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    So Tessa and I talked when she was here and looking at who has left or hasn't posted in a long time wondering if we need to go back to RWOL?


    Not that there are a ton of folks there but we could go back with just a regular daily thread.  Doesn't seem like we will get new posters here and there we would.  Having new folks is always a good thing and keeps us going.


    If you pick other then say what your thoughts are


    I don't care either way but know life blood is new folks.  We can always have this as our back up too if spam gets really bad over there.


    I can see who has logged in here on this group and there aren't many that do anymore.  Thoughts?


    Bad Ass

      I don't go to RWOL except to run the 2015 in 2015 game, so if we go back there I probably will post less.  I will try to check in there but the mobile version is so crappy I cannot even follow through threads because it's so crappy.



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        I found you all here, but I seem to be the exception.  And I'm not the most active poster here either, sorry.


        Although I don't go to RWOL very often, it's possible I'd stop by more frequently if I knew you were there.

        Bad Ass

          I wanted to clarify that I would make it an effort to post more there if you ladies move.



          Finding my Fuck Yeah moment in 3, 2, 1....


            I do not care either way.  I will post regardless.



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              I voted "stay here", because I never go to RWOL anymore, but I have a few other groups I do participate in here. But I could have voted "I'll go where the group goes" because if the group decides to move, I don't want to lose you guys. So it would be a little less convenient because I'd be going to another website every day, but I'd go with the group.


              After all, you all were my very first ever online running group back in 2008. I can't replace that.

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                It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out that I'm the "other'. I vote for runango. However, I will go where the group goes -- I agree we will likely get more people on RWOL, and I mostly post using a laptop so I'm not worried about the phone issues. And I go to three different sites most days so it's not an issue to go to multiple sites for me.


                  It doesn't matter to me where I go to post, and of course, I'll go wherever you ladies are. I do see Marjorie's point that it would be good to be where we might attract new people.



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                    I voted "other."  I could have voted either for RWOL or going with group, because I will prob. follow group.  Until the spam,  I really liked being on RWOL because we attracted new people and because I read a couple columns there. Now I usually forget /don't bother to go there to read them.  Sweat Science  had great info and Mark Remy made me smile.  Going back there is my first choice, but I'm flexible.


                    I  only feel conflicted about leaving here because the admin must have done a lot of work when many of us switched over. Leaving when things are better at RWOL seems a bit ungrateful.  I also have no idea how the spam is going on RW these days.