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Too Painful Tuesday (dailies) (Read 21 times)

    rough night last night.  Hoping that was the worst of it and back will start feeling better. Was signs of improvement yesterday when it started to only feel like a pulled or strained back muscle. Not good but better than sharp pointy pain.


    How are the awesome runners doing? No pain I hope.


    Gentle walking and movement of arms for me today. That’s my workout.



    1-27 Piney Woods 50k TX; 2-24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ; 4-21 Big Turtle 50k KY; 4-28 The Trail 50k MI; 5-28 Pinelands 50k ME; 6-16 Mohican 26.2 OH; 7-14 Missoula 26.2 MT; 8-25 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 RunWoodstock 100k MI; 12-8 Brazos Bend pace/crew Karen to 100 miles TX


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    Cupcake Connoisseur

      Rest day for me!


      Still having just as much soreness as yesterday - haha. I think moving around today will help a lot. Anxious to get out there and enjoy this cool weather we are having (sorry Sandy). I do pretty well with reverse taper..so SHOULD be able to get out there for 4 easy tomorrow. We will see how I feel. Not going to push it.


      Ruger is doing okay today. I took him to daycare for my own peace of mind. Just so he is supervised. I let them know what happened, too. Ugh. Can't get that image out of my head Sad



      Lisa – Are you taking pain meds to sleep or are you toughing it out? Get some rest, I hope you are working from home!


      Diane – Oh no how awful for Jasper. Thanks for telling me that though – I feel not so alone! That image of that happening to him will haunt me.


      Run4kupcakes – OMG did that boat end up there from the winds?!



      I have so many emails to go through. How does that happen in one day?!


      Happy Tuesday!


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      Half Crazy K 2.0

        Lizzie, boat is kept in the driveway. The wires are the issue, I don't think the people could get a car out of the driveway.

          A measily 5mi for the sake of humanity.  It did help to get out there but was miserable.  Windy, snowy and super slick.  Wiped out twice, almost went down countless times.  Not hurt, just super annoyed.  Got about 5 inches at my house and it's still snowing.  All the plows managed to do was leave a layer of ice.  Supposed to be cold all week so this won't be melting anytime soon.  Pretty sure it'll still be around for Easter.  Sigh.  Cathy is right - WTH was I thinking signing up for a spring marathon??  Worst winter in at least the last five.


          Cathy - glad you had a nice birthday weekend!  So, did you get the nasty weather?  Hoping for your sake you did not.  Fun about the headphones gift!


          Elina - I would take melty and slushy over this ANY day.  The roads were finally clear and now they are not.  I HATE it.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE it??  LOL on the stupid cow comment.  Rough Monday all around, I guess.  Nice miles yesterday.


          Lizzie - oh gosh, I'm so sorry about Ruger buddy.  So scary!  No doubt you can't get that visual out of your head.  Smart to have him at daycare today if only for your own peace of mind.  Long run distance this weekend?  Oh, who knows.  Will depend on conditions and speed.  Yes, I am supremely jealous of your weather.  


          Lisa - cracking up at the snoring kit kat - mine does that at times!  Super funny she sleeps on the heat vent.  Smart cat!!  Dang sorry you are still in so much pain!  Makes me wonder if they missed something on the x-ray.  Sure hope not!!.


          No school yesterday so no volleyball.  Schools back in session today so two games tonight.  Later!

          Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019


          WINE o'clock somewhere!

            Lizzie, I'm really sorry about Ruger.  As your vet said, keep a log of when he has them and how long they last.  Try not to touch him around his head if he is actively seizing.  If he bit, he wouldn't let go.  (It isn't being aggressive, it is part of having a seizure potentially.)


            There are 3 types of seizures - Structural (puppies - brain not formed right, and geriatrics - tumors), Metabolic (puppies/geriatrics - something goes wrong in their organ function which affects the brain, sort of...), and Idiopathic which is almost certainly what Ruger is dealing with.  Idiopathic means we don't know why, this is in middle aged pets.  Epilepsy in people.  They have done tons of studies on dogs - MRI's and post mortem exams and have never found the cause.


            Lots of dogs have one seizure and NEVER have another.  You keep track because after a certain number a year (approx 3-4ish) is when we think about putting them on meds.  The meds can be hard on the liver.  I THINK Phenobarb is still the first line of meds, but there are several others out there now for resistant cases.


            THIS IS COMMON.  I know it is impossible not to freak out, I would myself.  They are our babies.  For complicated cases there are doggie Neurologists you can go see.


            It is common to be very disoriented after - Post Ictal phase is what it is called.  Also during a seizure they can have "SLUD" signs - Salivation, Lacrimation (tearing), Urination, Defication.  So don't freak if any of those happen, just note it down.


            I don't know how much your vet told you, I have found that they don't always explain things well unfortunately.  Hopefully everything I mentioned is still correct 15-20 yrs after learning about it...


            PLEASE feel free to message me on FB if you want to chat about it.



            OK, that is all I have time for.  I need to get a shower and head out to the crappy breakfast and lecture.  At least lunch was pretty good and was filling yesterday.


            Maybe personals later, but I doubt it...




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            Brazos Bend 50M December 9th - TX

            Bandera 50K January 5th - TX


              Lizzie the first time Jasper seized it scared the crap out of me and I've had dogs all my life and been through all sorts of stuff with them...never had one with seizures tho.  He's probably had a half dozen or so since the first several years ago.  He's happy and healthy otherwise. Being a mom probably helps since kids get into all sorts of scrapes and you have to remain calm for them.  My dogs are my kids now and they are much more aware of my moods than the kids ever were...lol   It'll be alright, just keep track of when he has them and just stay calm.


              Lisa I hope you are feeling better soon.  You have a lot of runs coming up...lol.


              HCK, we aren't too far from Grand Lake, rivers, and other lakes so people have boats, jet ski's and the like in their yards.  Being mostly a rural area there's a lot of "yard art" on display (cars, trailers, boats, misc junk).

              Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8



              Prairie Spirit 50k - Mar 30

              Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                Howdy! Walked the pups and then ran 3 miles, so 4 total... Started raining on the way home, but wasn't bad. Pouring off and on now.


                Lizzie--how scary! My RB's rescue dog has seizures too.  Scary.


                Skye was glued to my leg last night. She had to be touching me. All.night.long. Silly girl!


                Chiro this afternoon.  I always try to go after travel. I think all the plane sitting/luggage dragging gets me. Hip kinda hurts, so I'm glad I'm going.




                  Lisa, here's a list of some of the OK trail races: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-oklahoma-dirt-trail-series-tickets-41726032687


                  I've done Post Oak (the Double); Mowdy Ranch, and Pumpkin Holler.  I plan on doing DoWackaDo in Sept this year and getting my revenge on PH 50k.  I'll look at others too and let you know what I find.  Here or in a message?

                  Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8



                  Prairie Spirit 50k - Mar 30

                  Possums Revenge 56k May 25


                    Lisa, here's some MO races: http://runningintheusa.com/classic/list/mo/all-dates/ultra  I'm doing the Angry Bull 50k in June.  It's a rail trail and REALLY boring.  Definitely only a training run for me.  It's and out and back and very, very low key.  No pre race dinner, AS are so-so but it's local and cheap.  This will be my last year doing it.

                    Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8



                    Prairie Spirit 50k - Mar 30

                    Possums Revenge 56k May 25


                      And Arkansas.  Since I live close to the borders of AR, KS, and MO those are all within a day's drive for me.  Here's some AR races.  http://runningintheusa.com/classic/list/ar/all-dates/ultra  Only race I've done in AR was the White River HM, road race but if someone is looking for a flat (net downhill) BQ qualifier this one would be it.  Personally I wouldn't do it again but I've become a trail snob and prefer those.  Another one I might consider tho is the Route 66 one wihich is a point to point through KS, OK, and ending in MO for the FM.  I did the HM last year and liked it even tho it was a road race.

                      Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8



                      Prairie Spirit 50k - Mar 30

                      Possums Revenge 56k May 25


                        Lisa...that will teach you  to clean the bathtub!  Go running instead, much safer.  Sorry you are still having pain.


                        Lizzie...how scary for you and Ruger!  Hopefully, he will not have any more, like Kat said


                        Sandy....sorry about the dang weather!  We are cold here, but no snow or ice at the moment, but I know it isn't over yet.  Believe me I am with you I hate it too.


                        Legs with trainer this morning.  Glad that I didn't run first because he tried to kill me again.  There has been a fit challenge for the past 3 months at the gym....I only lost 5 pounds in 3 months and I have been sooo good, Oh well I did lose 3 inches in waist and hips, 2 inches upper arm and thighs.  Still, how can one only lose 5 pounds in 3 months?  I have been faithfully following weight watchers, counting my darn points....oh well, I know I should be pleased and I am and i am eating better.  Been fighting my weight since I was a kid, should be used to it.


                        Be back later...





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                          G'morning! Feeling much better here today and the weather is awesome so I'll get out in a bit for a few easy miles. Other than that, I have absolutely nothing on my calendar this week. I need to take my car in as you can hear a tire wobble at higher speeds, and i need to call and schedule my boob smooshing, but I'll probably do both of those either end of the week or next week. I'm feeling the need for a lazy week, especially since i have the house to myself every day until Thursday.


                          Liz, poor Ruger. Jake used to have seizures. It was scary when it happened (especially the first couple times), but then he was fine. They never figured out what caused them. He had maybe 1-2 a year for most of his life. Mostly I'd just do what you did, hang out with him on the floor and tell him it was okay until it was over. I don't know if it helped but it was all I could do. There was one time when we were up really late for some reason and had to get up early the next day and right before we went to bed, he had a seizure. At 1 a.m. And he pooped. And then shook himself into the poop. And rolled around. In the poop. Luckily not on carpet. DH, who starts to gag around poop, was then gagging and Jake was shaking and spreading poop into the floor. and into his fur Anyway, yeah, just hope that doesn't happen. Hmm, that's not very reassuring, is it? Once he got through his seizures, he'd be a little dopey for a bit, but then he was completely fine, running around like nothing happened.


                          Lisa, take it easy. I hope last night was the worst of it and you start feeling better quickly.


                          Sandy, I'm sorry your weather sucks. This is the time of the year when you've just had enough and want it to get warm and not snowy and icy. I do remember a couple snowy Easters growing up, getting our new spring Easter dresses for church and then shivering through pictures because there was still snow on the ground. I hope next year at this time you're talking about the AZ heat and not the MN cold!


                          Morning HCK, kat, crazysue and Diane!

                          Coaching testimonial: "Not saying my workout was hard but KAREN IS EVIL."


                          Upcoming races: Twin Cities Marathon - October, Cypress Half - November, Brazos Bend 100 (yikes) - December, Houston Marathon - January, Glass City Marathon - April

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                          Running with the Turtles

                            We got only a couple inches of snow last night, I shoveled this morning.  Now we have big, fluffy snowflakes coming down.  The kind that it is fun to run in.    They announced Winter Series age group prizes for the top 3 in the series, it is a nice insulated coffee mug.  DD is not too excited about it.    I told her that she could use it for hot chocolate.  She was hoping for something more like they had last year, fleece blankets!


                            Lisa, I hope you start to feel better.  What a freak accident to have!


                            Lizzie, I am thinking you may be pushing the speed a little next week.    Wow, scary about Ruger.  I hope it doesn't happen again!  Reminds me of when older DD started having Epilepsy seizures when she was about 4.  DD's seizures were ones where she would zone out, vs the shaking.  She didn't know when they were going to happen and she didn't remember anything about it after it happened.  She would just be really tired afterwards.  It was more likely to happen when she was tired or stressed.  Haha, I had Shrimp Scampi at the Italian restaurant.  It was really good!   DH got me one of the expensive headphones, the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium.  I tried them out while I was shovelling.    They are a little loose on me, so I'm interested in seeing how they stay on while I run.  I guess I will have my ponytail to help keep them up on my head!  I guess you don't want them too tight either.


                            Sandy, they had predicted 4-6 inches of snow and it looks like we missed the brunt of it again!  It was a really nice rain/snow mix last night.  This is for you:



                            Ginny, I hope you find a trainer that you like!  You lost a lot of inches!  I am guessing that you are building some muscle.


                            Elina, Battle of the Books - it's a competition with teams of 3-4.  The kids participating are third to fifth grade.  The team has a list of 10 books to read, they can divide them up within the team however they want.  They are asked 20 questions about events from the books and need to answer with the name and author of the book that the event occurred in (1 point for the correct name or author, 2 points scored if they get both correct).  Each team writes down the answers on a small white board.  It's an elimination type contest, they initially go against teams in their own grade.  As they progress they can go against other grade levels.  In the final it was 25 questions.  This year two 4th grade teams were in the finals.  Last year DD's 3rd grade team beat a 5th grade team.  I am sure that you will get your running mojo back!


                            Karen, ha, I need to schedule my boob squishing also.     I think you deserve a lazy week.  




                              I am sitting and sipping a light beer; bluetooth speaker on full blast w rock songs. That is how nervous I am about tonight's game, which will be attended by whole DH's family. Yep. To-do-list gone crazy at work doesn't help either. Beer stacked for post-game cool down too. 

                              My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


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                              Bad Ass

                                Morning!  I have Pilates and 8 tonight.


                                Lisa,ouch.  Hoping the pain goes away soon.


                                Lizzie, I must have missed what happened to your Ruger baby.  Hoping he feels better today, poor baby.  Enjoy the rest day.


                                Sandy, nice 5. Stay safe.


                                Kat, enjoy the breakfast and lecture.


                                Diane, morning!


                                Susan, nice 3-4.


                                Ginny, nice job with the trainer.


                                Karen, glad you are feeling good.  Enjoy the run.


                                Cathy, shoveling is cross training.


                                Elina, go get it!  Good luck!



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