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Teeth-chattering Tuesday Preggos (Read 27 times)


    High of 6F here today! Windchills below zero Sad Post!


      I can't believe I'm first - I don't think I've started the thread since we moved over to RA...


      PGR: 27 weeks.  Childbirth class last night - since our class is taught by doulas, they are very supportive of med-free or use of medication in labor, and had lots of suggestions for natural pain management in labor.  I have to talk to DH more about a doula....I am concerned that he is going to want me to tell him what to do during labor, and I don't know that I want to worry about directing him...but since we also have a 50/50 chance of c/s, I'm not sure if it's necessary...ugh.


      ER: I'd like winter to go away, please.  I want to get some walks in, preferably outside.  Not sure if I'll have time for anything again today....going to a moms of multiples meeting tonight to check it out.


      NPGR: Not a ton - just three more days of work this week for me, and I have a lot to squeeze in there.  Tried on a few of my swimsuits this morning to see what my options were if we go to the pool at the hotel.  My belly distorts my one piece into an uncomfortable fit, but I have a two piece that is still decent, so bump notwithstanding, I'm going to rock the two-piece on vacay - hopefully the pool won't be busy. Smile


        Brr...sounds cold, TN!


        TN - I've heard that doula's can be really useful, even with c-sections...especially because you may labor for a while before having the section. I'm sure you'll look great in your two piece Smile


        ER - walked 4.5 miles early this AM...it was very dark, but wanted to fit it in before MW.

        PGR -34wks3days. MW appointment this AM. Everything looks good...this MW also thought baby was very low and in right position. Who knows, maybe I won't go past due? I have it in my head that I'll be late, just because I'm the most impatient person every, so I just figure I'll be forced to wait! Still measuring about 2cm behind, but it has been consistent like that every appointment, so growing at a steady rate. My bp was up a bit, which worried me, but still in normal range and I don't have any other systems of pre-e...no swelling yet. Last night, my husband was listening to baby's heartbeat by putting his ear on my belly, so I already knew that was going to be okay Wink

        NPGR - yay for a short work week!


          Morning all.


          ER - Didn't go to the gym yesterday, it was halfway decent outside yesterday so we went on a family walk. Today I'd like to go to the gym today. We'll see.


          PGR - 22w today.


          NPGR - Yesterday was one of those best laid plans days. The computer my DH just set up for my mom? Apparently it was a lemon. So I had to swing by after grocery shopping to take her to Best Buy to return it. I was able to indulge in some clearance rack baby clothes retail therapy last night at Target and I picked up spare bottle parts at BRU (Monk, they are hard to find! Sheesh) so that was fun. I got one of those winter zip up buntings for 6.50! 9m size so I hope it fits. I remember squishing George into the 6 month size because he grew so fast in the beginning there.




            ER: Nothing today.


            PGR: 38w4d. 10 days to DDay! I made the list of the rest of the stuff to put in the hospital bag and put it in the bag to guide when its time to pack the rest, DH can pack if I'm at work or even if its me then I don't have to worry about remembering it all! DH is going to pack bags for himself and A. Right now we expect that DH and A will go sleep at home when I'm in the hospital but with the bags packed we can change that if someone offers to take A overnight. That is a possibility, we just can't plan for it ahead of time. If I can work through today, P can come any time. My goal was to work through at least part of this week so with paid leave I can earn the last of the paid leave I had planned for (though I suppose thats counter productive to use paid leave to earn more paid leave, oh well. I won't be earning full paid leave while on mat leave because I'm taking some of it unpaid... how many more times can I use the word leave in the same sentence?). The snow forecast for late this week has been decreased so thats making me feel more comfortable. Whats not making me feel more comfortable is my back this morning... random back ache, but thats how labor started last time, so we'll see! I'm having all sorts of weird feelings in my body so maybe labor's close... then again I know it could be another three weeks! But A was six days early so I'm hoping.


            PGR2: I posted a blog about my freezer meals here. I figured with all the links I'd just post it all in the same place. I hope it all tastest good! Got up earlier to get dinner in the crock pot for tonight. I'm going to freeze the leftovers to make freezer meal #9. I got two more freezer meals done last night.


            NPGR: Ha... can't think of anything. Since dinner is in the crock pot, I am expecting a lazy evening with hopefully an early bedtime.


              Hey everyone!  Enjoyed a nice long weekend but feel fairly behind at work.


              TN: Enjoy the vacation.  I have no doubt you will look great in your two-piece.


              Liz: Nice job on the walk.  I was measuring behind on all my appointments and it was during my 36w check-up that they confirmed that LO’s head was really low, thus all they were measuring basically was LO’s body.  Enjoy the short work week.


              Schmett: I think I might be a Target addict.  I have to purposefully keep myself away from maternity and baby clothes whenever we go into the store or I will find myself out of control.  Just too many cute options and the prices always seem crazy low!  Good to hear you got some great deals.


              Monk: Good idea on making the bag list.  I have our bags packed for the most part with the exception of a few items I still use daily.  Having a list together would probably make life a little easier for DH when things start to really kick off.  I too am still trying to figure out work schedules and such.  Enjoy the time off as it sounds like things are picking up for you and LO. 


              ER: Long walk this morning…very early.


              PGR: 39w2d! So I have a variety of things on my mind right now.  I am quite tired as I could not fall asleep last night and ended up waking at 5 am feeling exhausted.  My grand total for sleep last night was about 4 ½ hours.  Kind of frustrating as we had the day off and I was able to enjoy both a swim and yoga.  The yoga alone should have helped me sleep.  Oh well.  On a separate note, I did get an interesting phone call from our doc’s office yesterday.  Basically they left a message informing me that my induction has been scheduled for 4 days past DD.  I just had a doc appt on Fri (which went great) and nothing was ever mentioned about an induction.  Of course I am hormonal so my first reaction was to call the doc’s office and try to figure out the reasoning behind the message.  The women who left the message couldn’t really answer any questions.  She just told me that she was given a note to schedule the induction and all she could really do was cancel it for me.  Of course being 39+weeks and fairly nervous my hormones and emotions are all over the place and I was a little short with her.  DH quickly pointed this out when I hung up the phone.  So I called her back and apologized for being short.  At the end of the day I have to trust my doctors.  Luckily my next appt is this Thurs (unless LO decides otherwise) and I plan to follow-up with them on what happened.  That is the frustrating thing about a practice with eight different docs, getting actual answers from the docs unless they are standing in front of you can be difficult. 


              NPGR: Dinner out this weekend was really nice and thanks to some previous posts by you guys I was able to really enjoy the last few moments with just DH and myself.  We talked about it some over dinner.  Looking at making this my last week of work, especially if they are talking about inducing me early next week.  Feels like every day is an adventure.


              Thanks for letting me vent a bit!  Have a great day everyone

              Runner in MI

                I'm new to this. It seems the format for these daily posts is roughly ER, PGR, NPGR. Checked the sticky and don't see these. I'm guessing Exercise related, Pregnancy-related, non-pregnancy related? Please verify. Thanks! (I'm either 7w or 11w - OB visit next week will give us more info.)

                MA runner girl

                  RunnerInMI - Welcome! You are correct! Some people (me included) also have RR - Running Related.


                  RR: 3 miles tonight. Should have heard the noise my coworkers made today when I said I was still running... LOL (someone asked how long I ran until)


                  PGR: 35w2d. I finally got my maternity leave all set up for work this morning. I'm kinda disappointed because I thought I had 6 weeks paid, plus 2 weeks of my PTO, but apparently you have to use one week PTO before you can get STD, so it's really only 5 weeks... REALLY tricky the way they word it... I am planning on taking some FMLA after anyways to make it 3 months, but that's one more week I won't get paid! I had my work shower this morning. Got the carseat, yay!! It was the last big thing we still needed. Also got some diapers/wipes and a bunch more clothes and toys. Feeling very lucky as we haven't had to spend much on anything! I did order our monitors and changing pad for the dresser last night... but they were both on clearance so I paid 36 instead of 86!! Love a good deal. And then we had a gift card so I really paid $11. Sweet!


                  NPGR: Not much. Dinner for DH's birthday was good last night, had some good laughs with family Smile Looking forward to an early bedtime tonight though... I'm pooped!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    Personals time.


                    TN - With you on the cold weather here. March (and spring) can't come fast enough. Pregnancy was the only time I wore a bikini. Smile
                    I am a big advocate for a doula since they can be a great support to you no matter what the birth experience ends up being - c/s, med-free, epi, etc. Plus, they can be a great support for your husband, since doulas have witnessed (and experienced themselves) all different birth scenarios and can reassure him, especially if you were to get a c/s. I think in your case, with twins, you're going into it knowing a c/s is a distinct possibility, but for other moms who might end up with an emergency C or maybe not have prepared mentally having someone you trust in the OR with you can be really helpful. And they also do postpartum visits which I think is crucial for the new mom to have someone neutral besides a family member checking up on breastfeeding and so on.


                    Liz - That is so cute about your husband listening to the baby's hb. Good that baby's in the right position...now stay there! Wink

                    Monk - I've been having all kinds of random back aches and twinges but I'm attributing it to 2nd pregnancy stuff since I'm only a little past halfway. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling at your stage especially since I didn't go into labor spontaneously last time. Good job with the freezer meals.


                    Yogi - Hooray on this being your last week of work. I'm sorry the dr. office wasn't exactly forthcoming with just scheduling an induction like that. I'd be really pissed too. Try not to let that deadline stress you out. Baby will come when they're ready.


                    Runner - Welcome! I saw your other post on the forum. You have the abbreviations right. You might've gotten the "pushing yourself too hard" comment from one of my posts. The best rule of thumb I've found for exercising in pregnancy (I didn't with my 1st) is to listen to your body. You'll know when you have to modify/slow down/stop.

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Welcome, Runner in MI.  You've got the abbreviations down.  Smile  Congratulations on your pregnancy!


                      PGR:  30w4d.  A friend of mine agreed to hem four pairs of pants and two dresses for me, in exchange for eggs.  I'm not terribly short, 5'4", but all the pants and maxi-dresses I can find are meant to be worn with 4" high heels, I guess.  I'm not into that kind of torture.  I was wearing the pants before she took them to her house and just rolling them up.  I've been without these pants for about a week and a half now.  My three remaining options for pants are:  a pair of  high-water yoga pants, a pair of oversized gray sweatpants, and a pair of yoga pants that fall down my belly all day long.  I hope she finishes soon, because I don't have anything that I feel good wearing outside the house.  When I've had to be in public, I feel like such a bum/slob in my clothes.


                      NPGR:  It's snowing again.  I thought I requested more spring-like weather yesterday.  Oh well, in our arid climate, I guess we need all the precipitation we can get to fill the reservoirs.  I just wish it was coming in the form of rain instead of snow.  I had such a full day yesterday:  midwife appointment (1 hr waiting for appointment, 10 minutes of seeing the midwife, 1 hr round-trip of driving), running 3 miles, visiting church members (3 hours), and then we had friends over for dinner.  Thankfully, this is a lifelong friend (and her husband +3 kids) who is more like family than my own family is.  So, she didn't care that my house was showing the effects of a busy long weekend.  She even brought paper bowls and plates so there would be little to no clean up.  What a thoughtful friend!  I was ready to collapse by the end of the day, and that's just what I did.  My pillow never looked so good!  I slept in until 7:30 AM this morning.  I'll be ready for an early bedtime tonight, I'm sure.


                      RR:  As reported yesterday, I ran 2.9 miles and walked 0.1 mi.  Took about 40 minutes.  Shin splints weren't bad the first mile and a half, but by the time I was finished, I was glad for some ice.  I won't be running midweek, but will do elliptical instead.  I'm hoping not to have to cut out all running with these shin splints.  I suppose another good option is water jogging, but I hate the process of getting into and out of the pool.  Running is just so easy... put your shoes on, and out the door you go.  No chlorine removal necessary afterwards.  I can jump right back into my day, and put off my shower a few hours if I need to.


                      ER:  Biking and sculpting DVD planned for today.


                      Does anyone else get a super boost when you tell someone that you ran x miles today, at x weeks pregnant?  I just love the looks on people's faces.


                      I'll try and get back this afternoon for personals.  I read everything, even if I don't have time to personally respond to everyone's posts.


                        TN - I've thought about a doula too, because DH doesn't seem that interested in learning about what he really needs to do to be there for me during labor (though he shows hints of just being overwhelmed and I think he might get over that) and I love the idea of having support, especially for going med-free.


                        Liz - glad everything looked good at the MW appointment, neat that DH could hear the baby's heartbeat on his own Smile


                        schmett - I also love scouring the racks at Target, DH and I think it's a miracle when we make it out of there with a bill for less than $100 though


                        monk - your freezer meals seem like a great idea (and I'm jealous of your clean and organized freezer!)


                        yogi - I think I would've been pretty flustered too if I got that call about the induction, hope you are able to get some satisfactory answers on Thursday


                        runnerMI - welcome and I hope you have a great first appointment!


                        MA - I've heard our leave policy is really tricky/complicated like that too.  It strikes me as strange because the attitude in our building is really baby/family-friendly, but the actual policies aren't as much.



                        ER/RR:  not sure yet, either going to the gym with DH or will walk the dogs and do yoga or Perfect Pregnancy video tonight


                        PGR:  23w5d, baby girl was very active last night and this morning - fun!  However, the pattern for the last couple weeks has been that I get a really strong movement day or two and then my belly stretches and they are a little more gentle again.  I was also starving all day yesterday, so I bet baby and I are doing a bit of growing this week.


                        NRR/NPGR:  Working on house cleaning and tidying up some loose ends at work because we leave for a 10-day vacation on Friday!  It's our babymoon vacation to Breckenridge and Park City, UT.  Super excited, Friday is going to be here before I know it!


                        GlassHalfFull from RWOL, new screen name inspired by screen name generator and Dr. Horrible Smile


                          PG: 29w2d.  Wow time is flying by.  Feeling good.  Ordered nursery furniture.  Has anyone developed skin tags during pregnancy?  I've always had a few tiny moles on my neck and I noticed now I have a few small raised bumps and a larger one in my arm pit.  DH said they are skin tags.  so of course I googled it and some women expeirence them during pregnancy and the dr can remove them after.  Ughh.  I dont want any part of my body sliced off but if I get anymore I'm going to freak out.


                          ER: Fri ended up being rest day.  Sat gym, Sun 8 mile walk still on track for a sub 4hr HM.  Mon bodypump.  Today maybe rest.


                          NPGR: had a wonderful date night on sat.  Normal house work sun.  Monday lunch with my GFs which was really nice to have some girl time.  We sat at the resturant so long we got hungry again...lol.  I completely over ate and over indulged this weekend.  Back on track to eating healthy and no eating out!  I had a dentist appt at 7am.  Not a good idea after a 4 day weekend.


                          TN: I really wish my birthing class was sooner!  I think my DH is going to be useless to me.  I'm not sure he can handle seeing me in pain.


                          Liz: that's awesome that DH can hear the heartbeat!  DH still is amazed to feel and see movement.


                          Schm: FYI - for best clearence selection on mondays Target marksdown baby/kids and on Tues marks down women's clearance.


                          Monk: Thanks for the recipes.  I've never been one to freeze leftovers for later use but I love that your recipes are for the crockpot.  I totally want to do this.  I've made individual smoothie packs before.  I freeze yogurt in ice trays add frozen fruit to each bag and just dump in the blender with some juice or milk.


                          Yogi: you're almost there.  I could understand why you'd be so upset about getting that call!  Once I got a call to schedule a biopsy and the girl calling couldnt telling anything.  I guess she thought the dr had already talked to me about it.  Turned out to be nothing but fustrating not knowing beforehand.


                          MI: Welcome and congrats!!!


                          MA: yay for work shower!!  I dont know why employers dont have things spelled out in black and white when it comes to leave.  I'm still confused on my leave.


                          Laura: it seems like when I was running PG I would get more responses like is that safe, what does you dr say about that, do you plan on stopping, etc.  Those remarks were usually from people that dont run or exercise at all.  But I did feel good when a couple random ladies at the gym have said something nice about be looking good and still exercising.


                            TN: Its pretty cold here too, though I don't think quite that cold. I'm ready for winter to go away too. We've had way too many snowy mornings where it takes way too long to get to work. I'm really glad we bought our new car for this winter with the roads being so bad so often. I'm sure you look great in that two-piece suit!


                            liz: Low and in position is good! You could still go past due though, there's no way to predict that... but I'm sure you know that lol. Glad your appointment was good.


                            schmett: Oooh, baby clothes retail therapy sound so fun, especially from clearance! Retail therapy doesn't do much for me these days though as being on my feet that long is terrible. Hope you can get to the gym.


                            yogi: Yay for starting maternity leave! I wish I could start mine ahead of time but we just can't afford it. Sorry about the stuff with the induction being scheduled without your knowledge. That sounds very strange especially if your doc didn't mention it! Not to mention four days past due date seems way too early to induce.


                            runner in MI: Welcome and contrats!


                            MA: Sorry about the confusion on the maternity leave stuff. Glad you got the carseat! And great deal on the monitors and changing pad.


                            laura: I'm with you on requesting better weather. Sounds like you had quite the busy day yesterday. I never got too many completments from people on my running preggo other than during my half, which was all supportive. Luckily too I never got the critical comments either.


                            DrT: The only reason my freezer is clean and organized was because when I went to put stuff in it Saturday I realized how dirty it was! And the top shelf and door are a mess. Its going to be a challenge fitting it all in there, but worth it. Have fun on your trip!


                            mann: A was born with a skin tag that eventually fell off. So hopefully yours will fall off too without any kind of operation! Wow, I'm jealous of all your exercise! Most of the stuff I did for the freezer I prepped and put straight into the freezer. But the crock pot thing for tonight is freezing leftovers. I have a few other recipes where I've cooked a full batch and froze leftovers. Its always worked out well. I love having so much crock pot stuff too. I'm using the crock pot three times this week and I can't remember the last time I used it! The lid was covered in dust when I went to use it on Sunday! Thats not OK!


                              Hi ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Work's been really busy and since I'm not as far along as most ladies I didn't have much to add. I have been checking in regularly to see how everyone is doing. I'm hoping I'll have more time to check in more regularly.


                              RR: Ran 2.5 this morning. That seems to be about all I can accomplish in 30 minutes these days. It seems that every time I run I end up being sore int he pelvic area, anyone else experience this? I meant to ask my OB this morning, but forgot.


                              PGR: 16w today! I had an OB appointment this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my OB now has a portable ultrasound that she uses instead of just a doppler so I actually got to see baby! So far everything looks good and baby's HR was in the 150's which is what I usually get on my doppler at home. I have been experiencing an itchy foot sole at night. I asked about it previously and she kind of brushed it off. After a little research of my own (I'm sure doctors really love that) I began to wonder if it might be cholestasis. She ordered some blood tests to check for this. I guess I'll just be relieved to know if it is or isn't this as it can be fairly serious to the pregnancy.


                              NPGR: As others have mentioned I'm SO over winter! We ended up with some rain/ice/snow that made today's commute less than enjoyable (I have a 45 minute commute to work in good weather). I'm also ready to get some walking/running done outside again. I'm so tired of my treadmill.


                              TNesq - I really like the idea of a doula I think I might have to look into that. During the delivery of my DS I needed to tell DH it was time to put away his lunch because I needed to start pushing and he was more worried about finishing his lunch than helping me outSmile


                              Liz - Great job on the walk this morning! How long does it take you to get in 4.5 miles? I think that would take me a long time.


                              schmett - A family walk, OUTSIDE sounds so dreamy right now! I can't wait to find out what we're having (only 3 more weeks) and when I do I think there will be a lot of retail therapy happening! I have been good so far, telling myself it's silly to buy anything before I know what we're having, but if we find out we're having a girl I'm in trouble!


                              monk - Wow, you're getting so close! Thanks for sharing all of your freezer meal ideas. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but I definitely will!


                              yogi - so did your doctor not mention that he was thinking about an induction? That is so frustrating! My doctor is also part of a group and it's so hard to actually reach her and get questions answered. Luckily the nurses are usually very helpful.


                              Runner in MI - Welcome! It's nice to have someone else new on here that is fairly early on in their pregnancy!


                              MA - That is exactly how our PTO/STD works here too. It really stinks because although they say you get 6 weeks off really the first week is coming out of your PTO! With DS I didn't take any FMLA time just PTO and STD and I was off for 9 weeks. Knowing this will likely be my last maternity leave I am definitely going to take off 12 weeks even if that means some unpaid time off.


                              Laura G - Sounds like a great, and thoughtful, friend! Great job keeping up with your workouts!


                              Dr T - I can't wait to feel strong movement from baby like you describe! Sounds like a great babymoon to look forward to, not to mention 10 days off!


                              Mann - I have not had any experience with skin tags, doesn't sound like fun. Your date night and lunch with girlfriends sounds like a great time! I bet both were situations where you said to yourself "I/we really don't do this often enough."


                                and finally making it back for some personals - thanks for all the votes of confidence on the two-piece - I never thought I'd wear one while preggo, but aside from the linea nigra that runs from my sternum all the way down, which is light since I'm a pale person, I don't think it's even that obscene Smile


                                Liz - Yay for a good MW appt - and how fun that DH can hear the hb just by putting his ear on your belly.


                                schmett - Family walk sounds awesome - as does the retail therapy. I was looking at putting some 6-9 mo clothes on our registry, but gave up because I have no idea how big the babies will be when. Thanks for the doula info - I really have this vision of DH standing by saying "what should I do?" or sitting back and saying "let me know when you need me to do something" and me biting his head off because I think he should KNOW, since he was in the classes with me.


                                monk - You've been an animal with the freezer meals - I need to save some of those links you listed in your blog - I want to prep a bunch of stuff, too.  During our birthing class they had us fill out a form regarding who was going to do the cooking, cleaning, etc FOR us after the babies were born - DH and I both looked at each other - we don't plan on having someone come in and cook and clean for us? Do other people?


                                yogi - Wow, you are getting so close! Very frustrating on the induction scheduling - and I would agree, that seems early - I can't recall, are you advanced maternal age?  Is that why they are pushing it so early?


                                Runner in MI - welcome and congrats! I'm not running during pg due to ongoing tendonitis prior to getting pg plus fertility issues, and then being pg with twins, but I occasionally still slip and list RR - wishful thinking perhaps?


                                MA - I'm in pretty much the same leave situation as you - I'll get 5 weeks paid STD, and I'll have 2 weeks of PTO when I go out, but I'm still going to take the 12 weeks of FMLA. Yay for the work shower!


                                Laura G - I'm glad you were able to make a trade with your friend - alterations for eggs! I wish I could tell someone I ran x miles today, at x weeks pregnant - I had really hoped running through pregnancy was in the cards for me, but no dice.  Maybe if we decide to try this wild ride for a second time, it can work then...


                                Dr. T - Your DH and my DH sound similar - my DH pays attention, but doesn't seem that engaged, and I feel like I'd have to tell him what to do when, and I'd rather someone know what to do when, so I could just concentrate on labor. Exciting about the babymoon!


                                Mann - wow, almost to 30 weeks for you already? I had skin tags pre-preggo around my bikini line - they haven't increased while preggo that I can tell - TMI, but I've tied mine with thread before and they fall off after a couple days. DH isn't usually too good about when I'm in pain, either - he will ask if he can get me anything, and if I say no, he usually just leaves me alone and waits for me to emerge from wherever I've gone to be in pain - I think he feels a bit helpless.


                                trozy - welcome back! 16 weeks already?  That's great that you got to see baby at your appt! I'm sore in the pelvic area even without running, so I can't be much help there.  Do you run with a support belt yet?