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Happy 2013! (over 40) (Read 197 times)


    And we're off to another good year!


    Fire Jumper

      Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


      I ran the Frostbite 5K yesterday.  It was my first time running on a very hilly course, and the temps were freezing!  I was three minutes above my PR, but I haven't been diligent about my training in the last few weeks.  So, I "earned" that one.  It was good to be out in a race again.  My next one is the Florida Warrior Dash in early February.  Time to get serious about running again!


      First Night went great!  The parade started at 4:00pm and we were off and running until 10pm.  I would say that we got our 6000+ projected attendance.  I was a lot of fun! (these are the kinds of jobs that I love to do!)  I got home in time to watch the ball drop with my DH.


      I slipped on the ice last night as I was leaving my office.  I was headed down three little stairs (concrete), hit black ice, and both feet went out from under me.  I landed on my tail bone.  I don't think I fractured it, but I am in some kind of pain this morning.  Sitting and bending over is a challenge right now.  I'm hoping that I'll just be sore for a couple of days and then be on my merry way.


      Catching up on personals:


      Judy - it's funny how folks get the "I've got to exercise" bug around the holidays.   I know that the gym will be packed for month of January!


      LC - congrats on a nice time in your 5K!


      Lisa-Marie... that sounds like a wonderful girls day out!  We definitely need those occasionally.


      Carol - I'm not big on resolutions, but I do select goals.  This year, I want to run a 32:00 5K and complete a 10K.


      Karen - yeh, a New Year's Even party is about the last place I want to be!  Did you manage to get out of it?


      Sue - I absolutely love oyster stew!  It was one of my faves growing up.... with LOTS of crackers!!   Comfort food to the max!


      Marjorie - I think you're amazing, doing that many miles!  That's wonderful.  You've probably shared, but do you have a goal for 2013?


      Cindy - glad you're home safely!


      Lisa - Bummer about H-M!  I know you were psyched about that.  How nice it is to be THAT wanted by a family member.   That's heart-toucher.


      Tessa - hope the skirt came out nicely.  I looked up Anime Convention.   That's interesting.  I never knew there was such a thing.


      LisaKQ - good look on the weight in and in attaining your goal.


      So, I'm going to nurse my injury today, watch a few parades, football games and maybe some Twilight Zone marathon.  RB#1 is leaving to go back to FL tomorrow (*sniff*), but is cooking dinner for us tonight (woo hoo!).  Y'all stay warm and snuggy!


      Many blessings to you and yours this coming year!


      5K's and Obstacle Runs

      Goal for 2013:  10K


      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



        Happy New Year!


        Day 1 for me on the weight loss challenge Big grin   My goal is 10#'s!  I would take more, but formally am aiming for that.  I am going to track on My Fitness Pal, that has seemed to be the easiest to use of any aps I have found.


        I have a friend doing a Half Ironman in August and is not-so-gently urging me.....Shocked.....will be thinking about this for a bit before committing.....


        I got some new Newton's for Christmas and have not ran in them yet....think I will take them out for a few today, and then do some WT


        Julie - Yikes on the fall!  Take care today, those can be painful!!!


        Have a great day!


          What do we hit on rt side of keyboard that deletes post!?  I was nearly finished and meant to just shift....grrrr... Again...: )


          Carol, QOTD yesterday....I'm a big resolution maker and have my list started.  I read an article yesterday that women do best if they share them so we should do well on our wt loss goals.  : )   Also, congrats on that PR!  Nice time!

          Susan, have to ask...do your mystery quilts work out?  I've done 2 workshops and had a fabric that didn't work in both.  After 3 full days of sewing last time and ending up with ugly blocks, I swore off mysteries. Decided I'm one who has to audition fabric as I go.  Do you use kits?

          Judy, our gym is expecting an influx, too.  Kind of hope they get it...business seems too slow  and I love this gym.

          Lisa-Marie, enjoy your day!  You asked about yoga a day or two ago...I go some and would more often, but it's a small town with limited classes. Yoga classes can be very different.  I like the "Yoga Fit" instructor best and Hatha second of the few I've tried-still consider myself a newbie.  They are active enough to be a workout, but not leave u real sore (like new instructor Sat).  I tried at a real studio in Fairbanks, but it seemed so easy it wasn't worth time/money.  Bottom line...try different classes.

          Karen, that race looks great!  Hope you get in. : )  So...did u go to party?

          Laura, great yearly miles and a great race time! Congrats to you!

          Julie, hope you had a great race and fun evening.

          Lisa, bummer on HM being same weekend!  I'm impressed with your miles! 1800+ is remarkable!

          Marjorie, awesome miles for your year, too!

          Tessa, it's  been cold here, too. I started in long pants yesterday..rare for me.  Rain and warmer today. Did I miss how many miles you did this year? Has to be in the stratosphere.  : )

          Hi to Gatsby (stay well), Linda (good to see u!) and Cindy (hoping for a healthier New Year for your family!)


          Had another weird little episode running alone yesterday, so plan to use TM in the gym today. They still freak me out a bit. I resolve that I'll finish it on TM. LOL .


          Weight: 136 .  Goal:  132 by March 15.  AP:  1.  Cut sweet/junk cal to </= to 150/day.  I know that's a lot, but less than norm Blush,  and I'll fail if I try to cut completely.  2. At least 4 fruits/veggies/day. 3. Keep doing 15"+easy activity on rest days. 4. Gym/core or yoga 2x/wk.  5. Eval weight March 15 and decide if I want to shoot for 128, an old weight I haven't seen for a while.  6. Confess my weight each Monday here.  Thought: Do we want Mondays after a weekend or a Wed? Either oK. Backup plan: Wt Watchers if no loss by Feb 1.


          I'll cut/paste  goals and post monthly. Someone else might want to save them, too.  Good luck!  I think this will work! Smile


          Run to live; live to run

            Julie oh no on the fall!  Take good care of it.  Ice caused it but ice the area helps.  A good Epsom soak would help too!


            Camille yep the gyms like January.  They actually hope most peoople pay for a year and don't come as that makes them money.  Well, for those that are regulars it helpskeep your fees lower.  Just a pain for parking/lockers/equipment for the first weeks.


            Gatsby regular routines are good things!


            Camille, Lisa KQ, Tessa and Carol (and any others) GL with the weight loss.  You all will do fine!  Your plans look good and none of you are setting out too unrealistic.


            Julie no goal for me.  I don't set resolutions.  I've never set a mileage goal .  I just hope to get over 2000 miles.  I honestly didn't think I would this year when I added them up in July I didn't think I'd even get to 1875 but I did.


            Happy New Year!  We were asleep long before midnight since dh works today and had to get up at 5.  I haven't run yet since I wanted day light to avoid all the firework crap if people didn't pick it up.  Fireworks are illegal in the city limits (which we are in) but that doesn't stop people.  So I can leave now and run and it is 50 degrees.  Yesterday it felt like 26 when I ran and I'm much happier to have 50!



              Camille - Great job on your weight loss goals......you put into words exactly what I want to do (the 15 min of activity on non running days & 2-3 times a week of cross training.  For me, I am going to include at least 1 swim session every week... I really like the 150 calories for treat Wink  I agree that Wednesday would be a better weigh in day!  I don't know about everyone else, but after LR's on week-end I usually have a bump of a couple of water weight #'s that is gone by Wed.  So excited...I would love to see 128 as well....March 15th sounds like a reasonable time to re-evaluate.


              Marjorie - Enjoy your run!



              LC Runs

                Hi Ladies!  Happy New Year! Big grin


                Heading out in a while for a few miles, it is so nice and quiet outside!


                Camille - sorry you had an incident outside, yikes.  Have a good TM run (I'll be back on mine tomorrow ugh)


                Julie - great job with your race yesterday.   OUCH on the fall though, I am terrified of ice.


                Carol - I have never tried Newton's, keep us posted on how you like them!


                Marjorie - we were in bed by 10:30, as well.  My DD texted me at 12:15 to wish me a happy new year, so she stayed up later than me lol.

                  Happy New Year!  Met a couple of my running buddies for 6 miles this morning.  Great way to start the year!


                  Ouch Julie!!!  Sorry about your fall.


                  Camille--I looked at the last installment of the mystery quilt.  Pretty, but more complicated than I thought it would be.  Think I will swing by the office to print color instructions.  I bought a couple of BOMs (block of the month) from my local quilt shop and was not happy with them, but this particular woman's mystery quilts usually work out for me.  Will post when I get it together.  Lots of pieces!


                  Carol--which HIM?   Augusta?


                  Going to centergy class.  Already sweaty, might as well.....going to take down the tree and clean today before I start sewing.


                  Have a great New Year!!

                  LC Runs

                    Hi Sue - glad you had a nice run  Smile


                    8.1 for me this morning, really nice and quiet out there.  I guess all of the party people were still sleeping ha ha!


                    Just had my friend text me about a camping weekend paired with a Half Mary this summer.  Going to double check the date with the BF but I think I'm going to do it.  Big grin  For my fellow Michiganders, it's the Higgins Lake Sunrise Half (there's also a 5k and 10K) on June 15th.


                    Run to live; live to run

                      Sue is today your sewathon?


                      Laura yep we were in bed by 10.  We aren't late night people.


                      did 10.5.  It was a good run and I could have gone forever but decided to come home. LOL



                        I may have beat you all with a bedtime of 9:30! Traveling throughout the week and stopping for dinner on the way home yesterday (wine included!) meant jammies and my own bed as soon as we got home.


                        Happy New Year to All!




                          I am joining weight watchers and lose 15lbs!!!! My plan is to do some kind of exercise everday for the next 100 days. So i can get back to a good routine.

                          Today light weights fighting a cold I have had since Christmas

                          Carol - what model of Newton's did you get?

                          Happy New Year!!!!!


                            Happy 2013 everyone!  Congrats to all resolution runners that did (or are doing) races to ring in the new year.


                            Last night DH and I ended up going to local bar/restaurant that had a DJ and champagne toast at midnight, so in spite of our old fogie tendencies, we actually did something fun to ring in the new year.  Paying for it today, though, as my throat is feeling a bit raw and my legs are worn out!  Will go running a little later.  Right now, just enjoying the peace and quiet and a nice cup of coffee, as the last guests departed this morning.


                            Good luck to all of you in the weight loss challenge!  I haven't made any resolutions but have a few goals: stay healthy, run on trails at least once per week, volunteer at more races (already signed up to help at a race on Saturday!), run my 2nd 50K (thinking about Big Basin on June 9), and find a new job.


                            Julie, glad your event went well!  And sorry about the ouchie tail bone.  I'm with you on watching parades and football today.


                            Carol, a half ironman would be a great challenge.  But yeah, not something you jump into lightly!


                            Karen, was that you who posted the link to the ultra hike/trail run up a mountain and across boulders and crazy stuff like that?  Looks amazing... hope you get in!


                            Laura, Marjorie and Lisa, nice mileage for the year!


                            And Lisa, if you pass through the SF Bay Area in June for the wedding (and are not totally tied up), give me a holler.  It would be fun to meet IRL.  I work in San Francisco and will be around.


                            CrazySue, I'd love to see the mystery quilt when it's done.  I love other people's crafty handiwork, not being particularly crafty myself.


                            Tessa, do you to Shadow every year?  After I get a couple more 50Ks under my belt, I'd like to try that one.  Looks beautiful and the RD sounds like a real character.


                            Camille, hope you survive your TM run!


                            Carolyn, I'm usually asleep by 10 so going to bed at 9:30 sounds just fine to me!  1 am last night was too late for me.


                            Hi to everyone else!



                              Check out what Susan has done so far for Karnel's Amazing Event.


                              Julie-ouch on the fall. btdt and it is no fun.  I do know what you mean about being touched that she would like to have me come that much.


                              Carol-enjoy the Newton's!  not fig, right?


                              Camille-maybe a reload?  sounds like good goals for you.



                                Went to Centergy class--fun.  Tree is down, decorations are all in the attic.  Vacuumed and debating mopping.  Think I will sew instead.  Smile  My living room seems so empty now!  Very satisfying---I love to start the new year with a clean(er) house!