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    erin - The pool sounds like a lot of fun!  Sorry you sound sick, but at least you don't feel sick!


    jen - I HATE conferences.  Those are such long days.  Will DH be around for those nights?  If not, who will take J?


    CAR - When J was born, the nurses commented on how tall he will be because his feet were huge! He is really tall!  We always plan our meals based on whether or not they will have leftovers.


    spike - We make him "ask nicely" about 75% of the time or when he is beinga  brat about getting something.


    zorbs - My thought was that the screw shoes would be much better than Yak Traks.  There were some "slushy" areas if I could run in the middle of the road.  Which I did...except for those few times a car was coming at me!

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      30 posts already!  Geez. Busy morning!


      RR: Most likely nada. I am working on walking as much as possible (walking the dog every day, walking to do errands, etc) so I dont get too sedentary.  But I have zero energy and feel like barfing every minute of the day so running isnt my first priority.


      NRR: Survival mode.  I thought staying home sick with a toddler was hard.  I forgot about having to come to work!!  It is so much harder to feel so sick and have to pretend you are fine.  I am tempted to tell work soon, just so I can stop pretending like I dont feel like a$$.


      TR: It seems to be a trend but he is being SO defiant.  I am assuming it is because he is annoyed at me for laying around so much.  But he just blatantly ignores me when I ask him to do something or just flat out says no.  I am not loving this.


      brb for personals.


      Freckle face

        Uphill- I told my boss when I was 8 weeks along because I was nauseated and I'm not good at hiding how I'm feeling. Plus I wanted to give him adequate time to plan (we are a 2 person office) and I know that he would be understanding about time off etc if i did have a miscarriage.

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          Runnergirl: How old is ds?  I couldnt believe when they changed the recommendation to forward facing to 2 years old.  Poor DS was scrunched up until we finally turned him around about 18 months.


          Zorbs: Day 1.  So full of hope and excitement : )


          Ernie: 10pm?!  I would freak out.  If ds isnt asleep by 8:30 I start melting down.  I need my solo time in the short amount of evening time I have between ds bedtime and my bedtime.


          Eh: Yay for a good getaway!  Sounds fun!  I am hoping to plan one in a couple of months.


          marathonjen: Sorry you are in a rough spot with dh.  I hope things improve for you soon.  We sometimes have especially bad nights when we have date nights.  Like if it is too forced when we are not really getting along, then we end up more annoyed.  I hope you feel better about stuff soon.


          Mer: have a fun dinner tonight!  It is so fun when their vocabulary really starts to explode.


          Arm: I was about to tell you a story about my dh's drivers liscense being expired when he was trying to get on a plane, when I realized. . .I think that was actually my ex-bf.  WEIRD!!!  Yuck I am creeping myself out with that mix-up!  Anyways. . .I hope it is easy and painless to renew : )


          Zack Morris:  brrrr!  8 degrees sounds coooolld. I know one family who attempted to adopt from africa and after many many months gave up and ended up with a domestic adoption.  I think adoption would be amazing, but I know the process is lengthy and expensive.


          jmmiller: Bummer on another big deadline.  Good luck with the new sitter!  I hope you like her.


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            So sorry, no time for personals right now.  First day of class and I had a little break so I got a moment to get on RA.


            RR:  SRD, thank goodness.  Did 13 mi yesterday which was kind of a mess.  Ran 9.6mi on the TM, attempted to go outside for the rest but froze my face after 1.75 mi, so I came back to th Tm for the rest.


            BR:  Cried when I dropped him off at daycare this morning Sad  Woke up somewhere around 10 times last night, I am so tired.


            NRR:  Ugh school.  This day is going by so slow.  Only 10:30 and I am so tired.

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              Question: running tomorrow morning won't be any better.  It will be 7F/-13C. What would you wear?!


                CA: Ahhh, 8am would be lovely.  I guess it isnt that awesome when you are already up with an infant : )


                Erin: Sorry about the cough.  That is the worst when you sound much worse than you actually feel and everyone in the office is thinking- go home before you get us sick!  Maybe you should use it as a good excuse for a sick day : )


                Spike: I have about 300+ people in my office and rumors spread quickly and the last thing I would want to do is lose the pregnancy and then be running into people for the next 3 months asking me how things are going.  So I am hoping to wait at least a few more weeks before I spill the beans.  But boy does it suck.


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                  spike - nope, the cat's "official" name is Lucky, but we just call her Kittypants, or Varmint, or CAAAAAAAAAAAT! when she does something naughty.


                  erinL - chlorine sometimes gives me congestion for some reason.  It is really a nasty chemical.


                  mer - yeah pretty much nothing works when the surface is solid ice.


                  uphill - yes, ask how I feel when I'm in peak week. :P

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                    When I ran yesterday it was feels like 8*.  I had on my thick "Wigwam" socks, my One Tooth Tights with "yoga" pants over, my base layer ls shirt, a t-shirt, and my Nike running jacket.  Headband with hat, gloves with mittens over.  My hands warmed up quickly and the rest of my body was pretty good.


                    Question: running tomorrow morning won't be any better.  It will be 7F/-13C. What would you wear?!

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                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                      Mer - MIL will have J on conference night...it is only one night but it is a long night.  I won't get home until after 9 p.m...why do they need to put in on Monday night?  It just makes the rest of the week SOOOOOOOO long.


                      uphill - I am sorry that you feel awful and DS is being so defiant.  I was so nauseous with J for the first 16 weeks I don't know how I would do it with a toddler running around.  I give you tons of sympathy!  Good for you for continuing to walk and just get moving.  The only time I wasn't nauseous was when I was running...maybe I should run more.  Also, someone told me to such on lemon heads...it helped.  I just texted DH and asked him if we could talk tonight...can't sit here and think about all this stuff any more...ugh.


                      shelby - I hope class is going well for you!  Sorry that DS cried.  J still cries some days when I drop him off...usually it is just because he is tired or not feeling good.  Hopefully DS will have a fun filled day and be excited to go back.  Great job on the 13 no matter how you got it in.


                      mrszm - I would wear 3 layers on top.  I would wear a long sleeve base layer, a pullover, and then a wind breaker jacket.  I would wear tights on the bottom and maybe something over them?  Two pair of gloves, hat, and wool socks.    Who am I kidding...I would hit the TMWink


                      Freckle face

                        MZM- That's how cold it was when I ran the other day. I wore wool socks, tights + layer of windpants, sportsbra, quarterzip tucked in hooded tech sweatshirt, gloves, and a buff over my ears. It was perfect.

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                          Question: running tomorrow morning won't be any better.  It will be 7F/-13C. What would you wear?!


                          is there windchill?


                          If not, I'd wear my merino wool baselayer + jacket, or lulu tank + half zip fleece + jacket.  Mittens + instant hand warmers.  Thickest tights, smartwools, hat.  If there was windchill I'd add nylon wind pants on the bottom.

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                          Freckle face

                            Uphill- I would have definitely kept it a secret if I worked in a big office, but bossman is basically family after having worked for him for 7.5 years. Our philosophy was to tell people we would be comfortable talking to about miscarriage, so it was just family and close friends at first.

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                              Mer - sounds like quite the treacherous run yesterday. Good job on getting through it. Very exciting that ds is stringing words together! Ha, I like your suggestion of taking DH's OT pay to buy myself a new car Smile


                              Arm - Hope you get a good workout in with your trainer! Lol at your license being expired for 4 months. That sounds like something my DH would do.


                              Mrszm - Wait, it only costs $4 to renew your license there normally??? It is about $75 here!


                              Cx2 - Yay on dd's power napping!


                              Jmmiller - Great runs this weekend, especially impressive since you were working! Yeah, I like to be in bed by 9:30 myself during the week, so I was not thrilled with her 10pm bedtime!


                              CAR - Oh no on the whys starting up! If only they could coordinate their sleep in days for you.


                              Spike - Yay on the short work week! . Ha, sounds like you need a day of really bland food after your meat frenzy at the banquet.


                              ErinL - I had the same nasty cough as you last week. It sounded absolutely awful. One day I came in from a run coughing and DH joked "Are you sure you were actually running and not hiding in the garage smoking cigarettes?" The worst of it was gone in 3 days but it's actually still lingering a bit.


                              Uphill - Aw, hugs to you while you're struggling through the workday. I hope the nausea eases up soon.


                              Shelby - Sorry you had a tough daycare drop off. I'm sure he's cheered up by now and is having fun playing with other kids. Hope you get a better sleep tonight so it's not such a long day at school tomorrow.

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                                Back for some personals~


                                Work went super fast today. I had 18 people in my circuit class and was able to run 6.2 miles on my break. Nice.


                                Mer- great job with your runs over the weekend. glad you were ok on the ice! Good luck with everything you have to do for work today. Enjoy the pasta dinner out tonight!


                                arm- yay for personal trainer!!! i hope it's a good workout, are you planning to train with her for a while, or is it just a one time thing? R's carseat is still rear-facing in my car, as he has plently of leg room.


                                mrszm- aw, sorry that the kiddo's are sick! hope everyone is feeling better soon. i few of the ladies i train at the gym have adopted kids from other countries (China, Russia). R has always traveled really well for us. We took him for a 4.5hr ride to my brother's house when he was 1 month old, and he's been great every time.


                                Cx2- yay for C napping better for you! Yikes on the earring- they're strong little buggers! Good job on the wind. I had a nasty headwind the second half of my run today, and it was COLD!


                                jnmiller- nice runs this weekend!!! enjoy the rest day. hope the meeting with the sitter goes well and you like her. good luck with the work deadlines, too!

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