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    I'm deciding right now to have a great Monday! Big grin


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Burpees + abs + arms . Had my 11 miler yesterday. I thought it was slower than normal but when I plugged in my Garmin my pace was actually ok. This is my last "building" week of training before my half on Mar 17.  I'm aiming for a 2:00 half, which would be a huge PR for me compared to my 2:07 half last fall.


      NRR: I spent a lot of the weekend away from home, I feel. Or if I was home, I was working. I need to get my grant done so I will be working on that this evening. We also have an exterminator coming today because I can't handle all the ants in our kitchen. We just keep cleaning and they keep coming back! We also sent out the invites for G's first birthday party! It's a dog theme, since he loves dogs so much (I mean, really what interests do babies have? A more accurate theme would be "bananas" or "opening cabinets" hahaha). Speaking of G, he is 11 MONTHS OLD today. I'm dying.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Good morning!


        Sassy- aww, g is so big! Dog theme sounds cute. I saw a moustache themed 1st birthday my friend sent me the other day. Good luck on your grant.


        RR- did st this morning. 14 miler this weekend. Next week 16. I need to revamp my training plan a bit since I've missed a long run and modified another.


        NRR- just working today and then hopefully home to relax with DBF! I feel exhausted already. I had a weird dream that my company went bankrupt last night and we all got laid off. it felt very real though. I hate those kind of dreams! I think I'm going to get back on MFP today since my eating has been a little out of control lately.


        Have a great day!

        MA runner girl



          RR: My energy is severly lacking. I either have energy to work out, or be productive in the house. This weekend productivity won. Hoping for something tonight though.


          NRR: 36 weeks yesterday! Less than 4 weeks till my due date Shocked I have a feeling I will be early, but I can't tell if it's really a feeling, or just wishing. lol If he's 10 days early he would be born on PI day! That would be fun. This weekend was a good productive one. I made a ton of freezer meals yesterday and a yummy soup on the crock pot. I also got the laundry done, just need to put it away tonight. Thursday my mom and I are going to do baby laundry and get take out. Should be fun Smile DH finally finished the nursery closet, it looks good! So we are slowly going to start organizing this week. We also need to get the car seat installed/inspected. AHH so much to do. Clearly not much in my life is non-baby/pregnancy related! LOL


          Sassy - Great job getting that LR done. I think you have sub-2 in you! HAHA I love the opening cabinets. It's so silly how facinated babies are with that! My nephew just LOVES the sound it makes when it closes. He giggles so much, it's adorable.


          Jewel - I'm actually looking forward to getting back to MPF too.. obviously not till this baby is out! lol Yikes, that is an awful dream to start off the week with! Hope you can get some relaxing in tonight.


          Have a great day girls!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Morning Ladies!


            RR: Hitting the gym after work for 3 miles and some weights


            NRR: Nothing too exciting to report. As we head into the month of March, I need to prepare myself for a crazy month at work! March is always nuts! The kids are prepping for state exams in 3 weeks and things always get crazy! Many of my students do not take the typical state exam, as their disabilities prevent them from doing so. Instead, I have to compile a portfolio for each child. Each portfolio takes about 12-15 hours per kiddo to do and I have 6 kids to do portfolios for. It means super long days and a lot less sleep!


            Gotta run, ladies! Have a great day!


              Jewel - just read your dog story from yesterday,that's crazy! You know, I was going to do a "little man mustache" party because we have always called G "the little man" but I realized it was too much work for me so I opted for the dog theme because it's easier! I've been using MFP lately, I'm sassysparky on there if you want to be friends! I realized now that I'm no longer BFing all day long, I really just can't eat all the time. So far no change but I never know what my base calories should be!


              MA - great job getting stuff done this weekend! Yeah G could spend hours opening cabinets, drawers, and doors. babies are so funny that way!


              RLTW - sorry March is looking to be a busy month for you! Enjoy your workout!


              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                Good morning, ladies!

                RR: Got in 7 and I was surprised with how my legs felt. DBF and I went on a 10-mile hike yesterday and I thought my right quad would bust out of my skin. I rolled it out when we got home, and I think that helped. Yoga tonight. We're also supposed to get snow some time this week, and I have mixed feelings about it. We need the precipitation, but it won't be cold enough to run on the trails without tearing them up, which is not cool. I haven't been on a trail run in ages, it feels like.


                NRR: Not too much. Regular work week, etc. I bought a balance ball to sit on at work, but last night, I realized it was for people 6'0" and taller, and I do NOT fit into that group.



                Sassy - Ooh, opening cabinets!! You should have that party, and my cats can come over and hang out with G. They love opening cabinets.


                MA - Dang, you were busy this weekend! I'd be surprised if everything wasn't all PGR right now - 4 weeks!!!


                Jewel - Hmm. Interesting dream. I keep having dreams my sister is getting married again. When is your full?


                RLTW - Good luck with those portfolios!


                  Sassy-you are going to do awesome on your half! Sorry about the ant problem. We have that happen a lot during the summer. Actually, I have found that spraying them with Windex is a great way to kill them without using poisonous substances


                  Jewel-I hate those types of dreams! I had one last night about meeting DBF's parents for the first time (will actually do it in about a month) and they absolutely hated me!


                  MA-I can't believe you have only 4 weeks to go!


                  RLTW-sorry about the busy moth coming up


                  outwest-I had to lol at the balance ball thing. What was your reasoning with wanting to bring it to work?


                  RR: slept in this morning since I didn't get to bed til after midnight last night, as we were out with friends watching the Academy Awards. Planning a tempo run at lunch


                  NRR: fun but exhausting weekend. Went to a party on Friday and saturday night, and stayed out too late Saturday night. Lazy day yesterday of lying around and watching Arrested Development. But it was much needed as I have had a lot of stress the past few weeks.


                    Taylor - I think sitting on a balance ball would help keep me from sitting in a super stiff cramped position all the time at work. I could probably stretch my quads out more on a regular basis, too. But with the ball I purchased, I doubt my feet would touch the ground.


                      OWR - I thought of you today b/c I'm all kinds of anxious about the fact that I'm not running today (since I did my LR yesterday instead of Sat). I hate waiting until Tuesday for my first run of the week. I bet a balance ball would be great to sit on at work - I cross my legs all day and I know it's not good for circulation AND it makes your hip flexors super tight. I hope  you find one that fits!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Sassy - Haha! I felt very on track today because I got my run in. Maybe that's why I'm in a good mood? Starting my week off right and on schedule? I am getting better at being more relaxed about it, but I don't like HAVING to get the runs in on the weekends, when I could be doing something else.


                          Good morning divas! I've missed you!


                          We're slowly settling into our new lives here at home. Thanks for all the love the last few days! We came home Friday and were happy to find at P's weight check Saturday that he'd already gained weight! Feeding is going way better this time than it did with A so that is such a relief. We have another weight check this afternoon but expect that to be the last until his two-week check up. We've struggled with the sleep but even that seems to be improving.


                          A loves her baby brother, so thats great. But it was hard to deal the whole weekend with her and P. We just can't give A our full attention right now and her behavior is bad as a result. DH took her to daycare today, which I think will be the best for all of us. We decided we'll do daycare part time for now. It will be easier in a couple weeks when the weather gets nice and P can leave the house we can get out and do some fun stuff.


                          My recovery hasn't been all great though to be honest... short story I was doing more than I should and/or not taking care of things as well as I should. Its hard to rest with two kids! Another reason why its a relief to have A at daycare today. DH isn't nearly as stressed out so we can both rest and he can help me to rest. I am feeling better this morning so hopefully that continues. I guess thats it for now. Have a great Monday girls!


                            Hi Monk!! I was thinking about you and your family this morning. Glad to hear P is doing well. I imagine A's behavior is to be expected, right?  Hang in there!


                              had to take a USRD today.


                              NRR: since about 5pm yesterday, I've had some kind of stomach bug. urgh. today I feel better, but I suspect I should be at home. I keep eating which is stupid, because it just ends up making me feel icky. so now I'm drinking a cup of tea and am going to try and hold out till at least noon at work. If I can't stay later, then I'll take some work home with me and attempt to work from home.


                              big project at work is almost all tied up. should be going to printer by noon today, thank goodness. getting my hair done this afternoon, then might go to a verizon store and see if I can add some stuff to my current contract... I'm thinking I'd like to add an extra device and therefore data. we'll see.


                              big project at home is still going. we actually got some floor tile laid yesterday in the shower. M did most of the work while I napped to be honest. I might have already begun to feel sick but who knows.  I then got up, took care of some left over snow shoveling at the corners and end of driveway and then went down to help him. All I did was hold floor tiles and hand him the spacers. haha. but I did have to clean up the mess he left behind.... grrr.


                              RR: did 3.3 yesterday right before I came down with tummy issues. then saturday, did 8. 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. today, probably nothing...


                              sassy: hope you hit that PR!! I'm totally rooting for you on that!


                              jewel: boo about the bad dream! I hate dreams like that!


                              rltw: good luck with those portfolios! that's a lot of work!


                              outwest: way to go on the hike and the 7 miles this morning! you rock! glad the rolling helped.


                              taylor: glad you were able to have a down day yesterday! I'm all for nothing to do especially after the parties you went to the days before...


                              monk: welcome back! congratulations again! and hope you have some time to just take it easy!




                                Morning ladies! It is still morning, right?


                                RR: I think I might actually exercise today for the first time in 2 weeks! I am feeling a lot better with the proper antibiotic. A 2 mile shuffle might be in order after work.


                                NRR: Had a fun and productive weekend. Got a lot of wedding stuff done, including picking out the attire for CRF and the groomsmen and making our wedding website live! I'll post the address on FB if anyone is interested in seeing it. We had a friend of my sister's design it and I might be biased but I think it looks awesome. Also got a lot of cleaning done. Last night I had my first wedding nightmare, where I realized I was supposed to get married in like 5 minutes and hadn't gotten my hair done, had no veil, no bouquet, etc. Ick. Today is business as usual, nothing exciting...


                                Sassy: I loved the pics of sleepy G on FB! And a dog theme is adorable, although personally, I think a banana theme would be awesome! LOL.


                                Jewel: Ugh I absolutely hate vivid and realistic nightmares that leave you with a bad feeling that lingers throughout the day. I have been using MFP again too and been grossed out with myself for what I've actually been consuming! Reality check!


                                MArunner: I am mega-impressed by your productivity, especially those freezer meals! Nesting, perhaps?? Don't stress too much about not having energy to run at this point...even walking should suffice! You're doing great!


                                RLTW: Yikes that's a lot of work! Better rest up for the rest of February to prepare!


                                Outwest: I would not be surprised by a sore quad after a 10-mile hike, that sounds tough! My sister sat on an exercise ball at her desk job...it really helps with core and posture, too. I want one of those standing desks or a treadmill desk! Considering the newspaper doesn't even have the budget to pay me for extra hours, I don't they'll buy me an expensive desk, though...I guess I could just remove my chair, stand at my desk, and run in place? Joking


                                Taylor: A 3-party weekend sounds exhausting! I've never watched Arrested Development. Is it on Netflix?


                                Monk: Congrats yet again!!! Sounds like you're settling in well with P. A's behavior sounds pretty typical...I'm sure once you get a better routine down with P it will be easier to manage your time so A gets plenty of attention, too, which is likely the source of her bad behavior!


                                Lizo: Oh yuck, sorry about the stomach bug. Take care of yourself! Bland foods and plenty of liquids!