel - Is it harder to marathon train in the winter vs the summer? Good luck with 20 this weekend! I've never been to gettysburg so no help here!


            GSD - Good luck to DH with his interview! It is pretty ridiculous that they are monitoring him when he is such a great employee... that is a lot of people leaving!


            PO - Hugs! I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. You have been so positive, it's ok to not be. Best of luck to you.


            Have a great day girls. Please send this baby "Get out" vibes!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Morning Ladies!


              RR: rest day


              NRR: I made the most delicious smoothie this morning. a cup of frozen cherry/berry blend, a cup of almond milk, a cup of vanilla greek yogurt. So much tastier than protein powder! Smile


              Very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I have off from work for Good Friday.


              Jewel: I've always loved the idea of 2 a day runs. How do you do it? with working and then having to shower, etc. I feel like I'd constantly be pressed for time! Smile


              GSD: Good Luck to your DH with his interview.


              PO: Hang in there dear. I was approved for FMLA with my 2 surgeries and it was so wonderful knowing that I could rest and take care of myself without having to worry about my job not being there when I returned. Take care of yourself. <3


                MA: hoping baby decides he's ready!!!! Before Kay was born, my brother took SIL to the hospital on a Saturday morning. She was sent home. 12 hours later her water broke and Kay was born 8 hours later! Baby boy will come when he's ready! You've made such a nice home for him, he doesn't want to leave! Smile


                  Morning all!


                  RR: Got to the gym yesterday after all and ran 10 minutes of the 30 I spent on the treadmill! I felt strong the whole time and my legs didn't hurt AT ALL last night, which is a big deal for me right now! I feel like I could run more or longer right now, but I'm not pushing it especially since I need new shoes. My siblings and I are maybe going to make a team to run a 5K here in June, its The Biggest Loser series geared toward first-timers, so good for them and me at this time too!


                  NRR: I'm taking P in to work this afternoon to meet and greet, so that will be challenging but probably fun too. Also trying to clean and organize the house more. I spent so much time trying to organize before P was born and the house is still a mess! Other than that, not much new. I'm honestly counting down the days until I go back to work and I don't feel bad about that.


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: Had a great 7 trail just now and it was awesome! I was awake from the beginning, as opposed to being foggy for a while, and my legs felt super strong. Fay is sprawled out on the floor right now. I think I wore her out!   ST tonight.


                    NRR: Work is going okay but not as great as I'd like. I have work to do but I'm not super busy.. trying to be okay with that because I know I don't like it when I'm slammed. I also need to rethink my menu planning. I like trying all these different recipes, but every night, it feels like I'm making something and then have all these dishes to do. I need to make more meals that I can heat up a few times, as opposed to meals that have to be made at each sitting..or at least do a lot more prep work on Sundays.



                    Jewel - I'm with RLTW - how do you handle the showering thing?


                    GSD - I hope your DH does well at that interview. Have fun out and about with M today!


                    PO - Sorry you're getting more and more tired, but I know it's just part of everything that's going on right now. What sort of paperwork do you have to fill out for FMLA?


                    MA - Hopefully that chiro adjustment will help. I'm starting to get frustrated for you.


                    RLTW - Your smoothie sounds delicious!


                    Monk - Congrats on getting to the gym!


                      Morning girls!


                      Jewel, 20 this weekend? Rockstar!!! Enjoy your mani and pedi as well!


                      GSD. Sounds a bit like my situation with your DH. Sorry. Good luck for him next week.


                      PO, SORRY! Poor thing L Will you have two months off? I’m not sure how FMLA works. Hang in there. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. They can give you some energy. Now that C and I have been juicing at least 1x a day, I get more energy from the juice then I do from coffee. Hugs.


                      MA, I cannot believe you’re still here with no baby! When was your due date? This past Sunday? Good luck!!!!


                      Monk, love the 5k idea with the family members. Great job running some last night!


                      Outwest, Crockpot dishes are great b/c they last longer. Also salads, pasta salads, orzo salads, soups, etc. So happy you had a good run. I’m jealous!




                      TriR: running 5 tonight. Switching and meeting with trainer tomorrow since I also have off. That way I can run tonight and Saturday.


                      NtriR: Volunteering last night was quite a struggle. I was about to feed a month old baby when his IV came loose and all of a sudden I had blood on my pants and his arm was full of blood. I was about freaking out. I was so scared I screamed at a nurse to come in there and she tells me that it’s normal for them to sometimes have their IV loose since they are constantly moving so much and to not worry. I nearly had a heart attack. Then I found out that this baby had MRSA so they sent me home to go shower and change. I was wearing gloves and a face mask when this happened, but my pants were exposed. What a nightmare. Next time I’m wearing a gown just to be safe. I was really freaked out.

                      Having lunch today with my BFF that I haven’t seen in a while. She’s also hosting a shower for me with a few other girlfriends next first week in May.


                      Have a great day girls! It’s gorgeous weather here today I so wish I could open the window!


                        Hey DIVAs! Happy Thursday!


                        RR. Running later today, plan calls for 7, but since I won't have time tomorrow to do my planned 3, I might try for 10 today. But I'll just see how I feel.


                        NRR. Finishing up some big projects on our business stuff. Month-End stuff. Not fun, but productive! Also, applying for tax extension as I just can't handle doing them right now... I think we need to hire someone to help, but it's too stressful for me to deal with, so I need more time! I think we're getting together with DH's family (including MIL) tonight. We got into a big argument over her (MIL) last night. I'm so sick of the stress she causes. I realized I have a lot of unresolved anger towards her, that I don't want! But don't know how to get rid of. Ugh...



                        Jewel- 20 miler this weekend! WOOHOO! This is my cut-back week, so 20 miler will be next week. Is this as high as your long runs go, or do you do another 20 or 22? My plan had been for a 18, 20 and 22, but due to injury and sickness, I only will get a 18 and 20. Kind of stressing about that....


                        PO- I'm sorry you're having a rough time at this. My BFF had the same surgery/treatment and she also suffered from low energy, etc, but after radiation and once her meds got stabilized, she was able to bounce back. So there is hope for you too!! Glad you can get some time off to heal and rest. Will be thinking of you!


                        GSD- Sorry things aren't going well with DH's job, but hopefully this new opportunity comes through for him! Hope your run goes well today!


                        MA- Hopefully that Chiro appt helps! You should get a pre-natal massage too! There are pressure points they can work on that are supposed to help induce labor!


                        RLTW- That smoothie sounds delish! They make Greek yogurt with coconut milk and almond milk now too, it's super good!


                        Monk- Nice job on the 10 minutes running!!! Love the pic of P, he's a cutie pie!


                        OWR- Glad you had such a great trail run! I hear ya on the nightly cooking. I try to make something that we can re-heat, but DH always eats it!

                        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                        Half: 1:48

                        Full: 4:34



                          Meli- OMG that is intense about volunteering last night. I would have freaked too! sounds like something out of Grey's! haha

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Hi ladies!


                            No time for personals - so sorry! I'm a lame diva and will be back to more regular posting once my grant is done.  Bahhhhh.


                            RR: Did 5 miles this morning outside in the chill. I needed that run. So many people I know give up on exercise when they have deadlines but I make it a priority! Otherwise I go INSANE.


                            NRR: Just grant writing.  Getting everything together for this, all the little pieces and parts and making sure everything is consistent. Wish me luck.


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              hi ladies!


                              RR: nothing this morning. probably nothing today as I slept in, and tonight I have dinner with a friend and then music practice that's probably going to go till 9 or 9.30. However, ran/ walked another 4 miles with M yesterday evening  when he got to town. he wanted to go an easy something. I was thinking oh 2, no big deal. ha. he was thinking further. so I got a little over 8 miles yesterday. a rest day today is in order I'm thinking...


                              NRR:  normal work day. trying to get some plans done before my meetings start at noon today. and I have a flashing light on my phone... probably about 3 messages waiting. argh!


                              wow... and four hours later... here is my post


                                AH! I just sent some documents off to the grants office!


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!