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Happy Friday Supermoms (Read 30 times)


    Bring on the weekend!


    RR: 7 miles, easy pace today. Marathon pace run went well yesterday, averaged exactly what I was aiming for, and felt good. Rest day tomorrow, as I have to work until 2pm, long run of 14 on Sunday! Can't wait to get back to a normal training week, where i end my week with the long run on Saturday/rest on Sunday.


    TR: happy and silly as always. tries to climb up anything every chance he can get. i miss him alot this week, and am looking forward to seeing him more in the mornings.


    NRR: grocery shopping after work today, working tomorrow. hoping to get to old navy tomorrow afternoon as i still have gift cards from christmas to spend!

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    beskirted & manicured

      I am totally exhausted.  I did miss my nap on Wednesday and got up 15 min earlier yesterday, but I had a 2.5 hour nap yesterday and shouldn't be feeling this wiped out.


      ER - ST at the gym, foam rolling.


      TR - he's refused to go to bed with the light off for a long time.  DH can control the lights in his room with an app on his phone, so usually DH will dim the lights when we go to bed.  However, last night, the light dimming woke him up and he screamed, "lights on! LIGHTS ON!" so DH turned them back on.  I thought, it must be trippy to yell for the lights to come on and have it seemingly "magically" happen.


      FR - cauliflower mac..was too tired to even go to the grocery store to buy coffee, so I am drinking tea today.  Will buy coffee today for sure though.


      NRR - also have a post-AF hormonal headache.  The really stubborn and soul sucking kind.



      rg - take a look at the tights from ON.  I have a pair that has nice details like a zipper garage at the ankles and fit well, I think I paid $19 for them.

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        RR: srd. I am sore and stiff and in much need of doing no running.


        NRR: green card medical (full body, shots, blood draw, chest xray). DH is coming home at 1pm to help me and then he is off for 2 weeks out of office. He will still be working at night and during days but we get to spend time as a family and that is just awesome. Packing for Nashville.


        BR: ran around the house squealing with delight with the helium balloon I got for DH v-day. And we went through a car wash yesterday which was a huge mistake as DS was so scared and frightened. I reached back and held his hand, but still it was not good.


        FR: whatever if left in fridge as we fly out tomorrow to stay in hotel bermy.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          Zorbs- enjoy the ST and foam rolling today. i will definitely check out the tights at ON. hope you can get a nap in today, and your headache is gone soon. no coffee?! i went out specifically yesterday afternoon just to buy coffee so i'd have some this morning, ha.


          Bermy- you earned that rest day, mama. enjoy it! and your pics you posted on FB are fabulous. i want to come run 800's on that trail! you look absolutely radiant too. good luck with the medical today. glad DH is able to help you out. aw, sorry about the carwash scare. i ran in to use a public restroom the other day, and R melted down/freaked out! i think it was the lack of windows. :/

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            rg - Nice job on the pace run.  With your increased long runs does that mean you are in marathon training mode?  Did you decide on one to do?  I hope you get all your errands done even though you have to work tomorrow.


            zorbs - Sorry you are so exhausted...you need to sleep more at night.  LOL to B screaming for the lights on...I think I would be scared if I screamed for lights and they just appeared...however, he probably doesn't know anything different.


            Bermy - You deserve the rest!!  I hope your medical stuff goes fast and well today.  Yay for DH being around and having quality family time.  Enjoy Nashville!!


            RR - Did some core and ST yesterday during J's nap.  Not sure about today...Either 5 or longer if DH makes it back.


            TR - Nose is leaking like a faucet and he is hacking up a lung and not sleeping the best.  However, his spirits are pretty good despite.  He has his whiney moments but is pretty good and still acting silly.  He is home with grandma and grandpa and their dog.  UGH.  I appreciate my inlaws babysitting but they are at my house, with their dog (I am allergic) and cooking breakfast in my clean kitchen...yes, I am having anxiety about what my clean house will look like when I get home.  I shouldn't have spent time cleaning yesterday.


            NRR - DH should be home this afternoon but leaves again Sunday afternoon.  This is getting very old.  Once he comes home form this trip he will be home for 11 straight days!  Woot.


            FR - Italian Pork Chops in the crockpot.




              RR:  5 after work...the usual.


              TR:  Didn't see him for more than half an hour yesterday.  He was funny as I lifted my dress to show DH my booty, then J wanted to lift my dress.


              NRR:  SO freaking glad its Friday.  This has been the longest week ever.  I can't wait to just sit at home and not do anything.


              FR:  Chinese last night sent me to the bathroom within 10 minutes of finishing it.  Yuck.  Orange soda was delicious.

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                RR - nothing today, maybe elliptical


                BR - more bum scooting going on... so she's not going to be a "traditional" crawler, but at least she's moving.  Yesterday she tried to walk to me on her own.  She was crying b/c I wouldn't hold her, so she let go of the couch and was standing on her own, and then realized she didn't know how to handle standing on her own and almost fell but I caught her in time... also has a super runny nose... she sounds congested so she may have a cold, but I'm also sure she's teething again....


                NRR - DH brought me flowers for V day which was nice and unexpected...


                zorbs - sorry you're so tired and headachy... hope the caffeine helps out!


                rg - i'm the worst at spending gift cards... i let them sit forever and then forget I have them.


                bermy - C used to sleep through the noise of car washes and we haven't been through one in awhile but I image the noise would frighten a lot of LO's..


                mer - sorry the chinese food didn't agree with your tummy!  Dh loves orange pop for some reason...


                jen - glad to hear DH is finally going to be home!


                  jen- yep, i'm training for a marathon on May 19th! it feels awesome to be following a training plan again. the last marathon i ran was Oct 2010, i hope i remember how to race it! i hope you get a good run in today, and DH makes it back on time. hope J is feeling better soon, too. i feel the same way about my kitchen...my MIL cooked breakfast once (i was working early) and left grease from the bacon all over the stove. Sad


                  mer- haha on J lifting your dress. sorry about the tummy issues, i haven't eaten fast food/take out in probably 10 years and i'm sure it would wreck my system. i hope you get a nice enjoyable relaxing weekend at home with DH and J.


                  Cx2- yay for flowers!!! esp when they are unexpected, those are the best. DH doesn't usually buy flowers for my bday/valentines and likes to suprise me randomly with them. he bought me some beautiful tulips 2 weeks ago. yay for bum scooting! R walked first, then crawled. hope C is feeling better soon

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                    Quick fly by post.  I have another simulation this morning which I don't plan on missing this time Smile


                    RR;  6 mi on the TM this morning.  Woohoo!  Did 6x400s but they weren't at a super fast pace, just enough to pick it up a little and keep the run interesting.  H woke up part way into my run but I gave him a bottle and he went back to sleep.


                    BR:  Too cute yesterday at smoothie making.  The boys were all sitting at their little table in their aprons.  They are so dang cute!    And they all loved the smoothies.  I was so glad I made it.  But they were all coughing so I know H isn't the only one.  Poor guys.


                    NRR:  Finally met with a faculty member about the simulation I missed the other week.  To make up for it I have to go into the community and do a presentation.  (I already have to do this for another class so now I had to do 2). I don't really mind but instead of the 2 hours the simulation took, it will probably take more like 4.  Oh well!  At least I will get it out of the way.


                    NRR2:  I just wanted to be mushy for a second and say how thankful I am for the supermoms.  You guys have been an amazing source of support and motivation with DH gone.  I have lived all over the country and have friends everywhere, but you guys are such an awesome inspirational group of women.  So thank you!

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                      Shelby- YAY for getting that run in this morning, great job mama! hope your simulation goes well this morning. what wil you be presenting on? i did so many presentations in grad school that i don't mind getting up in front of people and talking. i agree- this is an awesome group!

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                        shelby - Smoothie making sounds like fun.  Glad you got a good run in this AM.


                        cx2 - Yay for flowers and butt scooting.  I hope you have a great day!


                        jen - Your FR sounds really good!  Enjoy the couple days with DH.  11 days straight will be nice for the three of you!


                        bermy - Enjoy your SRD.  I hope everything goes well for your green card stuff.


                        zorbs - I WISH I could take a nap every day!  That is kind of funny about screaming for lights and they turn on!  Ha!


                        rg - Wow!  ANOTHER rest day! Wink  I hope you have a great weekend.

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                        Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                          rr: just got in a 5k on the tm. super speedy too! got in an easy 4 yesterday too.


                          nrr: shopping with my sister tomorrow. she wants to hit up the outlets and i think i'll try the lrs up there. they are sponsoring the relay i am doing in a couple of months.


                          tr: i french braided dd1's hair when it was wet, so we took it out this morning and it was all wavy looking. she looked so cute going to school!


                          tr2/br: think i'm going to take them to story hour at the library this morning.


                          fr: avocado/tomoato/grilled cheese last night. probably just pizza tonight.


                          rg: yes, i am so excited for the weekend! i am hoping to get to old navy too; i haven't been there in ages!


                          zorbs: interesting about the lights. that would freak my girls out. dd2 has all of a suddent become scared of the dark when she goes to bed.


                          bermy: c is so scared of car washes too! he shakes and screams! the girls love it though and just laugh the whole time. good luck with the green card business today!


                          jen: didn't dh have the "dog talk" with his parents?! that's nice they are willing to come watch j. are they both retired? big, gigantic yay for dh being home for 11 days. c finished his antibiotics yesterday and he is still hacking.


                          mer: love that chinese food too, but it gets me every time. when we went swimming the other night my sister had chinese which i ate a bunch of, as well as a blood mary, and a shamrock shake. i got home and felt like crap, i wonder why.


                          cx2: dd1 was a roller! it didn't matter she got where she needed to go. how nice of the flowers.


                          shelby: so glad you are able to make up the simulation in some way. have so much fun with dh this weekend!


                            I can't wait for the weekend either, it's been so hard getting up the last couple days!


                            RR - did 30DS this morning and will try for a 4 mile run with L when it warms up a little more.  The last couple runs my inner ankle has hurt a little though so if it hurts today I'll just walk.  Do random pains always come on during taper or what?


                            BR - was crabby last night, I  hope he's not getting sick again.  I'm getting a little stressed about leaving him for 4 days.


                            KR - parties went well although really there wasn't much to do but watch them eat food and play a game and chase L around.  He loved being in the kindergarten room - lots of fun stuff to play with in there!


                            FR - was hoping to go out for sushi tonight, we'll see.  We have lots of V-Day candy around the house from their parties yesterday.  I may need to hide it from myself.


                            NRR - the sun is shining in the house and highlighting all the dog hair and dust.  Ugh, must clean today.  Would love to just relax this weekend and not feel like I should be cleaning my house.  My parents should get here Sunday!!


                            rg - I really need to get to Old Navy too, I have a couple certificates to spend and I noticed another one that had expired.  Grr,  hate it when I waste free money!  Enjoy your long run this weekend!  I love doing LRs on Saturday too.


                            zorbs - hopefully you're not getting sick.  Go get some coffee!  Ugh I had a headache for 2 days this week that would not go away - could be hormonal too I guess.


                            bermy - I loved your pictures on FB!  Good luck with all the medical stuff.  L was all mad yesterday at DD's school because there were a few balloons on the ceiling of her classroom and he wanted one so bad!  Sorry about the scary carwash. Sad


                            jen - ahhh I am completely stressed about how messy my house will be when DH and I get back from Disney.  My dad spills food (especially the sugar he pours in his cereal) all over the counter and doesn't clean it up, and my mom doesn't vacuum and I have a golden retriever who sheds.  I am thankful they are coming to watch my kids so DH and I can go, but I know I'm going to be scrubbing my house when I get back.  L has also been sick forever it seems.  Part of me wonders if I should have taken him to the doctor when it first started but it's almost gone now so I don't see the point.


                            mer - lol at lifting your dress.  L likes to lift my shirt to stick his finger in my belly button and I don't think anyone needs to be seeing that.  Chinese food always makes me a little queasy.  I haven't had it in so long though, I'm not even sure where to get it around here!


                            cx2 - L was always freaked out when he realized he was standing on his own for a while.  Sweet of your DH!  I think mine was going to pick me some up yesterday but when he texted on his way home that traffic was bad I told him it was probably all the losers out buying last minute flowers so he texted back that he wouldn't stop then.  lol


                            shelby - yay for running this morning!  did you get your wake up text?  I thought about you at 6:30 my time (central) but wasn't sure what time it was by you.  Glad you will get the simulation out of the way!


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                              RR - c25k w/ RP.  Actually did my hip exercises yesterday, need to do them again today.


                              TR - gma bought her some clothes for vday, the 3T pants are almost too small!  I told MIL we need to exchange them for 4's...


                              BR - officially unswaddled!  She doesn't nap as well, or maybe she's just not napping great but she still is only up once in the night.  I bet she'll have a good nap today after a run outside.


                              FR - I think I'll make up that turkey meatball soup in the slowcooker.  I made the meatballs yesterday, and couldn't resist eating one, mmmm!  They are full of parm, so yeah, yum.


                              NRR - My parents are in Nashville - thought of you Bermy - they're on route to FL.

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                                Phew, had to bust out a project on a side job this morning before bossman showed up.  I was procrastinating because it was stupid and the attorney could have done it himself....all done now though.  Time to play!


                                RR:  Bike today. Will foam roll and stretch hoping to get in my last super long run.


                                TR:  could not comprehend that dogs have birthdays too, today is our fur baby's 8th birthday Smile


                                NRR:  Lots of side work in addition to regular job = me on the computer all weekend Sad I had planned on taking a trip to the big city but I think that is going to have to wait.  I consoled myself by ordering a new lulu tank for me and my mother (her birthday present).


                                Ok, need coffee refill.  Be back in a sec.