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Time to catch up Tuesday - Preggos (Read 21 times)

Laura G in Idaho


    Laura G in Idaho

      I have so much to catch up on at home!


      RR:  Nothing planned today.


      ER:  Planning for a swim this morning.


      PGR: 32w4d.  See yesterday's midwife appointment post.


      NPGR:  If you read yesterday's post, be forewarned that I posted a very non-ideal birth story.  Today I have to get some catch-up done on my housework, shopping for groceries (I don't think there is a fresh fruit or vegetable in my house), and take my friend who doesn't have a vehicle to return some clothing she bought.  It will be a busy, full day for me.

      MA runner girl

        Morning Laura!


        RR: 30 min walk yesterday that made my pelvis ache Sad I am going to try for a jog after work, but it may be mostly walking at this point. I haven't run since last wed, I feel gross!


        PGR: 37w2d. Was completely exhausted yesterday. I ended up doing nothing but relaxing last night and I slept from 10pm-8am, which felt amazing. As I said in my RR, my pelvis has been super achy the last few days and I've been feeling on and off crampiness. I finally have an appt with a pediatrician for Thursday, so hopefully I like them and won't have to continue searching (they are 3 miles from our house, which is awesome!).


        NPGR: Last night DH made 2 batches of meatballs, and froze them into 8 meals, as well as dinner last night! So sweet of him because I did not have the energy for that! Smile Working at home today, thank goodness.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

        MA runner girl

          Laura - I did read your post up till the NPGR Smile Glad things are going well in the PGR department. I knew the elliptical was a bad bad thing (I hate it!!!) Smile Good luck catching up on house stuff!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

          Laura G in Idaho

            MA:  Good morning back to you!  I am amazed that I got here before you.  I'm guessing your pelvis is achy because the ligaments are loosening.  Hope you can find a pediatrician you like soon.  How nice that your husband made up some meatballs for the freezer.  Glad you are working from home today!


              Laura G - I hope your busy day goes smoothly!  Thanks for posting the non-ideal birth story - I found it informative, and I'm glad you were able to remove yourself from the situation.


              MA - Boo to the achy pelvis - I hope the pediatrician works out!


              PGR: 29 weeks. Seriously?  OB appt today.  Looking forward to baby showers this weekend.


              ER: If it stays a decent temp, I'll probably take the dog for a romp in the snow after work.


              NPGR: we got about 8+ inches of snow between yesterday and today, and it's still snowing.  I let the dog out this morning, and he did a massive circle around the house, and disappeared.  I went and looked out our living room window and he was halfway across the field across from our house, plowing through the snow.  He used to hate snow - I guess he changed his mind. Luckily he came back immediately when I called him, since I was still in my pjs.


                Morning all.


                ER - Didn't do anything yesterday, am really hoping to get to the gym today. I haven't run in I forget how long, so I'm getting twitchy. All I did last week was walk at the mall and do my exercise DVD.


                PGR - 24w today. I stupidly bought Rainbow Light regular women's vitamins instead of the prenatal. But they were right above the Whole Foods brand prenatal, so I thought ah, the Rainbow Light version. Argh. I think I may hold onto these for after pregnancy. I asked my moms group if there was a significant difference and I guess there is more folic acid but the ingredients are fairly similar.


                NPGR - Snowing today. All the schools around here called a snow day before there was even a flake of snow on the ground, so there's a bunch of jokes going around my Facebook feed about how we never had that luck as a kid.  I'm hoping to run some errands knowing there's a slew of kids home today, but hopefully I get back, our clients who said they were coming in today do come in, and I can get to the gym this afternoon before it gets too bad outside. Luckily the gym is about a half mile from my house. And, best part, my phone is coming in the mail today!


                Laura - I kept thinking about that story. I can't believe the couple would try to put you in that position of being liable for her birth care. I know they probably didn't mean it like that (or maybe they did), but goodness. I doubt they would've understood the full risk they were asking you to take on. I hope you can catch up on everything today and I hope the update on the mom is good too.


                MA - I join you in lack of running over here. I miss it! I made the mistake of looking at upcoming races. That put me in a funk for a little bit, but I have to remind myself it's temporary and I'll be back out there before I know it. Hope your ped visit goes well. 3 miles! That's awesome!

                TN - Did your husband end up staying over at work? Funny story about the dog. Glad the dog decided to listen to you so you didn't have to wade out there after him.


                  Laura: I just read that birth story... yikes. I can understand doing whatever you can to get the birth you want, but I think it is so important to be flexible! So is everyone OK?


                  I finally finished P's full birth story last night... read it here if you're interested. I also posted the link on FB.


                    Laura - that is quiet the birth story.  I think you did everything you could given your skills and that leaving was also the right decision.  I feel for the mother having wanted a natural birth myself, but ending up with a csection was devastating in the moment.  However, medically it was the right decision for baby and ultimately the only way should could have gotten here without serious complications.  But to blindly hold onto a natural/homebirth or whatever scenario is irrational and immature.  I'm so sorry they put you in that position.  I'm glad the baby (eventually) arrived safely.  Hugs.  But there is NO WAY m husband would let me make so many terrible decisions during birth.  He's not controlling, but I did lean on him when I got into labor-land to help make rational decisions since I knew I was way far down the rabbit hole!  I value his opinion and would never want him to refuse a hospital transport or anything especially after so many red flags.  Again, hugs.


                      Laura: what a scary experience. I understand trying to stick to a plan but we can't control everything. What a very stubborn couple. But I couldnt help to wonder if l lack of insurance or financial reasons kept them from going to the hospital. I really hope not because that is horrible to have weight that over the health of yourself and unborn baby.


                      NPGR: I'm feeling much better but not 100% yet. I think I'll make it through my presentation this afternoon w/o it being obvious I'm under the weather.


                      ER: I've only worked out once in the last 5 days. I really hope today I feel up for a 30min walk if nothing else..


                      Personals tomorrow for sure! Can't wait to read Monk's birth story. Hope all is well with Yogi!


                        Hi ladies, it's my second day back from vacation and just getting back into the swing of things...


                        Laura - good for you for doing what you could and stepping away when you needed to, I also hope that mother and baby are doing well and you get more updates.  I just checked out a couple books from the library yesterday about different approaches to labor, expecting to learn a lot in the next few weeks.


                        MA - glad you got some much needed rest!  Hope you like the peditricians' group, my OB was telling me yesterday that I better start looking - yikes!


                        TNesq - the snow is one of the things I miss about living in the Midwest, especially the fresh snowfalls and our dogs playing in it Smile  Hope you're able to get out for that walk!


                        schmett - enjoy the snow day and hope you can get everything done, yay for the phone arriving!


                        monk - hope everything is going well!



                        RR/ER:  Not a lot on vacation, played in the snow one day, did quite a bit of walking around mountain ski towns and spent a little time on the elliptical one day, looking forward to going to the gym with DH tonight


                        PGR:  25w5d, had an OB appointment yesterday and it was good, got to take a quick peek and baby was in her favorite position, which happens to be head down and anterior-facing, so I hope that continues to be her favorite position!  Also got secondary confirmation that it is a girl, which was reassuring before we paint the nursery next week.


                        NPGR/NRR:  Our vacation was amazing and relaxing, enjoyed time with friends and their 2-yr old son in Breckenridge, enjoyed a few spa treatments (manicure and massage) and watching winter sports (snowboard cross, nordic ski jumping, and aerlalists) in Park City.  Had a minor breakdown when we got back and I realized that it was our last vacation by ourselves before baby, so it was a little bittersweet to return.   Now I'm just getting back to work and preparing for another presentation, as well as getting our house together before DH's parents arrive this weekend.  Good stuff. Smile


                          Hi everyone-

                          Sorry, no time for personals.


                          ER - Walked 4.5 miles this AM. Shins were hurting and foot (the old plantar f) hurting a bit, too. Boo Sad


                          PGR - 36w3d. Had midwife appointment his AM. Since it was a "bigger" appointment (the "36 week" one) for our practice, DH came along. We did my GBS test (fingers crossed) and the mw showed dh how to do perineal massage. Everything looks good...baby still in LOA position. Measuring 34.5 cm, which is consistent with my 2cm behind every week, so feel like baby is growing at a normal rate. My weight gain is fine, too...now at 23lbs or thereabouts. Hoping not to go up too much more, but whatever will be will be! I have to say, I am not experiencing the "can't fit food in" feeling, and actually feel hungrier than ever.


                          NPGR - feeling overwhelmed at work. Hoping we do in fact get the snowstorm that's predicted, though I'll probably still work from home. I'm sure the fed gov will shut down since they seem to shut down at the drop of the hat, so dh and I will prob both be home tomorrow, which will be nice.


                          Hope you're all having a good day.


                            Laura - thanks for sharing that birth story yesterday! I hope that baby and mom are okay in the end. I think you did everything you could and you certainly handled everything well. That's a lot to ask of someone, but like you said I guess they wanted it done a certain way no matter the risks.


                            MA - sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable. That was so nice of DH to do all of that cooking last night. Good thing you get to work from home today!


                            TNesq - Did they end up cancelling your class last night? Did DH need to stay at/near work? Wow, 90 miles is a LONG commute. He will have to do that every day?


                            schmetterling - We are lucking out. We are right on the NE edge of the big storm that everyone is getting. We are only supposed to get about an inch which makes me happy. I'm so over snow and winter.


                            Mann - Glad to hear that you are beginning to feel better. Seems like we may be seeing a second wind of the cold/flu going around. Hope I can avoid it again!


                            DrT - Sounds like your vacation was wonderful! I wish we could get away for a little vacation, but it doesn't sound like that's going to happen, which is okay I guess, that way I'll save my PTO days for being off with baby.


                            RR/ER: Nothing yet today. Hoping to get a nice walk in tonight. I'm still sore from my run outside on Sunday. I guess there is a real difference on your body between running on the treadmill and running outside! My body sure is feeling this one.


                            PGR: 18w Not much new hear, just continuing to feel more and more movements each day which is a lot of fun. Still feel like I'm tired all of the time.


                            NPGR: I had to register DS for 4K today! Holy paperwork! I think it took me over a half hour just to complete all of the paperwork! DS will actually be 5 when he starts 4K (he has an August birthday) but after much thought and advice we've decided to hold him back so that he's one of the oldest in his grade vs. one of the youngest. Our 4K is only 3 hours, 4 days a week, and he's been in full-time daycare since he was 10 weeks old, so I think he'll do just fine. He will go through a lot of transition all at once (new baby, moving to an in-home daycare and school) so it will be interesting to see how he handles it all! We are moving him to an in home daycare (with a neighbor) as she will have two other boys in 4K and they can all get on and off the bus together, which will be nice. We will put the baby in full-time daycare where DS went for the past 4 years. Hopefully it will all work out. It will be good that I'll be on maternity leave during all of the transition so that we can work some things out if needed.


                              schmett - DSD came up to our room at 6 am to ask for help in calling the school alert line to see if school was canceled, as she had missed the announcement on the radio and hadn't received a text message alert - I guess the days of watching the bottom of the TV screen are outdated for these kids? DH was able to come home last night, which was a good thing, because our driveway had drifted over, and he was able to blow it out before I got home.  He had to do it again this morning, and might have one final pass to make this evening...


                              Mann - glad you're feeling better!


                              DrT. - Welcome back! Your vacation sounds like it was great! What color are you painting the nursery?


                              Liz - Boo to food pain, but yay for 36 weeks! You are cruising right along.


                              trozy - They didn't cancel the class- the snow let up here most of the day, and only really started again around 8 pm - we got out of class around 8:30.  DH made it home safely, and worked from home today.  He's been making that commute for about a year already - we may move closer to his job eventually, but want to stay where we are for now because of DSD. Yay for baby movements!


                              Update on OB appt - uneventful.  Dr. said that he still expects that my low-lying placenta will resolve and I'll be able to deliver vaginally, assuming A stays head-down (I think B has her wedged in, so I'm not too worried).    I start NSTs next week, schedule will be two weeks of NST, then one week of ultrasound and BPP.  DH is out of town next Tuesday, so I have this irrational fear that something on the NST will send me to the hospital while he is out of town.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

                              MA runner girl

                                Was supposed to meet with the person covering me to go over a report but he didn't finish and wanted to do it himself, so I have a rare opportunity for personals! I'm feeling much better about leaving work. I finally am not bogged down by doing other work that I've been tying up loose ends and documenting my responsibilities the last 2 days. I think I'm done documenting everything! Yay! Now I just have to meet with people to go over it all, but if I go into labor tonight, at least its all written down. And I have one more project to work on, but my boss knows it may not get done. At least I have something to work on and not be totally bored the next few weeks if I don't go early... like they would let that happen anyways Smile


                                TN - 29 weeks! You are getting closer! Wow, lots of snow! So cute that your dog likes it so much. I hope that all works out with the upcoming appts and DH is not out of town while you need to go to the hospital!!


                                Schmetterling - I'm kinda glad that I've been ridiculously pregnant during the winter months, so that I don't need to be jealous of all my friends racing. It should work out perfectly for me to be ready for our usual first 5k in June! I'm hoping anyways. Good motivation to get back out there anyways. I definitely miss pushing myself. The easy (but really hard) running is driving me batty.


                                Mann - I hope you feel 100% soon! And that you can get out for a walk. I'm sure after the stress of the presentation that will feel nice. Good luck!


                                Tremendous - Glad you had an amazing last vacation! DH and I had a similar feeling when we got back from a long weekend in Chicago in October. Life is definitely changing drastically!! I'm gald baby is head down and you got to see her again. I'm jealous! I haven't seen my boy since 20w, miss him!


                                Liz - I have been STARVING the last few days too. I'm glad I don't have that icky full feeling yet (will I?). Glad the appt went well. I'm sorry work is overwhelming you. I was feeling the same way a few weeks ago. I hope you can work at home and get in a better place.


                                trozy - I'm wondering if I should move to the TM... I've been running outside still, but if my pelvis is sore after today I may switch. I hate the TM though, even more so while pregnant. Hm I've never heard of 4k. I'm assuming it's the year before kindergarden? We call that pre-k here Smile Sounds like a good decision to hold him back with all the change coming.

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15