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    Morning Supermoms~


    Was there a weekend in there?! It went way too fast...


    RR: teaching circuit class at work this morning, then running after. Hoping for closer to 6 miles today.


    TR: had so much fun playing with my mom this weekend. She got out play-doh, and that was the coolest thing ever for him! Traveled well again, and enjoyed riding in daddy's truck facing forward.


    NRR: starting another week of work! it's been super warm here, highs in the 50's, so all of the snow/ice is melted. we actually were able to get to the bike path and take a nice long family walk yesterday afternoon.


    Be back for personals throughout the day I hope- I think it's going ot be a busy one at work.

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    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 4 miles on the gym TM between clients.  I could go outside, but then I'd have to lug 3x as much gear to do it.  I think I'll do a progression run.  Today is day 1 of marathon training cycle #8.


      TR - he is SO CUTE tucked under the covers in his bed, clutching Dee dee (sheep) and his police car.


      FR - swedish meatballs, green beans, potatoes.



      rg - kinda scared of the roads this morning, there might have been a flash freeze last night?

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        RR - 10k in a bit.


        BR - She was so happy and energetic last night but would not go to sleep until 10pm again. Far too late for this mama! I'm taking her to the community centre drop in so she can play with other kids and tire herself out today Smile


        FR - Ended up having scrambled eggs with ham, cheddar and broccoli last night, so tonight will be the chicken pot pie I had planned to make yesterday.


        NRR - Our 2 days of glorious spring weather have come to an end. It's below freezing out there now and we're supposed to get a dusting of snow later. Newsflash on my ghetto car: the clock is now kaput. Yesterday when I was driving home from my Mom's, it told me it was 4:99 pm.



        rg - Was this weekend the first time you turned R's car seat to face forward? Glad he enjoyed the ride in the truck. When my sister turned my niece facing forward a couple months ago, she was really car sick for the first few rides.


        Zorbs - Ooh...exciting that your marathon training is starting! You're doing Mississauga, right? Have you done both Mississauga and Toronto before? A number of people I've talked to say they like Mississauga better, but no one really gave a clear answer as to what they like better about it.

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        running eh

          RG - my kids always enjoyed forward facing much more.  glad he traveled well and that you had a good weekend with the family.  I made play-doh for my kids for the first time recently, it was so easy!


          zobs - yay for marathon training!!  hope the TM run goes well.  Cute about DS all tucked into bed.


          ernie - 4:99??  Hilarious!  Have fun at the drop in program!  Do you stay too or are you doing your run with she is there?


          RR - ???


          NRR - had a great little getaway with DH!  Raptors game, followed by a great seafood dinner.  Stayed at a great hotel and then headed to the market in the morning.  After the market we had breakfast and then went home.  Made a pit stop at a LRS on the way back and got two new pairs of shoes each.  SOOO EXCITED!!  We each got a trail shoe and a running shoe.  Do you ladies run in the same shoe all the time?


          NRR #2  - Between the little getaway, then working Sat. night and going to a big family bday party yesterday I am exhausted!  I slept 10hrs last night, but wish I could go back to bed.  Was going to get up early to run this morning, but I needed sleep.


          KR - DD2 has to go to the eye doctor today.  She's had this white fleck stuck on her eyeball for a week now.


          FR - butternut squash and red lentil soup


            rg - Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts...we had it on Friday and Saturday and now it is 22 with a wind chill of 9...not nice.  Glad you guys had a good trip and are was good for you.


            zorbs - Happy first day of marathon training...I hope it is a great one for you.  Too cute about be all snuggled in bed.  Enjoy your food it sounds delicious.


            ernie - Enjoy your run and stay warm.  Sorry that S didn't get to bed until late.  Hopefully the play time will help to tire her out.  LOL on the car...do you have plans to get a new one soon are are you going with this one until it dies?  DH and I had that talk about his car last night...he thinks it is close to death.


            eh - Sounds like you guys had a great getaway and busy weekend.  Wow for 10 hours of sleep...I have no idea what that would be like...I would love to feel 8 hours again soon.  Good luck at the eye doctor with DD...I hope they can help her out.


            RR - Did 12 Saturday and 7 yesterday.  Hoping for 5-6 today.  Probably will have to be a TM run due to ice.


            TR - Sick...DH picked him up early at school on Friday.  He had a horrible cough so I called the doctor...the doctor thinks it is still left from his croup but I think it is a new virus.  He started pouring snot yesterday too.  He has slept terrible since Friday and Saturday only napped fora  total of 30 min.  He lays down and that triggers his coughing so sleeping is miserable for him.  He doesn't have a fever and is in pretty good spirits so we sent him to daycare but I have a feeling I will get a call that we need to come get him.  I better do some sub plans just in case.


            NRR - DH and I had an ok date night Saturday night.  We ended up going to dinner and the casino.  It was ok.  Then we got home and DH goes up to bed and doesn't say anything?  I seriously worry about our relationship and I told him that and he just ehhh...you don't have to worry.  Um...well we dont' really talk about important things and when we try to DH either shuts down or changes the subject.  Ok...sounds healthy to me...not.


            FR - Eating overnight oats thanks for the FB group suggestion.  Not bad...but I am not sure if I am a fan of such a high calorie breakfast.  I guess I didn't have to make such high in calories.  Starting my work Fit Club today.  Need to count my steps.  How many steps in the average mile run?  I guess I will google it.


              zorbs- yay for marathon training!!! i need to get my spring/summer race calendar all set up. i'm pretty sure i know which marathon i'm running, just have to fill in the smaller races. aw, cute about B all tucked into bed.


              ernie- have a great run today! yes, it was his first time face forward. he's still rear-facing in my car. have fun at the playgroup today, wish we had one nearby that i could take R to.


              eh- mmm, i love lentil soup!! i'm coming over for dinner. sounds like the perfect weekend away with DH. hope you can get a good run in later.


              jen- nice runs over the weekend!! are you trainig for another half? hugs to you re: stuff with DH. i hope you guys are able to talk soon. aw, poor J! I hope he's feeling better soon. it's so tough when they're sick. Sad

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                RR:  SRD.  Interesting run yesterday on pure ice.  Could have used some screw shoes.  I am glad I got out though.  I had a decent run Saturday (9.25 miles)  but had some intestinal problems along the way which wiped me out for the rest of the day.


                TR:  After we ate Saturday night, he picked up his plate, shoved it toward me and said "done" as clear as day.  Is also saying "my dada".  This is the first of putting words together for him.  Loves to talk about laundry, showering, and blow drying hair.


                NRR:  Lots to do today.  Last week of the quarter so I am finishing grades and prepping for next week.  Tonight I have a union meeting and then meeting DH and J at the Y for his art class.  I am going to sign him up for swim that starts in February tonight too.


                FR:  Dining out tonight.  Our favorite pasta place...should make sure it is open on Mondays!



                rg - Glad you had such a great weekend.  Saw the pics of R with his grandma playing with playdoh.  I should pick some up and see what J thinks of it.


                zorbs - Careful on the roads.  Love those moments when they look so adorable...kind of makes up for the other times.


                ernie - I think you need to take that overtime pay from DH and get yourself a new car!  Have fun today.


                eh! - Glad you had such a great weekend with DH and the fam.


                jen - I should have called you yesterday..... Oh, and I think you will be just fine with a high calorie breakfast!

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                  Running eh - Your weekend getaway with DH sounds awesome! I am jealous. Strange about DD"s eye...hopefully the eye doctor gets her all fixed up easily. I go to playgroup with S. My DH works afternoon shift so I'm able to work for a few hours in the early morning (freelance writer) and get my run in before I take over caring for S.


                  Jen - I'm so sorry DS is sick again! It is really hard to sleep with a bad cough. Hopefully his good spirits means he is on the mend. And I hope you are able to have a good talk with DH soon. It's good that he isn't worried about your relationship but he needs to be willing to talk more! We are planning to get a new and bigger vehicle once we have another child...DH says I might as well run my ghetto car into the ground in the meantime. I guess that is sensible since it's running fine. DH drives a Firebird that he is in love with, but it's also quite old and not good for fitting car seats in, so he'll probably need a new car too.

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                    rg - enjoy your warmer weather!  It was 60˚ warmer here than at my mom's yesterday morning, but then started raining and turned colder.  I still have yet to turn L's carseat around and have been debating about when I'll do it.


                    zorbs - good luck with marathon training!  Wow #8!  I have been counting on running NYC this year but with last year's cancellation I'm not sure I'll be able to so I've kind of been looking around at what other fall marathon I'd like to run.


                    ernie - I was gone yesterday afternoon and told DH to wake L up after a while so he wouldn't be up all night.  It was so dark and dreary outside I was afraid he'd sleep the afternoon away!  Sorry about the car.  We just had to get a new battery in ours and realized it because the clock would reset whenever we turned the car off.  Grr.


                    eh - sounds like a nice getaway!  I have 3 pairs of the same kind of shoe I rotate through - new, old and older, then 1 other kind of shoe I wear on shorter runs.  I've been wanting to get another pair too.  I'm becoming a bit shoe obsessed.


                    jen - I'm glad you still got to go on your date night, but sorry it didn't make you feel better about things.  I hope your DH realizes you still need to talk and have fun and not just be roommates.  I hope J feels better soon!


                    mer - I am such a chicken about falling, I think I'd be afraid to run on ice.  Have a great dinner out!


                    RR - no running today I don't think.  Meeting with a personal trainer at the gym after I drop L off at mother's morning out, so not sure I will have energy to run after she is done with me.


                    BR - says "thank you" whenever we hand him something to eat.  Such a polite little man.  ha


                    FR - leftover italian sausage soup from last night


                    NRR - was filling out a permission slip for Girl Scouts last night where they needed my drivers license # and expiration date and realized my license expired 4 months ago.  oopsie.  Will try to renew it online today, otherwise I guess I'll have to find time to go in sometime this week.


                      rr: 5 miles yesterday. rp and i decided that 8F was too cold to run in this morning so we will run tomorrow morning.


                      tr: dd1 almost missed the bus this morning. as we walked out the door it was pulling up to the bus stop which is the driveway across the street.


                      tr2: dd2 is losing her voice. she sounds pretty cute though despite pouring snot and coughing.


                      br: c is also coughing. Ugh. distinctly saying off, on, bumbpa (grandpa), cheese, and his own version of excuse me which is ridiculously cute.


                      nrr: date night was great although we were only gone for 2 hours. our food was excellent. we had the "baby talk."


                      fr: chicken and peppers in tortillas.


                      qotd: does anyone have or know someone who has any experience with foreign adoption?


                        arm: had to laugh at your license being expired. dh and our friend went to get new licenses bc they both had  moved. dh's was $4 and friend's was $30+. Friend was like WTH? DMV guy says, "sir, your license expired 6 months ago!" Oops! Smile


                          rg: nearly all the snow is melted here too. Too bad it is absolutely freezng today! Soukd warm up later this week. I am always amazed how well c travels. I think the more you do it the easier it becomes.


                          zorbs: yay for marathon training. I still dont think that is ever in my cards.


                          ernie: 4:99! So funny! your fr sounds so good!! c took forever to fall asleep friday night! I was getting so annoyed!


                          eh: i had lentil soup on our date the other night and it was so so so good! Glad you had a great getaway! I am thinking about getting some trail shoes. Which ones did you get?


                          jen: hope j makes it at daycare today! C and j must have the same thing. C is sill sleeping now but i didnt hear him cough last night other than when i las him down for bed. I thought you hated oats?! Food luck with the fit club today? Can i be a part of it? Wink


                          Mer: have fun at dinner tonight. I do miss that place! We dont have ice up here. Just sporadic ice. Screw shoes are so totally worth it!


                          arm: think i am going to work on thank you and please next with c. Seems logical. Good luck with the trainer!


                            Hi ladies,

                            RR - 5.5 around the hood before DH went to work... was windy and my face almost got eaten off...


                            BR - going down better for naps, which makes me wonder why she's so tired??  Ha... first I couldn't get her to nap at all, now it seems like all she wants to do is nap!

                            Yesterday she grabbed at my hair and ended up ripping my earring out.  They're tiny studs so I was surprised she could still get at them... I lost the backing, but thankfully not the earring.


                            jen - glad you had a date night, but sorry DH was acting that way... mine does that too, like if we come home from a party or family gathering where he's talked to a lot of ppl, he barely says anything to me when we get home.


                            rg - your weather sounds nice!  It was only warm 1 day here and now it's back to winter..


                            zorbs - how long is your training plan?  I've done 16 and 18 week plans, but I think I do better on shorter plans like 12-14 weeks...


                            ernie - mmm your FR sounds good.. DH doesn't like eggs or broccoli so he'd never eat that.. sigh.. he's a picky eater..


                            eh - great you were able to get away with DH!  I love seafood but we rarely eat it.. unless you count Red Lobster..


                            mer - ugh union meetings... DH is the union steward for his school and since the teachers are still fighting the govt he's been gone to a lot of union meetings lately...


                            arm - DH always wait until the last minute to get his license renewed...


                            mrsz - a friend of mine adopted and it took 10 years... it was ridiculous... i dont' know why it took so long!


                              RR: Rest day after 6 and 16 this weekend.  I'm shocked I'm not sore from yesterday's long run.


                              WR: Another midnight deadline Monday.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as last week.


                              NRR: meeting potential new sitter for the kids at 10 today. It will be quick so I can get back to work.


                              MrsZ: was the baby talk about adopting? I've casually mentioned that to DH before. He seemed open to it.

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                                Zorbs: yay for first day of FM training!


                                Jen: sorry the date night ended the way it did. Sounds like DH needs a forced sit down and talk. Hope DS' cough gets better soon!


                                RG: sounds like you had a great trip! I was thinking of facing DS forward  soon. I think he will love it.


                                Ernie: 10pm is rough! I was in beforehand 9:30. Smile


                                Eh: your getaway sounded great!! Yay for new shoes! I typically switch two pairs of shoes during the week.

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