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    CA- is this the RP who just had the baby? Hope you have a great ST workout! R loved the playdough at grandma's...i should buy him some for home. Ugh on the blowouts- not cool Sad


    spike- lmao at "meat bomb" and the farting. haha. i haven't eaten meat in 12 years- i think it would kill me. sorry R was being such a butt yesterday, i hope he's in a much better mood today!


    ErinL- hope the cough is nothing serious and you're ok! enjoy your run later, hope you can squeeze many miles in. swimming sounds like fun! the gym where i work has a water babies program that starts this wekeend, i'm thinking of taking R.


    Uphill- hey there, mama! keep up the good work. wish i could come help you out for a bit- keep W entertained while you nap. have you found any good nausea remedies?


    shelbyjo- good luck with this frist day!!! I'm sure H is having fun and making new friends at daycare. It's a new routine to get used to, and I hope you both adjust quickly! great job on your run this weekend- sounds like a tough one, but a good confidence builder.


    Bermy- did you get lost in Nashville?! Wink

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      Bermy is probably frozen!  If the weather in Nashville is anything like here, it got COLD.  What a difference a day makes.


      Uphill - TOO FUNNY about confusing DH and an ex.  I've started a "remember when" story with DH before and quickly stopped myself as I realized it was some other guy I was thinking about.  The longer we've been married the less likely it's going to happen though, my memory since having kids is BAD.


      mrszm - I'd stay inside!  Wink


      zorbs - ours expire on our birthday too but I didn't realize what year.  I was always thinking it was 2013 for some reason but nope, it was 2012.


      rg - DH got me 10 sessions with this personal trainer (I asked for them for Christmas) so I'll probably see her once/week for 10 weeks.  I'm excited!  Today went well, I felt like I could have probably lifted more weights than she had me do on most things but at least it got me in the gym doing something different than just running.  I'm also going to take one of the classes she teaches on Thursday.  I'm not much of a class person but hopefully I'll like it and continue.  I feel like my weight just plateaued because all I do is run.  I need to mix it up.




        Bermy is here and I am trying to type up all my personals but because you ladies are so chatty and busy you're on page 4 and I got stressed that I would never be able to catch up but i am here. Phew.


        RR: I am going to push back my fm training a week (I had 2 extra weeks on the schedule) after this week and for the week we move to US. The great thing about having a little break is that all my twinges and stiffness have completely gone. There is a TM here at the hotel so I might jump on that for a few easy miles if DH gets back (he is out meeting with the builder).


        NRR: house hunting has successfully ended see FB post. I am super happy. We took a drive around the neighborhood and the schools got great ratings, there is a track is nearby, a whole foods 6m away and a huge mall as well as lululemon (critical of course) and lots of other things that we like to do.


        BR: I don’t know what I did to deserve such a cool, mellow, chill, patient funny kid but he has been a complete marvel the whole trip. Everyone comments that they didn’t even know there was a baby in the room. He has been a real treasure between housing talk and walk throughs and all sorts of other things which aren’t particularly fun for a baby. We have a lot of time in the car waiting for people to meet us. So when we’re parked and engine off, DH plays with DS on the steering wheel. DS is 15mo and can use the window washer and wipers and turn the radio up and down. He is too funny.


        FR: whole foods sushi. You know I love that. I know Spike is going to comment on the freshness of the fish.



        RG – is your week ahead full time? It was warm here too and today it was 28. Nice. That was a bit of a shock to me!


        Zorbs – I am very excited for you for round 8! Wow, that’s a lot of marathons to my 3. Looking forward to hearing all about it as you progress.


        Ernie – hope you had fun at the community centre. Ha ha on clock. Too funny.


        Eh – glad to hear you had a great time at the raptors game. I don’t know what that means but I think I am about to learn. Nice shoe purchases! Yeah for 10 hours but I know how that goes when you want more.


        Jen – glad date night was ok but sorry it was a bit blah by the way it ended. I would die without oatmeal in the morning. I would be so shaky and grumpy. Sorry DS is sick. That’s so tough as a mom.


        Mer – please be careful on the ice. And you have inspired me to plank every night on holiday – full, both sides and then crunches. Thanks Mer! Did you decide to go for the job?


        Arm – enjoy your session with your personal trainer. What did they do to you? Same here on license. I went for an appointment at the American Consulate in Bermuda and they wouldn’t let me in the gate house as my license had expired. Oopps.


        Mrszm – no idea on adoption. DH bought DS a little ipad mini and loaded it up with all cool toddler stuff and he uses siri. Every single time I think of you calling her Suri from big bang.


        Cx2 – I am sorry but I laughed at your desc of your face. I loved that. Too funny although highly unpleasant.


        Jm – well done on your weekend lr. What are you training for this cycle?


        CA – hope you are doing ok through nightly wake-ups and you aren’t too exhausted.


        Spike – cleaning house totally counts esp if it’s with a hangover. You had such a grat week last week with your 22 plus miles! Agree on feeling of blah-ness after being veggie. Too funny about your farts. A run would work those out.


        ErinLeigh – hope you can sneak out early to get your run in. Yeah for swimming being a success but boo on having a cough. Hope it clears for you.


        Uphill – agree that running probably isn’t your priority. Just concentrate on making it through the day. Just think about it – you ‘get’ to feel sick cos you’re the lucky preggo! It does suck and I am so sorry that you are feeling wiped out. Lots of sleep, lots of activities which will pre-occupy you. Hope your LO grows through that defiant stage soon.


        Shelby – I am rooting for you and hope that it was ok for you today. I hope that you don’t feel too tired. Caffeine is great, my friend!

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          arm/rg - This is the difference between me and DH - I get dressed this morning and stand near the door crack to feel the draught and think hhmmm, better put more clothes on. DH goes outside and decides to take off his flipflops (he has worn these for probably years) and thinks 40 is just a tad on the cold side for flip flops. That's my Colorado husband.

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            After having terrible naps yesterday, and not sleeping well overnight, O's been exhausted today, 1.5 hr nap before the gym, then we went to the gym, after my workout she was asleep in seconds in the carseat and is still asleep in the carseat an hour later, she hates the carseat so this is a huge nap.

            Bermy - anything above freezing is flipflop weather for me, and anything above the mid 20's is no sock weather - I can't stand socks! Congrats on the house, it sounds perfect!!

            RG - no, this RP is one I ran with years ago, but she struggles with her weight, and is at an all time high right now, she still tries to run a bit but is slow and has to walk a lot bc of her weight. I'm hoping that I'm inspiring her a bit by meeting her at the gym each week.

            uphill - you're doing great, don't stress the running/exercise! Sorry about the defient toddler - that's all you need when you're exhausted and nausiated! M is the same, I'm sure it's just the age, and nothing that you've done.

            shel - sorry you're so tired, drink coffee and survive! I hope DS sleeps tonight!!

            mzm - My run on Sat was almost that exact temp, I wore base layer tights, tights, smartwool socks, base layer long sleeve, my winter running jacket, mitts and a fleece hat.

            Erin - I hope you can get your run in, but if you don't maybe it'll help your cough get better.

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              Bermy- is 20* outside here and I'm wearing ballet flats with no socks. 40* is definitely flip flops weather Smile  LOL at the fish- I would trust Whole Foods, those people are total food nazis. My friend used to work as a meat cutter at whole foods and told me about their protocols. So glad you found your house, that's awesome!


              RR: I scheduled a run with RP tonight, so we will take R out in the stroller after work.


              BR2- still can't find R's shoe and its driving me crazy. I already looked in my car and the stroller. The last time I saw it was when I took him for a run with EMRP on Saturday. I need to look in the various drawers around the house and see if he stashed them in there.

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                Bermy! Congrats on the house.  That is so so exciting!  I think your fabulously patient and wonderfully well behaved child is a product of his mama. Seriously you must be one of the kindest and most patient people that I sort-of know : ) I wonder (and worry) a lot about nature vs nurture because I am not always the calmest or most patient and I dont want my kids to inherit those qualities. When do you move?


                  Uphill - I told Dh we had to buy a bigger house to host the gaggle of kids in your womb.

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                  running eh

                    mjen - Hope DS starts getting better again soon.  I hate it when you are not sure what it wrong and when it feels like the doctor is not helping.


                    mer - funny the things that DS likes to talk about!!  Hope the quarter wraps up well for you.  Enjoy art class!


                    arm - I know what you  mean about being shoe obsessed - I really want another two pairs - one for everyday and one for backup Smile  How did the personal training go?  Is it something you do regularily?  I was thinking of getting a few sessions just so I woudn't feel lost in the gym.  My mom once let her lisence expire so long that she had to start over again - back to a learner's permit and driving with another adult!


                    mzm - I got brooks pure grit shoes.  I took them for a quick 3k on the trail after I got them, and I really like them.  It's a more minimal shoe.  I will let you know what I think once I've run more in them.  Yay for a great date night!


                    ernie - yikes!  that earring business sounds like it coud have hurt!  It is wind today!!  I was almost happy to get on the treadmill.


                    jm - hope it went well with the sitter!  Do you have a livein nanny or a person that comes to your place! Great running on the weekend and so glad you are sore!


                    on to page 2!

                    running eh

                      CA - boo on all that laundry, glad M slept in though.  Do you have daycare at your gym?  The kids are loving the daycare at the gym here.   I got Brooks Pure Gritt (trail shoes) and Mizuno Inspires.  I have never had either of them.  So far so good.  What do you run in?


                      spike - I am sure cleaning the house counts!  We had the same napping problem here yesterday - so frustrating!


                      zorbs - we went to Big Daddy's Oyster Bar (I think it was called)  Lousianna style.


                      erin -  hope you can get rid of that cough soon!  glad you had a good time swimming though!

                      running eh

                        uphill - isn't it amazing how you can forget how crappy the first few months of pregnancy can be.  I hope you can find something to give you a bit of relief.  Your post is helping to cure my baby fever Smile


                        shelby - I feel so bad for you!  I wish I could come and help you.  I really hope you get some good sleep in tonight!  Take care of yourself, mama!!!  Hope class isn't too rough.

                        running eh

                          bermy - YAY on ts successful house hunt!!  I think it is very smart to take a short break in your training - sleep and sanity are very important in marathon training I would assume!


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                            Eh - yes there is a daycare, it's great, M loves it there and I like that it helps O get used to other people. I run mostly in Mizuno wave riders, but have saucany peregrine's for trails and some kinvaras for speed work and racing.

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