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    Morning ladies!


    Particularly annoyed with DH today for being out of town today but I know its not his fault.  However, I had to rearrange my entire schedule at the last minute because he was a little vague on which days he was going to be out this week.  Boo.  Also annoyed with new girl.  I went to ask her a question about work and rather than answer she was boohooing to me about her kids not having christmas and how others were going to help her out.  Not to be a scrouge but I don't really care....did you do your work or not?  I had to get pretty stern with her yesterday over a few things; she just wasn't listening to instructions.  She really is a drama queen.


    RR:  6 on the TM today.   I think because I've been running so slow lately, my streak has not started to effect me yet. 


    TR:  Calming down some now that we are back to our regularly scheduled program but expect that to go out the window tomorrow when DH is home with him until after the holidays.


    FR:  Rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli.


    Be back for personals in a minute.  My coffee cup is empty Smile 


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      RR: Nope, Maybe tonight- depends on Reid.  Whoever came up with the snow removal plan for our city is stupid. They waited until the day AFTER snowfall to plow all the residential streets and blocked in cars and threw snow boulders up onto the sidewalk. It was so bad that DH had to move my car and park his car in its place because he couldn't get his Golf over the plowed snow. I would prefer they just didn't plow than to wait that long. So in summation, the roads and sidewalks are really treacherous today.


      BR: Took him to daycare, if he's being a whiner then I will have godmother pick him up and take care of him. She had me come get him yesterday because she thought he needed to go to the doctor. His strep culture came back negative.


      FR: No idea. DH hasn't been wanting to eat anything that I cook and we are low on groceries.


      NRR: I need to finish up the last bit of my christmas shopping.

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        Ok, full cup again!


        RG:  Sounds like I need to send some coffee to you!  I run early wednesday mornings and every tuesday night, there is some reason I am up late - ARGH!!!!


        Zorbs:  C is on his best behavior in the am, good call on the Santa.


        Ernie:  Totally agree with Zorbs on the baby and me, never found one that was a good workout.  Uh, how do you have a long distance relationship  without checking emails and answering the phone?  That sounds odd to me.


        BErmy:  I love recovery runs, they feel so good!


        Mer:  Awe, I love snuggles.  I only get them when he is sick but I let C crawl into bed with me this morning and he snuggled right up to me.  <3


        CMG:  How are you feeling?  Book exchanges are wonderful but sadly C never does them at school


        Simon:  I love ugly sweater parties!  Hope you get a break soon!


        MrsZM:   Woohoo for new stove and microwave!  That was our christmas present a few years ago.


        CX2:  We had a ball that rolled around on the floor that C wanted to chase.  That's when he started wanting to crawl.  Then our hardwood floor was too cold so he pretty much went straight to walking. 


        CA:  WHERE DID THEY GET THAT!!!!!  I need on for C.  He talks all the time about wishing he could poop jelly beans after watching Hop.


        Honorary Old

          runnergirl- sorry about the rough night. I made R CIO last night in his crib which made me feel like a jerk because he was sick. I wrapped gifts last night too, I hate wrapping gifts. The funny thing is if I cared, I bet I could be really good at gift wrapping because I'm creative.


          zorbs- have fun with Santa. I should be getting R's santa pics someday....  I use the tired excuse a lot. Exercise is important to me, but not my #1 priority. Its one thing to use it occasionally and it another to use it as an excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle.


          Ernie- Nice to meet you. I work as a branch office administrator for a financial firm and have 1 17 mo old son. Not looking to try for #2 yet because we are working on building a house come spring. I've always wanted to try bibimbap. I haven't been able to find any good clementines this year and it was really disappointing. My guy who sells oranges out of the back of his A-Team van should be rolling through in January though.


          Bermy- when R first started eating solids he loved fish, now I can't get him to eat it unless it's my dad's Smoked salmon dip. Weird about the government change- does the whole govt change as one big package, or are individuals elected for each position like they are in the US? I haven't done a long run in like 2.5 mos, I need to kick my butt in gear.


          cmg- are you working up until you deliver? I worked 4 days past my due date, and on the Friday before the 4th of July holiday, I told my boss "Don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope I don't see you at the office on Tuesday." Luckily I didn't have to!


          mer- I don't think I have ever made sloppy joes/hot fills. Glad J was being sweet for you this morning. R was having mood swings between raging independence and extreme clinginess.


          simon- my friend that owns a coffee stand is doing an "ugly sweater wednesday" promotion where you get 50 cents off your drink if you show up in a christmas sweater.


          mzm- I haven't done a relay race, it would be fun though, I think. I was disappointed we didn't get into HTC on this year's raffle. In WA we have several relay races including some multisport ones that include skiing/mountain bike/road bike/kayak legs.


          cx2- I felt the same way with R, he was so late on everything, eventually I just threw my hands in the air and decided not to care anymore. Have you tried putting on her mittens before her coat so the cuffs are under the coat cuff elastic?

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            becky- why won't her kids have a Christmas? We were poor growing up and we still had Christmas. Granted some of the gifts were from discount stores/second hand stores/ Dollar stores, but we still had Christmas.  That is the part about Christmas that pisses me off, people go all out then their kids get this huge expectation that they have to build on each year, and they spend ridiculous amounts of money. R is getting a play tunnel, some matchbox cars, and some crayons because he doesn't really need anything more than that.  Your office girl sounds highly annoying, and i want to smack her. I guess the best way to get rid of her is to make her as miserable as you can without outright harassing her. Does she not realize that receptionists are expendable, but you as the paralegal are not?


            CA- My grandma used to have these crocheted ducks that pooped jelly beans, I went bananas over those things. She also had a tissue box cover that looked like a fluffy white dog and you pulled tissues out of its pooper. Looking back on it, it seems out of character for my grandma because she was a lady who went to church twice a week and was very old fashioned LOL. Those mittens sound awesome!

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            simone the cat

              Hi all - 


              RR: maybe some st later tonight, depending on what time I get out of here.  3 yesterday.


              TR: Keeps saying "hey babe".  Not sure where he picked that up.


              NRR:  oh boy, I might quit my job this week!  I was all psyched up to do it, then I found out my boss is on vacation until after the first of the year.  I would have to schedule something special to give notice. Not sure what to do! I do not have another job offer yet, but have something in the works.   DH is not happy about losing my income for a couple months, but I am ok with it. 



              rg - coffee will get you through until you crash Smile  We have all been there!


              zorbs - we didn't do Santa this year.  They didn't ask, and I didn't offer.  That is just the kind of mom I am :P


              ernie - hi, nice to meet you!  I'm a long-time sporadic poster, and clementine lover.


              bermy - ohh, those fish wraps sound good. Lol at your gas station guy running the country.  Does that get you any special favors? Wink

              mer - I have actually missed a run int he morning if my toddler wakes up too early.  I can't get out the door if he's snuggly.


              cmg - see my post to zorbs about santa - haha!  My niece is deathly afraid of the easter bunny and all adults wearing character costumes for that matter.  Can't say I blame her?


              simon - there was an ugly sweater 5k here last week, but I missed it!


              mrszack - relay sounds fun!


              cx2 - I never did figure out how to keep the mittens on!


              ca - omg, pooping jelly beans.  it's amazing what we find acceptable humor these days, lol.

              simone the cat

                becky - what is up with new girl?  You'd think if she needed the job that badly, she would actually do it.


                spike - uh, yeah they do the same stupid thing here with the residential streets, which means you literally have to dig your car out if you park on the street.  Which means people get territorial about parking spots because they put all that effort into digging out their car, and then they start leaving lawn furniture  to "save" their parking space so no one takes a clean spot.  Looks super classy.


                  RR; 3 miler I think. Maybe more.  I have one hour to run if I want to, then shower and go back to work.


                  KR:  santa visited the daycare this morning. I hope my kids are happy with their presents that 'santa' gave the daycare center to give to them.


                  WR:  no real classes for me.  my students this morning were at a work placement, this afternoon my group is going to the cinema so I will be staying behind to go to the prison class at the group home. The will do math work which I may or may not be able to help with since it is all in French and I don't know all the french terminology.


                  SOrry for now presonals. I am at work and shouldn't be on here. I did read all your posts  though!


                    Just got back from baby bootcamp. It was pretty retro - a lot of step aerobics and tae bo stuff. There was a good ab workout at the end, though, and S enjoyed crawling around with the other babies, so I'm still calling it a success!


                    mer - Sounds like your DH is in the snow removal business? Are you guys still expecting a huge storm there? They were predicting quite a bit of snow here for later this week but it looks like they've now scaled back the snowfall expected. My DD will be 10 months old this week.


                    CMG - LOL! The Easter bunny is kind of creepy, now that I think about it!


                    Simon - Nice to meet you! I'm a SAHM and part-time freelance writer with a 10-month-old DD. The ugly sweater party sounds fun. I've never been to one but always read about them. Maybe I should host one. My DH has a lot of ugly sweaters stored in the basement for no particular reason!


                    Zorbs - You were totally right about the baby bootcamp class Smile I do make my own bibimbap. I'm hoping to get all the veggies done while S naps.


                    MrsZackmorris - I take it you are a Saved by the Bell fan? I used to love that show! Wow, that's a lot of teeth coming in quickly for your LO. Bibimbap is a Korean dish with lots of veggies, egg, rice, hot chili paste and optional beef. 


                    Cx2 - I thought it was impossible to keep mittens on a baby but the type CARunning suggested sound like they might just work.! S has a snowsuit with built-in mittens and she still pulled her hands out of them all the time. I think you said your DD was about 9 mos? I see other babies that age that are content to sit and chill so it's not unusual that she's not that mobile yet and gives you a bit of extra time before you're chasing her everywhere! 


                    CARunning - Weird and hilarious on the "pooping" reindeer!


                    Beckykay - Ugh on the drama queen. I do not miss dealing with people like that in an office environment. 


                    Spike - How annoying with the snow plowing situation. Did you get a ton of snow? I still have a bit of last minute Christmas shopping to do, too. Hoping to get it done tomorrow.


                    Simone: Nice to meet you! Good luck with the job quitting! I can be hard to work up the nerve to do it. 

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                      simone- I'm territorial about parking year round because our driveway approach is very steep so we can only park our truck in it and we need the spaces in front of our house for our other 2 cars LOL. DH got home at 9 pm last night and was so pissed.  Luckily we don't get as much snow and have streets as congested as Chicago!  Good luck with your job change!

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                        Ernie- We tend to get a big dump of snow in December, then a temperature drop so we end up looking at the same dirty snow for two months. We got 6" of snow on Sat/Sun, then had temps in the upper 40's and 50 mpw wind gusts so a lot of it melted off and most of what remains is the ice boulders from the plows. I live in Central washington- its very dry here (couldn't be more different from Seattle, we have sagebrush/cacti/rattlesnakes), so most of our precipitation comes in the winter and spring, we get about 9-12" total per year.


                        Leah- Are all your kids going to the same daycare center now?

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                        beskirted & manicured

                          Well, Santa was a fail.  He was totally excited, "find Santa! GO OUT NOW! SANTA!" but when the moment came, and I put him on Santa's knee, he let the screams loose.


                          mrszm - see above. :P


                          cx2 - you need to relax.


                          beckykay - sounds like that chick needs to be canned...


                          spike - it seems like even in high snow areas, the US just isn't good with snow removal.  My small-ish city has a goal to have all roads cleared within 24h I think.


                          simone - schedule something special? I know what you mean but that makes me think of quitting in some spectacular fashion..and then putting it on youtube.


                          leah - I hear you on the trying to teach in another language, I think once I tried to teach piano in cantonese, it was hopeless.


                          ernie - bibimbap is something I would definitely pay to have in a restaurant.

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                            zorbs- I love pictures of kids crying on Santa's lap- I messaged the photographer from last Saturday that I wanted one if she managed to snap a picture of him flipping out. I might be a little bit evil.   I passed one snowplow on my drive home from my dad's on Saturday and none of the northbound highways had been cleared yet. My sister who lives about 15 miles south of town got zero snow and we got 6 inches, weird.

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                              ER - stroller walk + dogs last night.  Em seems content with the stroller now that I removed the snack tray.  Whatever works.  Today will be yoga + dog walk + plank.


                              TR - Just adoring this stage.  I love when I say things now and the look on her face is like she's really really trying to understand.  She furrows her brow, tilts her head looks around the room if I'm pointing to something.  I'm smitten.


                              PGR - U/s this morning was perfect!  Baby has great blood flow and heart rate.  No signs of hydrops.  Basically if the baby has this Kell thing, then I would be literally trying to metabolize and liquify him and this would show up on the u/s like pockets of fluid mainly around the heart, stomach and brain.  So no signs of me trying to liquify my baby!  We should know by end of week the results from the amnio.  Oh and baby was head down at this u/s.  Not that it matter until later anyway.


                              FR - Dh and MIL are going to pick up food from somewhere for dinner.  I have a work happy hour that I have to go to.  I missed the last three.  So I'll be the super fun pregnant chick toting her 1 year old daughter to a nice Asian-themed bar.  LOL.  It'll give me an excuse to leave early. 


                              FR2 - got some ground turkey.  Thinking of making some wedding soup with it.  Also considering making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today.  I better get off my duff if I'm going to all of this accomplished.


                              NRR - Oh and cleaning and laundry before MIL arrives.  Ack! Oh and also working-from-home today, so I'll be chained to the computer for any last minute stuff that comes up.


                              Sorry for lack of personals. 


                              Honorary Old

                                Rocky- How long is MIL staying this time? MMmm wedding soup!  This recipe has been on my "to-make" list for a long time: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/momofuku-milk-bar-crack-pie-recipe/index.html

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