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Laura G in Idaho


    Laura G in Idaho

      I almost named it weight-loss Wednesday, because I lost 3.4 lbs from my stomach virus.  It's a fantastic weight-loss program:  stomach virus + don't eat = significant weight loss in just one day!  I don't know why people pay so much money to do Jenny Craig or the HCG diet.  I've got it down, right here!


      Why am I up so stinkin' early?  Insomnia.  I've been tossing and turning in bed hoping to fall back to sleep, but it's impossible.  I give up!


      So sorry I haven't kept up with personals for everyone the last few days, but I will be back later today for that.  I promise.


      RR & ER:  Still taking it easy.  No workouts until tomorrow.


      PGR:  25w5d.  Other than losing a few pounds from my stomach virus, not much else going on.  I think my appetite is returning and I can eat something more than jello today.


      NPGR:  Day before yesterday, at the gym, I saw the husband of one of my friends.  He was so excited because he had just watched the documentary, "Forks Over Knives," and wanted to know if I had seen it.  I actually have watched it, so we were able to discuss it.


      Just a little background, his wife, my friend, was of average to plump size when they married 15 or so years ago.  By no means would you have thought she was significantly overweight.  Now, several children later (I think they have 6 or 7?) she is morbidly obese.  Other background, I'm not a believer in a vegan diet, but choose to follow the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation (as closely as I can), and when I'm pregnant, I strive to eat the recommended servings of the Brewer Pregnancy Diet, with WAPF principles in mind.


      So, anyway, M was trying to convince me that I needed to give up meat, dairy, and eggs and become vegan.  He and his wife went from omnivorous, to ovo-lacto vegetarians, and in the last 10 days totally vegan, and they never felt better.  She's been losing weight (I bet!) and feeling awesome.  Well, I'm very happy for them both, and especially for her, if she is able to lose some weight and feel more energetic.  However, my mindset isn't going to be changed by one documentary, after all the reading and research I have given to the diet to which I currently ascribe.


      I didn't think an in-depth discussion of different diets would be worth my time with him, seeing how excited he was.  AND, I didn't agree with most of what he was saying.  In the documentary, I believe some conclusions were made without considering factory farming vs. traditional food production and preparation, however, I am in favor of more fruits and vegetables generally speaking.  To discuss all this while my husband was waiting to leave the gym would have been most exasperating for my man, so I tried to cut it short without seeming rude.


      I was trying to get out of the conversation politely, but he kept saying stuff that I couldn't let go very easily.  He said that I could get as much protein from broccoli as from meat, I had to speak up and tell him that there are about 20 grams of protein in a 3 oz serving of meat.  I think broccoli has 2 grams, if that much.  So then he asked me how much protein I thought I needed.  I told him 100 grams a day.  He asked me what percentage of my diet that was, and I told him about 18% to 20%.  He seemed to be evaluating my diet.  He told me I needed to eat more carbohydrates to supply me with the energy I need for running.  He may be right about that, but I'm not sure.  My current diet is about 40% fat and 40% carbohydrates.  I don't eat a bunch of deep-fried foods, but I also don't strip foods of their naturally occurring fat.  I drink my raw milk, from my cow, with the cream, for example.  I eat regular whole eggs from my chickens.  I trim excess fat off of meat, but some fat gives it flavor.  I add butter to my cooked vegetables to help with mineral uptake.


      Anyway, I don't think a vegan diet is for me.  I do think I could stand to eat more fruits and vegetables (difficult to do when you live with a lot of people... all the fresh stuff goes quickly!).  I'm not saying that a carnivorous diet is best, either.  He told me that if I was trying to follow a traditional diet, then there would be little to no meat in it.  Well, that's not true, so I had to speak up.  I said, it depends on the culture.  For example, the Masai tribe in Africa traditionally eat meat, blood, and milk.  Very high cholesterol diet, and goes against everything that the American Heart Association tells us, but these people are some of the tallest, most slender, and healthiest people on the planet, with good bone structure and facial formation.


      My friend seemed a little stumped, and my husband was running out of patience.  I had to leave.  I didn't like to leave without really being able to discuss it in depth, and I didn't want to seem rude if he thought I wasn't listening to what he was saying.  I would have liked to have listened and discussed it longer.  For them, I think any diet that gets them away from processed junk food is an improvement.  For me, I think that I need to eat as close to a traditional diet as possible, with special attention to eating vitamin and mineral dense foods.  Having a new baby every other year, as I have done, is a stress on my body.  I'm asking my body to grow an entirely new human being every two years!  That's a lot to ask of any body!  I better feed my body a diet rich in structure-building nutrients, and I believe the WAPF diet fits the best and makes the most sense.


      I have no idea why I shared all this with all of you.  I guess I had to think of something to do since I was awake before I wanted to be.


        Good morning preggos!


        Laura: That's an interesting discussion you had yesterday. It's exciting that your friends have found a diet that works for them now, but it's also funny how those who are 10 days into any kind of diet are experts on dietary health.  On a positive note, I guess it shows they're committed, which is great for them - it takes a lot of initiative and dedication to stick with their plan. Though your friend could have started with that flu diet you're having to kick start some weight loss. LOL. I hope you feel better soon!




        PGR: 39w3d. Off to see the doctor this morning. He'll give me a looksee and tell me where I'm at. More cramping and twinges yesterday and today. My feet seem to be swelling up, and then going right back down again. LO is moving a lot (yay). Insomnia continues. I can't seem to sleep longer than 5 hours. Guess 5-hour stretches will be a luxury soon.


        ER: Taking a break from the DVD today. I felt really dizzy and a bit shaky after the exercise session yesterday, and I didn't really exert myself. It's amazing how my body is getting ready for labour - two weeks ago, I could go through this DVD no problem - now I'm super sllloooowwww. I'll walk the dog this morning once he wakes up.


        NPGR: Rant! My maternity benefits can't get processed without a record of employment form from my previous, part-time, 3-hour a week teaching gig... and they're taking their sweet time putting it together. I have to call them again today for a status update, and I'm anticipating a response like "oh, that'll take another 5 business days" or something ridiculous. I won't be working with them again!


        Back for more personals and a doc update later.


          Laura - thanks for sharing the diet conversation - that's interesting.  My mom and step-dad sound very similar to your friend that you ran into, although not as dedicated.  My mom and step-dad are forever on the weight-loss train, and always have some ridiculously stringent food requirements that they then talk endlessly about and my mom crows about the 10 lbs she has already lost and how well it is going and the 2+ hours of exercise they are doing each day...then she starts to cheat, because the diet is so ridiculously outside of the realm of their normal eating habits, and soon she's back to eating as normal.  I don't follow any particular diet, I just try to eat more in moderation, although since being pregnant I have tried to concentrate on more fruits and veggies and I'm trying to make that more of our home meal routine because I want to make sure our kids are getting good eating habits from the start. My biggest barrier is DH loves to cook, and he also loves the presentation side of cooking, so he'll dish up all the portions, and usually give me a ridiculous amount of food, which I feel bad about wasting.  He's getting better, but still frustrating.  Whew.  I apparently felt the need to ramble on.


          yjpm - Oh, it sounds like you are getting SO close - I hope your mat. benefits get cleared up soon!


          PGR: 22w1d. Not much new here.


          ER: Probably nothing yet today, still really wiped from this cold and not sleeping well - see NPGR.


          NPGR: Pet rant - we have this irritating cat (was DH's/DSD's before we met) - he is normally an indoor/outdoor cat - he was born on a farm, and still needs to go outside and prowl frequently.  However, it has been really cold, so he hasn't been able to go outside, so he's been restless.  Normally he will mess with things and meow and night until DH gets up and either puts him outside or in the garage.  If DH is gone, I usually refuse to get up and therefore teach the cat that by meowing and messing with things, he gets his way.  So, the cat usually tries once or twice, then gives up.  Well, the darn furbutt was relentless last night - pawing at the door, meowing loudly, pulling at the door handle... ALL.NIGHT.LONG. So needless to say, I slept terrible.

          MA runner girl



            RR: 3 miles yesterday were great! Lower legs were sore, like usual, but it felt good to get back out there. Probably a rest day today, it's snowy and the roads are a mess, and my treadmill is unusable right now.


            PGR: 30w3d. Nothing new really.


            NRR: Yesterday was quite the busy day! After work I went to my parents house, ran and showered there and then headed to the chiro. After that I ran a few errands and then went out to dinner with my cousin, her DH and her cousin, who is one of my really good friends that I haven't seen in a few months. It was fun! I wasn't showing the last time I saw her so she was shocked by my belly Smile I didn't get home until 10:30 though, so I was happy that today is a snow day! I'm working at home so I slept in a bit. Not much planned for tonight, probably just relaxing.


            No time for personals, my work computer took forever to log in this morning, and then I had a security patch run that took 45 min, so I have to catch up!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Ugggh, had a heck of a time getting to work this morning. I left a bit late and then traffic on the main road heading downtown was terribly backed up for no reason I could figure out. I park in a garage a block away and have to walk up a hill to get to my office and it really winded me and its way cold this morning. Uggh.


              ER: Bodyflow this morning. First time in nearly a month... it was good but hard! Its a lot more of a workout than it once was. I really feel it already in my butt and hamstrings. I think I may start going twice a week because I feel more worn out after that than I did after the elliptical Monday! I can still do most of the moves, just can't connect everything.


              PGR: 33w5d. Slept like a rock last night. Didn't move at all until I had to pee, then went right back to sleep and didn't move at all until it was time to get up. Having tons of BHs, which is getting annoying. I'm having some random pains in my right ribs. Probably indirectly baby related, though I don't think its from positioning or anything, feels more like they stretched out during bodyflow. Appointment tomorrow where I will see what else I can do for my plumbing back up issue... as soon as I wrote yesterday I wasn't uncomfortable, I got uncomfortable. Pains in my abdomen like RLP, but when I'm not moving, come and go.


              NER: DH thinks his interview went well! He took the entire time slot, so that was good. We had lunch together after he was done and it was nice having some alone time with him outside the house... working with him might not be so bad! It would be nice if he got that job. Unfortunately its the state, so we we may find out in three weeks, it may be six. The average time is a month. Hmm, not much else to report this morning. Just looking forward to our babymoon this weekend. We decided to go to a movie instead of the hockey game so we might have more time to just lounge and enjoy the hotel. Oh, A is better so  I think maybe our whole house is well... hopefully it stays that way for awhile.


                Good morning!


                LauraG - not sure that I dig your weight-loss program but each to their own...Wink I've been up since 2.30am also...blergh. I've read a lot over the years about nutrition and tried out different ways of eating. I've decided that everyone is unique in finding what works for them AT THEIR CURRENT age and lifestyle. Like you said for your friends who have been overweight and more sedentary a vegan diet will see immediate results...but I suspect after a period of time (maybe even a few years) they will need to start balancing things out more (and where on earth did he get this idea of broccoli being a protein source???); after several years of low-fat, vegetarian eating I now very much like the approach of Weston Price and Paleo (grains don't do too much for me unless I was to take the time to prepare them properly...), to me it makes sense that natural foods are created with a specific nutrient profile and that cutting out a main nutrient (eg fat) can mean less good is absorbed (esp fat soluble vitamins). And like you say, at your current stage of life you NEED the extra building blocks to create life - ie protein. And the best sources of the full spectrum of amino acids are animal foods - though as a vegan it is possible to mix and match foods to get the full spectrum - but it can take a bit of thought! Anyways, I am now eating a high protein diet with loads of vegetables...but suspect once I enter my 50s i probably will cut back a bit on animal foods and focus on plant foods - more as a natural progression. As for the whole cholesterol theory, the doctor who proposed the link between cholesterol and heart disease (Ancel Keys) in the 50s apparently only used the results from 7 of the 14 countries/tribes he surveyed - the ones which fitted his hypothesis....but then he got onto the board of the FDA....and, well, the rest is now pharmaceutical payday! (i'm sorry, I have mentioned I am a cynic haven't I???  Ha) Anyways, sorry to yada yada on but I agree with YJPM that people in the early stages of weight loss tend to get very excited at the positive changes which is a great thing...but not so much for others  when they start preaching about it!! It'll be interesting to follow them over time...i hope they continue to explore new possibilities with their renewed energy.


                YJPM - I think getting mat leave benefits is hard anywhere; my employer won't notify the EI folk of my status until they have been sent the birth certificate, and then it is a 2 weeks wait for benefits to kick in...fingers crossed your ex-employer gets a move on or you can pull the crazy angry preggo woman card and pay them a visit.... Smile  I've read that prior to labor the body kind of forces you into a slowdown to gear up for birth...hopefully that is the case for you and the doctors appt is promising!


                TN - sorry to hear about the cat woes - what happens if you put him in the garage before even going to bed? I hope your cold moves on soon.


                MA - yay for getting out there for a run! And having a much needed "snow day" Smile


                Monk - glad to hear A is better and that DHs interview seemed to go well, such a shame you have to wait so long to find out if he got the job though! Any ideas on what movie you will see this weekend? There are some great ones around at the moment....




                PGR - 38w2d. M/w appt this afternoon and GBS re-test (followed by that icecream!!), bit nervous about the scales but really shouldn't care at this stage I know. As for GBS test will "wash" with the Hibiclens sometime late this morning to see if it helps the result, as you all know I would love a negative! Even with a negative I intend to use the Hibiclens during labor. Slept maybe 4-5hrs last night then lay awake for 2hrs, gave up, read my book...then went back to bed for an hour...


                ER - After my very ordinary swim yesterday morning ran out of motivation/energy for any elliptical workout. So hopefully today can do an hour of weights and elliptical, energy pending...


                NPGR - DH made a spicy lamb shank stew last night and i stuffed myself...ugh. But it was sooo good. And i was still hungry this morning! Crazy. Last night we also went and saw "Lincoln" at the movies. The film itself was "okay" but the acting - and eloquent script - were excellent. Oh, and we got our Shutterfly yearbooks (I do one each year) back and they turned out really well, I'm really loving Shutterfly and have just ordered DH a cellphone cover present from Shutterfly with a few of our pics on...


                  Happy Wednesday everyone!


                  Ozzyoi:  Thanks for the thoughts on running and when it is time to call it a day.  I could definitely relate to your swim experience.  I did 2 miles this morning but told myself as I was driving there that even thirty minutes will be great if that is all my body is up for today.  Luckily once I got into the pool things started to feel better.


                  Laura: It definitely sounds like you have done your research.  I too have had folks approach me about various diets and the benefits of eliminating this or that.  I basically try and stick to a very wholesome/whole grain plan and go from there.  I definitely could not imagine eliminating meat from my diet at this point yet I realize that there are many successful pregnant women who can.  Everyone just has to do what works best for them I guess.


                  ER: Pool.  Two very slow miles but I got it done and felt good.  Legs are still sore from running yesterday.  Even walking the dog yesterday evening was uncomfortable  Tomorrow is another "planned" run day but we will see what happens.  Maybe some easy yoga this evening to help stretch things out.


                  PGR:  Still 34w.  Feeling quite a bit of heartburn lately.  Guess that is just life in the wonderful world of pregnancy.


                    Youjust: haha, I JUST got my ROE, my work wanted to do it 2 weeks before my due date.. uh.. baby is here!!

                    Anyway, you can apply on line so it's super fast. I already got a cheque from my work to cover the insurance period or something so that's good.


                    Guys. BF is SO HARD.. freak. He latched for the first time yesterday.. but tired out after 5 mins..Then I use hte nipple sheild and he sucks for ten more,, then bottle him formula .. it takes about an HOUR each time and is super lame. the LC said maybe when he gets past his actual due date he'll be a better sucker, but the good news is he's over 6 pounds now! born at 5 pounds 8 ounces so I'm happy about that.

                    Anyway, still stalking you all when I have time!


                      Morning all. It's going by quick!


                      RR - Hoping to get to the gym at some point today. Finally feeling up to it.


                      PGR - My hips and lower back hurt a lot yesterday, probably from all this reorganization, and I'm sure my center of gravity is shifting some. Slept almost the whole night through, though I did go to bed a bit later. Maybe that helped.


                      NPGR - It's a quiet day for us since we don't have clients scheduled today so a lot of errands, checking up on DH's grandparents, etc.


                      Laura - So sorry you got the dreaded stomach bug. I know, my pregnancy gain reset back to zero when I was done with it. I think I'm finally starting to add a lb or two at 17 weeks. Funny you mention Forks over Knives. Our dr (a very natural minded yet still MD, super rare to find around these parts, love her) has that as suggested viewing for her patients and we found it very informative. It turns out we both have allergies to gluten and to dairy, and truly, after being off dairy we've felt SO much better. I used to have sinus infections requiring abx 1-2x a year and now I've been sinus infection free for over 15 months. The doc does bring a good point up about consumption levels and how much we really need. Our dr. does not advocate going vegan but instead sourcing your meat to be the highest quality you can afford/find. So for us we buy grass fed or organic meat. She also advocates eating red meat closer to 4x a month though I find that hard to do. But it is a good place to start for learning about our food systems. One of the bloggers I follow on Facebook, Go Kaleo, talks about how people get caught up on the evangelization of diets, that is, something starts working for them and THAT'S IT and they go around preaching and evaluating everyone else. I wouldn't worry too much about you since it sounds with your farm background you have access to real produce and properly sustainable meats that people in other places might not readily have, but understanding that's the place he's coming from might help with patience. And when you do have time, suggesting other resources for him to study would be good too I'm sure.


                      Sorry so long! Soapbox!


                      YJPM - Good luck today at the dr. appt and hope you get everything straightened out. Nothing like dragging things out at the last minute, employers.


                      TN - Sorry about the cat and sleep. Hope you can get a nap in or rest better tonight.


                      MA - I've been hearing reports on FB about the east coast having a snow day. Sounds like you had a great night last night!


                      Monk - So glad the interview went well. Hope he hears back quickly and the news is good!


                      Ozzy - I love Shutterfly too. Hoping the best for your GBS retest today!


                      Yogi -  Good job on the workout!


                      Canada - Keep at BF, and if you need commiseration or help I'm part of a group on FB (it's local but there are members all over the US) and I'm sure the LCs and IBCLCs on there would be happy to help or lend an ear. It's a great group and I leaned on them when I was going through struggles.


                        Canada - yep BF is super hard.  My daughter was the opposite of your guy in some ways.  She would latch and suck for 20 min each side back and forth and back n forth for an hour to 2 hrs, then sleep for 2 hrs, then back at it.  We tried block feeding, etc. you name it!  And she was STILL losing weight.  Stupid boobs.  I was exhausted.  barely had time to eat or sleep let alone pee or shower.  This went on for two weeks.  I was even pumping after that to try and increase production, nope.  The best thing we ever did was supplement with formula.  I know lots of people tout the whole supply and demand thing of BF and if your body responds to that, great.  But some women don't respond to that even when they BF on demand, and eat all the recommended foods.  Way to go sticking with it even though it's super hard!  Any BM is good!


                          Hi Friends!!!


                          Sorry I've been MIA for the last week.. I'll post my birth story...


                          Sooo.... On Monday I got my membranes swept but had been having irregular contractions the entire Sunday before and right before I got swept. I then went and walked for 2.5hrs but was only having regular contractions when I walked that would go away once I stopped walking. At 5pm I decided to head home and on the way home my contractions started to come regularly around 8 mins apart. The contractions weren't getting any worse but just staying at 8 mins apart so I used the breast pump to keep them going and it kicked me into full out labor. (The breast pump was something the doula told us at our childbirth class that would help keep labor going if you weren't progressing but to be very careful..) My contractions quickly became 2 mins apart lasting about 1 min and they weren't that bad. I was thinking that the labor wasn't going to be that bad. I went ahead jumped in the shower which made the contractions to the point where I couldn't talk when they hit so I got out and called the midwives and headed into the ER at around 9pm. I was in really good spirits for about the first 2 hours at the hospital and was able to manage the contractions by just breathing. At 10pm they came in to put the IV into my arm and my veins kept collapsing so it took a little while to establish the IV. The midwife then broke my water to get things moving along after seeing that I had progressed to 6cm.. Holy crap did all h*ll break lose. I knew that breaking my water would make contractions worse but what I didn't count on was the LO fighting the contractions. The contractions were manageable until they were on for 2 min and off for 1 min. I was trying every position trying to get comfortable but LO would kick and push whenever I had a contraction. It was EXTREMELY painful... A lot more painful than I counted on it being. I had told myself I absolutely didn't want an epidural but by 1am I was exhausted. I hadn't slept much the days before and I was running out of energy. I started to ask about the epidural and it just turns out that the anesthesiologist was on my floor so I decided to do it. The epidural took effect around 1:45 and I didn't realize how exhausted I was that I just passed out from 1:45am till 3:30. In that time I went from an 8 to a 10 and was ready to start pushing. I only pushed maybe 10 to 20 min and he was out. I only have one stitch and I believe they said I had a first degree tear and they put one stitch in to make sure everything went back together properly. I was up and out of bed around 6:30 and moving around on my own by 8:30.


                          All I can say is that like everyone else don't be ashamed to get an epidural. I'm soooo happy I caved and got one because I was actually able to enjoy the birthing process of my son. I remembered thinking that I'm not going to get a medal for not getting an epidural and if I was in that much pain it would be worth it in the end.


                          Good Luck Ozzy and You... It is an experience that you won't remember once its done because if you did you would never do it again. I really can't even tell you exactly how painful it was just that it compares to nothing I've ever been through before.


                          I would post more but unfortunately for me I'm already back at work and it sucks.. I get to take D with me to work though so I guess it could be worse.


                          Canada- Hang in there on the BFing... Luckily I haven't had to hard of a time but it is very time consuming and my time is no longer mine. I call myself the milk cow because all I feel like I do is feed D. The most painful experience for me as of right now is my milk coming in and being engorged. OUCH!! Then yesterday I had a clogged milk duct that I got to go away by massaging while he fed. Also I must say my nips aren't feeling the best either but its all worth it.


                          I'll be checking back in more often now that I'm back at work


                          TN- I understand about the cat. DH had two cats before we got married and there favorite thing is to go downstairs and carry paint rollers upstairs doing this really loud guttural meow... Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. Good luck with the cat. My weim likes to put her in her place and nibble and corn cob her which usually makes her run and hide. Gotta love the weimies for that. Ha...


                            PG: 24w2d.  Belly is getting bigger but maintaining the same weight the last two weeks.  Dr appt on Friday.


                            ER:  I’m changing RR to ER.  I’m just not mentally into trying to run anymore. I accepted running slower and short distances but with so many walk breaks I’m just not feeling it anymore.  I feel I get a better cardio workout in spin class or on the elliptical.  I’m still looking forward to walking the HM with my mom in March but I think my running days are over.Sad  I’m in mourning.  40 mins on the elliptical last night.  Weights tonight.


                            NPGR: Nothing really.  SIL is feeling all the new PG symptoms.  She’s very active so it’s hard for her to be sidelined so quickly.


                            Laura: Sounds like your friend is excited to share his new discovery.  Vegan diet isn’t for me either but I give credit to those who are so disciplined.


                            You: that really sucks about your benefits.  Hope you get it resolved asap.


                            TN: I feel ya on the pet rant.  I’m having a hard time falling back to sleep after my pee break because my boxer dog snores like a man!


                            MA: you rock!! 3 miles good job.


                            Monk: hope you hear good news soon about the job.


                            Ozzy: Yay for ice cream!!!  And shutterfly!


                            Yogi: Welcome!


                            Canada: Sending good vibes your way.  Hope BF gets easier.  I’m really nervous about BF sounds tough.


                            Sch: It’s always nice to have a quite work day.


                            Tay: Thanks for sharing your experience.  Bummer you’re back at work so fast.


                              Some developments in my day... the miralax I've been taking the last five days seems to finally have gotten my system moving (I'll spare the details though about why I think that Tight lips) and the new dresser I ordered Sunday evening is going to be delivered today! Unfortunately we don't have the time or the space carved out in the kids bedroom yet to put it together!


                              Laura: I've done weight watchers twice and will after P is born. Ten days in both times, I was feeling the way your friend is feeling and I'd lost a lot of weight already! I know that the initial starting any diet you'll lose a lot more... but have never tried to say I was an expert in dieting. For what its worth... I'm a meat eater. We've been eating more processed foods lately just because its more convenient when we're so busy. I don't know when or if we'll get away from that. People should do whatever works for them, but I hate it when they try to push that on other people!


                              yjpm: Hope you got some good news from the doctor! Sorry about the maternity benefits. Hopefully if its getting harder for you to do that DVD its because LO is almost ready to come out. I worked out regularly when I was pregnant with A until the week she was born... she dropped so much I could barely walk.


                              TN: Hope you keep getting better from that cold. Sorry about the cat.


                              MA: Yay for a snow day. Sounds like you had a fun night.


                              ozzy: I want to see the new one with Mark Wahlberg, Broken City, I think its called? Or that gangster movie. This is the first time in awhile I'm actually aware of whats out, maybe just because I know I'll actually get to go see one soon! Who knows when it'll happen again after this. Hope the appointment today went/is going well.


                              yogi: I'm not sure I've ever welcomed you, so welcome! I'm about where you are, will be 34w on Friday. Nice job on still running! My body forced me to stop at 30 weeks.


                              canada: BFing is SO hard, and it stinks because it seems like no one tells you how hard it really is. I remember being preggo with A and everyone came back after having their LOs that BFing is going well, etc... well I'd bet either they were lying or the ones who had a hard time didn't mention it! A was super sleepy the first three months of her life, which made establishing my supply very difficult in the early days. We were at the peds for a weight check almost every day the first two weeks. We had to supplement with formula and it upset me at first but then I got over it. I think we did eventually get off the formula. It was so hard and I never really felt like I really got it, was never all the comfortable with it. I made it to six months, which was surprising to me, I thought I'd stop before three months. And yeah, I'm sure it is more difficult when you had your LO as early as you did. How are things otherwise?


                              schmett: Take a break from that reorganization and get some rest! I still haven't quite started on our reorganization, lol.


                              tay: Hey there! Glad you stopped by! Great birth story. I'm glad you got the epidural and were OK with it. I think the best births are the ones that are flexible. I agree on not being ashamed of the epidural. I can't believe you're back at work already, I was hoping you'd get more of a break!


                              mann: Sorry you're giving up running. I'm sure you will be happier doing other things. I stopped running almost a month ago and I haven't even really wanted to since. Every once in awhile I wish I was training for a spring race or something, but overall I'm happy. Its one of those things where I've been doing it so long its kind of nice to take a break.

                              Laura G in Idaho

                                Back for personals, as promised.


                                YJPM:  It sounds like you are sooo close!  Sneeze!  Maybe the baby will come, ha ha!


                                TN:  I have had nights like that with pets.  Trying to think one step ahead helps.  Sorry you had a terrible night of sleep.


                                MA:  Great that you got to run again!  I'm sure it felt good, even if your lower legs burned the whole time.


                                Monk:  So jealous of you getting a good night's sleep.  I bet it feels wonderful!


                                Ozzy:  Crossing my fingers for a negative result on the GBS.


                                Yogi:  The pool sounds nice for sore, overworked legs.  Hope you get to have your run tomorrow.


                                Canada:  Sorry you are having trouble with breastfeeding.  Make a promise to yourself to stick with it for at least 6 weeks, because most wrinkles are ironed out by then.  BFing my first was so difficult.  I spent a lot of the first 3 weeks crying.  By the time he was 6 weeks old, I started to feel like I had a handle on it.  I went on to nurse him for 18 months.  I hope you continue to see the LC as much as needed to get off to a great start.


                                Schmett:  Yay for sleep!  Hope you make it to the gym!


                                Tay:  Thanks for sharing your birth story!  I love reading birth stories.


                                Mann:  Sorry your running is over for now.  The elliptical is still very good, though not nearly as exciting.  Enjoy some walks outdoors as soon as it warms up!




                                Yes, I am feeling better today as far as the stomach virus.  Still somewhat woozy, and eating light, but I don't feel like I'm going to toss cookies or have liquid bowels today.  THANK YOU, GOD!


                                As far as diet is concerned, I like all food too much to swear off any particular food forever.  My friends need to do something NOW to get to a healthier weight.  Being new to the diet they are on, I'm sure it is a little "evangelistic" because they are excited and seeing results very quickly.  I agree with age and stage of life being a huge determining factor in choosing an appropriate diet for oneself.  I doubt I'll need 100 grams of protein after my childbearing years are over, but for now, that's what I feel I need.  Broccoli as a protein source... obviously my friend needs to do some more study.  And yes, I've read all about the cholesterol theory and how flawed Keys research was.


                                Anecdotally, all of my children, save the one that I gave up for adoption (she had braces, has scoliosis, takes anti-depressants, is lactose intolerant, has many allergies, etc. ...we keep in touch, she's 21 years old, yes you can ask me about her/my experience with adoption if you are curious) have not had a need for braces on their teeth.  None of them have had a broken bone (yet).  All of them have straight spines and broad shoulders.  I feel this is due to our diet being nutrient dense.  I've become lax over the last year or two on sugar and refined grains, so it'll be interesting to see if this has any lasting effect on my younger children's development. I still strive to give my children fresh raw milk, free-range eggs, grass-fed meat, and we eat whole grains, soaked if I can manage it, but I don't squabble over Bisquick pancakes like I did in my earlier years.  I've come to find a little convenience very helpful.


                                My oldest daughter was raised in a household where a healthy diet wasn't a top priority.  She got my pumped breastmilk for 2 weeks, but her parents were switching her back and forth to formula, and that upset her stomach.  So, they stopped giving her breastmilk entirely and went to formula all the time.  Her mother suffered from severe endometriosis, and could not conceive.  I wonder how this daughter's diet, lifestyle and upbringing will affect her future fertility.  She seems healthy enough, but she's young, so maybe that's why her health isn't as apparent.  Truly, a person in their early 20s should be healthy, but to me, she doesn't seem healthy at all.