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Too Tired to Think Tuesday- Supermoms (Read 377 times)


    Ugh, sleepy....


    RR: teaching circuit class today, and hoping to run right after that. Planning on 6 miles. It's supposed to be warmer out again today, so it will probably be another shorts day!


    TR: i swear he knows when i have to get up early to open at work, and decides to sleep horribly on those nights. Last night he woke up at midnight, i went in and changed his diaper, cuddled him for a few minutes, then put him back down in his crib. he was awake babbling/crying/moaning for two hours...I gave him some Tylenol just in case it was his teeth. hope he's in a good mood this morning.

    He was really good yesterday-- had to run to Target to finish up buying some stocking stuffers for DH, and he just sat happily in the cart.


    NRR: opening the gym today as a coworker called off. got three hours of sleep last night in two increments...should be a fun day! on the plus side- all of my christmas shopping is done, and i've wrapped almost all of DH's and R's gifts. Going to wrap more tonight.


    Have a great day everyone!

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      RR - 10K with Sam.


      TR - really bossy. "sit down!" "move it!" he will say "move it PLEASE!" if you ask him. :P Taking him to see Santa this morning.  DH was going to do it this evening, but I think he'll look better for the picture before an afternoon at daycare..and DH can start putting up the tree with him tonight.


      FR - chicken pie.




      rg - you will get through the day..with lots of coffee.  I don't get when people say they are too tired to exercise..you do what you have to do...

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        Good morning, ladies! It was nice to "meet" everyone yesterday. I came back yesterday afternoon to do personals and couldn't believe how many posts there were. Apologies if I missed you!


        ER: (I think that means exercise related, right?) Dropping in as a guest at a baby & mommy bootcamp class with a friend today. She swears it is actually a really good workout, so we shall see. I wouldn't mind if it actually wasn't that great of a workout as this was going to be a rest day anyway. 


        BR: Loves clementines and darts across the room to grab a piece everytime she sees me peel one. I love them, too, so we are going through crates of them this month. Up four times during the night ...boo...she wanted to eat twice, plus I think she's getting her second bottom tooth. She and DH are sleeping soundly now, so I'm trying to get some work done (I do some freelance writing)


        NRR: Spent an hour last night on the phone with a friend who had just broken up with his girlfriend. He was pretty upset but I think he'll be better off. It was a long distance relationship and they fought constantly and he couldn't get in touch with her half the time because she didn't like to use her phone or check her email!?! Kind of a problem in a long distance relationship, right? 


        FR: Salmon, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts last night. Bibimbap tonight. 


        rg -- Ugh on the lack of sleep. I hope you get lots of coffee and have a good run! You must have to be in really early to open the gym. 


        zorbs: Have fun visiting Santa! Is Santa really busy at the mall near you? The one near us is insane...we did fast pass so we pre-paid for pictures and only had to wait for five minutes. People in the regular line up had been waiting nearly two hours! Can you imagine? The kids would all be melting down by the time they got to see Santa. 

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          zorbs- i never understand the "too tired to workout" excuse either. i tell people that even if they just get out for 15 minutes they will feel better/more energized. i ALWAYS feel better after i run/workout- even if i'm dead tired. have fun visiting Santa! enjoy your 10K with Sam this morning.


          Ernie- aww, bummer on the lack of sleep last night! how old is your DD? have fun at the bootcamp class- sounds like a great way to meet other moms. What type of writing work do you do- newspapers, magazines? Mmm, I love clementines, too! Are you training for any races right now? yeah, i have to be at the gym at 5AM as we open at 5:30. the 4AM alarm is early.

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            RR: 5m. It’s funny how pleasant a 3m feels after a 10m. LRs have a hypnotic effect of making my weekday runs feel like a breeze. That has got to be a good sign.


            NRR: oohh forgot to say that yesterday there was a general election here in Bermuda and the government lost and there is a new government called the ‘One Bermuda Alliance’. The guy who is the Premier of the country owned a gas station I used to go to. He was very friendly and I liked him. Of course my opinion is irrelevant as I am not eligible to vote as an expat.


            BR: DS and I went to beach and he walked xcountry beach trails. He did a great job walking all by himself. It was our first long walk together (long is relative here) and he even ran some parts esp the bit on the beach.


            FR: made, well, I guess they were fish wraps – I grilled tilapia with chili powder sprinkled on and then put it in ww wraps with black beans, baby kale, cheese and brown rice. I think we might have it again tonight as there was quite a bit of fish left over. DS loved it too.

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              Bermy- those short recovery runs are always really nice after a long/harder run! and the fact that they are getting easy means your endurance base is really getting strong. cute about DS walking and running on the beach. R loved running barefoot on the beach when we were in Maine this summer. Ha, i laughed about the former gas station owner now running Bermuda.

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                RR:  SRD.  I'm ready for a day off.


                TR:  Snuggled in close when I started to put my jacket on while holding him.  Makes me feel sad to leave, but even more encouragement to get home and hang out tonight.


                NRR:  Not much.  Need to get to Target to finish shopping for DH and get his stocking stuffers.  He might go with and we will split up for a while.  He likes to get out after being in the house all day.  On the plus side, with the snow coming, it was really good timing for his ad so he has a quote to do today.  


                FR:  Hot fills, BBQs whatever you call them, they were delicious.

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                  rg - DD will be 10 months old this week. How old is your DS again? 15 months? Your picture if adorable! I do freelance writing for legal publications and research databases. I'm actually trained as a lawyer but did not enjoy practising. Before having DD, I worked full-time as a legal writer and taught the occasional class at a university. I ran my first half in November and am registered to do another one in March. Are you training for anything right now? 


                  Bermy - So the Bermy part of your name must be because you live in Bermuda. Where does the Horse part come from? Sounds like you are doing some serious training! Did you say yesterday that you are training for a full marathon? 

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                    rg - Bummer on the rough night.  I don't know if I could function on that little sleep.  Do you change R's diaper a lot in the middle of the night, or were you grasping at straws to try to fix what was wrong and get him back to bed?


                    zorbs - Have fun with Santa.  Does he have a real beard?!


                    ernie - Sorry, how old is your LO?  


                    bermy - I could really go for a beach right now.  Interesting about the elections.

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                      Man I've been late lately. 5 min till I need to leave for work...yikes. ---ER: TM walk after work today. ---TR: is super clingy today. Is currently climbing on me asking "whatcha doing". Has her Xmas party at daycare today. We had to bring a book to exchange. We are bringing The Napping House. I love that book. ---NRR: back to work. We still haven't taken C to see Santa. It is on the plans for tomorrow. Geez, we are always so last minute. We are failing on the required things to do as parents. We never made it to a pumpkin patch and the Easter bunny freaks me out (he is seriously creepy)

                        I feel like life has sucked me up and won't spit me back out!  Only three more days with the kiddos and then a nice break from work. 


                        rr. I've gotten some good runs in since last week. 5 on Thursday, 4 IBM Friday, and 8 on Sunday. I can't remember who asked last week, what I'm training for, but, I'm just getting my base solidified before I officially start training for the Clfax Marathon in May. I'm also doing a 1/2 in March. 


                        nrr. Had a busy, busy weekend!  M and I finished up shopping for DH and then DH and I went to my work part on Friday night. It was fun, for sure.  It was an ugly sweater party. Wowmoths here are some ugly sweaters in the world!  Saturday we all went swimming at the hot springs before DH left for Denver. M and I went to a birthdaynparty in the afternoon and then want to visit Santa at night.  Did a little baking and cleaning on Sunday and tried to relax before Monday rolled around!  We're supposed to be getting a HUGE storm starting this morning through tomorrow. Should be interesting!


                        tr. M I was so much fun this weekend!  She helped me make 'puppy chow' and cut out cookies. She took her job very seriously!  


                        Have a great day all!  BBL for some shouts!


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                          ernie - do you make your own bibimbap?  I can't imagine cooking all those veggies separately.  Unfortunately, I've never been to a mom/baby bootcamp that was actually a good workout, they're usually geared towards women who have sat on their asses their whole life.


                          bermy - once I get into the heart of marathon training, NO run feels easy...


                          mer - last year the Santa at this mall smelled like a homeless man, so I don't care about the beard, as long as he doesn't stink I'll be happy.


                          carly - what? we have never taken B to a pumpkin patch and I think Santa is bad enough, but Easter bunny is not what the holiday is about.


                          simon - have you seen the running tech shirt that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater?

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                            rr: 5k this morning with rp. chiro again this morning.


                            rr2: signing up for a 55 mile relay. me and 4 guys. i am hoping to be faster than all but dh. Smile


                            nrr: new oven and microwave are getting installed this morning!


                            br: has 3 new teeth in the last week and a half. i did not even realize he had a new one on the bottom until last night.


                            tr: napped for crap yesterday when they should have been overly exhausted.


                            fr: something with leftover chicken since we still have a lot left.


                            runnergirl: what are you getting dh and r? I need ideas!


                            zorbs: is b now out of the cry when you see santa age?


                            ernie:What in the world is bibimbap? We love clemtines too. Just bought a bunch yesterday. Plus we ordered a box of oranges and grapefruits from a hs club.


                            bermy: your food related sounds delicious! How's the green card situation?


                            mer: have fun at target. I need to go too. I tried convincing dh to go on his lunch hour. It didn't work. Gotta get diapers and have target only coupons. I bet i walk out of there spending no less than $100.


                            cmg: love the idea of a book exchange! What a great idea!


                            simon: send your ugly sweater my way! I need one for a ugly christmas sweater fun run i am doing with my extended family. The uglies are all picked over in the stores!




                              RR - 4.3 with C in the stroller...


                              BR - still trying to figure out how to keep mittens/gloves on her hands... way too cold for her to be in the stroller without them... 
                              I have to stop looking at my friends FB pages.. they post pics and videos of all the things their babies are doing like standing, crawling, etc and meanwhile C continues to be quite content sitting and staring as the world goes by.... it's actually quite cute but it makes me question whether I'm doing what I should to encourage C move around... The good thing about her not being really mobile yet is it's easier to take pictures of her LOL...


                              NRR - DH has the afternoon off so we're venturing to Costco and Best Buy and the eye doctor... 


                              Sorry for the fly by.... lots to do today... Hope everyone has a great day!


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                                RR - something during naptime on the TM... I'm considering making this week a recovery week and just doing 3 miles.


                                TR - got two stickers on her pooping chart yesterday - yay!!  Did I already talk about this - DH's coworker got her a xmas present, it's hilarious.  It's a reindeer that if you lift it's tail it poops jelly beans - so that's now her potty treat, reindeer poop.  She said to dh one day, 'daddy I wish I pooped jelly beans' lol.


                                BR - I messed up her sleep last night by going in and checking on her and waking her up - oooops.  Oh well, she's still sleeping now. 


                                FR - made hamburger soup last night, it was good!  Leftovers tonight.


                                cx2 - I got M these awesome mitts called Mimitens - they have fabric that goes up to their elbows and then you put the coat on overtop, and they never fall off or get snow in them.

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