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    Rg – ah yes – recovery run. That’s the proper term for it. I was wondering about pacing so I read up on that. Apparently I was supposed to be taking it easy. Hmm, need to work on that. Hope you feel ok and little man is ok. At least gas station owner could argue he is a man of the people. Everyone needs gas right?


    Zorbs – poor santa is all I have to say to that. I wonder how many kids cry when he sees them. I read the plan you followed in train like a mother last night and my plan has 3x20m too – I think they are very similar. Except the one you did was funnier. Which fm plan is your favourite? Oh and I didn’t say the run was easy – it was stiff and sore to start with, I said it was easy in comparison to the LR… ha ha.


    Ernie - who do you write for? I went to stroller/mom boot class here and it was an athletic joke. I did not break sweat, let alone tone up/lose baby weight/feel good about myself. And DS cried the whole time as a lot was stationary in the stroller. Horse is my nickname as I am so rambunctious, giddy and have large fake front teeth. Oh and every reference that has ever been written about me describes me as “the workhorse”. Complimentary right? I was hoping for “smart, smoking hot, fabulous”. And I got workhorse. Fm – Nashville, Wk2 of training.


    Mer – how is that laptop thingy going? Can’t believe they start something like that so close to the holidays! As if you’re not already swamped?! Enjoy your rest day. Very jealous you can shop at Target. I CANNOT WAIT TO live in a country where I can food shop/clothes shop etc any time/any day/ anywhere. Aaahh for choice. The beach is the nicest this time of year for me and my fair haired boys.


    Cm – I am getting very excited for you and your forthcoming baby!


    Simon – thanks for the race update. I think it was me who asked. Come on the forum more so I can get to know you!


    Mrszm – UK police check ordered and now waiting for that to be mailed back to me (will take about 3 weeks). Then we get a date for an interview. You know the one where they interview DH and I separately and ask us about “where we met’ and “does he have a birthmark” and “what’s his favourite sexual position” to check to see if we are legit. Ok, I was joking on the last 2 questions.


    Cx2 – My DH didn’t walk until he was 2 and didn’t talk for a while after that. And he turned out funny and smart. All kids are different. Your kid is GORGEOUS. Give her a cuddle and love her for being her.


    CA – your running-ethic ROCKS. You are such a superstar. Great job x


    Becky – your days sounds really busy and really stressful. Does running help with that? Or add to it?


    Spike – so not cool about snow ploughing. Send in Mer’s husband! There are 36 constituencies here and each had 2-4 people running. The winners of each constituency stand in parliament and then the party with the majority (so 19) get to be the government. The new government had 52% of the votes and 19 candidates elected. There will be a lot of old politicians clearing their offices. Many politicians work 2 jobs – their regular day job and their government job as the country is so small. My doctor stood and won – I really like her too.


    Simone – favours like… ? quit in person and then you can really “stick it to them”…. Practice your speech and everything. And be prepared to negotiate when they try to keep you – like ask for more money and more holidays. You are too funny to lose.


    Leah – maths in French. Wow. I went to a math class in France when I was 16 on an exchange and it was the only class I could follow as numbers look the same in another language and I was good at math.


    Rocky – how about making date bars or protein bars with nut butter instead of xmas cookies to really show your MIL you’re serious about xmas eating! I am going to email sarah and dimity about the cookbook and see what they say.

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      Afternoon everyone...back for some personals...work was good today. Had 7 ladies in my circuit class and we killed it! Ran 5 miles afterwards in the rain. Felt refreshing.


      mer; enjoy your SRD! more time with J, right? sounds like a great start to the day with the snuggles- love that! have fun at Target and good luck finishing up your shopping. i was just grasping at straws to try to find something to settle him down last night. normally he sleeps 11+hrs, and a wet diaper is the least of his worries.


      ernie- DS will be 16 months on the 23rd. I'm eyeing a spring marathon, training will start mid to late January depending on which one i choose.


      CMG-haha on the easter bunny. have you ever watched "the easter bunny hates you" on youtube. it's totally for people like us who hate that rabbit. we didn't take R to see Santa this year either- i figured why bother making him cry/upset over something he doens't get yet. i like the book exchange idea!


      simon- great job with the base building! it can be tedious, but it definitely pays off once the fine-tuning of marathon training starts! i loved your pics on FB of M helping you iwth the cookies. She's such a cutie!


      mrszm- hope the chiro is helping!!! how many teeth does C have now? R is still rocking just the top two and bottom two....haha. I got R two small toys, a couple of books, an outfit, and three little things for this stocking.


      Cx2- nice job on the stroller run! does C enjoy it? enjoy the afternoon off with your DH today! don't worry about C- they all move when they are ready. enjoy the still moments, once they start moving they never slow down Smile


      CA- great job on the running this week! your mileage has been great- how's it feeing overall? hahaha on the pooping reindeer. my brother got me a windup pooping penguin one year for xmas, it crapped out little hard candies.


      Becky- boo on the new girl!!! i was just thinking about your situation with her the other day and wondering if things were improving yet?


      spike- sorry about the whiny R today! hope he's better today. um yeah, that's really dumb about the snow removal! hope you can get out for a good run later. boo to DH not eating your food.


      simone- sounds like you've been antsy to quit for a while? not a good work environment, or just ready for something new? haha about your hey babe- that's cute. yes, thank goodness for coffee...


      Leahto3- yay for Santa visiting daycare! that's cool! hope you can get your run in on your lunch break.


      Rocky- ha, funny that Em likes the stroller better w/o the snack tray. loved the christmas card pic on FB- she is so adorable! what great news about your lil boy!!! 'm doing the happy dance for you.


      gotta go....R just woke up from his nap, crying Sad

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        Happy Tuesday!!


        RR: 5 later.  I'm feeling little aches in my hip/waist.  I'm wondering if its my IT band. Does it go up that high? 


        Br and Tr:  DH and and I have been trading off taking the morning shift.  It was SO nice not to have to get up at 5:30 this morning!


        NRR:  Anyone else feel like their "to do" list is a mile long and keeps getting longer?!  We need more hours in a day. Smile


        Rg:  Did I see that you posted yesterday 1200 miles for the year so far?  That's awesome!!!  You have me cruious what my yearly mileage is. 


        Zorbs: I hope Santa was fun!   Its funny some kids love it and some are mortified. 


        Ernie:  We just bought clementines this weekend and when I started eating one both little ones swarmed around me for some.  I think we ate 5 between the 3 of us.  Doesn't make for good diaper changes though.  Hope bootcamp was fun!


        Bermy:  Sounds like a fun walk with DS.  How long will he walk?  DD used to get tired easily and want to go in the stroller but now she walks pretty far. 


        Mer: I need to get to Target too.  Best place for the little gifts and stocking stuffers.

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          We went to the zoo this morning and we got chased by 3 lemurs! They have those enclosures where you can just walk through and all the animals are wild (semi) and free - absolutely no concept of legal consequences as it is totally unsafe. Anyway, DS got to see them up close. They were so cute and fluffy and DS nearly burst with excitement. There was a lot of very cute pointing and "TTssss" which means just about everything in his language. It was a very fun morning.

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            CMG: I love the Napping House too!! Such a great book. Hope the Christmas party is fun!


            Simon:  I love "puppy chow"  Is your version the Chex with melted chocolate chips, PB and powdered sugar?   Now I must make some!!


            MrsZack:  The relay sounds fun! When is it?  I'd love to do Ragnar or H2C someday.


            CA: Love the Reindeer poop toy! And yay for pooping in the potty!!

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              RG- DH has been eating goodies at work and isn't hungry when he gets home. Every once in a while he gets in this weird rut where real food doesn't taste good with him so he eats junky food (but will just eat less than normal so he doesn't really gain weight). Anyways, its just weird, Reid doesn't want to eat real food right now either.


              NRR2- I requested info on joining the National Weight Control Registry as a study volunteer since I have lost more than 30 lbs and have kept it off over a year (actually 50 lbs off since 2007). They want a bunch of documentation and surveys though, so I'm trying to decide if its worth the hassle to help my fellow man.  

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                zorbs - at what age can DS start to learn the piano?


                And anyone - at what age can kids use a camera?


                rg - hope your little man is ok. Sounds like he really needs you right now to be with him.


                jm - i don't measure my walks with DS! We just enjoy the fresh air, roaming free, no time contraints, the sunshine, the sandy dunes and being with each other.

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                  Bermy - I know you asked zorbs, but I have taught piano too.  As far as when a kid can start piano, I would say between the ages of 4-6.  Things I look for - can the kid read sight words and does he know how to sound words out.  Like, what does an "s" sound like?  Does he know how to count to 10 well.  Can they listen to instructions?  Sit through a 30 minute lesson.  Can the add & subtract small numbers (2+2=4, 1+3=4, etc.).  Can they use both hands well and independently.  For instance, show me a thumb on one hand but an index finger on the other, at the same time.  Some younger kids may have trouble with this but depends on the child. 


                    rocky - thanks!

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                      Leah - Hope the Santa daycare visit was a success. Do you teach at a prison or did I misunderstand that? 


                      Bermy - I am sure you are a smart, smoking, hot workhorse! I broke a bit of sweat at bootcamp but that may just have been because the room was so hot. It wasn't a terribly athletic class. They had toys and let the LOs crawl all over the place during class, so DD was happy, though. 


                      Rocky - The Kell issue sounds scary. I am going to have to look that up as I don't think I've heard of it before. Glad to hear everything was good on your u/s!


                      Jmmiller - All this talk about people shopping at Target is making me very excited for when we finally get Target here in Ontario in the spring. I think I've been eating more than 5 clementines a day all on my own Blush DD loves them but she's just 10 months and barely has one tooth so it takes her about 20 minutes to eat on a single piece. 

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                        Ernie - my neighbor has 30+ years experience as a hospital baby nurse and had never seen it or heard of it outside of her studies (school work).  It's exceedingly rare in the population and even more rare for a mother/baby to have a +/- interaction.  Guess DH and I are just lucky.  No other issues will come of it once the baby is born, the only issue is that I make antibodies and could be hurting him if he makes the protein.  but, it's only a 50/50 chance that the baby has it.  So we did an amnio last week to find out for sure either way.  Awesome, right?!


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                          bermy - there is a plastic digital camera that you can get, I think it says age 3 or 4... but I always buy things before m reaches the age.

                          jm - i think the IT band attaches at the hip bone. I can sometimes feel it pulling a bit. I hear ya on the to do list - it's completely overwhelming.

                          rg - the running is feeling better and better for the most part, but I started to feel a few aches by the end of last week, hence the cut back this week. I am prone to certain injuries with higher mileage or too much speed work so I need to build slowly.

                          becky - boo to that new girl, she sounds like a piece of work!

                          spike - they only clear snow from certain routes here, mostly the bus routes and they require zero cars on the road while they are removing the snow. I hope R is good at daycare and feeling better.

                          These are the mitts for anyone interested http://www.mimitens.com/ - they are really great.

                          simone - lol on hey babe! Yikes and yay on the job! Good luck!

                          Leah - Are you still doing the streak? Good luck with the french math!

                          rocky - yay for a great u/s! I'm amazed at your preggo planks, way to go!

                          rg - I hope your workout wakes you up! I almost always choose a workout over a nap, perks me up way better.

                          zorbs- last year M was all screamy around santa, this year she was mesmerized. M is bossy also, we are trying to get her to ask for things instead of commanding but it is not the way of 2 year olds I think.

                          ernie - are clementines the same as mandarine oranges? My girl looooves them and I have to restrict them otherwise they mess up her body with all the acid.

                          bermy - mmm on the fish wraps! I always feel like whatever distance I have on tap is the distance my body is able and ready to run... it's always strange that way.

                          mer - enjoy the rest day! never heard of Hot fills?

                          cm - that's great that they do a book exchange!! We were going to see santa at the mall this week also but then got to snap a pic at that park on Sunday, otherwise I'd have been just as behind.

                          simon - fun on the ugly sweater party - never been to one, but I love seeing the pics!

                          mzm - what's the ART for again? is it helping... hope so.

                          cx2 - agree with the others, she's fine, relax!! M didn't move until 11 months... I sometimes wish she couldn't walk now Wink


                          DH brought this holiday chocolate, almond, something bark stuff home from work... it's like crack, I probably should just eat it all so that I don't have to think about it all day long....


                          RR - ran 3 miles while M watched TV and O napped... was considering 4 but O woke up.  I'm going to plank and stretch while M naps.

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                            Jnmiller: nope, it wasn't me with the 1200 miles, maybe runninmer? I'd have to check my log, but I think I'm between 1600-1650 right now.

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                            beskirted & manicured

                              bermy - as a person who almost never has to teach students younger than about 8..I would say it has to be a VERY mature 4 year old.  But my shorter answer is, no kid should start piano unless they are showing interest on their own.  Teaching music appreciation by playing a variety of musical styles at home is FAR more important than a child learning to play.

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                                rg: 1600 miles!!! That is awesome!!  I thought 1200 was a lot.  Smile 

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