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Mildly Monday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)

    Easing into the week.



    LC Runs

      Hi Lisa - thanks for starting us off.  Not ready for another work week...Roll eyes


      Raced my 4 miler yesterday - first race of that distance so I guess it was an automatic PR lol - 33:09 4th in AG.  Fun times though very cold.


      I just skimmed last night's thread:


      Karen - how scary, glad you are okay.


      Gatsby - love the picture!


      Mighty Mouse

        LCRuns, congrats on the race!  Big grin

        Friday I did 50 minutes of track running, then 35 of cardio DVD when I got home.

        Saturday was SDO for me. Sinuses very irritated.

        Sunday I went out on the trail and did 75 minutes in the Asics Kayano shoes. Heavenly cushioning.

        No Sunday Buddy found as yet. Maybe next week.

        Track run today. Going to see the doc about the sinuses, headaches, nose blowing, cough, etc. I sound like a baritone.

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



          Wish the weather was Mildly here....


          LisaMMR - Talking with RB's on the way to race yesterday (they like to run trails) are there any coming up down your way...of the shorter distance kind....


          LCruns - Great job on the race!  Was it a good race?  There were not quite 5,000 yesterday in BC, less then last year, I am sure the decision to cancel the 8k was the reason.  Next year think I will look at Clare.


          Judy - Hope you get your sinus situation under control!


          Tessa - That is alot of miles in a week-end!


          Damarias - Great job, in what sounds like tough conditions.


          Will get on the bike trainer today, and then of course swim class tonight Big grin



          LC Runs

            3.5 on TM and a quick weight workout.


            Judy - thank you!!  Feel better Smile


            Carol - I kept thinking about the weather last year - 60 degree difference lol!  I really liked the race, a few hundred so totally manageable.  The course was a loop and changed direction a lot, which made it seemingly faster.  I met up with a woman that I know through the race circuit - she ran Clare 10k Saturday, Bay City yesterday afternoon and Flint yesterday evening.  Wowza!

              8.1 miles and I am thoroughly sick of the cold weather.  Fleece hat pulled down low and scarf pulled up high.  ugh.


              Carol-The Trail is at the end of April.  5 mile, half, full, 50k.  Flirt with Dirt is June with a 5k and 10k.  Bunch of others I suppose but those I know right off hand. The Trail is on the Potowatomi Trail so a good one to do.  Half on Saturday, the rest on Sunday.  It sells out. Not sure what I'll do for it. Last year the 50k but this year it falls on the weekend between two marathons.




                LCruns - Sounds like a fun race!  Wowza is right - think that is an overachiever Wink


                LisaMMR - Thanks for the info!




                  Good morning!

                  A few personals...I'll catch up gradually...

                  Karen, Jake needs a steak!  Good dog!  So glad you're ok!

                  Lisa, loved the pics of the snow.  It is beautiful! In GA, when we get snow, it's never the hoarfrost (sp?) covered branches and I do miss that, but I well remember how sick of it I'd get.

                  Gatsby, I love that pic and your outfit!

                  Cindy, glad your race went well!  Congrats on AG!  I agree,  AG awards are always all about who shows up (once a Kenyan showed up at a half in Fairbanks).  My theory is to enjoy them when you can!


                  I'm visiting my DD in Chapel Hill. I like driving around here-runners and bikers are out.


                  I'll write some details in case Cindy or Amy want to do it someday.  It's a nice race and was well organized.  It's in Cary, NC and more than half is on the Tobacco Road Trail-a  rail to trail. There are 1500 in full and 2500 in the half and only the half was sold out as of Sat.  The expo was quite small but we found cute shirts with a daisy with petals that had "I love running, I love it not" printed on them.  Exactly the way I feel often.

                  Parking was limited (buy parking pass when registering if you do it) so we had to take a shuttle.  We got to the parking area at 6am and that was just about right.  The half had 10" increment pacers, but they were lined up close together. My training hasn't been great, so I lined up just before the 2:20.

                  The first 2 or 3 miles are on the roads to thin out the pack before reaching the trail. Those miles are rolling hills, nothing bad.   Just before the half/full split going different directions on the trail, I saw a maniac who had a bunch of stars on shirt.  I asked if he was a 5 star-he's a 6 star!  I think he said he'd done >300. He didn't even look like a runner-heavy guy-but isn't that impressive!  Tessa...how many stars are you? Just ahead of him was a 50 stater-an older grey haired guy who was...get this...on his third time around!  Inspiring.


                  The trail was quite nice thru big trees and was packed dirt. It has gentle inclines, no real hills.  There was one tunnel-neat.  Before we got to the half turnaround, we met the fast folks running back.  I know a lot of people don't like those courses, but I enjoy seeing them, cheering them on.   The trail was a little crowded when the big 1:50,2:00, etc groups were coming back.  There were lots of water/gatorade stops. One kid was holding a sign that said, "Wave if you aren't wearing underwear."


                  I felt pretty good the whole time. I had an irreg pulse and the HR monitor showed a 180-200 about mi 1, but I wasn't sucking air, so just slowed  a bit .  It settled into the high150's after a couple miles. I'm guessing it was artifact, but will look the graph when I get home and can download the watch.  About mi 11, I was getting tired, then heard the loud, cheerful 2:20 pacer just behind me.  That got my attention and I picked it up. I finished in 2:17, which I was happy with for my first "long" race since Houston and my slacker winter. phase  The fast runners showed up, so no award for me here.  : )   Two women in AG (60-64)  finished under 2. The awards were bottles of wine.


                  Post race food-great!  Pizza, chocolate milk, Great Harvest bread...

                  Have a great day!  I'm heading back today.  Going thru High Point (to ck out furniture), then to TN to visit the place DD will get married.

                    Morning!  I think I finally turned the corner with this allergy/coughing mess.  Finally!!  Saturday  was National Quilting Day so I went to a sew-in with my quilty friends.  I finished two quilt tops for charity that I had started.  Sunday afternoon the big triathlon club sponsored a training day--open water swim and bike ride at the site for a tri in three weeks.  My first wetsuit swim.  It was really cold, even in the wetsuit!  600 yard swim and I was gasping.  Also did the bike course.  I followed a group who missed the turn, so we did an extra mile or two, but it was a good ride.  I was going to paint the bedroom last night but was too tired.


                    This morning went to group power class.  Glad I got there early--it was packed again.


                    Wow Karen!  Glad the burglar did not come in!  Yes, surprising he would try to break in with cars in the drive way and a large barking dog.  I would have freaked out and gotten DS2's harpoon gun.  IDK if I could fire it, but it looks pretty scary.  Found it yesterday while I was getting the room ready to paint.


                    Judy--hope you start feeling better soon.  Took me about two weeks to get over it.


                    Linda--yuck on the leak.  Hope it is fixed.  I saw a billboard for Coolsculpting last week.  Was wondering what your results were like.


                    Have a great day!




                      Home from work again this morning.  It is sleeting, how pleasant!


                      Tomorrow I get the stitches out in my mouth and hopefully they will tell me all is okay...having some pain on the left side that I didn't have at first, that's why I stayed home again today, as I had to take some pain meds this morning...tired of this.


                      Judy...hope you get your sinuses straightened out...nice run this weekend though.


                      LC...that's a good time.


                      Sue...glad you are feeling better


                      There was a lady on the Today show this morning that has run 52 marathons in 52 weeks!  Talk about Wowza!  No way this lady could even fathom doing that...hats off to her!  I believe she is running for pancreatic cancer, I didn't catch the whole segment.





                      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                      Anonymous Guest


                        Morning all,

                        I've got an easy 6 on my schedule tonight. It will probably be on the TM as they are calling for 100% chance of rain, cold, possibly ice pellets. This is somewhat of a cut-back week with "only" 55 miles on the schedule. I am going to take a few easy weeks after NJ, that is for sure.


                        Actually slept pretty well last night surprisingly. Thought I'd hear every little sound, but I was fine. Thanks for all the kind words about yesterday. I find it interesting that you never really know how you'll react in certain situations. If you'd asked me, I would have guessed I'd have hidden upstairs and quietly called 911. Which probably would have been a better thing to do in hindsight, since he'd probably still have been out there when the cops showed up. After the fact I wished I'd grabbed my cell instead of the house phone, and taken his picture. Surprised at the anger over fear response. Oh well, it is what it is.


                        Almost forgot, before all that happened I signed up for a marathon on Labor Day. American Discovery Trail in Colorado Springs. Now I'm trying to decide if I just want to spend the weekend in Colorado (best friend from high school/college lives just south of Denver) or if I want to run another marathon out west on Saturday. It's tempting, but I am going to try to avoid doubles because 1) they are hard and once was enough, and 2) I like to see a little of the area, that's a big part of why I want to do the 50 states. But I could fly out on Friday, run on Saturday, then fly to CO on Sunday and run Monday. Saturday marathon I'm thinking about is Pocatello.


                        camille, great report and nice running! I've heard good things about Tobacco Road.


                        Laura, nice time on the 4 miler.


                        Sounds like lots of us dealing with crappy weather. Seen on facebook: March came in like a lion and is lingering like a honey badger. We have a couple days of cold rain, then 50s and sunny hopefully for the weekend.

                        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                        Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                        Run to live; live to run

                          A nice 11.1 for me today.  It is cloudy and overcast but generally not that bad.  Warmish.  Now at the office


                          Lisa truth be told when I ran in the past I never did any fuel or liquids either.  Only in the last few years did I add in some fuel.  Right now, as long as it works, I'll go with it.  Looks like the week of the 22nd of April will be when I come up.  Haven't made any reservations yet.


                          Tessa your RN is a tough person!


                          Laura oh that is a great time and 4th in AG!  WTG


                          Judy hope Sunday buddy shows up soon


                          Carol did you get more snow?  I talked to my dad today and he said it was snowing up there.


                          Camille sounds like a good race.  Love the shirt.


                          Sue I bet you were tired!


                          Ginny 52 in 52 weeks?  That is a lot.  I guess I could if I didn't have to do it for time since I come close every Sunday.  But that would be expensive too.  Hope the mouth feels better soon


                          Dad signed him and his fiance up for their marriage "classes" that they have to attend to get married at my dad's church.  Looks like September.  He is putting the house up for sale in May and they have been looking at homes on line in Tampa.  One of her friends has gone and looked at a few of them "live" as well.


                            Camille-loved the RR.. sound like a fun one. Is it called Tobacco Road or just on part of it? What's the name of the race?


                            Sue-busy day for you!


                            Marjorie-I will be back on April 22 so will be around! Yeah!





                              Laura, wow, 8:17 pace for a 4 miler? Congratulations!


                              Judy, hope you meet up with Sunday Buddy again soon, he's the one you've been finding on the trail each spring for something like 15 years?


                              Carol, swim class? Triathlons this summer?


                              Lisa, I'd say sign up for the Trail half, since it's between two marathons, and volunteer on Sunday with the family so you can see DH and DD and also see the people coming for the other runs. I don't think three marathons in three weeks would necessarily be the best idea!


                              Camille, love the description of the race and of the shirt with "I love running, I love it not".


                              I'm a 5 star Maniac. And that's about all I am going to get, because when you get into the 6 and up in 16 days or 16 different states within a year territory it usually involves a lot of travel and I don't have the money or the time or the airline miles to do that. It would be easier to do if I lived in an area like the Northeast where the states are closer together! The only states within a day's driving distance of me are Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and -- if we define a "day" as over 12 hours of driving -- New Mexico and Oregon.


                              Susan, I completely forgot about NQD, but did do a bit anyway. Working on finishing up the dragon quilt for my cousin's baby. Glad you ahve finally got rid of the crud!


                              And if anyone triest to break into your house, I don't think you will need a harpoon gun. Especially if all three Weims and Deuce are there. Nobody in their right mind would try to break into a house with four dogs raising a ruckus.


                              Ginny, hope you get the stitches out. On the lady who has run 52 in 52, her name is Julie Weiss:



                              Turns out I must have run alongside her since she did Santa Clarita. She's not the first to do 52 in 52 for charity, Sam from RWOL did it a few years ago and capped off the year by organizing his own race on the last weekend of the year. Operation Jack.


                              Karen, no, it would not have been better to hide. What if he found you? There could have been a hostage situation if you'd called and the police showed up while he was still inside, especially if he was armed. Taking his picture wasn't a bad idea, maybe next time. But the important thing is preserving your safety. Hiding is rarely the best option, witness what happens with mass shootings. If you're found you are a sitting duck. Getting out is preferable.


                              What was your DH's reaction?


                              I don't know much about Pocatello, despite having driven through it a few times -- we can never seem to find downtown Pocatello -- but I'd think having two days would be better than back to backs.


                              Marjorie, yes, RN is tough. We did an easy 4.2 this morning. She is pleased with her time, her DH is unhappy with his.


                              And if you are going to be in Detroit the week of April 22nd, you could do The Trail with Lisa on the Saturday too! *grin*


                              Happy runs, everyone.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                I'm a very nice daughter.....Yesterday I found a bakery in Oregon that does all kinds of sugar free stuff and it is amazing.  I just had a big thing of stuff sent to my dad and his fiance.  While she is not diabetic, dad is.  Apparently their stuff is very tasty and even the non diabetics love it.


                                Tessa, hmmm Marjorie and Trails do not mix well......we will see.