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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


      Good morning, MA!


      I was about to start a post but I figured you were doing it already.


      RR: Skipped ST last night to talk to my mom on the phone instead. Might run after work.


      NRR: Going to the dentist in an hour's time. Boo! Not sure if I like the idea of going so early. Yes I'm getting it over with, but I'd rather be sleeping. Also going out for drinks after work for a coworker's birthday. Should be fun.


        Good Morning MA!


        Monk, is P here? Good luck!!!



        TriR, 4-5 mile run easy and slow tonight after work.


        NtriR, so my dad told me not to go to funeral SadCry. My attorney said i could go he would fedex my paperwork over there once he received, but I don't want to risk waiting for paperwork so I guess I'm not going. I volunteered last night to ease my mind, and I have a tri meeting tonight so ill be busy. Mom and sis stil planning on coming this Friday.


        Im excited PO and Mr. Po are coming oversees to our wedding!!! I feel the love!!! Blush I've invited a lot of local people and most of them have declined so C and I were pretty disappointed.


        PO how was school yesterday?

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies, where is everyone?


          GOOD LUCK TO MONK! Looks like we're having another DIVA baby today! Smile


          RR: Ended up taking yesterday off due to everything in NRR, will try for 3 tonight.


          NRR: Yesterday was the strangest day ever... It felt like it was 3 days smushed into one. My work shower was really nice, then I found out my best friend's dad had a heart attack. He had a stent put it that thankfully seems to be working so he won't need surgery. The rest of the workday was super stressful trying to get a project finished. It was due by EOD and I finally sent it 12 min before I left. Phew. After work I ran a bunch of errands, during which I found out that I am not even being considered for the job at my FIL's company. Then I went to my parents house and chatted with my dad for a bit, which was nice. Realized that I had a groupon expriring today and DH is busy tonight so I went home and we went out to dinner, another mexican restaurant! It was good, though I got SO full SO fast. A common theme these days... I was in bed by 8:30 last night, but I didn't actually go to sleep until well after 10. We woke up this morning and our cat had passed away overnight. Sad I'm so sad for DH. It was his childhood cat, he got her when he was 6 and he's 27 now, so that's a long time! He is really upset, rightfully so. Anyways, I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster! Of course pregnancy hormones are not helping. I can't beleive it's only Wed!


          Have a great day ladies.

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Good morning!


            RR- did 4 miles on the TM this morning.


            NRR- just working. Dinner was fun last night with my old roomie. Tonight I don't really have plans other than working late. Tomorrow I head home. I already can't wait for the weekend, ha.


            MA- hi lady!


            Outwest- have fun tonight with the birthday drinks!

            Have a great day!


              MA-sorry about your cat Sad I know that's tough. I'm glad your friends dad is ok! Wow that's a lot of happenings in a short amount of time.

              MA runner girl

                Ha, I guess everyone was posting as I was Wink


                Outwest - I thought I'd be crossposting too! Good luck at the dentist. Just think about that amazing smooth teeth feeling, that's what gets me through it! I hate the scrapping...:shutters:


                Meli - I'm so sorry you won't be going to the funeral. I can't beleive it's taking so long to get your papers! You are married! Ugh. I'm glad your family will be coming soon, I'm sure that will help. Hugs! So fun that PO and Mr. PO are going to your wedding!!


                Jewel - Are you in PA again? Seems like you are travelling a LOT lately, I would be exhausted! Fun that you at least got to hang out with your roommate though!

                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                  Mel - Why did your dad tell you not to go to the funeral?  Glad to hear PO is going to your wedding!


                  MA - Wow, that sounds like a roller coaster of a day all right. I saw your post on FB re: the job. I'd be annoyed about that, too, because you started thinking more about the "what ifs". Sorry to hear about DH's cat, too. Not sure how I'd react to that.


                  Jewel - Nice work on the 4. Was that on a hotel TM?



                  Man I am dragging...  I hope the hygienist doesn't try to talk to me too much.


                    Morning ladies


                    outwest- enjoy going out with your friend tonight


                    meli-so sorry about your grandmother passing, and sorry you cannot attend her funeral


                    MA- wow that does seem like a really stressful day. Sorry about that other job not working out. and sorry about the cat dying. It seems like it lived a long, happy life though. Hope your day today is better


                    Jewel-glad you had fun last night at dinner


                    RR: no run for me as it's cold out today. I tired pool running yesterday, but I just couldnt get myself to do it. It's so boring! So i think I have relented to either taking a day off or doing ST on days when the weather is bad. Today is a total body workout class


                    NRR: stressful day at the inner city school where I do an afterschool program yesterday. I actually got shoved by a kid after he was beating up a kid that was a quarter of his size. Ugg. I am hoping today is a better day out there


                      hi ladies! today might be a USRD. went to worthington last night to spend the evening with M. Noticed my heater in my car was pretty much out, and in -5 degree weather, that's a bad, bad thing. M was all concerned this morning and gave me one of his blankets just in case. It ended up being ok, but I dropped the car off this morning on my way to work to get it fixed. Hopefully. It sounds like it's the thermostat... I hope. It's an over one hundred dollar fix just with the thermostat. If it's more serious... it might be time for a new car.


                      NRR: project time left.... 3, 3, 3......


                      that's about it! later!


                        Hey ladies!


                        RR: I had 6 w/ 3 at tempo on the schedule for today. I woke up early enough, but had to clean a bunch of ants up in our kitchen (exterminators come Monday), so I got started late. I did 1 warm up, 2 miles at tempo, then G woke up. So two hours later we got in the stroller and headed out for the last 3 miles at "stroller pace" which is hard no matter what you're doing. Instead of a cool down, my last half mile was at "holy cow the baby is having a meltdown" pace. I'M EXHAUSTED.


                        NRR: Our day care is opening late today so that's why I had time to do a stroller run. Funny thing is G seemed to be having a blast for the first 2.5 miles. Anyway, now I'm all ready to hit the road for work but G fell asleep so I'm letting him have his nap. This day is a disaster, haha. I left work early yesterday too because I'm sick and had a headache. My presentation went well, though.




                        I can't believe Monk is having baby P today!


                        OWR - Have fun after work!


                        Meli - sorry you cant' make it to the funeral, and so sorry for your loss of you grandma. That's wonderful about PO coming to your wedding !


                        MA - So sorry to hear about your friend's dad, and for your cat passing away last night, that's along life for a cat but I'm sorry for your DH! What a crazy day, I'm so sorry you had all of that going on. I'm sending you hugs and DIVA vibes.


                        Jewel - Glad you got to see a friend while you were in PA!


                        Taylor - sorry about the kid stress! My SIL used to work at a school for kids with behavioral problems and she was trained in all of these physical restraint techniques in case something like that happened. She saved a lot of other kids and teachers from being hurt.


                        Lizo - I loved your question about butt exercises yesterday, that's my problem area and I realy want to focus on it! I do squats, lunges and hamstring curls on the stability ball. No change, yet, though, but I'm only doing this once a week and probably should cut out my habit of eating peanut butter out of the jar.


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                          Gooood morning ladies!


                          RR: No no no. I think tomorrow may be the first day I attempt something gentle since last week. I'm feeling slightly better from my illness, but definitely not 100%.


                          NRR: When will I stop being a mucus factory and when will my ear stop feeling like it's stuffed with burning cotton? I wish I knew the answer to these questions. It's been nearly 48 hours of abx now and I do feel a bit better but not markedly improved. I have to go into the office today because it is deadline day and I have a bare minimum of work that requires editing. I still sound disgusting so I'm sure my lovely coworkers will have something to say about my coughing and blowing my nose. GRRRRR so ready to feel healthy.


                          NRR2: CRF and I got GREAT news this morning!!!!! He found out he got into a master's program for biomedical engineering AND it's the program at the local university! This would mean a plethora of good things...we'd be able to stay in the area and near my family, which is awesome since my sister, her DH, and baby H are moving back here this summer, he'd be able to keep his job and his employer would do some tuition reimbursement, AND we would be able to start looking at buying a house and stop renting. YAY! He will still wait to find out about the other schools he applied to but I'm REALLY hoping he decides to stay local. Big grin


                            MA: crazy day for your yesterday! hope things calm down for you today!


                            outwest: good luck at the dentist! hate hate hate!


                            mel: So sorry you can't go. That is such a bummer. hugs girl! sometimes I hate the way the system works! I totally understand!


                            Jewel: plus one on waiting for the weekend!


                            taylor: that's kind of annoying about the kid. thinking it would be nice sometimes to be able to shove back!


                            sassy: boo that you're sick! glad the presentation went well!


                            lucy: sorry you're still sick! I hate those deadlines that you can do nothing about and you just have to get to.


                            boo. back to work.


                              Outwest: Ooooh I hate getting my teeth cleaned. The scraping, the pain of holding my jaw open that long...yuck. I do love the clean teeth afterward though! Have fun with your coworkers tonight!


                              MArunner: I'm really sorry to hear about your BFF's dad but glad he'll be OK. And RIP Nikki. She lived a loooooooooooooong life. I need to get caught up on why you're not being considered for that other job. (Hugs) to you and C.


                              Meli: Awwww that sucks that you won't be going to the funeral. But I am sure your grandmother would understand. Hooray for PO and Mr. PO coming to the wedding!


                              Jewel: I already can't wait for the weekend too, and I haven't even been into the office yet this week!!


                              Taylor: Yeah pool running is SO boring. It helps if you can go with a friend. I can't believe a kid shoved you! I really hope you have a better day today.


                              Lizo: Brrrrr no heat in the car when it's -5???? I would NOT handle that well. I hope the fix is easy and relatively inexpensive!


                              Sassy: I feel tired just reading about your morning. You've accomplished a ton in the same time it took me just to shower and eat breakfast! Glad you presentation went well.


                              And big CONGRATS to Monk on the arrival of Baby P!!!!!! Big grin


                                OWR. He said basically he doesn't want me to risk leaving the country without my travel documents and hes really okay. My gma lived a very beautiful and fulfilling life. He did not me to miss work et al.


                                Taylor do you learn about restraints at school? Sounds so tough.


                                MA so sorry with your chaotic a d stressful day and quite emotional. Sorry about the cat and sorry about the job. At least you got to eat Mexican last night.


                                Jewel glad you had fun with your roomie last night.


                                Sassy hope you feel better.


                                lizo I do lunges and squats with weights and tons glute work At least twice a week. Today my ass is so sore!!!